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Rain: Fighting The Attraction

You can run from the attraction, but you can't hide...
It's my first day of college at Howard University and my parents are just dropping me off.

"Oh, my baby finally graduated! Oh, Brian, take one last picture with your step-daughter!" He hugs me really tight while she takes the picture. She squeezes the life out of me for the last time. Honestly, I don't mind my mother being overbearing. I feel kind of like how I felt when she dropped me off a Pre-K for the first time. Scared and nervous. I'm grown now, though. I don't need anyone to hold my hand anymore.

"Okay, I'll see you later, Rain," Brian says in my ear. "Stay away from these horny little boys around here, too."

"Oh, trust me dad, you don't have to tell me," I say chuckling.

Then they left. I was a little nervous about being on my own. I walked away to go back to my dorm. I heard the whispers behind me.

"Damn, she's fine," said one guy

"Fresh meat best meat," said another.

"She's a woman; not meat. You young boys need to learn some respect," said an older gentleman. He's about 33, maybe 34. He's almost 6'5 with a low-cut haircut. Beautiful teeth and the most beautiful chocolate skin I have ever seen. He is most definitely muscular. Very, very muscular, but I'm not doing males this year. No way.

"Sorry, Prof. She's just a good looking female is all," said the second boy.

"I'm sure there's more to her than looks," he said with a stern look.

"I gotta go. Umm, thanks for setting them straight," I smiled slightly and then walked away. No matter what, I am going to avoid that man. I felt that electric current between the two of us. As soon as I saw him, I wanted to feel him inside of me. I wanted to feel him behind me, breathing my name against my neck right before he fills me with-

"What the hell is happening to me? Where are these thoughts coming from?" I said under my breath. I seriously need a reality check.


I woke up the next morning, regretting not being at the college sooner. Today was the first day of classes and I had been up all night getting my room straight. Fortunately, I didn't have a roommate and that wouldn't change. So no creepy girls going through my things and using my facial cleanser. I don't have to worry about junk on the other side of the room or staying up all night wondering, "Is this bitch a serial killer back where she's from?" Nope.
I put my long kinky hair into a ponytail. I look in the mirror and see my light brown skin, light brown eyes, full lips, and recently pierced nose-ring. There's a little mole right above my lip. I've been told by a lot of guys that I have a petite frame with a size 36-C bra size and a nice ass, but I'm too focused in school to be thinking about how sexy I look. I'm "humble" as they say.

I put on a pair of dark skinny jeans and a gray t-shirt with my gray Nike's. Although it would seem logical to "dress to impress", I don't want much attention, although I seem to get it anyway. Yes, I understand I should make a good impression, but why, for what, and for who?

I leave my dorm room and, just like every other freshman, I get lost on the way to class and I'm late. I ask some sophomore girl where my first class was. She points me in the direction and she also shows me where the rest of them are. Her name is Summer and we have a Psych class together. I tell her thank you and that I'd see her later.
Although I'm late to my first class, I don't draw much attention from the professor, but I had the guys' attention and they let me know it. Ugh, just leave me alone. Actually as I look around, I'm the only girl in the class. Oh, great. The second and third classes are normal. I get to my fourth and final class of the day 20 minutes early to evaluate my day and to see what changes I have to make when the Professor walks in. I barely glance up and then I feel it- the electricity running through my viens, heart, hands..vagina. I looked up and saw the Sexiest Professor Alive. He looks up the same time I do and I, then, know that he feels it too.

"Umm, hi, again," I say sheepishly.

"Hello." He has a silky, deep voice. Oh, I can't do this.

I get up and extend my hand to him. He takes a sweep over my body and then my face. He lingers on my lips.

"I'm Rain." He looks carefully at my lips while they're moving.

"And I am your professor." He hesitates at taking my hand, but took it anyway. As soon as he touches my hand, my nipples instantly get hard and I get wet. I release a soft moan and his gaze is back on my lips. Something broke within me.

"Just fucking do it already, Professor." I say to him. Before I can apologize for my rude behavior, he grabs my small waist and kisses me. I felt my world explode right there. He goes for my weak spot: my neck and then I come all over myself. I let out a loud moan as I fall apart in his arms.

I smile at him and then I realize what just happened.

"Oh my God.. did I just maul you?!" I yelled. "This is bad... bad!"

And then I wake up. Thank god it was a dream.. thank god. I had fallen asleep while evaluating my schedule. He may not even be my professor. It might've just been a dr-

He walks in and then other students walk in behind him. He looks up at me and smiles. Oh my. My body instantly got wet. Then there was that electric current running through my veins. I nodded my head and smiled nervously back.

He introduced himself to the class and began talking about the syllabus or whatever. I didn't hear anything and all I saw was him. The way his mouth was moving just seemed so enticing. Then I imagined him eating me out on his wooden desk. I couldn't think. I wouldn't pass his class because this is a distraction. He is a distraction. I can't let my grades slip over a silly crush.

I got up in the middle of his class and he stopped talking. He just looked at me. Not like I was crazy, but like with a certain awareness.

"I, umm, have to go."

"Giving up on me already?" He says with a cute smile and daring eyes. There were too many students in this classroom. I need to leave. I walk out and run to the Financial Aid Office.

"I need to be switched out of my class, immediately," I say to my Financial Aid Advisor.

"If you drop the class, you'll have to pay for it," she says.

"I can't pay for it, but-"

"Then you can't drop it. Simple as that."

"But you don't understand miss. I have a strong sexual attraction to my professor and I don't want any ideas popping into my head."

The lady was quiet for a little while.

"Okay, that changes things. Which class is it?"


"Who's your professor?"

"He's Professor Satterwhite." The lady freezes and looks at me. Her face is full of anger and she gets really close to me.

"That's my husband, you slut."

To Be Continued.......
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