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Pregnant and Desired - Part Two

Martin takes his pregnant friend Sarah

Martin appeared in the doorway, carrying two steaming cups of coffee. He was completely naked, with an erection that would bring tears to a girl's eyes.

I couldn't help but stare at his magnificent member as he walked across the room. Putting the drinks on the bedside table , I pulled the sheet back and watched his eyes scanning my body. From head to toe I tingled, as his animal lust focused on the dark triangle between my legs.

He was fantastic, and made me feel alive again. Not like a very pregnant woman, but a sexy, desireable, fuckable, beautiful woman. He wanted me, and I so wanted him in every way.

My nipples stood erect, in a way I had long forgotten. The sensation between my thighs begging for his attention.

I gazed longingly at his glorious cock , it was thick and long, with dark blue veins, capped by an enormous purple head. It was definitely not for a beginner. And as evidenced by 'The Bump, I wasn't a beginner.

My mind raced with excitement, knowing soon that Impressive cock would be buried deep inside me, oh god that would make me scream. I’d gladly put up with the wet patch on the sheets, I’d not had sex for such a long time, or a cock that size.

He pulled me against his muscle rippled chest, the feel of his erection hot and damp against my belly.My nipples were lost in a forest of dark chest hair. We kissed frantically, our tongues entwined as we explored each others mouths. I nibbled his lower lip as he massaged my neck and shoulders, long forgotten groans and sighs escaping from my throat at the welcome attention.

He planted delicate kisses down my neck and across the swell of my chest, almost teasing. He kissed around my large puckered aureoles to the base of my engorged red nipple before taking it in his mouth to gently suck. He suckled like a new born baby, pulling the nipples up with his teeth as he squeezed my breast,not roughly but just enough to get milky dribbles from my swollen nipple which trickled between my cleavage and down my onto my fat belly.

I was so aroused as he worked delicately on my breasts, his hand rubbing across my bump bringing an involuntary kick from inside as his cock head nudged against me as a reminder of what he wanted.

My legs parted as his fingers ran through my neglected pubic hair, and a small trickle of my excitement ran down the crease of my thigh onto the bedsheets as he found my protruding clitoris.

An involuntary gasp from deep in my throat escaped as he worked it round in circles using a slight pressure, god he was a master at that and had me panting and squirming at fever pitch!

My fingers gripped around his cock like a virgin's muscles , they squeezed and explored every inch ,cradling his tight ball sack in my hand whilst he performed his magic on the protruding tiny bud.

I closed my eyes in sheer bliss and bit my lip at the feel of his soft kisses on my big belly. His hands fondled and massaged all over the tight lump bringing another movement from inside. Kissing down the contour of my bump to the dark tangle of hair, he trailed his tongue and kissed lightly, teasingly upon my dark tangled mound before moving down to my inner thigh. Planting more delicate kisses... this man was driving me into a frenzy and he knew it.

Lower and lower he kissed down the outside of my leg to my knee, before easing my thighs wider open and kiss the fleshy insides, my legs trembled and a wet trail ran down them. It seemed like an eternity as he worked up and up to the waiting lips, a well aimed lap brushing between them and into the pinkness. He lapped around the entrance and along the slit, sucking the wet fluid leaking out.

It was getting to much for the both of us, I wanted to feel his cock inside me, to coat it in my wetness and scream in a body shaking orgasm.

His strong hands gripped my hips and turned me over, carefully pulling me onto my knees. He placed a pillow under me as I sunk down on the bed , he knelt behind me slapping the blood enraged head of his cock against my lips. I just wanted him to sink the whole lot deep into my belly, I shuddered in anticipation as the big head pushed my wet lips easily apart. It rubbed just inside the walls , and god it felt so wonderful.

I tried to push back to get more inside me, but his determined hands gripped my hips and held me, just teasing his cock in and out slightly, he was in control and I was moaning as I waited for the other eight inches, my pussy making strange slurping noises as it gripped him.

He gave maybe a dozen small thrusts before he sunk half of it in, taking me by surprise, it was like being a virgin again, and my pussy gripped it like a tight glove, bring a loud moan from Martin, I sensed he was getting to the point of no return as he built up a rhythm, he reached under and squeezed my breast pulling on the nipple, he groaned as the thin milk dribbled between his finger and in a instance sunk the entire nine inches into me. I threw my head back in Ecstasy as I met his thrusts.

His cock bottomed out, his balls slapping against my lips before he pulled out and drove it all back into my pussy, it slurped as it gripped its lover.

Over and over he fed his cock into my neglected pussy, I squeezed my pelvic muscles to grip him tightly. I was impressed at his staying power, I was sure he wouldn't last long but I was mistaken. Every hard, deep stroke was proving me wrong and bringing me nearer and nearer to orgasm, as confirmed by my growing moans.

It swept over me before I knew, I shook and trembled as he kept the rhythm constant, my pussy was in spasm as I heard the first low moan from him. He picked up the pace, as I sunk down, his cock rubbing heavily against my spongy walls, his hands gripped my hips tightly and with a low groan I felt the first hot spurt as he emptied his cum into my pregnant belly.

Ohhhh why hadn't he been the one to get me pregnant I thought, he was a great lover.

He collapsed beside me in a heap and I rolled against him, our kissing now less frantic. We talked about old times, and how we had both changed. He told me he had always fancied me when we were at school, but was far to shy to say anything.

We sat up and chatted, my hand stroking his leg; brushing against his semi-hard cock, I could feel his cum slowly dripping out of me, I had not felt that since getting pregnant ,and it was such a turn on.

My fingers curled around his ever growing hardness and squeezed, Martin pulled me across to him and kissed me deeply, obviously enjoying my touch. He drew back the sheets to watch me play with him, he was massive again, moaning softly he leaned across and whispered in my ear to suck him.

I moved down the bed and kissed his tanned body, my hair brushing the tip of his cock. I licked around the base and followed a dark vein slowly upwards to the head, where I planted a delicate kiss upon it. My lips half opened and rubbed the purple gland teasingly, as his hurried hands pushed my head downwards.

My lips sealed around his cock as it slid into my mouth, the head brushing my lips and busy tongue.

Martin moaned loudly as I sucked and took more of it in my mouth, working it slowly down my throat until my lips were around the base. I tensed my mouth and gripped it tightly, making a gargling sound before slowly rising up to the tip.

My tongue ran around the rim before moving down once more and building up a steady rhythm encouraged on by an ever growing moan. My hands squeezed his tight ball sack as I quickened the pace, and the pressure of my lips around his shaft.

There could only be one outcome as his moans grew to fever pitch, my lips sending him into a frenzy.

I felt his vein twitch and clamped tightly around him, the first salty spurt hitting the back of my throat like a bullet. I swallowed hard as he emptied his ball sack into my mouth, unable to cope with the flow it dribbled from my lips as I fought against the thick fluid he offered me. His legs shook as I coaxed the last drops from the top of the swollen head.

This man was amazing, I was so under his control as he pulled me up and rolled me onto my side. My god, he was still hard!

He wanted me so much, his hand supported my leg as he manoeuvred in close and positioned the large wet head to my lips, in a single purposeful thrust, he sunk his nine inches inside me, taking my breath away.

His hand gently held my bump as the baby contorted inside, and he carried on fucking me deeply, his fingers rolled my fat nipple coaxing the milk to leak down my breast ,then they dropped down and trapped my clitoris between them.

I was in heaven as another orgasm swept over me, his pace remaining constant as I shook, his magnificent cock tightly cocooned in my pussy giving me the fuck of a lifetime.

We fucked for twenty minutes, before my pussy felt the warm flood of his cum ,turning me into a quivering ,wet, but very happy girl...

And there was more to come, so much more than I could have imagined.

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