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Red Riding Hood And Big Bad Wolf

Red Saves Grandma's House.
She was born Shyla Hood. Yet everyone in her neighbor knew her simply as Red. Called by this name not because of the color of her hair, but the fact that she always wore red. Shyla used to be called " little red" by her family and friends when she was younger. But she was all grown up now. Boy, was she ever. Shyla had developed a drop dead gorgeous figure by the time she was 18. Now 21, she had become a sexual dynamo. She had long dark hair, a 36c chest, an ass so perfect it begged to be spanked and the face of an angel, which looked so innocent, that some would never suspect what a true slut she really was. Shyla loved her grandma more than anyone in the world. Her body was what she gave to her numerous lovers, but her heart belonged to her grandmother. So when she found out that the bank was planning on foreclosing on her grandma's house, she knew she had to do something. Her sinful body was her ultimate weapon and she would do whatever it took to keep the bank from taking the house. This would not be as easy as one might think. Shyla would need to use all of her sexual charms to seduce the man from the bank, who was in charge of taking control of the house. He was well known for being a serious, unyielding man. His name was Brandon Baxter Wolf. His card read, B.B. Wolf. But everyone who ever had the misfortune of crossing paths with him knew him by the ominous name, Big Bad Wolf.

This is the adult version of the classic fairy tale. In this story, as in the original, the wolf will want to eat Red Riding Hood, but Red will not run away in this tale. She will want him to eat her good, eat her sweet wet pussy good.

Red was out for an afternoon stroll in the park. Dressed in her trademark red, of course. Shorts and a halter top covered her delectable form. Every eye, male and female, gazed upon her beauty as she glided between the trees. Lust filled young boys stared in awe, wondering if the naughty stories about her were true. She adored the attention.Actually, she craved it, the more she received the more she wanted. "Hey, Red Riding," a man's voice called out.

Red turned to see Jack waving at her, smiling that dumb smile of his. The males who were lucky enough to have had sex with Red gave her the nickname Riding, because of her penchant for always demanding to be on top while fucking. She enjoyed nothing more than seeing their faces beneath her as she rode them to orgasm.There was something very powerful about controlling the pace of lovemaking that made her so horny.

"Can't talk now, Jack. I'm in a hurry."

She had great sex with Jack. His beanstalk was very long and hard, but she needed men who could satisfy her in other ways as well. Jack was only good for sex.

Red spotted a guy and girl laughing as they sat on a bench. They looked very much alike, maybe brother and sister, she thought. Her body tingled as this brought back an extremely erotic memory of the time she had played with Hansel and Gretel. They were siblings, just out for a walk in the woods, when she came upon them in her red cape and short red skirt. Easily intrigued, they followed her to a secluded lake, where she fucked them one at a time. The one watched the action and masturbated, while Red devoured the other.

Her pussy was getting wet just reflecting back on the fun of that day. Breaking herself from her trance, she decided to pick some apples from a tree, red apples of course.

She put them in a basket and walked down the hill, stopping to relax under a big redwood.

A beautiful blonde was sitting beneath the tree in front of her's, legs long and tan. Her interest peaked, Red got up and strode to where the beauty sat, pleasantly surprised when she saw the lovely face of Cindy looking out at the lake. "Cindy," Red said, excited to see her friend Cinderella.

"Hi, Red," she answered, her eyes feasting upon Red's unbelievably sexy body.

She eased down next to her friend and gave a peck on the cheek.

"How's Charming?' Red asked.

"Don't get me started," Cindy replied, fire in her eyes.

"What happened?" 

"He cheated on me with that woman who lives with those little people." 

"You mean, Ms. White?" Red asked.

"Yes, that's the whore," She replied angrily.

"Guess she isn't Snow White, anymore," Red said sarcastically, causing Cindy to glare at her.

"I'm sorry Cindy. Who could cheat on such a hottie like you?"

Cindy smiled at her friend,"Thanks for being so kind."

"It's true," Red replied, offering her one of the apples.

Cindy took a bite, juice running down her chin."This is the sweetest thing I've ever tasted."

"You've never tasted me," Red said seductively, then leaned in to lick the juice that had now reached her neck. Her tongue lapped up every drop from her neck and chin, then licked tauntingly at Cindy's full moist lips.

Cindy opened up and let Red's tongue find her's as the two women made out animalistically under the tree.

Their hands explored each other's soft supple flesh as they continued the breathtakingly erotic kiss. Breaking the lip lock, Cindy took the lead as she licked and sucked on Red's neck. Red was always in charge, but today she felt like being taken by this stunning vixen. So she let Cindy be in control. 

"Oh, Yes," Red moaned, as Cindy pulled down her halter top and began to tease her voluptuous breasts. First she licked the nipples and then gently bit them, which sent a shiver of pleasure through Red's body, until it reached her dripping wet pussy.

Red loved the feel of Cindy's tongue on her skin. Sighing as Cindy kissed her way down to Red's lace panties.

She moved them aside and dove in, lickng furiously at Red's engorged clit.

"Damn that feels nice," Red screamed , her orgasm building.

Cindy smiled from between her thighs,""You weren't lying. You're pussy is so fuckin' sweet I could stay between your legs all day."

This sounded good to Red. All she could do was grin as Cindy's oral attack grew stronger.

Finally, Red shouted," I'm going to CUM!"

Her thighs tightened around Cindy's neck as her orgasm washed over her.

"Fuck that was great," Red exclaimed, licking her own juices from Cindy's mouth.

Red had Cindy out of her clothes in the blink of an eye. She knew Cindy had a fabulous body, but naked she was a sight to behold.

Red devoured her tight tanned figure, sucking, licking and kissing every inch.

Cindy was panting as Red fingered her silky pussy while nibbling on her throbbing clit. It wasn't long before Cindy's own climax came upon her." Fuck, Yeah," Cindy moaned shaking uncontrollably as she came harder than she'd ever done before.

They kissed, enjoying the softness of each other. Red put on her clothes and started to go, leaving Cindy lying there, exhausted and satisfied. Red decided to visit her grandma, who lived just down the road. She was shocked and angry to see the foreclosure notice on the front door. Running up to the house, she went inside calling for her grandma.

"I guess you saw the notice," grandma said holding back tears.

"I'm going to do something about this," Red promised. She was ready for him the day he came calling. The heavy knock on the door announced his arrival. Red smiled, thinking how surprised he would look at finding her here.

Swinging the door open, Red got her first glimpse of this evil man. He wasn't hideous as she had imagined. Actually, he was quite good-looking, His face was very appealing and his body looked like it was chiseled out of granite. He was awfully hairy , unusually so. She did not mind that when she noticed his absurdly large hands. She became extremely aroused, despite her best efforts to hate him. In Red's experience, over-sized hands meant an enormously huge cock. Her mouth watered as she thought of all the fun she was about to have with that big dick of his.

His eyes were wide with surprise when he saw Red, not her grandma, standing before him. He could feel his cock harden as his eyes feasted on the delectable sight before him. She was wearing a short red dress, which exposed a vast amount of her sexy legs. Her tits were nearly busting out of the top, making it difficult for him to concentrate on the task at hand.

"Hello, my name is Brandon Wolf," he stammered, still undressing her with his eyes.

"Yes, my grandma said you would be stopping by today. She is sorry she couldn't be here to meet you. I told her I would take good care of you," she replied, a wicked smile on her face. "My name is Red."

Brandon wore a queer grin, one of both amusement and irritation.

She invited him in and closed the door behind them." Follow me," she commanded, leading him towards the couch.Knowing full well that he was staring at her perfect round ass, she moved along, seductively, giving him a good show.

"Have a seat," she offered and slid down beside him.

"So what can I do for you?" Red asked, as if she didn't know.

"Well," he started." You're grandma is behind on her payments and we will be forced to foreclose."

Red looked at him with sad eyes and pouting lips,"Is there anything I can do to stop you from foreclosing?"

Brandon stared at her speechless. Time to go for the kill.

"What big eyes you have," she began." The better to see me with."

She grinned, shamelessly, as she ran a hand up a silky smooth leg, until part of her red panties was visible.

Brandon seemed flustered as he sat there, watching.

Red continued,"What big hands you have. The better to feel me with."

She cupped her firm breasts and gave them a squeeze, which almost caused Brandon's eyes to pop out of their sockets.

Finally, she said,"What a big COCK you have." Running her hand over his bulging crotch, she whispered in his ear,

"The better to fuck me with." 

Red undid his pants and released his monster cock. It felt incredible to have his thickness in her hands. She used both of them to stroke his throbbing cock. This was the biggest dick she had ever seen. Red got very excited by the challenge of a huge boner. She wrapped her lips around the head and slowly descended halfway down the shaft, before coming up for air. After a few more times, she grew bolder and went down the length of this beast, taking every inch into her hungry mouth. Brandon moaned in ecstasy, as Red continued her assault.

Normally, she loved to get her pussy eaten, but she didn't want to allow him the pleasure of her sweetness. So, she slipped out of her dress, pulled her panties aside and lowered herself onto his hardness.

She was so wet that he slid inside, shockingly easy.

"Oh, Fuck," Red exclaimed as she rode his thick meat.

He did not seem so big, or bad, as he cowered beneath her under her total control.

Red could tell that he was about to erupt. She left him laying there astonished, as she pulled him out of her and sauntered to the table. Walking back with a paper in her hand, she dropped it onto his chest.

"What is this?" Brandon asked, while Red slipped him back inside her.

"It's the deed to the house. Sign it over to me and I will let you cum."

"But," he began saying. He was then distracted by her slamming down on his aching cock.

"Oh, that feels so good," he added ready to burst.

Red let his dick slip out of her again. She teased it with her tongue, running it around the head of his huge prick.

"I can't," he started, before Red impaled herself on his cock, once more.

Another moan left him as he threw his head back onto a pillow, panting even faster now.

"So, what will it be.Do you want my wet pussy to make your cock bust? I'll even let you shoot it in my mouth."

This was more than Brandon could take,"Alright, I'll sign the damn paper."

"Good," Red answered." I thought you would see it my way."

When he was finished writing, she got off him once more and looked them over.

"Everything seems to be in order," she said, smiling as she lowered her pussy onto his cock. Hopefully, for the last time, he thought.

"Are you ready to cum, fucker?" Red screamed slamming herself down on his hardness. "You like the feel of my hot pussy around your cock?"

Brandon was lost in his passion, too thrilled to speak.

Red bounced up and down on him with sheer abandon," Cum for me fucker. Cum all over my face."

Her dirty talk had pushed him over the edge. She sensed his impending climax and climbed off, eager to take his cum in her mouth. A few strokes with her hand and he exploded into her waiting mouth, the cum running down her chin onto her beautiful tits. She lapped up every last drop as he looked up at her exhausted.

She grasped his softening dick, jerking one last bit of cum from it. She put her fingers in her mouth and had one final taste before saying," Get dressed and get out of MY house!"

As she watched him leave she thought of what a wonderful day this had been. She had eaten Cindy's tasty pussy and rode Wolf's massive cock. But best of all, she had saved grandma's house.

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