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Punch Drunk Love

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Michael drunk, what a great fuck! - Read My Chance with Michael to see how it all started!
I have been with Michael for nearly five years and we like to go out partying with friends having a BBQ every Saturday. Michael drinks of choice are Corona's and Jager bombs! He and our friend Chad could polish off half a gallon of Jager in one night....just the two of them. They have been my favorite nights because both of us loose our inhibitions. We hold nothing back.

I'll be honest I'm generally quiet during sex so is Michael. I don't drink a lot neither does he but he holds his own when he gets smashing drunk. Michael is a big guy about 6'3" and is built like a machine. He has tan skin and dark hair that trails down his chest and into the waistband of his jeans to hold his 8" cock. I'm nearly his opposite. I have peaches and cream coloring, pretty small at 5'5" and 135 lbs. I'm pretty curvy with 36D tits and 40 hips! They call it an hour glass figure.

So Chad and Michael between playing beer pong with Miller and Corona kept taking shots of Jager with Monsters and their gallon jug of Jager was soon down to about a quarter of a gallon. They sure knew how to drink. We left the party around two am and got back to our place around 3. We climbed up the stairs Michael talking about what great times he had every weekend with his buddies while me and the girls talked it up.

As soon as the door was closed and locked I moved in, no more waiting, every shot he had taken that night just turned me on more and more and his bedroom eyes of deep amber shot waves of heat straight to my core. I pounced and he was ready, grabbed hold of my ass cheeks pulling me against his hard and waiting cock, I wrapped my legs around him and felt his cock through the fabric of my jean miniskirt, my panties were soaking as he thrust his tongue into my hot mouth, I love the way he kisses more than anything and am never disappointed. His mouth drives me insane on a regular basis.

He marched us into our bedroom and settled me back on the bed, none to gently. He immediately grabbed my skirt and panties and pulled them off in one quick motion. I watched the passion flare in his eyes when he caught sight of my clean shaven mound. I knew he wanted to take me right then but he thrust his fingers deep into me instead, my juices coated his fingers and he thrust back and forth in my cunt, his thumb pressing my clit on every upward stroke, I leaned up and removed my tank top and bra, completely naked, it felt better when I had the slide of skin against skin.

Michael took a moment to get naked himself then moved to his side of the bed and once he flipped back the covers laid down on his back with a 'come here' look in his eyes. I knew exactly what he wanted. I leaned over his chest and straddled his thighs as my fingers placed pressure on and stroked his nipples. He loved that and his cock vibrated against my stomach. I leaned up and kissed him deeply, his fingers clasped in my hair holding my mouth to his as his tongued delved into me.

He pulled me up just enough to get the position and without further notice we both moved our bodies in one motion. I settled myself around his cock as he thrust upwards and deep inside me. He groaned as my tight little cunt took him all the way in. No need to wait or lube up, I was alway wet enough for both of us.

He paused a moment then asked "How bad do you want me?"

I wanted him so bad I ached with the longing. but when I moved to thrust back down on his cock his hands held my hips right above the tip. (Remember I'm usually quiet)

I let go of all the control I normally possess and begged, "Fuck me now, hard and deep"

He grinned "How do you want it babe?"

"Hard and Deep, oh fast, do it now!"

He didn't wait another moment, he thrust upward and slammed into me, my eyes spotted black for a moment each time the tip of his cock came into contact with my cervix deep inside me. I was sure that I would pass out. I didn't but damn he could fuck.

I settled into a fast paced thrusting with my hips. He was moaning his pleasure shocking me because he was just as quiet as me normally.

He thrust upwards into me then clasped my head in his hands and kissed me, deep and searching. Almost as if he were getting lost in a storm and needed my mouth to anchor him down.

As we kissed his hands traveled to my breast and stroked them hard, it was exactly what I wanted. The pleasure rippled through my body and down to where we were joined. He pulled me to his chest and held me tight as his thrust got faster. He pumped into me like it was the last time he could do it. I loved it.

He settled back to his slower pace and I was regretful for a moment but being on top lent a certain control and I took off where he had slowed too. I thrust my hips hard down on him and his cock rammed into me over and over.

"Ram my fucking cock! Do it bitch! Grind it babe!" He called out to me and it only heightened the nearing climax.

I thrust harder against him as the colors began to blend in my vision. Yes, I was on the brink and then suddenly I felt his balls tense up and I knew he was ready, so was I "Fuck babe I'm cumming!" I yelled out.

"Yeah, cum on my cock babe I want to feel that sweet nectar"

So a couple more thrust and I was plummeted over the edge cumming on him and soaking him in my juices just as he came and his cum shot into my hot box!

"Oh My God! Fuckkkkk!" I cried as he groaned and unloaded more into me.

It was the best sex I'd ever had! There was one awesome think about fucking your boyfriend when he's hammered to the core! We both let go and let sensations rock us! The best fuck of my life!
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