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Purity in the Old West

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The beautiful lushness of blonde there between her legs was unlike any Killy had ever seen
Cadence stopped turning the wench that brought the bucket of water out of the well to pat the beaded sweat on her forehead with her sleeve. The wind was blowing the dry desert dust around so it stung exposed skin. Her blonde tresses felt mangled as the dust stuck to her ponytail. It was all Cadence could do to manage herself in the dry heat.

It had not rained in over a month. Cadence was trying to keep what little crops she had planted alive. She was scared the well was going to run dry trying to save them. If it did not rain soon, it would. What would she do then?

At eighteen, Cadence never thought she would be tending an old run down farm on her own, but after she lost her parents to gunmen robbing the stagecoach in which they had been riding, she had no choice. Cadence was doing all she could to get by. Not only was she having to take care of herself, but she had to tend to the many livestock her father had been rearing. Thank God he had taught her everything she knew in order to do so.

Still, Cadence knew if it did not rain soon, the crops she had planted would be for not. She would have to slaughter a hog and a few chickens to get by. She could sell one of the many cattle also for supplies needed, but she really hated to do so. She needed to keep as many as she could in order to really make a profit from them.

The sun was hot and beat down as she filled the last bucket in the pull wagon. Cadence had trouble pulling the wagon with her dress sticking to her sweat-soaked body. Her feet even slipped in her boots as she made the trek across the yard to the hog pen. The heat had taken all of her energy and it was all she could do to lift the buckets of water to pour into the water trough. The hogs heard the fresh water splash and immediately came running. The heat was getting to them as well. The hogs no longer had a mud hole. It had dried up with the month long heat.

Cadence pulled the wagon back to the well and he watched from the distance how the dress clung to her body. Her blonde ponytail swished from side to side. He was in awe of how thin she was. He could tell she was very slender underneath the ruffles as he sat upon his horse gazing at her. He had been on the dusty trail a while now and could not remember the last time he had been with a woman.

He watched Cadence once again lower the pail into the well. The apron strings tied around her waist tightly, showed off the gentle curve of her hips. He guessed she had no idea just how sensual she really was as she used her thin body to lug the heavy pail back to the surface. Even from the distance he was watching, he could tell she was pure.

There was no use waiting any longer. He and his horse were parched and needed replenishing. He took off his hat, knocked the dust from its brim, and wiped his damp forehead. Once he had the Stetson set back on the trail emblazoned roughness of his head, he jabbed his spurs into the sides of his horse and trotted to her spread.

Cadence heard the clicking of his horse's hooves and looked up from the well to see him riding in. She covered her brow to block the sun's rays to get a good look. The dust followed around his horse as he got closer. Cadence had not seen a man in months. Well, she had, but not a man like this. When she drove the wagon to town to get supplies needed for daily living, she saw the usual town dwellers. The man riding into her farm was much different.

The hat sat high on his head as he steadied his tall pale palomino who neighed softly to sound their arrival. The sun drenched body that sat high in the saddle was darkened by having obviously ridden several miles. His clothes were heavy with trail dust. The five o'clock shadow was now a few days old, giving him an older look, when Cadence really knew he was twenty-something.

"Howdy ma'am. Mind if I water my horse and myself? It's mighty hot and dry out."

"Been like that the whole month. Been praying for rain, but it seems God isn't listening. I'll draw you some fresh water. I've got to fill the water bag hanging on the front porch anyway. There's a trough in front for your horse," Cadence said and pointed.

He looked in the direction of her finger and said, "Why thank you ma'am. Me and my horse are truly grateful," and he started trotting.

Cadence lowered the pail once again into the well. By the time she had it hoisted and into the pull wagon, he had made his way over.

"Here ma'am, let me pull that for you. It's the least I can do."

"The name is Cadence, not 'ma'am.' May I ask yours?"

"Killbride is my birth name. People call me Killy," he answered with a smile.

Cadence looked at him as if he was for real. Killy could tell she was wrapping her mind around it.

"Yes, I know, ironic for these parts of the West."

"I guess that means you've used that hogleg at your side once or twice then?"

Killy was surprised at her statement. What he really wanted to do was use the one growing inside his pants. He wondered if Cadence could even see it.

"A time or two. It comes with the territory," Killy answered and turned to pull the wagon to the front of the house.

"In your line of work, I am sure it does."

"Ma'am, I do what I have to do to get by, much like you are doing here alone."

"I told you the name was Cadence, and what makes you think I am alone?"

Killy smiled as he poured water in the trough for his horse, took off his hat, and dipped water out of the other bucket with the ladle, and poured it over his head. He dipped it again, and this time, took a long swig. Cadence just stood and watched.

Killy answered, "Cadence," finally using her name, "It's obvious for two reasons. One, you've been doing this for a while now as the sun has colored the skin of your face, and two, there are two headstones over there in the distance which I am guessing are your parents."

Cadence never thought it would be that obvious. The sun had given her face a darker complexion while the rest of her was as pale as Killy's palomino. She had seen it many times as she stared in her room's mirror. As for the headstones of her parents, that needed no explanation.

"Okay, so you are observant, Killy. This is my place. I am the only one running it."

"Not now if you would let me stay and help you. You need a man to do some things around here."

"But I don't even know you. You could be a gunman, an outlaw, and I should not trust you."

"You're right Cadence, I am a gunman, but I am no outlaw. I am only a gunman if the moment calls. You can trust me, I promise. You sort of are now by letting me water myself and my horse." Killy stated and began pouring water in the hanging burlap water bag on the front porch post. His horse continued to drink from the trough in huge gulps.

Cadence smiled because something deep down inside told her to trust him. His sun-darkened complexion was very handsome and the way he stood tall in his boots gave her feelings she never experienced, especially when she saw the one part of him she had never seen on a man bulging. It felt like needle pricks of wonderful pleasure enveloping her body. Much like when she felt her womanhood while taking a bath in the barn.

"Killy, would you like something to eat? I'll even get some oats for your horse from the barn."

"So, does this mean you trust me?"

"Enough right now to offer you and your horse something to eat."

"In that case, Cadence, I will take you up on the offer. Me and my horse would be grateful.”

"There's a basin on the side of the house where you can wash. I'll go get your ride some oats and hay. Be right back," Cadence said and moseyed to the barn.

When Cadence exited, she stopped dead in her tracks. Killy had his shirt off and was splashing water on his face. His back was heavily muscled and the farmer's tan was evident. She began walking again, but could not keep her eyes from his upper body.

Cadence dropped the hay and the bucket of oats down in front of his palomino and turned around and there Killy stood topless. His chest muscles matched the ones on his back. They were plump and riddled with long dark curly hair. It was the first time she had ever seen another guy shirtless other than her father.

Cadence stared and said, "The front door will be open. Just come in when you are ready. I'll have some coffee on the table and some stew warming."

"That's mighty nice of you ma'am," Killy said.

Cadence looked at him and smiled then entered the house.

The coffee was already on the table and Cadence was taking up the stew when he walked inside.

"Have a seat, Killy. I hope you like it."

"I am sure I will. I haven't had real food for days."

"Well, enjoy. There's more on the stove if you want some. Just help yourself. I'm going to do some work in the barn," Cadence lied. There was plenty more in the barn, but she was not going to do work. She was going to draw herself a bath. The water she had begun to heat while she finished her outside chores should be ready. She was ready to come out of her sweat soaked dress and cleanse her body.

Killy knew it was more than just work Cadence was doing in the barn, and he had to get a peek. The coffee and the stew could wait a few more minutes. After he knew enough time had passed, he got up.

Cadence was singing quietly to herself as he found a crack between the boards of the barn to peer through. Immediately, he saw Cadence. She was just taking the band from her hair to let it down. The blonde trusses flowed gingerly down to the middle of her back. He imagined running his hands through them.

Slowly, Cadence untied the apron and unhooked it from her neck. She then reached up to the back of the dress, bent her head down and unzipped it. She had it around her feet and stepped out of it gingerly. The ruffled undergarments were next. Killy watched patiently as Cadence began to unlace the corset that brought her breasts to a point. He was anxious to actually see what they looked like for real. Even he knew the item that women wore to support her girls often gave the appearance of more.

When Cadence had the last lace undone, she slipped it off. The camisole was next. Killy watched carefully as she unbuttoned and removed it. He saw her breasts were small handfuls and perfectly round and firm. They were pasty white which made their pink centers stand out in beautiful harmony. It was evident that the apparatus used to support them was doing its job perfectly.

Cadence continued by taking her hands and slowly rolling the waistband of her bloomers down her legs, baring her womanhood. The beautiful lushness of blonde there between her legs was unlike any Killy had ever seen. The full patch of the light colored curls set her body off in sensuous fashion. He had never seen that color on a woman's gentle spot. He was used to darker colors in that region. He used to spy on his older sisters, all with almost jet black hair. The blonde garden Cadence sported was a much welcome sight.

Killy watched as Cadence's now fully naked body picked up each item of her clothing and hung them on a nail on a beam that supported the barn's roof. She carefully dumped the powdered soap into the tub and poured the hot water over it. Pail by pail, Cadence poured until the suds rose to the level she liked. Then she stepped inside.

Cadence's body sunk into the soapy water. The suds coated the blonde waves between her legs as she lowered herself into the hot steaming bath. Slowly, she leaned into the tubs curve and rested there, closing her eyes and letting the heat envelope her body, taking the tension away. Suds covered her small breasts, just the hint of their pink centers peeking through slightly. Cadence was a most exquisite sight.

Killy's manhood was now hard and throbbing as he watched Cadence run the wash cloth over her nude body. The paleness of her skin was delightful and each curve was in the right place. He loved the subtle moans that escaped her lips as she ran a hand through her blonde pubic mane, her finger sliding gently through her personal crease covered by such beautiful down. Killy knew then she had never been touched by a man. He was going to be the one to do it.

Before Cadence was done, Killy ran back into the house to eat and drink. It was now lukewarm, but the taste was out of this world. The rabbit was so tender and mouthwatering, and the coffee was just the right strength. Just as he was finishing, in walked Cadence, all prettied and glowing. He could not wait to get inside her.

"My my, look at you! Aren't you a smitten sight for sore eyes! And you smell right pretty too!"

Cadence smiled and blushed at Killy's statement. It was the first time a man ever paid her any attention. She had always been closed off to the world, and now that one was giving her attention, Cadence was loving it. She felt all giddy inside. She also felt something else she could not explain, and it felt wonderful.

"Why thank you Mr. Killy. You are too kind," she said in a very formal manner.

"May I ask, is the water still warm?"

"Yes, the water is still warm,” Cadence said as she blushed since he figured out what she did in the barn. “I'll get you what you need if you would like to bathe yourself."

"That would be nice. Been days since I have washed properly. Stream water can only do so much."

Cadence went to get a towel and look for some leftover clothing of her father's. She knew they would be big, but it would give Killy something to wear. Once retrieved, Cadence returned.

"Killy, here's a towel and a shirt and pants of my father's. I know they are much bigger than your frame, but they will do for now. The tub is just inside the barn door to your left."

"Why thank you Cadence. You have been so kind to a total stranger," Killy answered. Of course, he already knew where the tub was located.

Killy exited and headed to the barn. It was going to feel good to finally get clean.

Cadence grabbed the cup and bowl from the table and carried them to the basin to wash. As she dipped the cup in the water, she paused and began to wonder. She felt something enter her body again she did not know what it was. It felt wonderful and made her womanhood quiver. Much like when she felt herself there. This feeling felt better.

Cadence wondered what Killy looked like naked. She had never seen a naked man and wondered what one looked like. Cadence had heard about one from her mother, but never had a chance to see one. Until now. Cadence knew where the perfect spot was for viewing.

Hurriedly, Cadence ran to the backside of the barn and opened the door quietly. She immediately began climbing the ladder to the loft. Once there, she shimmied herself to the edge so she could see Killy.

Cadence watched as he removed the gun belt and hung it on a spare nail beside the one where she had hung her clothes. Then she watched him unbutton and unzip his pants and lower them. Now Cadence was just one item away from seeing her first male naked. Just his thin long undergarment stood in the way. She watched Killy bring his hands to his waist and pull down. Cadence saw the pail color of his buttocks be exposed. The tan he had gave him character. Killy came out of his undergarment, and she gulped loudly as she saw what he had in front.

Killy knew he was being watched. He knew from the beginning. Being on the trail made one observant and the most little things caught ears. He heard the gulp of air Cadence took as she saw what was hanging from his front side. Killy was glad he was being observed by some woman other than his two sisters. He knew they watched him too. Having Cadence do so now was more than welcoming.

Cadence surmised his organ was at least eight inches long. It was also as thick as it was long and it was surrounded by the most beautiful almost jet black hair that, much like her, matched the one on his head. The sack that housed his jewels hung low also, the tip of his manhood just reaching a little past them.

Killy knew that Cadence was in the hay loft. He hoped she was getting a full view as he stepped into the tub.

Cadence watched as Killy soaked his body for about five minutes and stand with his back to her. The suds ran down over his light skinned round rear and down his legs. He turned around and began washing his front side. Slowly, Killy ran the washcloth over his arms, sliding it gently over his torso and down to his private area. Cadence watched as he slowly ran the suds through the hair there that surrounded it. Then he touched it, lifting his manhood and coating it with soap.

"OH MY!" Cadence said as she slipped and fell into the pile of hay below. She felt so embarrassed. She was floundering around trying to get up when she felt a hand on hers.

"Here, let me help you," Killy said, as he pulled her up.

Cadence looked at him. He was reaching for her in all his nakedness. All she could think was how handsome he was and wondered how he carried such a huge load in his pants. The close-up of seeing him was astonishing. She felt a stirring between her legs she had never felt. Cadence felt a leaking sensation in her tenderness she could not explain.

"I'm- I'm- um, sorry," Cadence said and turned away, "It's just that I, um, well I've never..."

"Seen a man naked, Cadence?" Killy asked as he pulled her up.

Cadence looked at Killy, all red in the face and said, "Um, no."

He smiled, struck a pose, and said as he plucked a hay straw out of her blonde hair, "Well, what do you think?"

Cadence smiled, still blushing, and said, "More than handsome."

"Well, that's a mighty compliment if I may say so!" Killy exclaimed.

Cadence still had stray strands of hay in her dress and in her hair. Without even thinking, Killy began to remove them, bringing his naked body close to hers. As he lifted his hand to her hair to pull the hay from the blonde waves, he felt how soft it was. It felt very much like reconditioned leather. Cadence could not believe she was letting him touch her hair. She felt his fingers fumble with it and they felt wonderful to her.

Suddenly, Killy stepped closer to her and his hand now traced a fingertip over her right cheek. Cadence shivered and once again felt a quivering in her crotch. The only time she had ever felt anything close to that feeling was when she touched herself. Still, it was not the same. This feeling was a tingle mixed with dampness. Cadence thought there was something wrong with her body.

Killy now looked into the deep blue eyes staring back at him. He saw something in Cadence's gaze. He knew what it was. He knew what he had to do.

Killy covered Cadence's mouth with his. Tenderly, he pressed his lips into hers. Her lips were soft and full. He could smell her sweet scent as he tasted luscious delight.

Cadence closed her eyes and let the feeling she could not explain enter even more. Suddenly, she felt so hot, like she was going to pass out. That was not all she felt. What had been a slight damp feeling in her womanhood, now felt like a dripping trickle. It felt like she was relieving herself without the pressure. And she could not stop it even if she had wanted. Cadence knew she was finally experiencing arousal. Then she felt something else.

Killy's manhood began to rise. Cadence felt it poking her body through her dress on her inner thigh. It felt thick and heavy and made the tingle inside her cause more allusive drippage inside her personal property. It felt wonderful.

Cadence pulled away from Killy's lips in surprise, "Oh dear, is that your..."

"Yes, Cadence, it is. It's a man's normal reaction to a woman like you."

"But... but... It feels so hard and so long!"

"Just wait until it's inside you." Killy said and smiled.

Cadence pulled away from him. She could not help but look. His manhood was now extremely long and extended out in front of him and jumping. It was nicely round and looked just as thick as it felt on her inner thigh. The perfectly shaped round head was so smooth. Still, Cadence was surprised and muttered, "Inside me?"

"Yes, Cadence. Inside you. You do have the receptacle. You do know where it goes, don't you?" Killy asked carefully and smiled.

Cadence blushed and knew for sure why she had the wet feeling between her legs now. However, she wanted Killy to tell her like she had not figured it out.

"Um, Killy, why don't you show me where it goes."

Killy stepped closer to her, his erection still throbbing, and lowered his hand as he wrapped her close with the other. "It goes right in the space you have here," Killy responded as he ran his hand between her legs through her dress. He could feel the heat of her opposite to him through the layers.

"Oh my! That feels...oh!" Cadence shrieked through closed eyes as Killy's fingers traced over the fold between her legs.

"I take it that feels good?"

With her eyes still closed, Cadence said, "Better than when I do it."

That statement made Killy's organ even harder. He had to get inside Cadence and fast. So, slowly, he removed his hand from between her legs and began fumbling with trying to get her dress off.

Cadence could not believe she was letting a man undress her. She had never exposed her body to a man. This was all new to her, but the emotions, the stimulation, the pure arousal, was overriding everything her brain was telling her. Everything about this moment felt natural. Cadence just let the moment overtake her. She let Killy take control.

It did not take him long to remove her dress, but he hated untying the corset that held her small breasts captive. Still, Killy found his way unlacing it, and once he had it loosened, he immediately removed her camisole, and her breasts were exposed. He stopped. He had to look at her.

Cadence stood there with her breasts exposed and was not sure if she was a disappointment to him or not. She was afraid he did not like what he saw.

"Is something wrong Killy? Am I that disparaging?"

Killy looked at the pale cream skin of her breasts, her pink nipples standing out so beautifully, and said, "On the contrary, Cadence, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. So wonderfully exquisite."

"Then why did you stop? Don't you want to see the rest of me?"

"Very much so, but I had to stop and look at what was revealed. Oh Cadence, the creaminess of your skin is so delightful. May I..."

"Touch them?" Cadence interrupted.

"Um, yes. Funny, I've never had to ask before."

"You've seen others?"

"Yes, Cadence, I have, but none like yours. You are different. You are much more delicate."

"Then touch me and see just how delicate I am."

Killy slowly cupped his hand over one of her breasts. It was warm, the skin soft as velvet, and firm as he gently squeezed.

Cadence felt a jolt. The feeling was much like her stallion at a full gallop as she spurred him. Only, there was another feeling her horse never gave her and it was running out of her tender sensitive fold. Cadence moaned as she felt it flow as Killy manipulated her breast.

Killy kissed her again as his hand continued massaging her breast, her nipple now firm and pointing. He pinched it slightly and Cadence shivered and moaned. Then she felt his hand slide down her side and slide under her bloomers. Was he going to feel the spot that he felt through her dress that was now so wet? Cadence wondered.

Suddenly, she felt his finger running through her full blonde curls above her womanhood. His warm finger sent more tingles through her body as it tickled its way to the division that made her all woman.

Killy loved the feeling of her full personal garden. The thought of it hiding such a delicate flower was tantalizing. Slowly, Killy kept inching his finger until he felt the top of her blossom.

Cadence jerked as his finger found her tender spot. The feeling that immediately consumed her was nothing like she ever gave herself. Instantly, she felt even more warm liquid that had built up inside her release and flow out of what had never been touched by a man. Until now.

"Mmm, Cadence, your flower is beginning to blossom. Its sweet nectar flowing warmth on my finger feels so wonderful. Its going to feel so good finally getting inside you." Killy said as he slid his finger through her womanly divide.

Cadence's knees almost buckled as her private stash was invaded, but she held herself up and managed to say, "I've never felt this way before, Killy. What you are feeling now has never reacted this way. God, why can't I give myself feelings like this!"

"Because Cadence, there is some things you need a man to do!" Killy answered and finally used his other hand to reach down and begin removing her bloomers

Cadence felt the waistband follow the contour of her legs until it was at her feet. She stepped out and was finally fully naked in front of a man. She felt good, but at the same time, embarrassed.

"Oh Cadence, you are so lovely, so wonderfully creamy."

"Killy, you are just saying that because its my first time. You are just trying to make me feel good."

"Cadence, I would never lie to you. I am not just saying it. I mean it. Have you ever really looked at yourself and seen the soft creamy tone, the blonde tresses flowing over your shoulder, not to mention the blonde matching cover over your womanhood, and your silky smooth legs? Cadence, all combine solely into one to make you all woman. Believe me, you are a man's delight." Killy said as he gently moved her over and slowly began lowering her naked body into the soft hay.

Cadence felt his heavy wonderful body on top of hers. She was very surprised she could carry his weight, but for what was about to happen, she felt like she had all the power in the world. She could feel his thick manhood readying itself to enter what her body had for it. Cadence began to shake nervously. She did not know what to expect. She had no idea how her body was going to accept something so big. Which led Cadence to ask only one question.

"This is going to hurt, isn't it Killy?"

Killy looked at her, stroked the side of her face, slid a few strands of her blonde hair behind her ear and said, "It'll hurt less because I am going to go slow."

Cadence smiled, felt her body sink deeper into the hay and immediately felt the immense jolt of eye tearing pain as Killy tore the membrane inside her womanhood as he slowly entered. Cadence felt her womanly lips spread open to accept his firm manhood. The initial pain was now replaced by a heavy feeling of being consumed. The pressure subsided little by little the deeper Killy went. Cadence whimpered softly as the walls of her inner body wrapped around him. Killy may have been rather large, but her body had no problem taking all of him.

She loved how Killy's long thick hardness felt. How it lingered inside, gently pulsing. There was no pain anymore; just absolute wonderful sensations of finally becoming a real woman. Cadence lied there feeling the weight of him on her now hot body. This moment was something she was never going to forget.

Then he started to move. Cadence yelped like a puppy as his manhood begin to slide in and out in a motion that subdued her. Cadence realized just why she had felt such dampness escape her body. It was a natural reaction so he would fit better and so she would be ready for movements that brought on so much pleasure. She was beginning to truly understand.

Killy felt the warm dampness of Cadence's deep personal well slide against his manhood as he thrust at a comfortable rhythm that he could tell pleased her. He felt her firm breasts scrub against the hairs on his chest as his body rocked on hers. Her pink nipples were erect and sensitive as his chest manipulated them to a frenzy. Somehow, he managed to reach a hand over one to feel the hot hard point. As he took her nipple between his thumb and index finger, Cadence moaned.

"Oh God Killy, that feels so delightful, coupled with you inside me.”

"I can tell Cadence. You are so warm, soft, and wet!"

Cadence was wet. So laden with moisture, she was dripping. She could feel it seeping out between the seal their bodies formed. It was only closed off again as he shoved it back inside her darkness.

Cadence felt the blades of hay dig into her bare back as Killy came down on her. The intense feeling of the hay pricks and the pressure of having his many inches inside her damp cavity made her move her body in ways she did not know she could. Suddenly, she spread her legs even wider and felt Killy sink deeper.

"Oh my! Uh... Uh... Uh..." Cadence began to yell as she felt the firm roundness invading her body pound even harder. She even felt a sparking jolt as Killy's body connected to hers, hitting a spot on her that was so firm and sensitive. It felt like she had a third erect nipple between her legs.

"Mmm, your sensitive point came out of hiding! I must be doing something right!"

"Oh, you... you... you... are Killy!" Cadence said through each pounding breath. She could not speak when his body connected to the firm nub that had formed at the top of her womanhood. She did not know what it was, but it felt wonderful.

Suddenly, Cadence had a feeling where her whole body felt as if it was filling a bubble of air and the only way to feel relief was to pop it. The intensity of the feeling caused her not to be able to move. Cadence felt her heart begin to pound faster. The breaths were now escaping her in rapid succession. The feeling was quickly coming to a head. She thought something was wrong with her.

Killy could tell that Cadence was reaching her point of no return. He could also tell she was scared. Maybe scared was not the right word. Cadence was more overwhelmed.

"Oh my... um, something is... um, wrong! It feels like I am... going to exploooooddddeee!" Cadence trailed off slowly as the moment she was experiencing hit full force.

Killy felt it upon his large erection. Cadence's womanhood began to constrict in waves. He had brought her to climax and now Cadence's body was thanking him. As he felt the pliable pulses inside her tender fold engulf him, he felt his ending near.

Cadence felt the moment consume her in a blast that made her grab a handful of hay and yelp, "Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh," and then deeply moan as she felt a feeling between her legs never experienced. Cadence's body reacted automatically by pushing it out and she felt the warm fluid slowly exit. The deep sensations from it felt like her insides were going to fold in on itself as she wet herself and Killy still buried deep inside her. Cadence was mortified she had done such a thing.

Through ragged breaths, Cadence said, "Oh dear! I didn't... I really didn't... mean to relieve myself like that! I'm sorry!"

Killy stopped thrusting for a minute and said, "Cadence, that was not what you think it was. You relieved yourself in a different way."

Cadence looked at him with a very stern, but excited look, and answered, "You mean that was a..."

"Yes ma'am, it was. And now you are going to feel mine!"

“Oh my!” Cadence exclaimed and basked in her own aftershock as Killy slowly thrust into her then stopped.

Cadence heard the deep grunt from Killy, followed by feeling his hard manhood throb pulses of something warm landing deep inside her. The warmth of what he was giving her fell in thick waves into her hot wetness. Killy’s body quivered and shook as his manhood erupted inside. It felt good to Cadence to give him what she had just seconds earlier, but it looked painful to her to see Killy letting go.

As soon as Killy had released the last bit, he moaned, letting it subside gradually. He could also feel himself going soft while still inside Cadence. It had been a while since he had shared himself with a woman. It felt great to him, especially having a real woman like Cadence. He looked at her as he removed his now soft manhood from her and flopped down beside her in the hay. Her smiled showed through her hot glow.

Cadence loved the feeling of how his soft member slid out. After he did and he was lying in the hay beside her, Cadence ran a hand down between her legs just to feel what her now non-pure womanhood felt like. She wondered if it would feel the same or feel different. As she ran a finger over it, she felt the outline of it was more pronounced, she felt the inner part was more sensitive, and she was extremely warm and wet. She ran a finger up to the top and felt that spot Killy had touched with his body. It was still tender, but had subsided somewhat. Still, it felt good.

Cadence looked at Killy. She loved how his naked body had already fallen asleep. She could understand why. All she could do was just stare at his glowing satisfied body and it was lovely.

Slowly, Cadence got up so as to not disturb Killy lying there. She stretched her hot naked satisfied body and walked away gently from where she had been lying. She felt like a new woman and she wanted to show it. Cadence looked at the door of the barn and smiled.

Slowly, in her now non-pure naked form, Cadence walked to the door of the barn and opened it. The sunlight hit her naked body, making the creaminess of her skin come out even more. In a trot that mimicked her stallion, she walked further out into the yard, going as far as she could without wanting to run back into the barn to get her clothes.

Cadence found herself standing in the middle of her farm naked and non-pure. She finally felt like a real woman. To her, it felt like she was finally meant to run the farm by herself. What her parents had left her at last had meaning. Funny how losing her purity would do that.

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