Pure Lust, Part 2

By Secsi

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She wakes up to a treat...
She wakens to a soft wet touch on her bare leg. He is snaking his tongue over her skin, kissing her foot, and then kissing and licking up her leg. He smiles when he realises she is awake, and winks at her. His concentration shifts to her other foot, paying it the same attention as the first. His hands hold her left leg, gripping her calf and slowly stroking upwards, up behind her knee, teasing her. He kisses up her shin again, lifting her leg to rest on his shoulder. His lips move to the inside of her leg, to the soft stretch of skin which will lead him to his prize.

She sighs, head tilted back, eyes closed again, as she savours the feeling of his fingertips teasing her, followed by his lips. She knows how much he enjoys teasing her, how much he is loving this right now. He gently bites the skin on the inside of her leg, his fingers moving over the same area on her other leg, up higher...

He places her other leg over his shoulder, opening her up to him. He ignores this for now however, and reaches up to her breasts, massaging them. He pays particular attention to her nipples, playing with them. She gasps at the electricity running straight down as he pinches first one nipple, then the other. He notices her reaction and blows cool air on to her waiting hole. Her body squirms for him. Her knees fall apart slightly, wanting more. Her hands meet his, and he lowers them down to her side as he moves back down her body, ready to taste her.

He slides his tongue through her folds, upwards, tasting and feeling the juices pooling there for him already. As she sighs, he teases her further by drawing small circles over her clit with his tongue. He looks up to see her watching him, and he smiles at her. She reaches for him, pulling his head to hers, and she gently kisses along his collar bone, up the side of his neck, to the skin behind his ear, sucking gently. Her lips leave a shivery trail on his skin as she moves them back down, kissing against his jaw line before meeting his lips with her own.

He looks up at her, and sees his lust reflected in her chocolate brown eyes. His lips open up to her, sharing her taste with her. His hands wander down her stomach, to her clit, his thumb rubbing against it. His fingers flick and trace over her pussy lips. She moans into his mouth at his touch, her tongue running along his bottom lip, before slipping back inside his mouth. She can taste her juices on his tongue.

Her hand runs over his hard cock, feeling it twitch in her warm hands. She holds one hand tightly around the base of his shaft, starting to softly apply pressure. His kiss becomes deeper at her touch, his cock swelling to full size. He can feel her other hand tracing small steps along the underside of his cock, almost tickling him, as her movements increase around his shaft. He has to touch her, his fingers pressing against her pussy lips and dipping inside, instantly rewarded with the feel of her warm juices surrounding his fingers.

Their lips mesh together as one, her tongue pulling on his, moaning as she feels herself leak around his fingers inside her. The passion takes hold of him, and his tongue floods into her mouth, dominating the kiss. He thrusts his fingers deeper inside, enjoying the warmth of her whole body as they pleasure each other.

His mouth drops down over her neck and into the dip of her shoulder, kissing and licking up and down her neck. He hears her start to pant against him, the feel of his lips against her body, his fingers inside her almost too much for her to bear. She reacts by placing her other hand over the head of his cock, sliding a finger gently over the tip, before wrapping her hand around him and gently pulling him towards the goal.

He feels what she is trying to do, and slowly pulls his fingers from her pussy. She gasps at the movement, and at the feeling his fingers have left pulsing through her. Her hands continue to work over his shaft as she positions his cock at her entrance, the tip resting there as she keeps jerking him slowly. He can feel how close he is, the warmth washing over him, before she pulls his cock away from her again. He lifts his head from the crook of her neck to look once again into her eyes, placing a hand on her cheek, which she promptly leans into with a smile. Pulling him closer, she runs her tongue along his teeth, biting his lip as she pushes only the head of his cock in to the entrance of her hole.

He groans at the feeling, telling her how much he wants this, wants her. She says the same back to him as she wraps her legs around his back, pulling him further into her pussy, immediately swamping him with warmth and wetness. He pushes into her, entering her deeper, slowly at first, and her eyes roll back into her head as he fills her. He can feel her pussy throbbing around his cock, and she starts to move in time with his thrusts, her pussy taking more of him with each push.

He draws a line softly over her lips with his finger, to which she draws quickly into her mouth, sucking teasingly. His breath quickens, and noticing, she pulls his finger from her mouth and reaches for his head, meeting again in one last passionate kiss as his cock starts to throb, signalling he is close.

He breaks the kiss, moaning that he doesn't want this to end, but she concentrates on tightening her muscles. She can feel him press deep into her, his cock rubbing against her pussy walls, and he slows, enjoying the sensation she is creating. He focuses on not cumming just yet, on long deep, forceful thrusts inside her, to bring her over the edge. She grunts as her pussy clenches around him, at the swelling of his cock inside her as he nears the point of no return.

Her heels dig deeper into his back, the feeling of her pussy surrounding him too much as his thrusts turn fast, his climax approaching quickly. His head drops to hers, taking her earlobe into his mouth, sucking and gently biting as he fucks her. He tells her he will explode hard, deep inside her.

“Come on sexy,” I whisper, “Fuck me hard, fuck me fast. I want to feel you!”

“Mel, you are so gorgeous, I'm going to cum so hard for you baby.”

“Oh please David, please cum deep in me!”

I can feel my pussy contracting around him as the first waves of pleasure rush through my body, fighting to escape around his cock as he pounds me. I feel his cock spasm inside me, and he moans, his cum spouting up into me. The feeling of his throbbing cock sends me while, sends me over the edge, and he groans my name again as I cum hard against him.

He reaches towards me as our climaxes shake our bodies together, my tongue swirling around his, panting hard into each other's mouths. As the feeling subsides, he holds me close, and after a while, I laugh.

He looks at me with a smile on his face, and asks “What are you laughing at Mel?”

I return the smile, cheekily, and say “So, do our fantasies end here, or...?”