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Refuge From The Cold

Tags: cold, snow, oral
Young woman seeks help in the cold, finding a handsome stranger
You were headed out of town and knowing the weather was going to be bad, you left a few days early. After the sun set, the weather took a turn for the worse. The icy rain came down in sheets. The strong frigid wind, swept the car back and forth. You struggled to keep the car from slipping into the snow drifts. You had taken a different route. The road was dark and secluded. No one in his right mind would be out in this weather, yet here you were.

Suddenly a dark shape darted in your headlights.


You dodged to your left and then it was too late. The tires skidded, loosing traction on the frozen highway. All you saw were the trees, coming at you, in almost slow motion. Next thing, you saw was white, as snow flew up and crashed over your windshield with a thunderous "whoosh". The crunch of breaking limbs and a solid, "thump," was the last thing you heard.

 The white turned to black.

You began to wake, blinking your eyes and holding a hand to your throbbing head. You took a quick inventory of your body. Nothing was broken. Your car was dead. The windshield, covered in snow.

 You had only brought a small jacket with you. You slipped it on and opened the door. It took a few jerks, just to get it open. Your face was met with a blast of frigid, arctic wind. Snow, off the roof fell into your hair. You shook it loose but it was too late, your hair was now damp from the wet snow.

You wrapped your hands around yourself and shivered, surveying the damage. The hood of your car was wrapped around a large oak. The steam from the radiator rose hissing into the night air. The frozen, green coolant, shown as a dark patch on the snow.


No one was around for miles. You couldn't afford to stay here and wait. It was already late. You must have been out for some time. You walked up to the highway, looking right then left.

 "I have no idea what is north but I do remember the lights of a farmhouse a few miles south. I'll have to try and make it there. Can't stay here. Too cold," you told yourself.

It seemed as though you were walking for hours.

 You shook. The sleet froze the wet hair to your cheeks. Your toes throbbed with pain at each agonizing step. Your light jacket was soaked. The pockets did little to ease the numbness of your fingers. The cold even hurt your eyes.

 There, up ahead was the light, flickering at the end of a long, dirt road, beckoning you, teasing you. It seemed too far away. "The light," you told yourself, time after time. "I must reach the light."


"What a cold, boring night," I said to myself.

While sitting in my red, long underwear, by the fire, I nursed a strong, cup of black coffee. The coffee, I had to make it over the fire. There was nothing else to do, the electricity had gone out hours ago.

 "Storm must have knocked a tree down over a high-line, or a car hit one. Naa, no one would be on the road in this shit."

 “See, I'm talking to myself. I gotta get a dog."

I heard a faint knocking at the door, jarring me the conversation I was having with myself. It became louder.

"Whomp! Whomp! Whomp!"

 "Hold on!" I hollered.

I grabbed my trusty 45, starting to thrust it in my pants. "Shit, I don't have on any pants." I settled on placing it on the end-table, beside the door. I opened the door, ready to dive for the gun at a moment’s notice. You can't be too careful in these parts.

I swung the door open.

"What the Hell?" What seemed to be a frozen woman tumbled into my arms. "Shit girl, what are you doing out here?"

 "” you stammered.

 "Anyone hurt? Anyone else?” I asked.

 "No, just... me," you replied with a chattering of teeth.

 "Come on in Girl, let's get you warmed up.”

I moved you to the fire. "You’re soaked. I have to get you out of those wet clothes."

You said nothing as I quickly pulled the wet clothes from your body. You were still in shock, still shivering uncontrollably. Any other time, you would have balked at a stranger undressing you, much less a strange man. A strange man in his underwear. You blinked your eyes, your vision slowly coming back. "A handsome, strange man in his underwear."

"Ummm," I thought to myself, "This frozen filly is more beautiful than I thought."

I couldn't ignore the naked flesh, glowing before me under the firelight. I felt my cock, stir. I turned to the side, hoping she wouldn't notice my growing erection. I ran away quickly, to place her clothes over the shower curtain and then grabbed a large quilt from the shelf.

I returned to find you, shivering and rocking in the chair.

 "I don't have anything for you to put on but here's a quilt," I said.

You stood up and I wrapped it round your body. My eyes, tried not to linger over your stunning breasts.

 "I'll get you something warm to drink. All I have is coffee but I'll fix it up for you." I continued to talk, as I moved into the kitchen.

 Taking a bottle of Irish whiskey from the bar, I poured a shot into your cup and filled it with the strong coffee.

I returned with the cup and held it in your shaking hands. They were still cold but soft, very, very soft. You looked up at me. Your eyes were beautiful. They made me smile. You smiled back. I helped bring the cup to your lips.

 "It's not the best, but it will get you warm," I said.

You took a big swallow, then sputtered and coughed.

 "Whoa there. Take it slow. Sip it.", I said. "You drink that; I'll get some more wood and stroke the fire. When you’re ready, you can tell me all about it."

You sat there quietly, sipping your Irish coffee and watching my every move. You noticed the flex of my muscles, as I carried in a large stack of wood. As I bent over the fire, you admired the way the red long-johns clung tightly to my ass. You were dreaming about clutching those tight cheeks in your hands and feeling them clinch. Suddenly you were feeling much warmer. It had been too long and familiar feelings stirred within your flesh.

You explained everything to me, as I sat next to the fire, marveling at your beauty. I kept my legs crossed, trying to hide my growing erection. It never even occurred to me to put some jeans on. After all, it had been a long time. It’s lonely in these woods.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “When the power goes off out here, it can stay off for days.” “When the weather lets up, I’ll take you into town.”

“You have been so kind. How can I repay you?” You said.

 “No need,” I replied. “I’m just glad I was here.”

 “You don’t understand,” you said, “I want to repay you.”

After having said that, you stood up and let the quilt fall to the floor.

I tried not to let my tongue hit the floor. I was in awe of your wondrous beauty. Your curves were perfect. In the firelight, your smooth skin put off a candle-like glow.

You uncrossed my leg and looked down at the bulge in my long-johns. You were already imagining the feel of its pulse in your hands. “I think you like what you see, “you said, giving me a seductive smile.

 “Look, I don’t expect,” I started to say.

 “I do.” You said, bending over and placing your lips on mine.

I held your damp hair and pulled you closer, returning your kiss. Our mouths opened, tongues frolicking like dolphins in the open sea. I stood up, wrapped my arms around your small waist and held you to me. The bulge in my long-johns, pressed against your sex. You moaned into my kiss.

You pulled back. Your hands followed my hard chest down to the buttons of my long-johns. Slowly you unbuttoned each one, your hands slipping inside to map the contours of my flesh. The buttons ran down below my crotch. You made each one. As the last button was released, my stiff rod was exposed to your tantalizing fingers. They wrapped around my flesh, stroking it. You held the tender tip and gentle squeezed.

 "Mmmm," you had me now.

Your hands slid up my waist to my strong shoulders, where they slipped under my long-johns and pulled them off. They fell to my feet, leaving my bronze, naked body, open to your inspection. You smiled, seeming impressed and leaned in to smell me. I smelled of aftershave and smoke. You liked it and nuzzled your nose at my neck.

You pushed me back, my naked ass falling into the rocker. Your eyes never left mine, as you went to your knees. I gazed at your nipples, still hard as diamonds from the cool air. It made my tongue swipe across my dry lips. Your hand found my hardness and while still staring into my eyes, you moved it to your lips.

 I wanted to watch but could not keep my eyes from closing, my head from falling back, as I groaned. Your mouth first, enclosed over my swollen tip, tightly cupping it, before slipping down its length.

Your hand left my rod and went, with the other hand, to the arms of the rocker. You began to rock it back and forth, allowing the rocker, to piston my shaft in the warm grip of your lips. Your lips teased me, bringing me up, and then slowing back down.

 Never have I been so hard, so thick and swollen.

I took your head in my hands and pulled you away from my rod. An erotic strand of pre-cum still ran from its tip to your tongue.

 Standing up, I spread the quilt and a few pillows at the foot of the large fireplace. I took your hand in mine and quietly moved you to the center, where I went to my knees.

I trailed my hands from your ankles, up your smooth legs, to gently cup the firm cheeks of your ass. I stared with anxious wanting at your damp sex. My eyes feasted on its magnificence. My nose inhaled its exquisite aroma. My tongue reached out to creep between the folds. Your petals opened to its probing force. I used my strong hands, to grip your ass and press my nose against your swelling clit.

When my nose moved away, my willing tongue took its place. It encircled the bud and lifted it up to my lips. I sucked it into my mouth. Your hands came down to my shoulders, your fingers biting into their flesh. You began to thrust your hips to the driving pleasure of my tongue, tossing your hair back in tiny moans.

It had been so long till you felt such pleasure.

 The heat in your loins created an endless flowing of moisture to my lips. I dove into you like a starving pup. Your pelvis jerked faster and faster, the orgasm building inside you.

“Oh God Yes!” you cried. “Yes!”

 The liquid released from your body, flowed off my cheeks and trickled down your inner thighs.

I pulled you down with me, leaving my tongue against your skin. It trailed up from your sweet crease, over your belly and navel, to a spot between your cleavage. Once leaving there, it locked on to one of your jeweled nipples.

 I rolled you onto your back as my endless kisses caressed the heaving breasts.

I took your hands, holding them above your head, while I kissed my way up your throat and back to your sweet lips.

 You could taste the tangy saltiness of your sex on my lips. You felt the burning heat of my thick rod along your inner thigh. Your legs were spreading, your ass, rising from the quilt to press against my crotch.

 The dampness of your sex made my abdomen wet.

My shaft had positioned itself at your entrance, parting your swollen petals.

 “I, I never asked you your name,” you said.

 “Steve,” I replied.

 “Take me, Steve,” you replied back, spreading your legs even wider, opening your sex to me.

 You were tight. I eased it in slowly.

 Biting down on your bottom lip you groaned. I was thicker, larger than you were used to.

 I stopped just inside. “You OK?” I asked.

 “Oh Hell yes. Don’t stop,” you replied with a pleasurable grimace.

 I moved your hands farther out, beside your head and entwined my fingers with yours. Now, rising up, I thrust my hips forward.

 “Ahhhhhh!” you cried out, as the full length of my hot shaft drove through to your core. A steaming knife of pure pleasure.

Slowly, I began to drag back out, feeling the tight, warm hug of your sex. Then I watched your eyes, penetrating into your mind, to feel your pleasure, I flicked my hips forward and thrust back into your depths.

My hands released yours, to cradle your head. Pulling my face to yours, I kissed you hard and our bodies began gyrate, in an erotic dance of the flesh.

I felt the hot fire warming my naked back.

 The soft quilt, gathered underneath us, as your legs scissored back and forth. Arching your back, your mound rose up to meet my powerful thrusts.

I bent down, taking a long, hardened, taut, nipple into my mouth. Your body swayed as you lifted your breasts to my lips, then let it down and lifted your pelvis back up to my shaft.

You wrapped your arms around me and rolled me over. Your shapely legs came up and you knelled, straddling my body.

Smiling down at me, you said, “It’s me that needs to pay you back.”

Having said that, you placed your palms, flat on my chest and released the full weight of your body, down my upright erection. You knew just how to ride me, gyrating your hips, while contracting your sex over my pole.

 I was in total bliss, tossing my head to and fro, mouth open. You took that as in invitation to lean over and drive your tongue down my throat.

I held you in a bear hug now, not letting you go. No way was I going to allow that tight sex to get away from my driving cock. My hands moved to your hips, my knuckles white, as I jammed your body down on my burning flesh.

Our moans drowned out the sound of the crackling fire.

While the storm raged on outside, our own storm was reaching its climactic peak. Your juices, poured down my shaft. The shaft was moving on its own, the hot cum, rising up its length like a boiling geyser.

Pulsing and pulsing, the warmth spread out from your womb like a tidal wave. A tremor of orgasms shook your body, one after another.

There was no longer any sign of a chill in the room. Our bodies were covered in a thin sheet of sweat. I licked the sweat from your neck. It was sweet and salty, just like your sex. It triggered a flashback in my mind, making my shaft twitch inside you. You felt it to and smiled.

 I took a corner of the quilt and rolled us up in it. There we slept, in our cocoon, our bodies locked in a loving embrace.

Sometime, early in the morning, I awoke to find myself, staring into that beautiful face. It looked so happy and content. I pinched myself, wondering if it was all a dream. Then I felt the clutch of your tight sex, gently squeezing my growing shaft.

Your eyes were open and smiling back at mine. You lay back, becoming accustomed to the thick, erection, swelling inside you.

 “You know,” I said, as I wiped a stray hair from your face and shifted my body over yours, “You can crash at my place anytime.”
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