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Red High Heels

A girlfriend decides to thank her boyfriend while wearing only red high heels
You enter the room, wearing nothing but the red high heels I sent you. As you saunter across the room to the couch where I am sitting, I can't help but notice how gorgeous you look in high heels.

My eyes travel from your feet, up your thighs. My eyes catch a glimpse at your recently trimmed pussy and I catch my breath. Your ample breasts are swaying side to side as you come closer and closer to me toward the couch.

Once near the couch, you place one leg up on the couch, right next to my thigh. My left hand finds it way from your feet, up your calf. My other hand reaches behind you and gently squeezes your beautiful ass. My left hand continues upward past your knee to your inner thigh. My right hand is busy caressing your ass and subtly pulling you closer to me.

Wanting to taste you SO badly, I take my left hand place it under your thigh and place it over my left shoulder.

I now have a front row seat to your delicately trimmed pussy.

I waste no time and gently lick my tongue along your pussy lips. To my delight, you are already wet. My soft tongue gently enters you as I feel your legs stiffen up. I know you are liking this, so I continue. But my tongue is moving purposefully slow. I want to tease you.

I lean back on the couch and now my right hand lifts your left leg over my shoulder. You are now straddling my face with you delicious pussy. I can't get enough of you. My tongue explores every inch of you and I find my way to your ever-swollen clit. I take my tongue and lightly flick your clit. This sends waves over your body... I take pride in knowing I'm driving you crazy.

Your body language increases. You grab hold of the back of the couch and start gyrating your hips into me. I'm in pure heaven as I enjoy your wet pussy all over my face.

I reach up with both hands to give some attention to your breasts. I gently tease my fingers around both nipples. This makes you grind into me even more. Good. I continue to tease.

Without a word, you back off, and tell me to undress. You are slightly taller than me, due to the red high heels. I like that. I have to look up slightly to see your gorgeous eyes. I stroke your face, before I proceed to unbuckle my belt.

My dick is protruding from my pants, and I feel your soft hand run the course of my shaft from bottom to top. This makes me undress even faster...

As my jeans fall to my ankles, I notice you are now on your knees, face to face with my hard cock staring at you.

You cup my balls with one hand as your other hand FIRMLY grasps my dick.

The room is somewhat dark, so I can't see you too clearly, but then I FEEL it.

Your warm, soft tongue on the tip of my dick. So many nerve endings to drive me crazy and you know EXACTLY what you are doing. You continue to take me into you mouth. So wet. So warm. So damn good....

You continue to make love to my dick with that wonderful mouth of yours...

Anticipation makes time stand still and before I know it, I'm ready to cum. I gently slide out of your mouth as I EXPLODE onto your breasts. I rub my cock into your breasts to your delight. The taste of pre-cum still on your lips.

I lay you onto the couch as I proceed to find my way to your pussy once again...

Still wet, I forcibly place 2 fingers inside you. You melt into my strong hands. Your hand grabs my wrist, hoping to insert more of my hand into you.

I look into your eyes and you give me a devilish look. A wanting look. A needing look. My hand and fingers explore DEEP into you. You start to moan and call out my name..... "Ray...." "Ray...."

Now, I know it's time to FUCK you.

I replace my fingers with my once again rock hard dick. Slowly I glide the tip into your waiting pussy. Inch, by inch I keep going til I'm fully inside of you. I pick up my pace, as does your breathing.

As I fuck you mercilessly, I rub your clit with my thumb. Between my dick and thumb, your body begins to tremble. I feel you coming. That only makes me pick up my pace. Faster and faster.... you're louder and louder. I'm going deeper and deeper. My thumb is tracing circles around your clit....

Then, without saying a word, we both lock eyes on each other as we both cum at the same time.... Waves of fluids, both yours and mine meet. Your pussy contracts which makes my dick PULSE. It sends us both over the top.

I collapse onto you. My head nestles into your cum-soaked breasts... We fall asleep. Me naked, and you with nothing but those red high heels on....

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