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Private Lessons Part 1

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This is a small portion of my first meeting with my music teacher

I met Richard online while searching for a music teacher that gave private lessons. I was going to be in Ohio for a couple of weeks and decided to take some lessons while I was there, to help pass the time. We agreed to meet at my hotel to discuss the arrangements because I did not know the area well and it was easier for him to come to me. When he arrived I noticed he was a handsome man. He seems to be in his early 40's not his 50's as he'd claimed to be in prior conversations. I have always been attracted to men much older than myself when it came to men not of my African American race and this time would not be any different. I thought they aged so wonderfully.  I am thirty six years old and have not dated anyone thirty six since I was twenty. I imagined what his salt and pepper colored beard would feel like against my clean shaven  caramel colored pussy. As we sat and talked about dates and times Richard's eyes often focused on my breast instead of my face. So naturally I bent over every chance I could to give him a better view down my deep cut v-neck shirt.  "What would you like me to help you with" he asked. "What can you teach me in the time I will be here? I aim to please so you tell me what you want to learn he answered proudly. Not talking his eyes off my breast. I knew at this point music was not going to be the subject of my lesson today. As he looked in his brief case for something  I unbuttoned  the top four buttons of my shirt giving him full view of my 42DD's. My shirt had a built in bra so I wasn't wearing one. Mmmmm he said as looked up and adjusted the now hard penis inside his pants. He got up and walked around the back of  the couch we were sitting on. He leaned over me with a piece of paper but let it fall to my lap as he ran his hands over my breast. Mmmmmm he whispered in my ear as his fingers circled my nipples causing them to stiffen on command. My body trembled at his touch. He started to kiss me. The way his breath warmed my skin as he kissed the back of my neck made me want him more. I kept telling myself you can't do this you don't know him, but my pussy was saying "yes you can". He walked back around to the front of the couch and sat down next to me. His hands cupped by breast as he began to kiss them. His tongue quickly flickered over my nipples. He sucked my breast with such power. He began to bite my nipple sending such a wonderful pain throughout my body. He had me......I was coming out of my clothes so fast. I grabbed his hand and led him to the bed. He smiled when he saw the dildo I had forgotten to put away earlier. He sat on the edge of the bed and began to undress. I decided to speed things up by taking his dick out of his pants for him. My mouth began to water, I licked my lips and motioned for him to switch places with me. I wanted him standing. Because of the height of the bed when I sat down the tip of his dick met my lips perfectly. I opened my mouth ready to accept all he had to offer. But he pulled back...."just lick the tip first" he said, "slowly...allow your tongue the chance to get to know the instrument it is about to play". I allowed my teacher to teach. "Close your eyes and let your mouth and my dick make their own rhythm. His dick continued to swell getting larger as it moved around the inside of my cheeks. With my eyes closed I could smell the heat his dick held, I could smell the sweet scent of my own juices forming at the lips of my pussy. I thought I was losing my mind for a minute because his dick took on a familiar sweet I taste mango? I asked opening my eyes. "I thought you would like it, I picked that flavor just for you". "It's my version of a gold star, only my students willing to take on special projects gets it". His special project was driving me crazy. I allowed my lips to consume every inch of him. My cheeks collapsed around his dick, I couldn't let go. There was so much of him. My head moved quickly allowing my lips to place kisses within the hairs around his dick every time they met. I looked up at Richard just in time to see his eyes roll into the back of his head and his lips produce a sexy...ohh fuck.....but without sound. His hips started to move as lips struggled to release sound to  match their movement. " my dick. I placed my hands on his ass pulling him toward me. "Oh you want to be fucked do you?" he asked, I managed a moan of approval and Richard began to treat my mouth as if it was a deep wet pussy. He pound his dick in my mouth with such force. There was a mirror on the wall next to the bed that captured his slender frame pumping forcefully. My cheeks were sore and my eyes began to water. The pain was just what I needed. My pussy was on fire, I think pussy...was jealous. She was use to getting all the attention. It was her praises that would be sung out into the night. But this man fucked my mouth as if my pussy didn't exist. After awhile his pace slowed down. " I don't want to cum yet" he said. I gave my cheeks a break and allowed my tongue to continue what is started, but we both quickly realized we needed it like before. He watched with pure pleasure as my tongue ring danced around his long dick. He moaned intensely as his entire dick disappeared  into my mouth. It wasn't enough for me. I wanted all of him. I parted my lips so that my tongue could scoop his balls while the rest of him began to swell even more. I could taste his pre cum as it went down the back of my throat. He grabbed the back of my head with both hands and held it as he forced himself deeper into my mouth. His moans got louder but his words were soft and I obeyed as best I could but his dick was coming at me so fast and so hard. I could not breathe but I didn't care. The back of my throat was starting to swell from the force of his thick shaft pounding into it, but the pain was nothing compared to the pleasure it gave me to have my mouth full of something so damn good. The more he gave the more I wanted. I couldn't take my eyes off of his face. I had never had a dick that tasted so good. There was no room left in my mouth. Richard's ass tighten and the tip of his dick tickled the back of my throat. I knew he was ready so I tried to pull some of him out of mouth to make room, but he pushed harder. "don't stop" he moaned "Are you ready for it?' he asked but didn't give me time to answer he gave me a load of the best cum I had ever tasted. I gagged at the amount of salty greatness that filled my mouth. It coated my throat like a blanket of silk. My pussy began to throb. The heat between my legs let me know I was about to release some tension of my own. I found my pleasure spot and let my fingers circle my swollen clit. Rubbing one set of lips while the other set devoured Richard's dick like it was my last meal. I began to moan as my juices ran down my thighs. The more cum I swallowed the more I released. I couldn't take it anymore the feeling was to much. He let go of  my head and slowly pulled his dick from my mouth. I fell back onto the bed and continued to please myself, Richard pulled me closer to him. His tongue licked my juices. He placed  his tongue inside me and began to suck my clit. Now it was Richard that seemed to be enjoying his last meal. His lips nibbled on every inch of my pussy. He placed a finger inside my ass....Damn... was all I could say this man had me floating in pure pleasure. I wanted his dick inside me and with sexual ESP he heard my thoughts and turned me over onto my knees preparing to replace his tongue with his dick into my waiting pussy. He rubbed his dick over my ass teasing me. My knees began to shake I wanted him so badly. "Fuck me" I screamed "Please fuck me". I felt the tip of his dick kiss the lips of my pussy. I quickly backed up until I could feel him inside me. He started out slowly as if he was savoring the moment. His thickness filled my pussy just as it had my mouth minutes before. I began to bounce my ass as I moved backwards so that his  dick hit my spot with force. I looked at the mirror and watched him watching my ass move up and down. He leaned over and licked my asshole as it rose in the air. "Fuck me harder" I commanded. "you want it harder?' he asked as he began to pound me with the same force I had come to love. He rubbed my clit with one hand and my breast with the other never missing a beat. I buried my face in the pillow to keep my screams from being heard throughout the hotel. Richard removed the pillow..."no I want to hear you" my breathing became irregular, I couldn't speak. I could feel his dick in my chest he was so far inside me. Just when I thought I couldn't feel any better he placed his finger in my asshole as he held my pussy open. I only need one more thing I thought to myself and right on cue he told me to get the dildo to complete the trinity. I grabbed the dildo and placed it in my mouth. Sucking it and wishing Richard's dick could be in all three places at once. His moans got louder and his grip on my ass tightened. "Wait on me baby" I pleaded..." I  can't wait your pussy  feels so good". He wrapped his arms around me climbed up against me and shot his load deep inside me as he kissed my back and called out my name. As soon as his warm cum touched my pussy I exploded along with him. Our juices dripped out unto the bed. My mind raced as I tried to regain control. Richard laid next to me on the bed and wrapped his arms around me. Every hole on my body ached and I loved the way it felt. My teacher had taught me so much in one night and I could not wait until my next lesson.

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