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Redwood Storm

I will always remember
Redwood Storm

It was back in the 70's. Back when most reading this story weren't even around. Not a glimpse in their parents imagination. I was living in California. A little town between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Just north of where Highway 1 and Pacific Coast Highway split. A little coastal community of fishermen, and artists, and of course the 2nd industry there, tourists.

I lived on a small religious commune. That's right, I was a single guy living on a commune full of Holy Rollers. Pentecostals. You, know, the ones singing in 'Tongues', prayer sessions every night, and yes, abstinence from sex. Not that I didn't like sex, I loved it. There just wasn't any single or available women at the commune. Our work schedules kept me from straying and 'getting into trouble'. One day a week, Saturday, we had the day off, and I spent many of those days wandering the harbor, the beach, and the town, imagining carnal images with most every woman I saw.

Towards the end of summer friends of a commune that lived inland, and had their own church, invited folks from our commune to come for a visit. They lived in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, just outside Sequoia National Park. Many of us decided to take a week and take a mini vacation.

We took a number of vehicles and took 23 members camping. Some had never even seen mountains other than in the distance, some went to just get away. We first met at our friends' church and they gave us suggestions as where to stay and camp.

Two days after leaving our home, we found ourselves 7,300 feet above sea level in the steep mountains of Sequoia National Park. We found 5 adjoining campsites and began making camp. We planned on staying four days in the mountains. That first night at camp, the park rangers held a huge campfire for everyone that was staying in the campground. Beside me were two young ladies that were camping as well. Not with our group, their 'closeness' to each other interested me.

Being an outward person I greeted the 2 gals, but only icy stares were returned. It was at that moment I realized they were lesbians. So, I just sort of withdrew and sang with the group I was with, laughed and enjoyed the times at the campfire. But, in my 20's, I was uncomfortable with the rejection. I mean, at least they could've said hi. The older one, maybe 30, seemed to look daggers into me. The younger one acted like she wanted to say hi, but was holding back because of her companion.

The night's entertainment ended and we all wandered at our own pace back to our respective campsites. The mountain air, the excitement to be among these giant redwood trees, I wasn't a bit sleepy. As most settled in for the night, I decided to go for a walk along one of the roadways. Being dark, and on grounds I was unfamiliar with, I choose not to go off on one of the less marked trails.

I'd walked maybe three miles when I came across a gal coming out of the woods from one of the many trails. It was then I recognized her as the younger of the two gals from the campfire. I walked past her and quietly nodded in her direction as we passed. She stopped me and apologized for her 'friend's' actions earlier in the evening. She went on to explain they were a couple, and Anne, her companion was a very jealous woman. Specially when it came to men. It seems Moira was new to the world of female to female relationships, and Anne disliked her talking to men.

I told Moira that was a lot to tell a stranger. She explained it was a way of apologizing for their actions. I told her not to fret, I wasn't, in saying hello, trying to steal her away. A coy smile came across her face as she asked...'you weren't?'

Hmmm, was this gal hitting on me? We walked together for awhile and chatted. I found she lived with Anne in Los Angeles. It seemed Anne and Moira weren't getting along that well and had taken this trip to try and solidify their unity. After the campfire they'd argued over how Anne treated me, and Moira went off by herself for a walk.

The air was heavy in humidity, and it was apparent it would rain soon. I asked Moira if she wished to return to the campsites and she told me she was enjoying our walk. We found a well worn path up through the tall redwoods and decided to walk through them. Every now and then some intermittent rain drops would fall, cool in the night air.

About 100 yards up this new pathway, Moira stumbled on a rock in the pathway. As she started to fall I reached and caught her. Her body bent forward, my arms inadvertently caught her across her chest, My hands under her armpits, my forearms firm along her breasts. It seemed to me the both of us paused longer than necessary for her to regain her balance. As I helped her to stand again, I had the opportunity to look down and noticed her T-shirt had pulled down some from the friction and exposed her left nipple. As I drew my hand back I couldn't help but run my hand across it.

Would Moira slap me? Call me a pervert? Run away? None of the above. As I started to withdraw my hand, she reached up with her right hand and held mine in place. I could feel her hardening nipple with my fingers. Her small pert breasts, firm against my palm. She looked in my face, raindrops falling down her face. "I've never been with a man, only Anne. That's what we were fighting about."

"OK, why me?"

"Well, most men look at me then see Anne beside me and think 'hands off', You looked at me, smiled and said hello. Like it didn't matter to you I was with someone."

"To be honest, all I saw was two nice looking women. Guess I've been out of action so long I didn't realize."

"Good for me then. Now please kiss me." With this she drew my face to hers and set her lips to mine. Moira's hand behind my neck, her other around my waist at the small of my back.

My one hand had yet to leave her breast, but, it wasn't still. I was kneading her breast, massaging it through her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, so I only had the thin cotton of her shirt separating my hand from her tit's flesh. I swear I could feel the beat of her heart as it raced in desire. As I leaned against the tree behind me, Moira broke our embrace and reached for the buckle of my belt. Like a woman possessed she was attached my clothes, trying to get my jeans open. "Please," she begged, "I've never seen a real cock before".

"You mean you've never been fucked?" I queried.

"Oh, Anne and I play with toys, dildos strap-ons. But I've never had a real penis before, let alone seen one."

I couldn't believe this. Here I am with this sexy, desirable woman, and she'd never fucked a man? Never seen a real cock? Now this excited me even more. I was going to be her first man, as far as I was concerned, her first REAL fuck.

I started to assist her in undressing me. Pulling off my shirt, unzipping my pants as she opened my belt and waist button. My cock was already hard thinking of being her first ever. She grabbed the sides of my pants and pulled both the jeans and underwear down at the same time. My hardened cock sprang forth almost hitting her in the face. She froze for a moment looking at my manhood, admiring her prize, the object of her desire. At this moment lightning flashed in the distance, lighting her face and her hypnotic leer at me penis.

As her hand grasped me, encircling my shaft, I felt the coolness. She began to clasp my shaft and pull her hand up and down. "Let your hand slide over it Moira, don't hold on so hard."

"OK, sorry, as I said I've never done this. Your cock's so hard, and hot."

It seemed Moira was struggling where to look. At my face or at my cock. She wanted to look at me when she spoke, but was mesmerized with my cock and didn't seem to want to take her eyes off it.

"Just slide your hand up and down Moira, it feels good when you do that."

"OK. Is this when I'm supposed to kiss it? Suck it?"

"That's up to you my dear. You don't have to, but I know I would love it."

I bent down, took the side of Moira's T-shirt and pulled it up and over her shoulders. She seemed saddened to have to let go of me, even for a moment. Once her shirt was off, exposing her firm breasts, she took hold again she bent forward and planted a kiss on the swollen crown of my cock. A gasp escaped my lips as the feelings of her lips became one with my cock head.

"Did I hurt you?" she asked as she drew back.

"No hon, it felt so good it made me gasp."

She returned her lips and mouth back to my manhood. Kissing the head, sliding her hands up and down, licking the slit on the end like a lollypop. All this going on, I reached down with both hands and began caressing her tits, tweaking her nipples. Were they just hard from the night air? The light rain striking them? The attention I was giving them? Or a combination of all three. As my hands squeezed her tit flesh I felt her hand grasp me harder, her mouth taking more of the head of my penis in her mouth.

"Tastes so much better than rubber or plastic."

Saying this, she returned her mouth to my cock. Even though she'd never sucked a real cock before, I could tell she'd had practice on toys. Up and down my cock her mouth went, her tongue lathing the underside all the time. Each time her raspy tongue went over my excited glans, it would cause me to push forward, burying more of myself into her face.

"If you keep that up, I'm going to cum," I told her.

"Please," she begged. "I've always wanted to taste a real man."

That said, the feel of her mouth on my cock, her hand stroking it, all sent me off. Just as I started to cum the clouds burst forth and it started to pour. The fact we were under the redwoods meant we weren't struck directly, but the rain drained down from the trees tops. Cold wet rain striking my body caused me to convulse harder than normal. Rope after rope of cum blasted into Moira's waiting gullet. For being the first time, she swallowed me like a pro. She was still sucking me dry when the sensation became too much. Pulling her from my over sensitive cock, I pulled her to her feet and started unfastening her pants.

Kicking her tennis shoes from her feet, it took moments to have her naked. Moira's auburn pussy hair glistened in the rain. Wet with the rain showers and her own secretions.

I laid back on the wet ground, cold against my back. Yet the heat of passion, the view of Moira's naked body, I don't think the coolness affected me at all. Even the fact I'd just hard a strong orgasm, I was still rock hard. As the rain struck our bodies, steam from our heated passion rose from the two of us. Every few minutes our bodies were silhouetted in the flash of lightning. Natures natural strobe light.

The rain washing down Moira as I positioned her above me, drawing her pussy down to my face. The rain ran down her torso, over her breasts, her hardened nipples. Splashing into my face. But I didn't notice, didn't care. The heat of her thighs on either side of my face was in contrast to the coolness of the rain. Bringing her pussy to my face, Moira leaned back, resting her hands on my hips, her shoulders thrown back, her breasts thrust forward, her groin attached to my mouth. I drank her juices, combined with the rain washing down her body. Feeling her rock up and down my face, scrubbing me with her swollen labia, her erect clit.

Looking up her glistening body, her tits shining in each electric flash. Each clasp of thunder driving her harder and harder against my mouth. My hands reached to her breasts, tweaking her nipples. Her groans got louder and louder. Her thighs tightened about me as her orgasm overcame her, drenching my mouth with her nectar. Her body convulsing. I couldn't seem to get enough of her. Driving my tongue deep inside her cunt, trying to lap every ounce of her juices from her inner being.

Little squeals of ecstasy escaped from her mouth each time my tongue brushed along her engorged clit. "Stop! Stop! I have to feel you inside me!"

I had Moira stand and turn around, then sat her back on my still rigid cock. Thinking to slowly enter her, Moira had other ideas. Settling her knees on the ground she took hold of the shaft of my cock, aimed it at her opening, and sat down hard upon it. I felt the crown of my cock, slam against her cervix, my nuts nudging the opening of her pussy. Both of us were soaked by the rain and each others passion. The coolness of the night air and rain, the heat of the insides of her pussy was almost too much to ask. Thankfully I'd already cum once so I was able to hold back. Her spine shone in the lightening strikes. water running down her back, through the crease of her ass, and over my nuts as it traveled towards the ground. Seeing her ass rise and fall, my cock appearing and disappearing from her inner being. The sounds escaping her with each intrusion into her.

I held my hands at her waist, balancing Moira with each thrust. Pulling her back to me, her ass settled on on my hipbones, rocking her pussy back and forth, my cock deeply inside her. With her laid back against me, I slid my hands over her tits, kneading them with my hands. bent back as thus, the rain pelted her body. Goosebumps from the chill, combined with her passion. Now my own upward thrusts drove deeply into her. With each thrust she let out a whimper, a cry.

"Oh My GOD!" she cried as her orgasm took over her body. As her cunt spasmed and quivered on my cock, that was enough to bring me to orgasm as well. I could feel her cunt squeezing me, milking me of my cum. Mixed juices of her and my cum leaked down her thighs and mixed with the cold rain water on our entangled bodies. By now her hips were jerking up and down as her orgasm settled down.

We lay there momentarily lost in our mutual orgasmic bliss. Moira turned her head as I bent upwards and our lips met. My hands still wrapped on her breasts, my now withering cock escaped from her drenched pussy. Our mixed juices leaking from her hole, to be washed from us by the falling rain.

Slowly we recovered, separated from each other and slowly dressed in our rain drenched clothes. Arm and arm we slowly paced ourselves walking back to the campground. Once we arrived, Moira insisted she give me her address and asked me to visit her in Los Angeles. I took, that alone, as evidence that she enjoyed having a real man for the first time. Seeing Anne in the distance, pacing, we separated and went to our own camps. Not having time for a romantic embrace.

It was a couple months later that I was in Los Angeles. Moira's address in my hand I looked it up. Knocking on the apartment door, a next door neighbor came out and told me the apartment was vacant. That the two girls living there had had a fight and moved out, each going their separate ways. It was then I realized I hadn't given Moira my address, and understood I'd never see her again, or experience her body another time. Even after 40 plus years, I'll never forget that night. The passion, the experience. Each time I'm caught in the rain I remember our entwined bodies locked in the bliss that only such an encounter as ours could bring forth.

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