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Remembering Tracey Part Eight

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story continues
One of the best things about college was the weekend. A few scholarships I had earned plus the fact that I had worked my butt off all summer long to pay for school, allowed me to take it easy during the semester. I took full advantage of my weekend time to hang out at the lake whenever the weather was nice enough.

My grandfather had a small plot of land on a lake not too far from school. You couldn't really call it a lakehouse in the classic sense. We had a boathouse just large enough to store the bass boat, and a one-room cabin about the size of an average garage. It had a bathroom, kitchen sink, and a small electric stove. We mainly used it for overnighters when it was too hot to fish during the day.

Tracey asked to come along one night as I was packing up my gear. She was sitting on the edge of my bed wearing just a tight cut-off T-shirt and panties. She knew that outfit showed off her body. She had cut the shirt off just at the point where it teasingly exposed the bottom curve of her breasts. If she would stretch her arms above her head, the shirt would slowly rise up, to expose her breasts completely. I like to watch her when she'd do that because the shirt would slowly ease up until it caught on her nipples. The shirt would pull her nipples until it finally won the battle, but the effort would cause her breasts to jiggle just a little.

"Can I come along?" she asked me.

"You want to go fishing?" I responded with a questioning look on my face.

"Sure," she replied, "I've been before, but I was a little girl. Besides, I could lay out and catch some sun."

Well, that cinched the deal for me. While I enjoyed my solitary fishing trips and the chance to just get away and think about things, the image of Tracey lying on the front of the boat in her bikini overruled everything.

She surprised me when, at 5 a.m., she came bounding out of her apartment ready to go. She'd even packed us some sandwiches and a cooler of drinks. Things were already looking better, seeing as how I usually survived on Snicker bars, and Gatorade. She was wearing another cropped T-shirt, although as not as short as the one from the night before, faded denim shorts, and flip flop sandals. We loaded up the truck and hit the highway.

She was very excited, talking about anything and everything as we drove to the lake. I enjoyed her conversations, she always had some funny stories to tell, and before we knew it we were at the little cabin on the lake.

We parked and unloaded the truck, and went to put the boat in the water. She was a big help, assisting me in putting everything in the boat. In about fifteen minutes, we were loaded up, in the water, and motoring out into the lake.

For the better part of the morning, Tracey fished with great enthusiasm. She even landed a few largemouth bass averaging about 2-3 lbs. each. As the sun rose higher in the sky, however, the fishing became more of a challenge, and she got bored.

"I think I'll just lay out for awhile," she told me finally as she handed me her rod. I showed her how to remove the bow seat so she had plenty of room to stretch out. I returned back to fishing while she moved quietly, setting up her towel and such.

When I finally glanced her way, I nearly fell out of my chair. She had removed the shorts and shirt and was now wearing a very sexy, yellow string bikini. The strings were just a bit larger than the fishing line I was using. She was sitting up and applying lotion to her legs. I quickly grew hard as I watched the performance. She would squirt some lotion in a long line from her ankle to her thigh and then slowly rub it in. She would raise her leg into the air as she did this, and it drew my eyes directly to between her legs. The thin yellow material barely covered her and when she would turn her leg a certain way, it would tighten enough that I could see the lips of her pussy.

When she finished with her legs, she moved up to her belly and chest. Sitting up the way she was, her breasts were hanging full and threatening to fall out of the bikini top. She had slid and tightened the little cloth triangles until they just barely covered her nipples.

"So you're not fishing anymore?" she asked me, fully catching me staring at her. I didn't even realize that I had been sitting there watching her.

I quickly recovered and replied, "Just enjoying the show. Damn, girl, you might as well be naked."

"Well," she smiled back, "keep the boat in the sun and maybe I will get naked for you."

"Your wish is my command, my lady. Sun you want, and sun you shall have," I told her.

She stretched out on her towel, and I attempted to go back to fishing.

As promised, about 20 minutes later, she sat up, looked around at the little secluded cove we were in, and took off her bikini. Naked, she laid back on her towel and stretched out again.

"You know I'm not going to be able to concentrate with you over there like that," I said to her.

"I didn't expect you to," she responded, "and when you decide you can't take it anymore, you need to be aware that laying naked out here like this has me as wet as I've ever been."

"Oh, really?" I teased.

"Yes. If you were to come over here with that big dick of yours, it would slip right inside of me without a problem, " she said bluntly.

I looked around. There wasn't another boat in sight and no one on the shore. I put my rod down carefully, stood up, and stripped off all of my clothes. My cock was as hard and as stiff as I have ever know it to get. It bounced in front of me as I walked the few steps over to her.

As I stood over her, temporarily blocking the sun, Tracey looked up over her sunglasses, and smiled.

"Well, look at you all proud and firm," she said with a smile.

As I dropped down to my knees, she automatically spread her legs wide. She definitely was ready for me. I could see the moisture leaking from her and her lips were red and swollen. I crawled forward until I was on top of her. I felt my cock touch the lips of her pussy and with just a nudge, I slipped in to the hilt.

"Ohhhhh," she said as it momentarily took her breath away, "that's it. I told you I was ready. Now, do it to me."

I pulled my cock back until only the tip was at her entrance and then I slid it all the way in again. Her inner muscles were clenching me tightly as I slid into her. She tried to hold me inside of her as I repeated the movement again. I did this for a few minutes and then I slid completely out of her.

She looked up at me in confusion. "Get on top of me," I told her and began to switch places with her.

She slowly moved around until she could climb up onto me. She had her knees on the deck on either side of me as she reached between us and guided my cock into her.

"Ahhhhhhhh," she moaned, "it feels like it's in me even deeper this way."

She began her slow movements, rocking back and forth on my cock, grinding her pubic bone into me. It wasn't a up and down movement, but more of a back and forth. Each time she slid forward, her clit would rub against the base of my dick.

"Do it Tracey, fuck me. Ride me hard." I whispered roughly to her. "Open your eyes and look at us. We're both naked on the boat in the middle of the lake. The sun is shining and you're on top of me fucking me."

"Unnnhhhhhhh," she moaned, as the realization of what we were doing turned her on even more.

She reached back with her right hand and lightly scratched my balls, which she knows I love.

"You're going to come so hard, baby." I told her. "You're going to scream out loud because it feels so good. Fuck me. Fuck me. Come on, do it. Come, baby, come."

That was it. She picked up the pace until I knew she was about to come. I reached up and grabber both of her breasts in my hands and urged her on, "Come, baby, come. Come for me, Tracey."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah, " she moaned, as she came. "Unnngh! Unghh! Ungh!" she hollered out, the sound echoing across the water.

She collapsed onto my chest, breathing hard. Her hips were still spasmodically churning against me. I took advantage of it and started thrusting upward into her.

She slowly raised herself up as I pumped into her.

"That's it, " she whispered, "fuck me. Fuck Tracey. You made me come so hard, now it's your turn. Fuck me, fuck me."

My body stiffened and I shot jet after jet of sperm into her. I could feel her inner muscles squeezing me, milking every last drop from me.

She slowly eased down until she was lying on my chest again. We lay there for a few minutes. When my cock slowly deflated inside of her and slipped out, she eased off of me and onto her side.

"Thanks for taking me fishing," she whispered.

"It was the best trip I've ever had," I said.

"It's not over yet," she said as she reached for my soft cock and began fondling it until it was hard again.

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