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Reenactor's Heaven Part 2

Reenactor's Heaven Part 2

Historical reenacting takes a surprising turn

Nothing had been mentioned about the night and no repeat performance had happened between me and Sarah and I was starting to feel down about it. It had been three months without talking to her at all. Three months hiding what had happened between us. Now I was stuck in a car with her for two hours as we went to Bovington Tank Museum to do a reenactment. Most of the trip was in silence and I thanked all the gods that I had pen and paper, whiling away the hours writing a mix of erotica and plays.

Thankfully it was a multiple regiment event so I had lots of people to interact with to take my mind off Sarah. My regiment had a showing of five people, out of a regiment of forty-five. We were early, so as most of our sister regiments were turning up, I sat sipping at my Jagermeister straight while reading.

Damn. Some of the main sister regiment were gorgeous. One of them still stands out in my memory today. Meg. Same height as me, long black wavy hair, gorgeous light blue eyes and a Mediterranean complexion. She was thin but gorgeous with it, her breasts were small A-cups but on her body looked perfect. Later that night, I found out she was just sixteen. The first night was purely heavy drinking. I can’t remember much about it, I even lost my glasses but found them in the early hours.

The first day of battle was hot work, midday in the height of the British summer. Thankfully I didn’t have a hangover. However, I did get distracted by Meg; every time we caught each other's eyes (she is a drummer) she gave a little seductive half smile that made my heart flutter. After the battle and after exploring the museum, I took the hour-long walk to the nearest village to go to the pub. After downing a few pints, I started to walk back to the campsite. About halfway, I saw Meg alone, looking lost. She was in a cute little tank top with some shorts. She leant against the stone bridge as the river trickled slowly under it.

“Hey, Meg, are you alright?” I asked with concern as I walked slowly towards her. She looked up at me, giving me her trademark smile.

“Ohh, it's you, Greg, what are you doing here?” she asked quietly.

“Oh, just been to the pub in the village, the conversations weren’t thrilling when I was at the campfire,” I stated, trying to hide the fact I had actually left to avoid spending time with Sarah.

“More like, you didn’t want to be near Sarah, did you? What happened between you both? Did you have sex last night and then got the cold shoulder? It’s clear something happened.” She started to babble, blushing ever so slightly as she did. I stepped closer to her, our bodies almost touching.

“Why is it important? Are you jealous that she may have had me?” I grinned as she blushed a deeper shade of red. She looked me in the eyes.

“I think you are handsome and I want to be with you in any way I can. I’d like you to be my first. I want you to have me and own me, but I don’t want to be used like a slut. If we are together once, it will be a regular thing.” She gabbled fast, all her words seeming to blur into one. I could barely make out what she said.

As she saw the confusion in my eyes she looked dejectedly at the ground. I placed the forefinger of my right hand under her chin and lifted it up, making her look at me. Slowly I started to smile and leant in, kissing her cheek. I pulled away to observe what my kiss did to her. Her blush was still a vibrant, deep colour, her eyes started to sparkle and her breathing was getting faster and more shallow.

I leaned in again and kissed her on the lips, not breaking the kiss. She was still in shock, to begin with,  unsure of what was happening. Slowly she started to kiss me back. Her arms wrapped around my body, one hand going to the back of my head as my hands moved to her back, sliding down to her perfect ass. I squeezed her ass cheeks as I broke the kiss.

“Does it matter if I had sex with Sarah?” I joked.

“Only if you were with her last night. If you had her last night, you need to swim to wash her off.” She winked at me cheekily.

“It was three months ago so I don’t need to go swimming.” I stuck my tongue out, glancing at the river below. I took her hand, leading her off the bridge down to the bank of the river. Slowly we walked along the bank till we reached a bend that was hidden on both sides by a small wood, and thus perfect for our need. I let go of her hand and turned around to look at her.

“We either wait till nightfall and everyone is asleep or we take advantage of this beautiful spot” I started to strip as I spoke. She nodded and started to strip too. I stood naked in front of her, my cock semi-hard as I admired her gorgeous body.

“Lay on your back on the bank for me.” She complied without question, her legs together and bent at the knees, hiding her pussy from me. I knelt before her, running my hands up her legs starting at her ankles. Aas I reached her knees I started to move her legs apart, edging closer to her. As soon as her legs were spread I kissed her neck.

Slowly I kissed my way down her body, stopping at each nipple which I sucked softly and nibbled gently before kissing further down her body, getting tantalisingly close to her pussy. She wriggled slightly as she moaned, enjoying what I was doing to her, her eyes watching me intently. I stopped kissing before I reached her pussy and kissed both thighs, making my way up to her pussy, planting ten small kisses from the bottom of her slit to the top. Kissing and sucking on her clit as I looked up into her eyes, being oblivious to any sounds she made.

I bit her clit gently before flicking my tongue rapidly over her clit. My sole focus was on making her feel good, making her cum and crave me. Her moans were sounding loud and clear among the wood, the trickling river unable to cover her pleasure. Her hands grasped my hair, holding me tight to her pussy.

Slowly I moved my tongue from her clit to her slit. I ran it broadly up and down her slit in a zigzag pattern, repeating the action, each time getting faster and faster till my tongue was moving rapidly along her slit, just barely grazing her clit on my upstrokes. Swiftly changing my tactics, I used the tip of my tongue to push into her pussy deeply, spreading the lips of her tight hole around my invading tongue.

I slipped my full tongue into her and wriggle it around, searching for her sensitive spots. I listened to her moans so I knew when I found the right spots. As soon as I found her sensitive spots I started to lash my tongue across them in an attempt to drive her wild and make her cum. I kept moving back to the first action on her clit and repeating, never once stopping until I had her screaming in orgasm twice. I pulled my face away from her pussy, grinning. She smiled broadly at me.

“That was just for you, never did that to anyone else,” I whispered as I leant in and kissed her passionately, my cock fully hard. Slowly I rubbed my cock along her slit and clit as we kissed. My shaft rubbed along her sensitive clit as our kiss got deeper.

Slowly I moved to position my cock head at her pussy lips. I broke the kiss as I started to push slowly into her tight pussy. I watched her eyes take on a look of surprise as I first entered her. Her eyes changed to show discomfort, she gasped as I pushed through her hymen before stopping my cock fully in her.

“Damn.” I gasped “I didn’t know you were a virgin.” I started to pull out until she put her hands on my ass to stop me.

“It’s okay, I was hoping it would be you, just don’t move for a bit, okay?” she whispered. I merely nodded my agreement, my eyes wandering over her perfect body. After what seemed like an eternity, she nodded and pushed on my ass, wanting me to push in and start to fuck her.

Slowly I sank my full length back into her, kissing her as I did. Once I was fully in, I slowly pulled almost fully out, leaving just my head in as my left hand moved between us to rub her clit softly. Teasingly, slowly I pushed my cock into her tight pussy, wanting her to get used to me.

Each thrust, while slow, was hard and deep. I kissed her neck multiple times, careful not to mark her. She started to moan, begging me to thrust faster. My cock was rubbing all of her sensitive spots in her incredibly tight virgin pussy, eliciting more moans from her. Gradually I started to thrust faster, already struggling to hold off from cumming.

I drove my cock deep into her kissing her passionately as I started to cum. My orgasm mixed with my thrusting and rubbing her clit set her off into her own orgasm. She screamed as her pussy clamped around my cock, my cum filling her pussy. I kissed her deeply, slowly withdrawing my cock as I did.

“Damn me, that felt great.” I panted as she breathed heavily, grinning as she did.

“Good job I’m on the pill.” She giggled.

“Yeah, if I got you pregnant your parents would kill me, but I’d die a very happy man.” I lay beside her as she rolled onto her side and cuddled up to me. She stroked my chest before looking at her watch.

“We should be going back now.” She sighed, disappointed. We started to get dressed as she kept looking at my cock, licking her lips as she did.

“Trying to burn it into your memory?” I laughed. She shook her head.

“Wishing I had the time to suck it, I have experience sucking cock,” she replied wistfully.

“Maybe when everyone is asleep tonight.” We set off back to the camp, hand in hand until we reached the main gate where we separated so no one would know we were close.

The rest of the night we sat with a few beers, singing rowdy camp songs. I couldn’t help but watch her in the flickering firelight, she seemed to be more beautiful, to have more of a glow to her. I shook my head, thinking she only had the glow because I was remembering her naked body under me, and the firelight. All too soon, everyone drifted off to their tents so I went into my tiny two-person tent (that barely fit me) and stripped naked. Hey, it was a boiling hot night and I always sleep naked.

I don’t remember much after stripping, but I must have fallen asleep quickly as all I remembered next was my tent being unzipped. In the dark, it was hard to see who was coming in. As the person looked up and smiled I could just make out that it was Meg. She lay down between my legs, with only her torso in my tent.

“Not a sound, okay? To ensure that, put these in your mouth,” she whispered, handing me something. I looked at the item in my hand, grinning as I saw it was her panties she was wearing today. I put them into my mouth as she softly touched my cock and licked it.

I moaned into her panties as she took long, broad licks from my balls up the underside of my hardening cock. She circled my cock head, letting her tongue tip caress the sensitive underside of the head. She repeated the action several times, I couldn’t keep count. My cock throbbed wildly, needing her to take it into her mouth. She winked at me after pulling away, leaving just her hand on the base of my cock.

Slowly she took my cock into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around my shaft. Moving up and down slowly, sucking hard, she took every last bit of my cock into her mouth. My muffled moans encouraged her to move faster, one hand rubbing my balls as she moved the hand from my shaft to rub my chest. She was soon moving like a blur on my cock, stopping suddenly as she felt me get near orgasm.

Her eyes sparkled as she saw my disappointment at her stopping. She winked before slowly moving up and down my shaft, wanting to tease me. Her tongue felt like it was everywhere at once. She started to tongue my balls as she was all the way down on my cock. Her tongue moved rapidly across my balls, eliciting a groan and causing me to lose control. I started to cum in her throat, she pulled back so most of my cum entered her mouth. She waited until I finished cumming to open her mouth, showing it all in her mouth. She closed her mouth and made an exaggerated show of swallowing before showing me it was all gone.

“You taste great, keep the panties and think of me,” she said as I removed the panties. She moved and kissed me quickly before leaving.

Damn, I could wait till later in the month at the August Bank Holiday Muster. It was going to be fun.



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