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Pregnant Tryst

Pregnant Tryst

She may be pregnant, but she still wants it!
For Shae.

I love lingerie. You knew this before you called me over. I enter your place, but don't see you. I move from room to room looking for you, but nothing. Outside your room I hear faint moaning. My cock stiffens as I realize you've begun without me. I crack open the door and peek inside. There you are, sitting up in bed in a satin bathrobe. The robe is barely big enough to fit around your pregnant belly, but it is, except for where you hands are reaching inside of it. One hand is caressing your full breasts, the other is in your lap, on top of your sweet pussy. You don't notice me, but I don't mind.

The sight is remarkable, and I begin to rub my erection through my slacks. I love watching you play, moaning softly. The sound of me opening my fly brings you out of your daze. You open your eyes, and seeing me, give me a mischievous smile. You get up on your knees and shrug off the robe. My eyes bulge at what I see - a sexy baby doll that clings to your swollen breasts and drapes over your lovely belly. I catch a glimpse of a matching thong, and I can tell that it's wet from your juices. My cock twitches, freeing itself through my fly. You stare at it greedily, then gesture for me to join you on the bed.

Once on the bed, you begin kissing me passionately. Our tongues dance and we hold each other as close as we can with your full belly in the way. But we don't care, our lust is too strong to worry about such awkward things. I caress your belly as we kiss, but my hormones quickly urge me to move up, and I begin to rub your nipple. I love playing with your nipple rings. You gasp, then reach down to fondle my erection. My other hand reaches down to your sweet pussy, causing you to moan as I slip a finger underneath your thong and onto your swollen clit.

I begin to rub, and you tug on my cock. It's obvious that you're having difficultly focusing, because every few seconds you stop stroking and gasp, or pant, or moan for me. With your free hand you release your large breasts from the top of the baby doll. I continue to fondle your breast, but now I reach over and take the other nipple in my mouth, licking and lightly biting. You seem to lose yourself in the pleasure as I pull the nipple ring in my teeth and push your thong aside with my thumb so that I can pinch your clit. You stop stroking my shaft and just hold it, but I don't mind - I know that the first of your many orgasms tonight is about to hit you.

Your body begins to tense as you reach your first orgasm, and I intend it to be a good one. My teeth clamp around your nipple and pull gently, my fingers circle the other nipple, and my other hand rubs your clit frantically between my thumb and forefinger. Your thong is mostly pushed to the side, and your pussy is soaking wet, so my ring finger has no trouble slipping in right before you cum. You let out a loud cry of surprise, and it turns into a long, loud moan of pleasure as your body twitches in ecstasy.

I pull away from you slowly as your orgasm subsides, with a pleased smile on my face. When you open your eyes and look at me, I can see the burning lust in your eyes. You roll on your side towards me and grab my cock forcefully. Your eyes tell me that you were upset that you let it go when you came and never wanted it to happen again. And you say the first thing that either of us have said all night. "Your cock needs sucking."

Eagerly I move my cock towards your face, and you pull it into your mouth greedily. The pleasure is exquisite as you roll your tongue around my shaft. You pull your mouth off and begin stroking your saliva into my shaft. You put my balls in your mouth next, moving them with your tongue while I lift up your babydoll and my hands wander across your lovely belly and breasts. After a minute of pleasuring them, you release my balls, biting my sack gently as you pull away, then attack my dick. You start by licking the pre-cum off my head, then sucking just the head to make sure you got it all. I moan as you slowly move your head down, stroking me all the while. When lips get close to the base of my cock, your hand is forced to fall away. But it finds its way to my balls, and massages them as I massage your tits.

I feel your throat around my head, and I know it will be soon. I warn you, in case you want to let go. But your sucking intensifies, and your head begins bobbing faster. All of the blood leaves my face, and with a cry I unload into your mouth. You hungrily swallow the first spurt, but the thickness of it catches you off guard, and you gasp. The next shot covers your cheek and chin, and I lean towards your body for the rest. The next two spurts cover your lovely tits, and I manage to get the last little bit on your pregnant belly. You lick the cum off your chin and smile, knowing that I love to give as much as get.

Ready for your next climax, you start rubbing my cum into your breasts. I move down you your bald pussy, caressing the lips first with my fingers, then my mouth. You raise your hips and I remove the drenched thong. I start by gently licking under the hood of your clit, then rolling my tongue around the sweet button. I easily slide two fingers into your wet pussy as I lick you. You squirm and grind against me, and I feel your hand in my hair. My fingers thrust in and out as my licking becomes more furious. Your moaning intensifies as I continue, and then abruptly I pull my fingers out. You cry in protest and beg me to not stop. I put my little finger back in, but not where you expected it. Your ass hole twitches reflexively, but my finger is soaked in your pussy juices, and I force it in. Your response is amazing, your bucking intensifies, and its hard for me to keep licking at first. I put two other fingers back into your pussy and begin finger fucking your pussy and ass, and soon I am rewarded with another intense orgasm.

As your orgasm subsides, I pull you fingers out of your twitching pussy and ass. But it's clear you want more. You pick up a vibrator from your night stand and begin to press it against your clit. Your lust is contagious, and my cock is rock hard again. As much as I love your blow jobs, I need more. I roll on my side, putting one of your legs over my waist, and your other leg between mine. I slowly rub my cock head against your wet pussy lips until you beg me to put it in. We moan together as it slides in and I begin to thrust into you while you play with yourself. This position allows me to see your lovely breasts bounce as I fuck you, and I play with one of your hard, cum-covered nipples. You turn up the speed on your toy, and soon I feel you cum. Your yells of pleasure and your pussy clamping hard around my cock almost make me cum again, but I resist. Sure enough, the look in your eyes tell me you're not done yet.

You don't move your vibrator away, or move, so it's clear you want another orgasm in this position. But that's not what I had in mind. I pull my cock, slick with spit and pussy juice, out of your cunt and begin to rub your lips. You protest and try to push your hips towards me, in the hopes that I'll slide it back in. I resist, as tempting as it may be to fuck you silly. I lift your hips slightly and place the head of my engorged prick at your ass hole. Your eyes widen with shock at the realization, then you look at me longingly. This is what you've always wanted, and now that it's here, you're almost scared.

"Do it," you whimper. I continue to tease, squeezing your breasts and rubbing your belly as I rub my head against your hole.

"Please!" you beg, and I oblige. I thrust the tip in, and you throw your head back and yell out at the sensation. As you ease back into the bed, I slowly begin to fill you up. Your free hand grabs the bed while the other struggles to keep the vibrator on your clit. You're very tight, but I'm determined, and your ass accepts my entire cock. I start to rock back and forth, making you moan and yell with the pleasure and pain.

"You love this don't you, my dirty pregnant slut!"

Your only response is moaning, so I pinch your nipples hard. This brings you over the edge and you start to cum, the most powerful climax yet. If you weren't so tight, I'd be afraid of falling out with all your thrashing. It's still too much for me, and with a yell I cum as well. I start to fill your ass hole with my load, almost as much as the first time. Finally, we come down from our climaxes together. You drop the vibrator, still running, and my shrinking dick falls out of your tight hole, and cum starts to ooze out. I lie next to you, your babydoll askew, your face and tits covered in my seed. As I wrap my arm around you, you rub some of the fluids off my cock and onto your belly, and we kiss before we fall asleep, exhausted.

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