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Proving my ex I'm not frigid

My ex told his friends I'm frigid, I proved to him I'm not by fucking his friends
I broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks prior this story. I thought I loved him since he was my first and all but the thing is I already saw it coming. I knew he was not the one for me. I makes me look as if I'm a cold hearted bitch but he never gave me an orgasm. He sucks in bed. The only good thing that came from that disaster is that I became close to his friends which annoyed him and they mostly prefer to 'hang' with me. I don't see anything wrong with it since all of his friends doesn't have any girlfriends.

"It's a shame that you and Vincent broke up." Shawn, my ex's best guy friend say. Shawn is also his roommate. So we're in their apartment.

"For me, not really, he has a small dick." I take a seat on the opposite side of his couch

"Hmmm... well, he said you're a frigid bitch." He says as he leans down my face.

"Well, I won't be a frigid bitch, as he puts it if he even have an ounce of talent in bed." I tell with a laugh pushing him away from me. This guy is hotter than my ex-boyfriend.

"Too bad you broke up 'coz now no one will give us awesomely cooked dinner and give us brownies?" He says gazing at me.

I chuckle. "Well, I think you should look for a girlfriend." I say smiling at him.

"Emma, I don't think I want a girlfriend. But if it's you I wouldn't mind." Sliding down towards me and putting his arm around my shoulders. It was a cheesy move. I see that one coming. He leans in to kiss me and I didn't even bother attempting to move away. I don't know if I did it to get a revenge on my ex or just because I always found him hot and sexy. I kiss him back. I stop thinking. The kiss was so passionate, it was so opposite to my ex's. He licks my bottom lips asking for entrance to my mouth. I gladly give it to him. He sweeps inside my mouth with passion that swept me to an oasis where he only exist. I moan. My tongue and his duel and that fuels our passion for each other. He pulls my leg to he end of the couch. I am now lying on the couch and he never stops kissing me. He is straddling me, enough to keep me in place but not enough to squish me. His kisses are so addicting. He pulls away.

"You're definitely not frigid." He says with a grin on his face. He descends back to my lips.

"Nope definitely not. maybe a bit addicting." He says as he kisses me. I giggle.

"You're so cute." He tells me before kissing me like there is no tomorrow. The front door suddenly opened and in comes my ex. Shawn raises his head over the couch to talk to my boyfriend.

"Hey Vincent can you comeback later? I have a girl over and you're kinda being a cockblocker." He tells my ex.

"Sorry, bro." He says leaving us alone again. I let out a giggle. My ex is really stupid. I don't know why I fell for him in the first place. I pull Shawn back for a kiss. He takes over the kiss and pushes me back to the couch.

"I'm going to make you feel like Vincent never made you feel." He promise me as he rips my lace top. I moan. I felt my panties is soak through. It's as if it would soak my khaki short shorts too. He pulls away and goes to my legs. He starts kissing them. He unhooks my sandals.

"This sandals are so sexy." He whispers as he travels along my legs.

"And your legs they go on and on. They're the sexiest legs I ever saw." He continues. He licks my left thigh. Oh my gosh. I'm speechless from what he's doing. I let out a moan.

He unbuttons my shorts and pushes my panties aside. I know he knows how wet I am.

"Damn Emma, there's a river in there." He says with clear . He removes my shorts. I'm down to my underwear while he was still fully clothed. I can see the out line of his six pack abs against his white wife beaters. I try to remove his wife beater but he swatted my hands away.

"Nah uh." He tells me. I whimper. My eyes is filled lust.

"If you move from that position, I'm gonna..." he trails of as he gets off me and walks to his room. I didn't move. He comes back with a silk tie. I gulp. He ties my hands above my head. I try to free my hands but I know it was a pointless struggle. He kisses me again.

"Hmmm...Look at this bra. Vincent told me you only wear granny bras. The boring ones. The plain ones with no peek-a-boo. Looking at your bra now, it's definitely not plain. It's all lace and front closure. Are you really trying to get laid?" He says. I just stare at him. He unclips my bra. He takes one of my nipples in his mouth and the other with his fingers. He sucks and bites the left one. He is pinching and rolling the right one in his fingers. The sensations are making me wet and crazy. I know my panties are really wet with my juices. He looks up at me.

"You like that?" He says. I nod. He slaps my ass. I felt a sudden rush of fluid in my pussy. I am so turned on. I just want him to stick his dick in me. I was near my orgasm and yet he was still fully clothed.

He licks his way down to my belly button. He bites the piercing and pulls it lightly, it didn't hurt. He removes my panties and put my panties in his pocket.

"Your panties are so fucking wet. I'm never gonna give that back to you." He says with a smirk. I just moan as he plunges two fingers in my pussy. That gives me the release I was begging for. That was such a wonderful orgasm, I felt like I reached heaven and slowly descending back to earth.

He unties my hands and carries me to his room. I kissed his lips and neck and basically where ever I can reach. He throws me to the bed. And ties my hands to either side of his head board. He removes his jeans and his boxers. I gasp.

"Are you sure that will fit inside me?" I ask with lust in my eyes. I felt my pussy quiver in anticipation.

"Of course it will, but you need to suck on it first." He says as he pushes the head of his cock in my lips. I suck on it's circumcised head. He pushes it a little bit further in my mouth. I gag. It was halfway inside me and I'm already gagging. I tucked my thumb between my fingers as I made a fist. I felt him push harder. The thumb in between my fingers really helped because it took away my gag reflex. He fucks my mouth. It made my pussy ache for his cock. He pulls out of my mouth.

"Please, I need your cock." I tell him. He teases my pussy with his dick. Rubbing my clit with it.

"Emma, you're so wet." He says in my ear before he sucks on it. Oh my gosh. The pleasure this boy is giving me.

"Please." I beg him once more. That did it. He plunges inside my pussy with his dick. It hurt a bit because he was so big but at the same time he gave me pleasure that no one else had given me. he untied my wrists and flipped me. He starts fucking me doggy style. He pumps in and out of me like there was tomorrow. I moan and scream into his pillow.

"Wow bitch. You're totally enjoying yourself." He tells me in between thrusts.

"I love your dick." I shout as he pumps faster.

"Oh really. That's good because you're going to get it a lot more from this day forth." He says as he was cumming. That triggers my orgasm too.

We just lay there for a while, too content to move.

"Shawn, I love fucking you." I tell him.

"And I love fucking you too. You're not frigid like V had said." He answers me with a kiss on my lips.

"He said it to boost his ego. He can't accept the fact that he can't make me cum." I tell him, frustrated with my ex.

Shawn tells me he was going to get a drink of water after an activity like that. I laugh. I peek at the door, only to find my ex in the kitchen. He can't see me from where he was seating.

"You got yourself a screamer." my ex tells Shawn with a grin.

"Yup. She has the tightest pussy ever. She told me her ex boyfriend can never make her cum like I make her." Shawn answers with a smirk.

"where did you meet her? Judging from her underwear, I saw she's a bombshell." my ex tell shawn.

"Oh she is. And I always saw her everywhere." Shawn says before he drinks his water. He refilled the glass and went back to the room. Just before he enters his bedroom he tells my ex..."Vincent, you're a liar. Your ex-girlfriend, she's not frigid. She's actually an amazing fuck." and he closes the door.

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