Rekindling a Highschool Romance


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A date with my high school ex boy friend after he returns from the military.
I stood at the counter cutting up tomatoes for tonight's salad. My parents were out of town for the weekend. It was just me and Scott there together. It was planned, a date night.

Scott was my high school boy friend. After graduation he joined the Air Force and we gave up on it all and went our separate ways. Scott was home and wanted to get back together.

As I cut up the tomatoes, I thought that it will never work. Long distance relationships never work. I glanced up at him as I thought he was watching TV from the other room, but I noticed he was watching me instead as I prepared supper. He still was a handsome man. He was broad shouldered and blond. He had dark blue eyes. He had always been the love in my life.

He decided to get up and ask me if I needed any help.

When he stood behind me, he caught the scent of my perfume. The scent of me was all it took.

I felt him behind me but didn't turn or say anything. He swept the hair away from my neck and placed a gentle kiss in that spot that he knew drove me crazy. I stiffened for a brief moment and then relaxed.

Neither one of us said a word. He started to kiss me more on my neck and mixed in some nibbles and sucking.

I felt my knees go weak. His strong hands were at my waist as if to hold me up until I felt his right hand gently cupping my right breast. A moan escaped my throat. He then pinched my nipple gently and brought it to attention. He always had loved my breasts. They obviously still turned him on.

He whispered in my ear, "Let's go upstairs."

I turned to face him with that hint of naughtiness that he hadn't seen in quite some time.
I took his hand and led the way.

As we made our way up the stairs, I remembered our first date, our senior prom. I remembered the first time we had made love as he took my cherry on a hidden country road after I had given him oral.

As we got into my room he looked me straight in the eye with a hint of a smile. We quickly undressed each other as we kissed.

I could feel the fan wisp at my bare skin as we lay on the bed. He ran a finger down my neck and across to my throat. The touch sent a shiver down my spine. His hand ran lower and touched my left breast, my nipple hardens in anticipation. He gently pinched the hard bud and rolled it between his fingers. I lay there moaning softly as he took my nipple into his mouth and began to suck, flicking his tongue over and around, now sucking harder, my back arches as my imagination runs wild. I can feel his hands on my skin. Sucking, nibbling, and pulling on my nipples with his teeth. I can't get enough.

His attention on my breasts is sending messages to my pussy that already feels wet and ready for his cock.

I run my right hand down his muscular chest across his flat stomach down to his hard cock. I tease him as I run my fingers lightly over his flesh. I stroke his cock gently then move my hand down, cupping his balls, playing with them.

He takes over again as he removes my hand from his cock and runs his hand down my leg and back up, but not far enough. He teases the crease where my thigh joins my body. He runs his finger over my pubic mound. He takes his other hand and runs it down my other thigh and slowly, so slowly back up.

I open my legs, so desperately wanting his touch. With one finger he touches my clit. He is driving me wild with anticipation. Then I feel his warm mouth engulfing my clit as he gently sucks. His tongue releasing my clit from its hood, I squirm. He puts a finger inside me, soaking wet now; probing, in and out. Two fingers now, rubbing the inside wall, searching for my G-spot. A third finger, now fucking me hard and fast. I buck against his hand wanting more friction.

His tongue flicks over my clit, sucking hard, and then licking. I want to cum. I close my eyes. I moan in pleasure as he sends exquisite jolts through my swollen pussy.

“I'm cumming!” I yell as I gasp for air as my muscles contract rhythmically and he fingers me harder, more urgently now. My orgasm rolls through my body, sending spasms through me like electric shocks, in waves, contracting and relaxing, sending signals to my nipples, now throbbing as my orgasm fades.

I lay still, my breathing still labored, but I want more.

He lays next to me, our bodies touching. He touches my face, his fingers playing with my hair. We look deep into each other's eyes. I run a finger down his spine, which in turn makes him arch his back, pressing his hardness against me. I reach down for his cock, standing erect as I take it in my hand, stroking firmly. He kisses me; our tongues, exploring each other's mouths, with the passion of lovers who have been parted for so long. I kiss his lips and tease his neck with soft butterfly kisses. My hair tickles his skin. I let my tongue follow his body contours down over his chest. I gave each of his nipples a quick nip with my teeth, and all the while, rubbing his cock as it throbs with anticipation.

My tongue reaches his stomach and I kiss the end of his cock as it twitches. Pre-cum oozing out, I lap it up and lick the swollen end like an ice cream cone. I run my tongue around the head, then down the shaft and back up, so, so slowly. I take another lick of his glistening cockhead, and back down again to his balls. I cup them gently in my hand before squeezing gently and then pulling, just hard enough to make him wince.

I tried teasing him, like he teased me.

He reached down and pinched my nipples roughly and pulled them hard, as punishment for the torture I'm now putting him through. Ah, but he knew it turns me on too.

I open my mouth and licked his cock; I take the first couple of inches in, licking around and under the tip. Then, the next inches slide in easily as I suck and flick my tongue over his throbbing cock. I can wait no longer; I take the remaining shaft into my wet mouth as far as it will go, to the back of my throat. I suck, and work him with one hand at the base of his shaft, as I pulled his cock out slightly and pushed it deeper to the back of my throat. With it there I swallow. That nearly tips him over the edge and he starts to thrust, fucking my throat until I can hardly breathe. I massage his balls and feel the tension within them. We both know he is close.

He pulls his cock out and pushes me onto the bed. He plunges three fingers deep inside my cunt again, no niceties here, just wild, animalistic desire. My juices start trickling down my thigh. He grabs my legs roughly and puts them up over his shoulders. He looks down at me as he put his cock against my clit, rubbing it up and down. He teased my lips, my wet hole, running his big, hard cock down my slit, nearly touching my asshole.

He wet’s a finger with my pussy juices and without warning, he plunges it into my ass. The sensation is electrifying. My body spasms as he pushes a second finger in, twisting it, in and out. He is driving me fucking wild.

He plunges his cock into my pussy and he rhythmically starts to fuck me. Pounding me so hard, my eyes roll and I can't breathe. Still two fingers in my ass, he fucks harder like a piston, in and out, harder and faster. I can feel a second orgasm start to build and he senses it too.

Not changing his pace, he fucks me like it will be the last time for a long while. My muscles contract and grip his cock tightly. I cry out, my climax engulfing me, which in turn leads to his own climax, no holding back now, filling me with his warm cum spurting over and over.

He rest his body on top of mine, both of us spent, exhausted. He slides over next to me and pulls me into his body, spooning me, holding me tight. He caresses my breast as we drift off. I lie still for what seems an eternity, savoring the moment before opening my eyes.