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A short story about a couple lazily on bed caressing and fondling each other until orgasm.
They lay on the bed. Together at last – after a long week of working late hours; a week of going to bed at separate times, and getting up for work separately; a week of stress, too much coffee, too little to drink… and… too little of each other! They are in an embrace resembling a 69, but more lovingly, and more relaxing. Rather, they merely ended up this way because he was the wrong way around on the bed when she joined him. Laying on his back, and she on her side with her right leg over his chest, he strokes her naked back with his fingers. Moving down from the base of her neck, all the way to the panty line, then switching to the back of his fingernails he trails his four fingers up again to her neck. He continues like this, switching from one side of her naked body to the other, remembering to caress her spine to send those shivers through her body.

They talk about the kids, the garden, and the traffic in the mornings, just about anything. They talk a lot, but don’t say much substantial. They merely talk. They enjoy each other’s friendship. They enjoy their safe havens.

He showered just after arriving home, sweaty from the stress of a Friday with 3 days work crammed into one, so he’s clothed in his boxer shorts and loose shirt. She, on the other hand, hot from a warm shower minutes before, are only in her underwear; her naked breast lying on his left upper leg, and her right hand trailing his inner calf muscle in the same manner as he is trailing her back – hinting at his thigh every now and then – she’s unknowingly teasing him this way. He loves it when she does that.

Slowly, as his hand moves up… and down… he starts to venture over the panty line, feeling the soft fabric of the underwear, which they bought on their latest trip to the lingerie store. She subconsciously notices and starts to stroke up and down the inside of his thigh. It sends shivers deep inside him. He repositions his right leg a little bit to give her better access – this she notices consciously – prompting her to softly touch that bit of skin between his balls and his ass. He sighs audibly with a slight groan at the pleasure she’s invoking deep inside him – so deep he sometimes wonders if she’s not perhaps touching his soul.

Her right leg resting on his chest and her left leg extended past his cheek gives him a phenomenal view of her sex – even if it’s only the outlines of it… the dream of it… he can see through that thin underwear. The pleasure in his groin is unbearable, and he has to reciprocate by stroking her lips through the soft silky fabric. She tenses her buttocks at the sudden touch, and slowly releases as she starts to get used to the touch. He could almost swear he’s seeing her lips swell under those view obfuscating, yet ultra sexy panties. She takes a deep breath as he strokes her lips, ever so often trying to stroke between them, and exhales audible with a slight groan to let him know he’s on the right track.

Not able to control his curiosity (even though he’s seen his wife that way thousands of times), he trails her panty line with his index finger, harder and firmer, making his way to her groin, until his finger slips underneath the panty and he can pull it aside – over her lips. Yes, he was right, they are swollen from anticipation. Swollen from lust. Swollen from desire. When he releases the strap the slight pressure pushes her lips together, but gloriously in such a way that her clitoris is slightly exposed – being pressed out by the pressure of the panty strap as well as her inner need. He feels her lips with his fingertips, briefly touches her clit, which sends her thigh muscles into overdrive. She clenches, hugging his chest with her leg and deeply sighs again, affirming to him the feelings that he’s giving her.

Not wanting to loose control too early, she decides to distract him a bit. Opening the button of his sleepwear, now stretching against his erection, her hand finds it’s way into his boxers and releases his manhood. She cups his balls, squeezing them gently, and remembers that place beneath his balls. She gently touches (almost not touching) him… it sends that deep tingling feeling into his whole being – this time it’s skin on skin, and he could swear this time, oh yes, this time she’s touching something other than mere flesh. She smiles as she feels him fighting his instinct to thrust and the faint shudder as he struggles to keep control of himself.

She enjoys this immensely, and wonders (but she knows already) what other parts of his manhood she can tantalize. She moves her fingertip over his balls, between them, slowly making her way up his shaft, ever so often moving back down, using her fingernails to stroke the sides of his shaft – she knows he loves this! She can feel it too by the way he twitches as she softly scratches the tender skin. Closing her eyes she contemplates how such tender skin can sometimes be the source of such vagarious, rough, raw sex. It makes her even wetter thinking about that, which his fingers notice.

He plays with the moisture around her opening, wetting his thumb now with his index finger, making sure his thumb has enough lubrication on it to touch her clit. Slowly, as he circles her opening harder with his index finger, stretching her lips apart, he also circles her clit with his thumb. He knows she sometimes enjoy the odd surprise; waiting for the next arching of her back and grinding of her buttocks he slams his index finger into her, moving his thumb from her vagina over her clit in the same motion, until his finger is buried as deep as his hand allows. She lets out a loud “ah!” as she tenses up, and slowly relaxes – as far as she can, as he starts to move his finger inside her in all directions, exploring, stimulating, teasing, while concentrating to not let up on his thumb’s circular motions on her clit, making sure he stimulates her both inside and outside.

They go on like this for a few minutes, and he can feel how he’s getting her closer to orgasm. But not yet, she thinks, she still wants to try that thing she read. She shifts herself a little so she can reach him with her mouth… her tongue, rather. As she holds him up, she starts to trail his shaft with her tongue, from the middle of his shaft, down to his balls. He’s shaven, which gives her greater access and pleasure in kissing and licking his balls. She can see and feel with her mouth how aroused he is by looking at his tense manhood. After she’s done playing with his balls, she licks her way up his shaft, slowly making her way to his tip. She can feel his anticipation with every lick, every suppressed thrust. As she reaches his head, she trails her tongue first softly and then hard through the trenches between where his shaft ends and the head starts. She relishes with a small smile as she notices her success from his inability to control his breathing and moaning.

Worried that he might cum before he has given his goddess her pleasure, he mentally focuses himself back on his hand and what it’s supposed to be doing. Starting to move his hand more vigorously, more motivated he notices that she is so wet his whole palm is moist.

He tries desperately to concentrate as she answers his onslaught by putting him in her mouth. The warm feeling of his woman’s mouth over his head, the moist of the pleasure forming in his eyes, the fact that he can feel his PC muscle tucking against everything down there with every suck and tongue flick she gives tells him he’s close to exploding!

Just as much she can feel a steady tingling building deep inside her, as she starts to lose control of her faculties and start to moan as she’s got him in her mouth. Something about her mouth occupied with his manhood, and not being able to grind as much as she’d like because of the way their bodies are intertwined makes her mind wild with passion and lust. She’s getting close to the point where she will lose complete control – that point she loves but is also a little afraid of. The nervousness of the inevitable does just the opposite and pushes her even closer to her orgasm. The same orgasm she was craving the whole week!

He can sense the build deep inside her, and with a deep desire to throw her over the edge of ecstasy he grabs her right ass with his right hand and squeezes almost hard enough to hurt – but firm enough to let her know how intense his own passion and yearning for her is. He loves grabbing her like this, she loves it more.

This is too much for her to bear, and she enters the kingdom of no return, the realm where she is about to cum, where time and space stops for her in the anticipation of the inevitable. She starts to moan softly, then louder and louder, still firmly pushing her lips on his penis head and playing with his grooves with her tongue. The moaning sends slight vibrations from her throat over her tongue and into him.

This is too much for him, and he enters the same galaxy as her mind and body. He anticipates and long for the release he so desperately wanted all week long, he’s losing control. Things are happening way to fast for his mind to keep up.

As she starts to lose complete control it is too much to keep her mouth on him, and she knows both of them are beyond help now. She buries her head between his manhood and his thighs. Still moaning. Starting to shake now. Edging. Edging! Muscles contracting deep inside her, gloriously inside her.

She has him in her hand and as her body starts to shake, so does her hand shake slightly. Her hand is holding him perfectly; the ring that her index finger and thumb makes pushing into the grooves of his penis head; the saliva and pre-cum forming a perfect mixture of lubrication. He feels the first spasm starting beneath his balls – that special place she knows about. It moves up through his balls, into his shaft, all the way to his glans as his orgasm starts. The second wave arrives, stronger. The third – even stronger – brings his manly seed rushing out and jetting over her shoulder, landing on her back. Another wave. And another…

As the first and second of his warmness hits her back, it sends her to one last edge… and as the edge builds, she loses herself as her sex starts to spasm, as her whole body starts to spasm. Her vagina contracts so strong she’s scared she’s going to break herself. Her clit spasms up and down as she contracts and hugs his fingers – only now realizing that there must be more than just his index finger insider her. Index and middle finger? Maybe ring finger too? Not knowing is erotic enough that it invites the second wave of spasms, this time stronger still. Then a third, he’s still moving his fingers! As wave after wave hits her entire body her muffled scream into his thigh fills the room, as a few last drops of cum exits him – draining him completely.

Seconds later, which feels like an eternity, his final thrust starts to subside and he lowers his buttocks down to the bed. His hand is relaxed now as he feels her tension subsides. There is still the odd spasm through both their bodies.

She feels her orgasm’s last remnants subsiding, moving into a feeling of complete bliss and utter satisfaction. She relaxes her body completely, but as he removes his hand from her womanhood she suddenly tenses up again, and feels a final wave of pleasure wash over her body. It subsides as she takes a deep gratifying breath.

She cups his balls lovingly with her hand as she rests her head on her arm and his outer leg, smiling both inwardly and physically at the thought of them now, in her fingers, empty… utterly spent. Flexing her muscles briefly she enjoys the feeling of subsiding pleasure, as he puts her underwear back to normal.

They both start to drift off… most likely to wake in an hour or so when the first one moves.

She knows he’ll be good to go again when they wake.

He wonders if she’ll be in the mood for more passion later.

She realizes that she’s not fully satisfied, something is missing – she wants him inside her next time! Later, she thinks, I’ll abuse him for my pleasure later.

She hears him drift off as his breathing deepens. The soothing rhythm clouds her mind as she drifts off as well.

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