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Night before my boyfriends birthday
"Hey babe, check this out," I heard him call from behind me. "What's that, dear?" I glanced over the top of my book to where he had briskly moved in front of me. 

There he stood, with a single rose in his hand. "Here this for my beautiful lady." I glanced at the rose and back at him chuckling slightly, " I bet you read that somewhere." 
"No. No. No. I swear I didn't," he said as he plopped on top of me. Trying to brace myself from the impact of his body, I managed to cough out the words, "You know this is illegal. I could get in trouble you're a minor to me."

It is weird considering I am 18 and he is 16, but he always reassures me that its not illegal, because he wants it. But still something deep down inside me tells me that he is totally illegal to me, even though hes 16. Pardon, 16 and 364 days old.

"So tell me, Mark," I began to say as I wrapped my arms around his body. "What would you like for your birthday?"

"Oh, you know what I want." He winked at me. 
A sudden cry came out. Bella....See, this is the problem with spending time with my boyfriend. His house is always moving with 8 kids and a 11-days-old, nothing is ever quiet. 

Yet, even the baby cries never seems to phase him. He leaned over and kissed me. "All I want for my birthday is one hell of a night with you." I kissed him back. "But babe... your birthday is not even tonight."

"I don't care. Can't a man lust after his own woman?? I see no problem with that!"

I chuckled and looked innocently up to him. Silence came between us. 

"Damn, I have the sexiest girlfriend on the face of the planet." I slapped his chest. "Way to ruin the moment!"

He stood up and grabbed me by the wrist pulling me to my feet from the comfortable chair. "Come'on lets go somewhere else." Oh, I knew what this meant. He was leading to the basement. 

I felt my face blush as all his family members watched us enter into the basement. "I know we can't tell your parents what we do, but honestly I think they get the hint," I said as he shut the door behind me. I went to say something else, but was cut short when I felt his soft warm lips press up against mine.
I was instantly intoxicated; like I always am when he kisses me.

He wrapped his arms gently but strong around my waist, and pulled me tight against his body. His warm breath filled my mouth, and sent a sensation down my neck.He moved swiftly but gracefully to my neck. By now my voice was sorta raspy, and I was obviously beginning to become sexually aroused. "But, what if your parents come down here."

"They won't. Trust me." he continued to kiss my neck. I felt sort of rebellious. Here I am on the stairs of the basement sexually teasing my boyfriend, who's 16, and who's family was sitting right on the other side of the doors.

Honestly, it was kind of kinky. 

We made our way down the stairs, pressing gently on each others dick and pussy, rubbing our bodies together, and still kissing. I was so horny by then. I wanted to fuck him, and I could see it in his eyes (and pants) that he wanted the same thing. 
We rounded the corner and I noticed this fairly tiny couch. "You have got to be shitting me."

"Aw, come'on babe, it isn't that bad."

I hesitated but took his word for it and pushed him to the couch, and ferociously tore off my clothes, and he did the same thing. I couldn't take it any longer. His teases, the look in his eyes; I must sit on that fucking fat cock!  

I straddled him on the couch and gently teased his dick with my pussy. The outside was so wet and so taunting. He bit his lip, groaning, and shifting in his seat a little. "Gah, damn! just sit on it!"

He took my shoulders and pressed me all the way down on his cock. I gripped his thighs while he pumped me up and down his long hard shaft. Every time I tried to take over he would slap my ass into place, pumping faster and faster.

Oh it feels soo good! I bit my lower lip trying to refrain from letting out a loud moan, informing his family what was happening down here.He took me by my legs and turned me to the edge of the couch, standing on one knee, pushed my legs over the top of his head, and pushed his dick in as far it would go.

I gripped the couch for support and threw my head back as his pace picked up. Passion filled his eyes as he looked deep into min; it almost felt magical. 
He was hitting the spot. With. Each. Thrust. He. Took. I knew it wouldn't take much longer until I squirted all over his succulent dick, but the beauty of my body is that I can keep going. 

I demanded more and more, and that I was about to cum. He didn't let up on a single stroke. I clutched the couch and bit down on my fist in  to keep from screaming. Everything was tightening, everything was spinning, everything felt like it was on air. Then I squirted all over his balls. I had let out the biggest orgasm of my life. 

He paused when he felt my body tighten and when his dick became soaked then said, "Damn, baby, you better fuck my cock hard now after that mess you made."

  I wrapped my legs around his head. "Lick it!" I demanded, pressing his head in my soaked pussy. His tongue! So warm, so wet. I want more!!!

I pushed him off me so he was laying on his back on the floor. I took his hands and restrained them above his head and sat on his rock hard cock. 

I grinded slowly at first gradually picking up my speed. He buried his hands into my hips helping me move up and down at a quicker pace. His eyes fell to the back of his head, and he let out a muffled moan when I reached back and played with his balls.

"Oh, Keep going baby! Keep going!"
I rocked my hips faster and faster on his dick. His hands were gripping a lot tighter now. He body seemed tense. He pulled out of me and hurriedly sat up. I was confused at first until I felt the first shot of his hot cum on my face. I opened my mouth wide taking in as much as I could while rubbing his sweet cum on my tits and stomach.

He collapsed onto the base of the couch sitting up; I collapsed on the floor. Closing my eyes, completely satisfied more than usual, and shaking uncontrollably. He was the first to break the silence, "You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen. That body of your's.. flawlessly crafted."

I sat up shaking and managed to make my way to him. He wrapped his arms around me. I looked deep into his eyes and said, "Baby, I bet you read that somewhere also that was completely illegal,." He laughed and pulled me close to him, kissed my lips. His voice was airy, but very sensual, "And maybe tomorrow I can do this all over again. That way it will be legal."
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