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From the gentle touch of your hands as your fingers caress my ears with palms clasping my chin. You tilt my head up as you bring your lips to the nape of my neck and kiss a line around and up to my chin, where you slowly press your wet lips firmly against mine. I feel your fingers run into my hair grasping as slowly your warm flesh slides into my mouth. I my part my lips and let your tongue in as our tongues entwine. Your body pushes firmly into mine, my hands glide down your shirt buttons and opens to reveal your bare chest with my hands on your flesh I suck your long wet tongue and squeeze your chest.

Your fingers trace my curves. Over my shoulder my long locks slowly pass my chest bone to my radiant large breasts that are held tightly within my black lacy underwear. I feel my nipples tighten and pert pressing against the lace, bursting to be released into the cool night air. You caress the luscious and ample warm and glowing breasts they are released from the lacy prison as I have unhooked my bra and removed my top and bra, your hot body pressing against me.

As I want for you and feel your body aroused by me, our mouths meet in passionate embrace. Breathing deeply, engulfing each other in our mouths, twisting our tongues around one another your hands slide around my waist and firmly squeeze my hips. You lift me atop the edge of the kitchen table. Slowly reaching towards your bulging crotch I squeeze gently before I start to unzip and release you. Your tongue pulls away, our mouths part and your hot breath is felt on my neck and body. You slowly work your lips and tongue down and kiss my large warm voluptuous breasts, your tongue comes to my nipples.

Sucking my pert and firm nipples, your warm firm hands squeeze my breasts and your tongue quickly titillates my nipples as they harden in your mouth. Your hands run across my stomach where they skip down to my thighs and run under my loose skirt and between my thighs. My panties get a little moist in anticipation of your touch. My legs spread enough to allow you to caress my lacy panties and swiftly they slide off over my thighs and your fingertips rub gently my juicy clit. I moan YES as your body goes down once more and I get a little wetter waiting now as you kiss across my roasting hot flesh and lick all the way around my hips and round my thighs to suck on my clit.

Naked sat atop the kitchen table with my legs flung over your shoulders I take your head in my hands, grab at your locks of hair and tussle with it as you part my lips with your tongue and lick around and into my wet silk and juicy pussy. Caressing my hips and rubbing my firm and beautiful legs you dive into my beautiful and silky smooth pussy with your hot tongue, licking the walls of my hole. I can feel your warm breath against my crotch as my pussy is soaking in your mouth.

I hold you hard in between my thighs, your tongue licks into and out of me bringing my body to heighten joy. One hand approaches and cups my heaving breasts, your fingers rub gently and firmly my clit as it glistens. Your tongue rubbing and lips sucking, clit rubbing and tit squeezing ecstasy makes me cum with great delight.

I pull you to your feet, reach inside your jeans and squeeze your long hard cock. My free hand unbuttons and unzips you and then manoeuvres your cock free of the cotton prison of your shorts. Your trousers and all fall to the floor as I rip your shirt from your back and jump onto your torso, legs wrapped tightly around your hips. Your hands hold my firm cute bum and your hard cock presses into my dripping wet pussy lips. I smile with glee arms wrapped around your neck as I slide my pussy down your long hard shaft and your throbbing hard cock slides deep into my wet hole.

You turn me to the wall and push our bodies hard into one another, squeezing every inch of your erect long cock inside my body till I have you all inside. Our mouths practically swallow one another whole as we gasp for air, kissing passionately, feeling my firm silk juicy flesh sliding gorgeously up and down and your hot long shaft penetrating deeply in and rubbing firmly on my sensuous skin inside.

You thrust your body harder and longer, and then gradually glide the entire length out till just your head is pushing between the lips of my pussy. You quickly bang it up into me in one long hard thrust it hits deeply and good. Fuck me, whispered in the air you remove your cock from within me and we gravitate to the lounge kissing and caressing as we go.

Next to the sofa you bend me over as I reach for support. Bent over, I get one hand round and grab your cock swiftly pulling you closer. I guide your cock between my thighs pushing you into my pussy. Hand on your arse pulling your hips, hard you slide in and out of my pussy from behind. You find a deeper and harder thrust now building to a faster fucking action. You adore my heaving breasts as they bounce freely with every bang of our bodies, while you hold my hips in one hand the other reaches around and caress my breasts. Stimulating my nipples and body all over with every thrusting penetration, my body takes your whole cock with delight. I have your firm long dick ride me harder and harder until my body comes to orgasm

I feel hot cum fill me as you’re cum and mine mingle, your hot hard cock continues to thrust in and out glistening and dripping with every thrust.

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