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Pretty Much Just Straight Out Sex

Petite brunette in her 40s decides to meet her email buddy
Lately I had been feeling very sexual, all the time. It must be my time of life, I thought. In my forties, I thought, must be something pre-menopausal. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a slim, petite brunette, with a few crows-feet, but life in her hazel-green eyes. I had a career, I had a home. I also had a very active fantasy life. This was the first time I had tried to make the fantasy real. It couldn't hurt to go to lunch in a public place with this polite fellow, who wrote funny, sexy emails.

I didn't know what to expect from him when I agreed to meet at the restaurant. He was taller than I expected, good looking like his picture, and easy to talk to when we met for lunch. He was a terrifically good kisser standing by my car, and I didn't want to stop. However, the intensity of his sky-blue gaze when we said goodbye made me a bit nervous, although it also thrilled. He had said, "We'll be seeing each other again soon. I'll contact you tomorrow."

So, I was not surprised when he emailed the next day. I arranged the whole afternoon off at his request. I was amazed at my own alacrity when it came to accommodating this stranger. I put on a silk dress with boots and decided against wearing tights under it, only a thong, even though it was cold. My unlined bra felt very thin under the dress and I could feel my nipples rubbing against the material, hot and cold at the same time. They started to ache slightly. I felt very naked under the dress.

His car pulled up in the parking lot where we had agreed to meet and I got in, leaving my car. I had no idea where we were going. He put his hands warm on my neck and pulled me in quickly for a kiss before we started. His lips were soft and I couldn't help but relax mine against them so that his tongue slipped in quickly, gently exploring my mouth. Just as I started to feel a rush of heat through my body, he pulled away, laughed and said, "Let's save that for later."

We were driving through the city. My left hand had a mind of its own. It kept wandering onto his right thigh and slipping between his legs. He kept smiling and pushing my hand away, but I could see his color rise and I thought his cock was stiffening from the way he was squirming a bit as he drove. I was still uncomfortably aware of my aching nipples moving against my blouse and the warmth between my legs as we drove.

We pulled into the front driveway of a large luxury hotel that I didn't know existed. I wasn't even sure where we were since I had been so distracted during the drive. He opened the door and helped me out as he left keys with a valet. He took my hand and led us right to the elevator. As the doors closed he put his arms around me under my coat and pulled me right up against his firm body with his hands against my ass. He slid his hands over and around my cheeks so that my silk dress slipped against my backside. "Mmm.. I like the way that feels," he said. The door opened much too soon and he released me to guide me down the hall.

Inside the room he quickly pulled off my coat and his jacket and tossed them on the chair. "I can"t wait to get my hands on you," he said. "All that time at lunch I just wanted to touch you and kiss you and suck you and fuck you and instead I had to make polite conversation. We"re going to do things my way now. Let"s find out what"s under that dress."

He slipped his hands under my dress, over my bare ass. "I like that even better," he said. I sighed and tilted my pelvis, pressing my ass against his hands as he rubbed it with a circular motion. Soon he extended the motion to my inner thighs, teasing ever closer to that warmer place between my legs. I started to reciprocate, reaching around to touch and rub his ass, untucking his shirt and also sliding my cool hands up his warm back, down to his ass, and up his back again while he kneaded my ass and slid his hands up and down my inner thighs. I was dumbstruck, so turned on I couldn't say a word.

With an impatient sound he suddenly untied the belt to my dress and pulled it over my head. I stood in my thin lace bra, bikini and boots, feeling exposed and a bit shy. He gave me a hungry stare and hummed "Mmm.." pulling me up and against his body, one hand on my rear and the other behind my neck, leaning down to press his mouth against my soft lips and pushing his warm tongue invasively inside my mouth. His tongue aggressively pushed into my mouth, making me open mine wider. I slid my tongue into his mouth and licked around the inside of his lips.

We stood for some time suspended in the sensation of warm lips rubbing against each other, sucking, tongues playing. I moved my lips aside to kiss and breathe against his neck then worked my way back to his warm mouth. At some point I thrust my tongue straight into his mouth and, instead of chasing it with his own, he captured it and sucked on it. At the same time, the hand on my ass moved between my cheeks and further down and around until one figure insinuated its way inside my thong and into my slick entrance. "Oh you are so wet," he sighed. The sensation made me grind my hips closer to him, which brought my belly into contact with his hard cock, standing up inside his pants.

"I want to suck you and lick you all over," he said, pushing me back with his body until I was sitting on the edge of the bed in my damp underwear and boots.

“You can do that,” I said. “I don't seem to be able to make any conversation.”

He cracked a smile. “Don't worry, we can talk later,” he said. He stood in front of me, his stiff cock clearly outlined under his trousers. He quickly took off his pants, shoes and socks, and unbuttoned his shirt for my delectation, leaving him in an open dress shirt and bulging boxer briefs. I reached out to touch the irresistible bulge, but he pulled my hand away.

"No touching, just looking right now," he said. He picked up one of my legs at a time, pulling off the boot, stroking the soft skin behind my knees, the front and back of my thighs, and up my inner thighs, close to by not touching my damp center which was also starting to ache.

At this point my nipples felt like sore hot pebbles and I grasped one of his wrists to move his hand so he could touch me there. He obliged by putting his whole palm over my right breast and squeezing it's soft firmness, letting out a soft grunt of pleasure as he did so. He slipped his hand around my back and quickly detached my bra which slipped off.

"What pretty little tits." He scooted on to the bed and sat me across his lap with my legs on either side of him and attacked my nipples with his mouth, licking, nibbling, and sucking each one alternately.

This felt so good I couldn't stay quiet. I breathed, "Yes, yes, do that...That feels so good...Oh..Oh.." and other scintillating expressions of that sort. Somehow there seemed to be a direct line of sensation between my breasts and my pussy. Every time his hot mouth pulled on a nipple, a twinge of sensation or pulse of heat reached all the way between my legs. I wanted to lick him back somewhere but I couldn't reach much at this angle, so I did my best to move the aching center between my legs against his erection, which didn't quite work since he needed the space to suck my tits. I was getting very, very wet and I could feel my pulse throbbing between my legs. I couldn't stop sighing and groaning with pleasure.

"Let's taste you," he said, suddenly pushing me down and further back on the bed so that my head fell against the pillows. He piled up more pillows under my ass so that I was lifted and tilted toward his face as he knelt on the bed. He slowly pulled my damp thong off. He pushed my legs apart and up further so I could feel a breeze on my hot pussy and I felt very exposed. Finally he pulled my legs up and over his shoulders to give his face full access to my very wet interior. "Mmmm," he said pushing his warm slightly rough tongue right into my slick pussy, even pushing a bit into my entrance. I gasped and wiggled, causing him to pull my legs up a bit more so that I was less able to move. "Just relax and enjoy," he said, humming a bit and licking my juices.

I felt like one big nerve ending down there. Every lick seemed to come closer and closer to setting me off. I wiggled and gasped every time his tongue approached my swollen lips and clit, which he circled quickly. I started jerking with arousal each time he gave a long, slow lick from my wet hole to my hard aching clit. I almost lost it as he seemed to be sucking my swollen clit and then inserted his tongue slightly into my entrance. I started to shimmy up his shoulders, squeezing my legs, in an unconscious attempt to push my whole pussy closer to his face. He took one of his arms and wrapped it around to put his fingers where his mouth was for a stimulating few seconds. When they were wet with my juices, he placed one of his hands under my butt and insinuated a lubricated finger a little way into my ass, just as his tongue reach my clit again. This set me off like an alarm bell, as flashes of pleasure caused me to buck and squeal and contract inside and over his face.

"Oh god that turned me on," he said as I was still throbbing the end of my orgasm and a delicious languor started to come over me. "We'll have to wind you up again." He had taken my legs off his shoulders and pushed me back against the piled pillows. He slipped off his boxer briefs, shrugged off his shirt and exposed his beautiful bobbing erection, moving it up my body, wiping it against my nipples, and kneeling over me so that it bobbed directly at my lips.

"Hmm what should I do with this," I grinned. Then putting my hands on his firm ass, I pulled him closer to me so that I could lick the dripping tip. Propped half-sitting on the pillows, I could suck him quite comfortably as he knelt. I licked my fingers and palm and grasped his member, sliding my hand up and down as I moved my mouth over the top of him and licked around the edge of the crown and underneath.

I could see what that did to him. His skin flushed hotter, his breathing accelerated, and a light sweat was breaking out on his shoulders and chest. His eyes closed and he sighed as I pressed my fingers between his balls and his ass to apply pressure underneath as I sucked him hard and put as much as possible in my mouth. Back and forth and around my lips and hand slipped over his hard dick making the veins stand out a bit until he was panting with arousal and visibly trying to hold himself back from pushing himself hard into my mouth.

"Wait," he panted, "I still want to fuck that pussy. Turn around and let me see that pretty ass." I turned over and he pulled me up on all fours so that my ass was slightly higher and facing him.

"Oh that looks.. oh you are so..." I heard him take out a condom and then I felt a warm fullness push very slowly into my slick entrance.

"Oh, oh, please more!" I gasped as he slid in much too slowly, and then out. He filled me fully and I could feel his exertion as he struggled for control to avoid hammering me like he wanted to. He shifted his angle slightly so that I could feel slightly more friction at the entrance. It made me wiggle with excitement.

He reached for something small on the nightstand as he entered me again and moved all the way in to the hilt. "What's that?" I said.

"Don"t worry you"ll like it," he said. He began to move a bit faster, reaching under me to pinch my nipples as he did so. I pushed against him as he moved trying to get him to hit a spot, I couldn't tell where, that caused me more excitement each time. I heard a quiet humming sound, and suddenly he placed a small vibrator right against the front of my wet slit forward of where his hard dick was sliding in and out of me. The vibrations made me gasp as they penetrated to stimulate my clit, and his cock, indirectly. He then slid the vibrator up directly on my clit which caused me to moan and thrash as I hit a climax of intense sensation and my whole pussy throbbed powerfully around and around the warm stiff cock sliding faster and harder finally pulsing inside me as he let go with a powerful thrust, pushing his balls against my backside and groaning with pleasure. We collapsed together and cuddled nakedly on the bed.

“O.K, what do you want to talk about?” he said.

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