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Pretend Prostitute Part 2

I fuck and suck my way as a Faux Whore again!
Late last night my phone rang. It was Brad. He said that his friend that thinks I'm a prostitute was in the mood for my services again. They'd gotten a hotel room close by, and I was to arrive as quickly as possible, following the instructions I'd been given.

Forty five minutes later I was in the lift at the hotel. My face was heavily made up per Brad's instructions, I was wearing knee-high Fuck Me Boots with stiletto heels, stocking and suspender belt as requested. I was also wearing a mid length faux fur coat, no bra, no panties. The coat had a leopard print pattern to complete the cheap hooker look. I touched up my lipstick in the lift, gave myself a spritz of cheap perfume and opening my coat, took a look at myself in the mirror. Cheap, whorish, slutty, but fuckable, just what was ordered. I smiled at the huge hoop earrings I had added at the last moment.

I knocked on the door and slipped out of my coat as I was let in, placing it and my bag on the chair. I stood there wearing nothing but my boots and suspenders as Brad's friend inspected me like a piece of meat: he roughly manhandled my breasts, pulling and twisting my nipples, and squeezing my flesh. He pinched at my (very) little belly and told Brad I was fat, and then turned me around and grabbed at my ass and jiggled it, and again told Brad that I had a lot of fat on me.
He turned me around pushed me onto the bed, telling me to spread my legs. I did so, and he began to roughly inspect my pussy, telling Brad he liked the way I keep my hair, and that my lips were nice and bare and soft, asking Brad for his opinion. Brad volunteered that he'd fucked me before, and that it was "worth every penny" spent.

I had to stifle a giggle when he said that. If only his friend knew that Brad never paid me, and I did this purely for my own pleasure - and of course because I'm not a prostitute.

He described my snatch as "tight and clean" and "not like he expected a hooker whore's used cunt to look." He then sniffed at me, declaring me to smell clean and tasty. With that declaration, he went down on me.

He didn't spend long eating my pussy because he wanted a blow job. Brad told him to find his manners and pay me before I did anything else. He handed me 250 cash and I nodded as Brad winked at me. I put the money in my bag and took out a handful of the condoms that I'd been instructed to bring once again. Since he was waiting for his blow job, I took one out of the wrapper and skillfully rolled it on his cock with my mouth and began to suck. He moaned and pulled my hair as I pleasured him. I played with his balls, sucking them into my mouth one at a time. He pushed my head up after a while and pulled the condom off, asking how much to fuck me bareback. Brad told him and extra 100. He got the cash out of his wallet and handed it to Brad. Then he slid his cock into my mouth for me to lube a little. I made sure to leave a big red lipstick mark near the base of his cock, like a good whore would.

Then he got me on my knees so he could fuck me from behind. He rubbed my cunt a little before dipping a finger into it. Then I felt his head poking at my lips and he shoved his way in and started roughly fucking me. It didn't feel good to me at all, but he seemed to be having a good time, so I played the part with moaning and telling him how good he felt. Then came the question... could he tie me up? He wanted me spread eagled on the bed, so he could play with me. Brad looked at me and told him another 200, but he got ten minutes and Brad would be watching. He got the money out of his wallet, counted out the notes and gave it to Brad.

Then he told me to lie still as he got to work. He took off my boots and then my stockings and suspender belt. He pulled me forward so my ass was on the edge of the double bed, my feet on the floor, giving him access to my snatch. He then took the stockings and tied one round each ankle and stretched and tied them under the casters of the standard hotel bed. I was unable to move my legs now. He then took the suspender belt and tied my wrists together with it. Then he took his belt off and used that to tie my hands up above my head. All the time his cock was rock hard and dripping precum.

Finally satisfied with his work, he went back to licking my pussy, gentle spanking my thighs as he did. Then he pulled my labia apart roughly and poked his tongue inside me. When he was done, he moved up my body, and knelt over my tits. He started pulling on my nipples, each one in turn, pinching and stretching them. I'm not really into the pain thing, it doesn't turn me on, but I enjoyed the feeling of being a strangers slut, and him thinking I was his whore. Rubbing each of my nipples with his cock, wanking himself as he did he started moaning loudly, then stopped suddenly.

Moving quickly back to my feet, he knelt on the floor and slid his cock back inside me then suddenly he poked his thumb into my ass. I was unlubed and unprepared and yelped, my body naturally jumping away.

"Thats it Whore! struggle, won't do you no good!" he laughed. I figured this was what he wanted and started wriggling and pushing myself away from him. He smiled gripped my hips with both hands and fucked me harder.

Luckily for me it didn't take him long to cum, I screamed along with him, like I was enjoying it. "Fuck Brad you were right, she is worth every penny." he said. I tried to hold back the laughter when he said that. The genius thought my shaking was me having an orgasm from his fabulous cockwork. If only he knew just how bad I thought it was.

He went in the bathroom to get cleaned up, and Brad and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes and laughed quietly. Then I told him I needed his cock in my pussy. Before his friend came out of the bathroom, he was balls deep inside me, and I started enjoying myself.

"Sloppy seconds, heh?" his friend said as he came out and got ready to leave.

I think Brad just shrugged as he continued to plow into me.

"I'll give you your belt next time I see you" Brad grunted and his friend walked out the door to head home.

Now Brad didn't take long to cum, but he knew how to use his cock, sliding in me at the right angle and the right speed to get my pulse racing. He gently kissed my sore nipples as we fucked before rubbing my clit with his finger as his rythmn quickened.

I started to cum before he did, bucking my hips as much as I could, my joy juice dribbling down my thighs. Brad pulled out and shot his load onto my tummy, his eyes rolling back in his head as he came. Brad lay next to me, stroking and teasing my breasts as we both got our breath back. Then he scooped his cum up off my stomach and fed it to me as I lay bound on the bed. I savored every drop he let slowly drip past my lips, before sucking his fingers clean too.

"More!" I told him and he moved up the bed and let me suck his cock clean. I sucked him so well I felt him swell in my mouth, and he soon started fucking my face. Unable to move I just shut my eyes and concentrated on the job in hand (well, mouth!). I soon felt Brad swell again and he shot in my mouth. I felt each hot spurt hit my mouth and counted 7 hits. I swirled this round my mouth, showed it to Brad and then slowly swallowed the lot.

Brad untied me, got me dressed - well put my coat on, I put the suspenders and belt in my bag and we left the room together. I felt like a used whore, walking round a hotel in just boots and a coat, and it was such a dirty, slutty sensation it felt so good. Brad asked what he should do with the money and I told him I had given my cash from the last encounter to a charity shop in town. We stopped at the same shop as he drove me home and I pushed the money through the letter box. I might be a Pretend Whore, but have no desire to be a real one.

Brad dropped me at my building and the same security guard was on duty. He gave me an excited smile as he watched me go to the lift. I turned around in the lift, opened my coat and stood there in just my boots. I opened my legs and ran a finger up from my pussy to my mouth, sucking it slowly and seductively. As the lift door started to shut, I lent forward and held it open.

He joined me in the lift, pinned me against the wall and quickly groped me all over, his hands went everywhere, I swear he could have been an octopus. But he did it so softly and firmly, so focused and urgent that when he slipped a finger in my pussy my knees went and I had a mini orgasm.

The doors opened on my floor and I walked out, though I managed to feel his package as I left and his cock did not disappoint!

"I finish my shift in an hour, I'm going to fuck that hot body of yours till you beg me to stop" He stated.

"You'd better" I smiled as the door closed.

So I went back in my flat, and wrote up this tale. Sorry it's a little short, but I had to rush as I don't have long before I'm going to get my brains fucked out of me, in fact that's a knock at the door now. So I am going to go and have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, wonder what you'll be doing thinking about me being fucked by the big strong security guard.......
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