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Pregnant and Desired

Meeting and old friend when I was heavily pregnant.

I put the phone down still in shock but also very happy. Martin, an old school friend who I hadn’t seen for 8 years was coming round.

I looked down at my large bump, I had given up work a few weeks earlier and at eight months pregnant was feeling like a 26 year old beached whale. Fed up of being stuck at home with swollen ankles and bored senseless, this had brightened my day up no end.

Martin and I had known each other since primary school. I looked on him like another brother and he on me like his sister. He was a bit overweight and had a speech impediment making him a target for school bullies. Although I wasn’t as tall as him, I was very confident, and always willing to take them on, often getting into trouble for fighting.

Martin, in return would help me with my maths homework and any other subjects I struggled with. He was very intelligent and a really sensitive caring guy, just lacking in some confidence. He had left school at the same time as me; I had gone to work as a trainee chef in a hotel ,and he went to work at a local factory. We lost touch after leaving school and I heard he joined the army and was abroad somewhere.

The doorbell rang and I rushed like a kid to open it. A very handsome man in an army uniform stood there. We threw our arms round each other and hugged and hugged, Martin releasing his grip as he felt the bump. He looked down at it and smiled, asking me what I had been doing. Then quickly saying not to answer that, we both laughed and hugged again before going into the house.

He sat on the sofa, and I studied this now very handsome man. He was well defined and tanned not like the Martin I remembered. His eyes sparkled and he was full of confidence, looking wonderful in his camouflage shirt and trousers. Feelings of our friendship swept over me, we still had a bond, a connection that had never been broken. It was like we had never been apart but he had transformed into a swan.

I made us a coffee and sat beside him. He told me about serving in Northern Ireland and the lucky escapes he had. I sat transfixed, he looked down at my bump and asked me how long I had to go, telling me I’d be a great mum,and asking to feel my bump. I smiled and nodded approval as I undid a few buttons on my blouse, his strong hands traced over my big belly quite taking me by surprise at the feelings he was giving me. He softly felt around the tight skin, his wrist bracelet unknown to him rubbing along the waistband of my big knickers and sending a shiver through me.

We talked for ages and caught up on all the missed years. His personality was still as I remembered, but now much more confident, a man of the world who had experienced life.

I offered to make us some lunch and headed off to the kitchen. Martin popped his head round the door and asked if it was ok if he had a shower. I told him of course it was and got him a towel explaining how to get the water hot (the shower had a mind of its own and would often run cold) he giggled and said he would be ok.

As it was a hot day I thought I would have a shower after him and made my way to the bedroom to change into my dressing gown. I heard the shower running and was drawn to the bathroom door. It was slightly open and I peered through the crack. He was standing with his back to me, the water cascading down his back and over his buttocks before trickling down his muscular thighs.

His body was so lean and tanned. I tried to walk away but seemed rooted to the spot. He slowly turned around letting the water run over his hair and face, my eyes dropped down to his cock. Thick and long with the most gorgeous purple head like a giant mushroom and a small amount of pubic hair. I watched as he rubbed the soap all over it working up a thick lather, his hand cupping the balls as he lathered them. I felt my heart racing watching him rub the purple mushroom and gripping his cock washing up and down its length. I walked back to the kitchen, feeling like a voyeur but very aroused.

I shouted to Martin asking him if the shower was ok. He said it was but there was one problem, I asked him what, and he said it would be better with me.

The silence was deafening. My mind raced as I walked towards the bathroom, steam now filled the room as I stepped towards the shower cubicle. Hands pulled the gowns cord and slipped it from my shoulders letting it fall to the floor before pulling me toward him, the water cascaded over my head as his lips covered mine. Our wet bodies touching as we kissed hungrily, his hands caressed my head and neck before tracing down my spine and onto my hips.

He stroked my wet full belly following the bulge until his hand settled on the dark triangle of hair, softly nibbling my neck his fingers found my clitoris bringing a moan from my lips and causing my legs to part slightly. His finger ran along my wet slit and prodded the bud, still kissing me deeply he guided my willing hand onto his large thick erection. Curling my fingers around it I squeezed and worked it with my palm, driven by lust his fingers pushed between the fleshy lips and into the warm wet cavity they brushed down the spongy walls whilst his other hand explored my breasts.

His breathing got heavier as I worked his cock. He whispered in my ear about fucking me. His rubbing now getting me close to orgasm, the beating of the water on my heavy breasts had made the nipples poke out like little thumbs. His fingers trapping the dark cherry orbs between them as he whispered things he wanted to do to me. I gasped as my orgasm swept over me, his finger still working my swollen clit. He supported me as my legs buckled and shook, kissing me frantically as I gripped vice like around his blood filled cock. A few long strokes released the contents of his ball sack to spurt and spurt onto my belly.

We lay under the spray panting, his erection dwindling in my hands. Slowly we got out of the shower and dried each other down. He stroked and kissed my bump gently drying between my legs. I smiled contently and we went into the kitchen, I told him to make us a coffee and bring it into the bedroom, his face beamed broadly, watching me as I walked away.

Part Two soon…

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