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Purely pleasure

He never appreciated before how amazing he could feel.
You walk into the bar, glancing nervously around the room. You spot me sitting in a secluded corner. Straight away you notice my dark hair, tied into pigtails, slowly moving your eyes over my body you notice the black lipstick, my cleavage, almost bursting out of the black leather corset. Panic runs through your veins, have you made a mistake? Your head is reeling with so many thoughts, but deep down an inner voice is telling you that you need this, you want this.

You walk over, I stand to greet you, you notice the short skirt and the knee high stockings and you feel yourself shiver with a pure desire you never thought you could feel. You kiss me gently on the cheek before taking your seat. I've ordered some water, which you graciously accept, because your mouth is dry with anticipation.

After the official greetings we begin to chat, nothing out of the ordinary, I ask you about your day and how your journey was. I smile sweetly and catch you off guard by slowly rubbing my foot against your leg and gently and discreetly running my hand over my breasts. Your eyes follow my hand, you feel your cock harden, knowing you want this, despite every bone in your body throwing adverse emotions at you.

I stand up and take your hand, squeezing reassuringly and you know I will make sure you feel the best you have ever felt. I lead the way to the hotel room. In the elevator, I sneak a glance at you and notice you looking sheepish as your gaze meets mine. You look away, not wanting to stare and wonder if you can really do this.

Once we arrive, you close the hotel room door behind us. I kick off my shoes and sit cross-legged on the bed. I tap beside me and ask you to sit. I turn to face you and try to meet your gaze. I'm fully aware that every fiber of your being is conflicting with emotions, but I notice your trousers bulging with a raging hard on. I explain to you in simple words, that I am going to fuck you and make you feel amazing, make you feel like you've never felt before and make you cum. Hard!

I stand up and begin to undress myself slowly, asking for your assistance to remove my corset and freeing my breasts to reveal my naked body before you. You sense I'm nervous too but have a lot more confidence than you. I sit back down and lean against the headrest inviting you to come and join me.
You sit next to me and I move my hand to my pussy, just to rub gently. I notice your eyes light up, so I move my hand and guide your hand over my pussy, assisting you I move your fingers to rub me showing you how wet I am. You begin feel a little confident and insert a finger inside me. You feel my pussy tense around your finger asit slides in and out.

Fully aware of how hard you are, I ask you if you'd feel comfortable undressing for me, so I can see fully how amazing your cock looks fully erect and released from the confines of your pants. You undress quickly and climb back onto the bed. Nervously looking at the bed, not wanting to acknowledge the fact you're naked, or that you're hard. I bite my lip, a sign you know that I'm thinking something naughty and feel your body tense with wonder.
I take your hand and guide you to the bathroom. I switch on the shower and pull you in with me.

Slowly I begin to lather up your body, kissing you passionately between applications. I pass you the soap and ask you to rub me down... Once both we're all soapy, I kiss you and using the wetness of the shower to rub my body against yours. I motion you to push me against the shower wall and slide your cock, already throbbing hard inside me. Feeling you deep inside me, the warmth of the running water, you allow your hand to glide easily over my breasts, you hear me moan and pull you closer, feeling my nails digging deep into you. I moan loudly with an orgasm into your ear. I feel you tense and you kiss my neck, as your body pushes me harder against the shower wall and feel you cum hard inside me. Holding you for a few moments, I look up you and my smile alone says thankyou for that.

We step out the shower, as I pass you the towel to dry me off, using the towel to massage me dry, paying special attention to my breasts, feeling me pulling you closer to me, wanting you more. You feel drained from the orgasm, but your body pulls to me needing to feel that amazing once again. Once we dry, I lead you back to the bed, kissing you lightly and softly until I lie you down on the bed. Smiling sweetly and biting my lip, I produce a blindfold and place it over your eyes. You panic briefly, not knowing what I am going to do and fear begins to intertwine with your lust. You can sense I'm at the bottom of the bed.

I kneel at the bottom of the bed, using my hand to gently rub your cock, to harden it before pushing it between my breasts... After a while without warning I slide your cock fully into my mouth, you feel the full length in my throat, as I begin to suck and slide it in and out of my mouth. I look up at you and you see for the first time, a pure desire in your face and finally begin to see you feeling as sexy as you should. I stop before you orgasm. As you know, I don't want to tire you so soon. I move away from the bed and again you begin to wonder where I have gone.

You feel the mattress dip because I've moved onto the bed by your feet. I crawl up your body and kiss you softly as I go. Kissing and licking up the inside of your thighs, over your stomach and pausing briefly over your nipples blowing gently. Continuing up to your neck, and finishing by gently nibbling your ear. I feel your erection pushing against my leg and feel it slightly wet with precum. I lie next to you and use my nails to run them over your body, feeling you involuntarily move your pelvis in my direction, indicating you're excited by what I'm doing. You hear me giggle, knowing again that what I have planned is going to be good and you wonder what it is.

I climb onto you, my knees resting either side of you and continue running my nails over your chest, leaning forward to kiss you, my tongue searching your mouth and finding the hot passion returned in the kiss.

Your cock begins to press against my pussy indicating you want to enter me. You want to feel again how wet I am. I raise up slightly to grasp your cock, sliding my hand up and down the shaft to tease you, before lowering myself once again to guide you inside me.
You feel for the first time, how truly wet you make me and how my pussy grips your cock urging you to fuck me hard. You feel me rock my body, feeling my body wanting you to thrust deeper inside me and I feel you respond by raising up to push up hard inside me, feeling my body respond by pushing back. I lean back, enabling the sensations to be heightened by the position. I lean forward again and remove your blind fold. You see me biting my lip, and my eyes say purely that I want you, that you're so sexy and that with every fiber of your being you need to fuck me. You feel my body tense, as I feel
yours, I continue to fuck you hard, until we both cum together as you feel me squirting all over your cock.

You pull me to lie next to you, to curl up behind me, reaching round to play with my breasts gently kissing the back of my neck... For the first time you feel as sexy as you should, and you know next time it will be even better.

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