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Remembering Tracey Part Four

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the story continues
So college began with me living right above Tracey’s apartment. The “friends with benefits” relationship seemed to work well. When either of us needed sex, we found it just a flight of stairs away. Sometimes we just used each other for release, and other times it was an all-night event, filled with loving moments and ending with us sleeping in each other’s arms.

I was always there for her whenever she needed to vent about her boyfriend. She was there for me and always ready to offer advice on the girls I dated.

We ate dinner several times a week in our apartments, and even took in a movie or two in town.

One night at the movies, Tracey really surprised me. The movie theater in the small college town usually showed movies well past their premier date. Today, they would already be on DVD and video, but for a college town back then, we were glad to have them.

Anyway, it led to a sparsely attended theater. A normal night would see 40 of the 350 seats occupied. So, if was nice to be able to not have to sit near anyone and enjoy the movie without any distractions from the neighboring audience members.

We were watching a particularly romantic, yet very sexual movie. In the darkness, Tracey leaned over to rest her head on my shoulder. I like that feeling when a girl is so comfortable with you. She reached over and grabbed my right hand and held it in hers.

I was thinking that it was a sweet moment, but she then put my hand onto her leg. I was touching the bare skin of her upper thigh. Apparently her skirt had risen up enough to expose her upper leg.

I love the softness of a woman’s inner thigh, it’s so soft and smooth and leading to something so special.

Still holding my hand, she slowly pulled it upward until I could feel the heat emanating from her crotch. At this point, I didn’t need any more direction. I slid my hand up until I was touching bare pussy. Tracey had come to the movies without panties.

As my fingers touched her lips, they easily opened to my touch. She was very hot and wet. Her pussy lips were slick with desire. She must have planned this hours earlier, and the anticipation had really turned her on.

I slipped my middle finger between her lips and slowly ran it up and down, increasing the flow of moisture and easing my manipulations. I found her clit, erect and begging to be touched. As I did this she slid a little lower in the seat and opened her legs a little more.

I began to finger her earnestly now, alternating with rapidly rubbing her clit and then pushing my finger deep inside of her. She spread her legs as wide as the seat will allow. In the darkness, I can see the whiteness of her inner thighs as she sat there exposed.

She closes her eyes and loses herself in the moment. The movie is all but forgotten now, a distraction from the real show. Really surprising me now, she pulls her shirt and bra up to expose her breasts. Her nipples are hard little nubbins, standing proudly at attention. I begin a rapid flickering of her clit, and her hips begin to move in the seat as she approaches her orgasm.

She reaches up and puts her hands behind her neck on the back of the seat. She is totally exposed to anyone that would happen to come near us. I can’t believe we are doing this in a movie theater, no matter how empty it might be.

She keeps her right hand on the seat and brings her left hand down to squeeze and pinch her left nipple. I move my finger faster.

Suddenly, she slams her head down and comes really hard. It’s almost violent. Anyone looking her way would think that something was wrong.

Her right hand moves quickly down to capture my hand, holding it tightly against her as she convulses repeatedly, coming hard again and again.

She opens her eyes and reality comes quickly to her. She realizes where she is and what she’s doing. Even while her hips are still shaking in spasms, she pulls her shirt down to cover her breasts. She pulls my hand away from her crotch and pushes her skirt down. Then, she collapses against my shoulder.

After a minute, she looks up at me and whispers, “Whew! Where did that come from?”

“I don’t know,” I respond, “but it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” she whispers, “let’s get out of here.”

She takes my hand and leads me out of the theater. My cock is hard as steel inside my jeans and I’m curious about what she has in store next.

The car ride home was an experience to remember for the rest of my life.

The story continues…

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