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Prisoner for Life

Woman ties her husband up to the bed, blind folds him and has her way with him.

“You like that baby? Do you want some more?”

Snap! Snap!!

Brad’s body tenses up with each snap of the ruler on his bare skin. He gasps from the sharp pain, but slowly exhales. I know he’s enjoying himself. This isn’t the first time I've tried to push him past his limits.

His skin is pink where the ruler kissed his skin. I soothe the skin with one of my own kisses. I bathe the spots with my tongue, licking and then gently biting.

Bradley tugs on his restraints but is unable to pull his hands free. I made sure to tie him up well this time. I’ve been practicing my knots so when I pinned him down to the bed, I knew he would never get out of the scarves I secured around each wrist and ankle.

I remember the look on Brad’s face when he found me in the bedroom, sprawled across the bed. He couldn’t get enough of my new lacy number that gently hugged my curves. My breasts spilled out over the top, which Brad was quick to take advantage of before I could tell him to stop. He scooped out my breasts and immediately started fingering my nipples and sucking on them.

The finishing touch? My 4 inch stilettos I bought. They brought me up to eye level with him, but more importantly, I loved the way they made my legs look. I finished the look with white fishnet stockings. I knew my dear husband would be eating out of my hand.

Brad was so excited to get started, he immediately pulled off his shirt and reached for his fly. I planned this for a while and had a few surprises lined up for him. Brad didn’t see my little chest of toys hidden in the corner of the room.

The scarves were nothing new to Bradley, we each took turns tying each other up. I just decided to turn it up a notch.

After I finish cooling down his stings on his body with wet kisses, I gaze up at the handsome man tied to the bed, to make sure his blind fold is still firmly in place.
“How are you doing there baby? Think you can handle more?” I ask my dear husband, running my fingers along his jaw line.

“I can handle anything you ready to dish out, do your worst,” Bradley responses gruffly.

"Uhm… my worst, uh?" I bend over and brush his lips with a feathery kiss.

I lightly lick his lips and his tongue comes out to duel with mine. Our mouths fuse for a deep passionate kiss that takes our breath away. Panting, I pull away… I have more plans, I must not lose focus.

I grab a few items out of the toy chest and place them on the night table. I’m going to make him suffer a bit before I put him out of his misery.

I walk to the end of the bed and slowly crawl onto it, running my tongue along the inside of his legs as I work my way up. I have my target in sight. His glorious cock has been standing at attention since I tied him up. It’s been waiting so patiently for me.

Bradley knows what is coming. Or at least he thinks he does.

I start by slowly trailing my fingertips up and down along his cock. It actually seems to vibrate in anticipation. I lean over and lick the head of his penis tentatively. My tongue follows the path of my fingers, going up and down, licking and blowing as I go. Dipping down lower, I gently suck each of his balls into my mouth. While my mouth is busy down there, my hand firmly grabs his penis and begins to stroke him from the tip down to the base.

Letting go of his balls with my mouth, I move back up to his hard cock and take it into my mouth, my hand holding him firmly in place. I take as much of his cock as I can into in my mouth, moving it in and out. I lick the head of his penis like an ice cream cone and then thrust his cock back into my mouth over and over. I suck him hard while my other hand reaches down to play with his balls. I know I’m driving him crazy. His breathing is getting raspy and he gasps every time I hit a sweet spot.

“Is this bad enough for you baby? Maybe I should do something different?” I wonder what his limits are.

I crawl over top of him so I could reach the night table. He probably thought I was hoping on for a ride. Not yet baby, not yet.

I reach for a bowl full of ice cubes. Now this is going to be fun.

I pop a few ice cubes in my mouth and wait for my tongue to get cold. Returning to my spot on the bed, between his legs, I spit the ice cubes back into the bowl and wrap my cold mouth around his cock.

“Oh my god!” Bradley nearly jumps out of the bed.

If it wouldn’t have been for the scarves, I think he would have done just that.

A couple more thrusts to the back of my mouth and I am ready for some more ice cubes. This time, I decide to keep one in my mouth, to keep his cock company.

Bradley bucks up off the bed when the ice cube comes in contact with his hot cock.

“Jesus Kelly, stop that! You’re not playing very fair.”

"Fair? Who said anything about fair?" I chuckle to myself, while I get ready for my next experiment.

“I’m not done yet baby, hang in there,” I let out another giggle, as I straddle across him again to I can reach the night table.

I put the bowl on the table and reach for a bottle of cooling gel. I wonder how he’s going to react to this. I had tried it out on myself a few nights ago. The sensation it causes is incredible. I had to make myself cum twice before I finally felt satisfied. I wonder if it will have the same effect on a man. Only one way to find out.

I squirt a little into my hand and reach for his cock. I don’t think he realises what’s about to happen. It takes a bit before the sensation starts. While I’m waiting, I make sure to keep his cock happy.

“What is that? What did you put on me?” Brad sounds a bit panicked.

“It’s ok, it’s just some cooling gel. Just relax and enjoy it. The best is yet to come.” I’m not lying either.

I sit back on my heels, giving the gel a bit of time to take effect. When my husband starts to moan, I know he’s feeling the full effects of the gel. That’s when I lean over and start to blow on his cock. I can only imagine what that feels like.

Bradley starts to strain on his restraints. I did a good job on those knots this time, giving myself a mental pat on the back.

I continue my sweet torture until I decide I’m tired of him having all the fun.

“My turn for a little fun,” I tell my husband.

I climb of the bed and slide by panties off. I dangle them so they skim across Bradley’s face. I know he can tell what they are. I’m already wet and my smell is heavy on the material.

“Mmmm, come here, Kelly, I want you to sit on my face.”

Just what I had in mind.

I climb back on the bed and this time I straddle his chest. Now this is naughty.

“Move closer Kelly.”

I move my way up until my wet pussy is right in front of his face.

“ I’m ready whenever you are.” I brace myself above his head and get ready for the assault.

His tongue darts out, tasting my wet pussy. He targets my clit and starts to flick his tongue back and forth across it.

“Oh, Brad! I love that tongue of yours. Almost as much as I love your cock.”

Even with Brad’s hands restrained, he can still work his magic. His tongue continues to flick back and forth, he shoves his tongue inside me.

“You taste so good Kelly, I could eat you all night long,” Brad replies.

It took me a while to get used to him doing this to me, but once I learned how much he loved doing it and honestly, how much I enjoyed having it done, Bradley would eat me out every chance he got.

I start to lose myself but pull back. I’m not done with my game yet. I still want to have a bit of fun with my husband.

“Stop!” I almost shout.

I have to pull myself away. I want to keep going but still want to play. I glance at his cock, still standing straight up and begging for attention.

I reach for a second bottle of gel. This one is for heating. When I mix the two, it will create the most amazing sensation. I apply a small amount to my clit and let my fingers play for a bit. Bradley doesn’t know what I’m doing so I let out a little moan so he knows I’m having a bit of fun.

I can feel the sensation of the gel kicking in.

Putting the gel down, I reach for a new toy I bought. I wonder how Brad is going to like this purchase.

“Time for you to watch for a while now, baby,” I tell Brad.

I slide the blindfold off and let his eyes become adjusted to the lighting in the room.

I walk over to the arm chair I moved closer to the bed. Brad just needs to turn his head and he’ll see me sitting there.

My toy is a new pink dildo. I have never stepped foot into a sex shop before but hey, you only live once, right? I turn the dildo on so it starts to vibrate. I admit, I played with it by myself the night before. I’m starting to understand the appeal of these toys.

I close my eyes and start to play with myself. Bradley doesn’t say a word but I know he is watching me. I try to pretend like he is not there. The vibrating dildo feels amazing on my clit, especially with the warming gel on. I move it back and forth as I feel myself getting more wet by the second. Slipping my fingers inside me, I let out a moan that ensures my husband knows how much I am enjoying myself.

Pulling my fingers out, I slowly insert the dildo inside me. My fingers move to my clit to take over.

Thrusting the dildo in and out, more quickly as the pressure builds up inside. I can feel myself getting close to climax. One more thrust and flick of my clit and I’m pushed over the edge. I feel my body clutch around the dildo and the heavenly surge that flows through my body. I ride the wave for a moment while I try to catch my breath. I look up at my husband and he has this look on his face, one I’ve never seen before.

“That is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen,” he murmurs.

Mission accomplished.

“Are you ready, cowboy?” I ask Bradley.

Regaining my composure, I climb back onto the bed. My body is still throbbing but I want some more.

I straddle Bradley’s body and take his hard cock into my hot, wet pussy.

We both moan as we finally connect. This is what we love most. His large cock fills me completely. I know I’m tight around him. Then the chemistry of the two gels takes effect.

“Damn it to hell, Kelly! What is that shit?” Brad asks.

I start to move up and down on him, the friction making the sensation even more intense. I lose myself in the sensation. Bradley’s large cock inside me, thrusting deeper and deeper. I lean down and kiss him. We seem to devour each other. Our tongues duelling together, as my body rides his hard cock .

I can feel the pressure building again.

“Are you ready, baby? Are you going to cum? I want to feel your hot cum inside of me.” Bradley loves when I talk dirty to him.

“Anytime you’re ready,” Brad responds. I look down at my husband, all tied up to the bed and renew my efforts. Harder and faster, I move up and down on his cock, running my hands on his chest.

Bracing myself, pushing myself until I feel like I’m going to explode.

Bradley’s body tenses and he shouts his release. That’s all I need. I reach down between our bodies; flick my clit a few times and I follow. I collapse on top of Brad, both of us trying to catch our breath. Amazing.

I struggle into a sitting position so I can reach for the scarves that have Bradley tied down to the bed. I release his bonds and he immediately reaches for me and I collapse into his arms again.

"I love you baby," I whisper.

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