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Rediscovering sex.

Rebecca Edwards was forty-six years old, though you'd be forgiven for thinking her ten years the junior of that age.

 After growing up in Southampton in the UK, Rebecca's family moved to Houston, Texas as her father took a new job. Rebecca grew into a very beautiful young woman. She had shoulder-length, light brown hair. Her green eyes were sharp and were naturally framed by voluminous eyelashes. She had a cute, but highly structured face. She grew to five-foot-nine-inches tall, with a lean and toned frame with 34B breasts. She attended Brown University in Rhode Island where she studied Sports Physiology and played squash and, briefly, water polo.

 After graduating, she worked for a private physiologist firm. Two years later in 1993 she secured a job with the New England Patriots NFL team, working with players recovering from injury.

It was here that she met the love of her life, Scott Eriksen. Scott worked as one of the team doctors. Their romance was swift and intense. After a couple of months of flirtations they began a relationship.

 They never married or even got engaged, but they lived happily together. After just over two years of dating, in the spring of 1996 they moved in together. Rebecca had a breast enlargement in 1998, taking her breasts up to a 34D and in 1999, Rebecca became pregnant and had a son, Ryan.

However, fate brought tragedy to them in 2003. Scott died after a short fight with cancer.

 Rebecca was inconsolable and heart-broken. Scott had been her world, the passion in the heart and the smile on her face. The only thing that kept Rebecca going was her son, Ryan, who was a devine shining light.

 Time passed. The void in Rebecca's heart never healed, of course, but time numbed the pain. Ryan grew well and into a lovely, funny, athletic boy who hoped to one day play for the New England Patriots. Rebecca also took great pleasure and pride in her work and the Patriots as multiple time Superbowl winners gave her times to celebrate.

 Now, in 2016, Rebecca had a son she loved and was proud of, a career she felt satisfied with and some good friends. She still regularly enjoyed playing squash and had plenty of time and finances for holidays around her job. Orlando had become a favourite of hers and Ryan's.

 However, for over ten years she had not had any form of sex. Of late, this absence had began to wear on her. 

 She had started flirting with men again recently. Though she had found this difficult at first. She broke down in tears in a bathroom at work one day after flirting with a player she was helping to rehab. But slowly she was becoming more and more comfortable with reintroducing herself to this part of her life.

 Recently, Rebecca had been flirting with a younger man whom she often saw when playing squash. One quite recent time Rebecca had seen him she had pushed the flirting even further. She purposely left her racquet outside her court and went into the changing room. She changed into bra and panties and wrapped a short towel around herself. She walked back out to collect her racquet and then bent down with straight legs to pick it up. She looked behind her. The young man was paying avid attention. Rebecca liked the fact that even though the man was clearly able to see the gusset of her thong up her towel, he stayed very cool and watched with a small smile.

 Further flirtations, small talk and laughing followed. Rebecca learned the young man was called Luke Petersen and was twenty-four years old. He was tall, six-foot-three-inches, athletically-built, quite well toned, short blonde hair and striking blue eyes. His upper body was clearly strong but his legs were huge and muscular. As well as squash, Luke, as he told Rebecca, was a keen cyclist.

 Luke one day made an insinuation about wanting Rebecca carnally. Rebecca's heart thundered a chorus of a wildebeest stampede and her stomach knotted. She perspired slightly and felt tears burn the corners of her eyes. But she also became acutely aware of the warm, moist, eager feeling in her vagina. She felt confused. She pushed her conflicting feelings away, pushed out a giggle, and shepherded the conversation elsewhere.

 Rebecca's mind lingered on Luke's subtle suggestion that night as she lay in bed. The feelings of panic returned. She thought of Scott. What would he say? Was she tarnishing his memory? After long, deep thinking, Rebecca convinced herself that Scott would want her to be fulfilled and happy and not a nun in all but name and nunnery. She realised that moving on in this part of her life was not forgetting or caring less for Scott, it was simply leading a fulfiling life. She'd never forget or stop loving Scott.

 Rebecca allowed her mind to trickle back to Luke. To gorgeous Luke.

 As she dwelled on him and his incredible thighs, her hand began to dwell between her legs. She decided that she would have Luke.

 It was two whole weeks before Rebecca saw Luke again. They flirted immediately. Luke was more direct. It was like an animal instinct in him was aware something in Rebecca was different, more receptive.

 After they had finished their respective games, Rebecca hung back until Luke went to the showers. She followed him. 

 Her heart was racing, she could feel her pulse in her throat and her vagina. Her mouth was dry. There was only one shower cubicle in use. Rebecca knocked on the door. A few seconds passed, which felt like hours to Rebecca. The cubicle door clicked and slowly creaked open revealing Luke's quizzical face. As he registered Rebecca, his face drew into a smile and he allowed the door to open further uncovering his naked form.

 Rebecca could not conseal her awe. Monolithic thighs, toned, lean torso, broad shoulders and draping down his left thigh was a very healthy penis. Not too thick and not too small. It was about six inches long flaccid and perfectly shaped with a straight shaft and bulbous helmet wrapped in a foreskin.

 Luke held the door open for Rebecca to enter. Rebecca stole her confidence from somewhere inside herself and looked straight at Luke. She slowly removed her vest, pulling it up over her head and dropping it on the floor. Luke watched fascinated as the water of the shower gushed onto his shoulders and cascaded down his perfect body. Rebecca dropped her tight shorts to the ground and then removed her sports bra much less gracefully than she would have liked to, but Luke was still entranced. The fact that Luke was still very interested despite her ungainly removal of her bra gave her renewed confidence in herself. Luke was clearly highly enamoured of Rebecca's firm breasts. Pert and perfectly round. Rebecca then slid her thong down her legs, popping free from her labia. She stood back up as naked as the day she was born in full, hungry view of Luke.

 It was his turn this time to look on in awe. Rebecca stepped into the cubicle and closed the door behind her, locking it.

 She turned and faced him.

 The tension built between them as the shower poured on, oblivious. Luke took Rebecca's hand and gently guided her towards him and his already stiffening penis.

 She looked at his member in a mixture of lust and interest. She raised her head to be standing looking right at Luke. He leaned in and paused for a second before softly kissing her lips. The surge of electricity through her body was instantaneous. The amorous touch of a man. Her mind erupted in a mix of emotions and her eyes burned again. Luke's hands held her shoulders and she had to place her hands on his firm chest to steady herself, such was the affect on her being.

 The kiss lasted and lasted. It was as if he knew she needed to be allowed a moment to become accustomed to the act. Rebecca was the first to part her lips and her tongue stroked his lip. Their kiss slowly became more and more impassioned and lascivious. Rebecca was aware of only their lips together and then hot feeling of anticipation in her pussy.

 She stepped closer to Luke and was greeted with a prod in her navel. She looked down breaking their kiss and saw his penis, engorged and near vertical. It was still perfectly shaped, but now somewhat thicker and eight inches long. The helmet was very swollen and much protruding from his foreskin.

 "I think it likes you," said Luke, coyly.

 Rebecca looked at Luke straight in the eyes. His calm, sweet tone of voice reassured her and made her so aroused.

 "I like him," said Rebecca lustily. 

 Luke smirked. He grabbed Rebecca into his arms and kissed her passionately. She reciprocated. His erect penis pressed into her abdomen. He lifted her up and held her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Her pussy moistened vastly as his stiff member pressed mere centimetres from her clitoris. One of Luke's hands held her back while the other supported her under her bottom. Luke broke their kiss this time and began planting small pecks of affection on Rebecca's breasts.

 She let her head drape back and she caressed the back of his head and neck as Luke kissed her ample chest. She reached down between her legs and stroked slowly up and down Luke's impressive shaft. He gasped at her touch. 

 Rebecca burned with lust. Her hips began to buck against Luke. Her vagina was completely lubricated, budding like a rose and felt so hot. She unlocked her legs and Luke let her gently drop to standing on the water-covered, tiled floor. Rebecca moved to stand with her back against the wall, her eyes burning with lust and she wantonly rubbed her pussy, parting her labia, exposing herself to her young lover.

 Luke didn't need telling twice.

 He surged forwards and pressed himself dominantly against Rebecca. He lifted up her right leg and she used it to wrap around his bum and pulled him in. Luke held his rigid cock and placed his tip at the entrance to Rebecca's willing hole.

 Her heart pounded in her chest, her breath was tight and shallow, impeded by the mist from the shower. She was nervous but hadn't felt such arousal in years. She had forgotten the excitement that soared through her body as she was about to be fucked.

 Luke's helmet began to breach Rebecca's vagina. Such was the joy and sexuality that burned in her she involuntarily vocalised and moaned out loud. Luke kept thrusting forward and further embedding himself inside Rebecca.

 Soon enough, Rebecca was fully impaled on Luke's erect eight-inches. She couldn't help but loudly pant and moan as she was so aroused and wanton, feeling the delicious, stiff penis deep inside her body.

 Luke started thrusting hard, his hips bucking wildly. There was no build up, no pretence. They were so desirous of each other, the sex had turned straight into fucking. Rebecca's back pressed hard against the cubicle wall as Luke fucked her hard, impatiently, eagerly. His full, long, thick penis invaded her sopping wet cunt repeatedly. Rebecca gritted her teeth and rode his cock as hard as she could. Her body built to orgasm so fast and so violently that when she did cum she screamed. Not a brief scream of passion. A loud, guttural, primal scream. Her orgasm was so powerful, her vagina almost ejected Luke's cock. He had to force his cock into her pelvis even harder just to stay penetrative.

 Before very long, Luke came, too. His ejaculation erupted from the tip of his penis as Rebecca felt his cock throb and pulse and his hot, thick semen gushed like a torrent into her vagina. It flooded her pussy and streamed deep inside her body.

 Luke let her leg finally drop.

 They stood in the falling water, embracing, catching their breath.

 After ten years of celebacy, there was only one thing Rebecca had on her mind.

 "We have to do that again," she said in his ear.

 "Now?" asked Luke, almost pleadingly.

 She giggled and kissed him.

 "Very soon."

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