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Puerto Rican Romance

Puerto Rican Romance

A meeting on the beach turns into a night of lovemaking
The states were getting boring. I needed a break. So for the fourth time in my life I would be going to San Juan, Puerto Rico. But what I didn’t know was how true love would find me.

My name is Jordan. I’m a nineteen year old college student. I’m Jamaican and Puerto Rican mixed. I have brown skin, dark brown eyes, a curly black afro, and a great smile. I am tall, standing at 5’11. I have two tattoos; a cross on my back and the words 'king alexander' on my chest.

So anyways Puerto Rico. My great-great-grandfather's birth place. One of my all-time favorite places to vacation to. I pack my suitcase and throw on an all-white linen suit with all-white Nikes, head for the airport to book my flight, and depart for San Juan. A long flight needs good music and great food.

I arrive at the San Juan airport in late afternoon. I grab my bags and grab a taxi. The streets of San Juan are always filled with life. Street vendors, performers, and dancers line the streets; all the things I love about this place. The taxi driver takes me to the San Juan park hotel where I will be staying. It’s a beautiful hotel right in front of the beach and the ocean.

I pay my taxi driver and walk into the hotel. Reggae music is playing in the background. White lights shine high in the lobby and the people walking around are in a festive mood. I check into my hotel and get my room keys. Room 4B, second floor.

I open the door to my room and find a wonderful scene. A queen size bed, flat screen TV, couch, table, kitchen, and bathroom, all for me. I throw my bags down and lay down on the soft bed. Rest time.

After my rest time, I decide to hit the beach before dinner. I strip off my suit and put on some swim trunks and sandals. I grab a towel and walk down to the beach. The sun is setting and the water looks red and pink. I leave my sandals and towel on the beach while I swim. The water is a luke-warm temperature with very strong waves.

The waves keep getting stronger, so I decide to swim back to shore, which is easier said than done. I am about ten feet from shore when a strong wave hits me in the back. It pushes me to shore while almost suffocating me.

On shore finally, I am coughing up water when suddenly a hand holding my towel appears. Confused, I look up and almost have a heart attack.

She is beautiful. Beyond beautiful. Gorgeous! Picture the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. Now multiply that by a billion. She has a slim body with big 34F breasts. She has smooth tan skin, sparkling brown eyes, and long dark brown hair with light brown highlights. She is a short 5’3 and wears a white thin strapped dress.

I grab my towel from her smooth hands and stand up. I’m looking down at her slightly.

“Thank you,” I say.

She flashes me a smile and says “You’re welcome. Are you ok?” I am still a little embarrassed so I just nod my head. She extends her hand to me. “I’m Demi,”

I shake her hand and respond, “I’m Jordan,”

“Nice to meet you Jordan. Tell me, where are you staying?” she asks.

“The San Juan park hotel,”

Her eyes seem to light up. “Really? Me too. If you're done swimming would you care to walk me back?”


So there we are walking back, my mind racing at a million miles an hour. We walk in silence until we arrive at the hotel lobby.

“Well I’m off,” she winks, and starts off.

“Wait!” I exclaim. She looks back, puzzled. “Me and you, thirty minutes, dinner?”

She smiles and nods her head 'yes'.

I head to my room and prepare for my date. I take a shower and get myself cleaned up. There is something about Demi that I like. Love even. I slip into some grey boxers, white socks, and white tank top followed by a silk red dress shirt and a black tie, with black slacks. I finish the suit with a dark dress jacket and red converses.

I grab my wallet and walk down to the lobby. I only have to wait a few minutes. Demi comes down a hallway looking magnificent. She is wearing a white sleeveless dress, simple but elegant. She is also wearing six inch heels. She wears no makeup which doesn’t even matter. She’s beautiful.

I smile and bow down and kiss her smooth hand like a gentleman. “Hello Madam,”

She giggles and smiles, “Hello,”

We walk to the hotel restaurant where we are seated and we order two glasses of wine and begin talking.

“So Jordan, how old are you?”

“I am 19,” I answer. “And yourself?”

“22,” she answers.

“Just a three year age difference.”


“So, what brings you to Puerto Rico?” I ask.

She takes a sip of her wine and says, “Vacation really. It’s my first time being here. What a beautiful place this country is. What about you? What brings you here?”

“Well, I needed time away from the states. This is my fourth visit actually.” I sip my wine. “I’m actually Puerto Rican and Jamaican.”

“Wow really? I’m Dominican and White.”

I smile. “Sexy!”

She blushes. The waiter comes and we order. Our date progresses along really well. We don’t leave the restaurant until midnight. Demi is an interesting woman. Beautiful and very intelligent. She possesses great qualities. Qualities I look for in a woman.

We walk into the lobby. She looks at me and smiles.

“What?” I ask, with a laugh.

“Well… the dessert we had was a little bland. Maybe you have something sweet in your room?”

I smile and whisper into her ear, “I’m sweet. Would you like me?”

She bites her bottom lip and nods yes. I take her hand and lead her to my room.

Demi and I enter the room where we begin kissing. I discover she has a sexy tongue piercing. Our kisses turn into more. She presses me up against a wall where my jacket comes off. Her heels somehow slip off along with my shoes and socks. She takes off my shirt and tank top and begins kissing my chest and neck. I growl a little and unzip Demi’s dress. She steps back and I watch it fall down. I discover she has a belly ring and a cheetah print tattoo on half her tummy, going up her side.

“Wow,” is all I can say. She has on a white lace bra and white lace thong. I walk up and scoop her up into my arms and squeeze her big ass. We lay in the bed with me on top of her. Our kissing is turning into a passionate heat. My dick begins to press hard against my pants but I want to pleasure Demi first.

I break the kiss and I begin kissing her neck. Demi squirms and lightly moans as I place kisses on her exposed neck and chest. I unsnap her bra and began sucking on her tits. With one hand, I squeeze her left tit and rub its nipple. With my mouth, I suck her right tit and nipple. Her moans grow louder as her nipples harden.

“Jordan…” she moans. From her tits, I kiss my way down her smooth tummy and I hook my fingers on her thong bands and pull them off of her smooth legs. Her pussy is shaved, puffy, and wet. I dive in with my tongue and I start to suck on her erect clit. Demi gasps and moans as I suck her clit. My fingers explore her tight wet pussy hole. Demi begins to pant.

I move my lips and tongue down to her pussy hole and begin to tongue fuck it. Demi starts to rake her nails through my hair, pushing my head deeper into her pussy.

“Jordan, Jordan, Jordan. Oh please don’t stop!”

I pinch her clit while I suck hard on her pussy lips.

“Fuck!” Demi screams, and begins cumming in my mouth.

Her cum is sweet and flavorful. I lap up as much juice as I can get and then I come back up to kiss her. The kiss is passionate and very deep.

Demi breaks the kiss and looks at me and smiles. “Wow. That was amazing. Better than amazing!”

“You taste great,” I say with a smile.

She kisses me with a lot of tongue and says, “I know!” with a smack of her lips.

We flip over so that Demi is on top. She starts kissing my chest while unbuckling my belt. She smiles and unbuttons my pants. She slides them down my legs, revealing my nine-inch, hard, throbbing, thick dick. Her smile spreads further as she finishes undressing me.

Demi grabs my thick shaft and begins slowly stroking me. I close my eyes and moan quietly as she slowly jerks me off. Her soft hands slowly stroke me up and down, down and up. Soon, I feel her tongue licking my cockhead while stroking me. I begin to moan even louder.

She takes her hands off my dick and puts them on my thighs. She slowly starts to suck my dick. She teases the head and then slowly takes me down her throat. Inch by inch, she sucks me down her mouth. It feels so good. I’m groaning and moaning my head off.

Demi begins to bob her head up and down as she sucks my dick. When she takes me out of her mouth, she has my precum on her lips. With a wink she takes all of my nine-inch cock back into her mouth. I start feeling the buildup pressure as Demi starts sucking me faster, and faster, and faster.

I begin to pant as I am getting closer and closer to cumming. I had to tell Demi.

“Demi...close. Cumming,” is all I can say. She starts to suck my cock even faster. I put my hand on her head and push her all the way down on my dick as I began to cum. I cum in her mouth and she swallows every last bit of it.

She comes up and we are both panting. Smiling, she kisses me deeply and full of tongue. We break the kiss and she lies next to me still stroking my semi-hard dick slowly.

“You okay?” Demi asks.

“I’m fine. Are you okay?”

“I had to return the favor, cutie,” Demi says with a smile.

“Well I’m glad, baby.”

She smiles and looks down. My dick is hard again.

“Oh my. It seems to be ready for me.”

I smile and roll on top of her. “Can you handle me?” I ask her.

“Let’s find out.”

I take my dick and begin rubbing her pussy lips with my dick head. Demi moans and tries to push me in. I give her what she wants. I begin pushing myself into her wet pussy. Demi begins clawing my back as I push myself in deeper, inch by inch. Finally I’m fully inside her pussy.

I hold myself deep inside her pussy. Demi’s constant moaning echoes off the walls of the room. Her pussy is very tight and wet. I have to go slowly to stretch her out. I begin sliding out and plunging back in, each stroke deeper and faster than the last.

“Fuck Jordan!”

I’m going faster now, trying to go deeper. Demi wraps her legs around me, trying to push me even deeper. Her pussy feels so damn good. I start to pound her pussy harder and faster. My balls are slapping her juicy ass.

“Jordan!” she screams, and moans my name over and over again. My heart is pounding against my chest as I bury myself into her pussy over and over. Her sweet pussy juices are coating my dick and dripping onto the bed sheets.

The room temperature has really increased. Our lovemaking has brought heat and passion to the room. Demi begins clinching her pussy muscles against my dick. It is nearly time. I need to cum.

“Demi, I’m going to cum!” I moan.

“Me too!” she screams, and wraps her legs around me tighter. “Just fuck me! Harder! Cum in my fucking pussy!”

I begin drilling her pussy harder. The pressure in my balls is building. Demi holds the sheets tightly in her hands. Then it happens.

“Oh God!” Demi cums all around me, her juices covering me in a very warm goo. I moan and cum inside Demi. I unload six to seven ropes of warm sticky cum into her shaking body. We hold each other while we orgasm. Demi’s body finally stops shaking after a while and we cuddle up under the sheets.

“An amazing experience," Demi whispers, sleepily.

“Very amazing,” I say, as I kiss her forehead.

“Hold me while I sleep?”

“Of course boo.”

Demi is already passed out. I smile and close my eyes and wrap Demi securely in my arms. I didn’t know it yet but Demi was going to be my future.

Part 2 coming soon

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