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Remembering Tracey Part One

Remembering his first girlfriend
One of my first stories...

If your first was with someone you really loved and shared a large part of your life with, and not just a fling or one-night stand, then he or she will always hold a special place in your memories. Tracey was my first real love, and rarely does a day go by that something doesn’t trigger a memory of her.

We split up before college, but we stayed in contact with each other. The following story is fantasy, although I wish it had been true.

She called me one evening to ask me a favor.

“Hey, my car’s in the shop and I need to go apartment hunting for college.” She said, “since you’re going there too, do you want to go look together?”

“And what about your boyfriend?” I reminded her.

She had recently started dating a new guy and he didn’t really understand the friendship we had.

“He’s out of town. He thinks I’m going up there with my sister,” she told me.

“Okay, I’ll run you up there. But you have to promise not to tease me,” I warned.

“Well, I’ll try and hold myself back,” she responded with a laugh, “pick me up at 8?”

“Sure,” I told her, “it’s going to be hot, so dress comfortable.”

“Oh, don’t worry about me, I’ll be comfortable,” she replied.

The next morning I pulled into her driveway at 8:00 a.m. I go straight from being half-awake to full attention as Tracey steps out of the door. She’s wearing a very short pleated skirt that flies up and around her legs as she walks. Her legs are to die for. She tans just enough for color, and works out just enough for toning, and as I remember, they are baby soft and smooth. She was wearing the sandals that strap around her calf. She knows those drive me insane. They perfectly highlight her sexy legs and I like them so much I bought her a pair when we were out shopping one night.

She had on the college T-shirt I bought her at graduation, and it showed off her breasts. I love how a tight T-shirt will form-fit around a woman’s chest. Tracey’s breasts are perfect. They are also the first breasts that I’ve ever seen in person. We were in my car in front of her house late one night. I was fumbling around inside her shirt trying to undo the back of her bra.

She finally reached in the front and popped the clasp and asked, “Is this what you were looking for?”

Breasts! I was looking at the most precious pair of breasts in the world. Light pink nipples on the most perfectly formed breasts. I refuse to call them tits, because those are what you find on a stripper. Tracey has beautiful, soft, breasts.

I will always remember that moment. There is absolutely no comparison to the first time you cup your hand around a woman’s breast and feel the nipple harden against your palm. I was in heaven.

I leaned across the seat and opened the door for her. Her sweet smell immediately permeated the cab of my truck. I didn’t mind at all. Her perfume was not overpowering, but it was just enough to do the trick. It went into my nose and straight to my dick.

“Good morning!” she said with a smile, “thanks for taking me.”

“My pleasure. Tracey, you look great. You’re so damn hot,” I blurted.

She turned at looked me in the eye with a slight, knowing smile on her face.

“Thanks,” she said softly.

I backed out of the driveway and we headed off. I couldn’t help but stare at her legs. She had crossed her right leg over onto her left and the view was distracting. She knows I love her legs and that’s why she wore those sandals. The only thing sexier than that strap that wraps up to her calf is when she undoes it and lets the strap fall to her ankle.

We chatted about little things. She talked about her family and what she had been doing all summer. When she mentioned that she was spending the afternoons lying in the sun, my mind began to picture that scene.

“So, you laying out topless these days?” I teased her.

“No, I am not tanning topless,” she replied with a laugh.

She didn’t say anything else for a minute, then staring straight ahead at the road, she softly said, “The only time I’ve ever done that was with you.”

Her parents had gone out of town. Her oldest sister was in college and her younger sister was spending the weekend with a friend. I came over to take advantage of the situation, of course. When I got there, she was already outside on the back deck in her bikini. A quick kiss, an offer to rub lotion on her back, and it wasn't long before I was untying her bikini top. She didn't fight me on it either, just letting the strings fall. When she turned over onto her back, she tossed the bikini top onto the deck.

She stayed that way for an hour while I rubbed lotion over every inch of her body. I was hard as steel the entire time but was determined to give her pleasure.

My hands began to slide into her bikini bottom, and I could feel the heat coming from between her legs.

“I think it’s time we went inside,” she said in a soft, yet confident voice.

I followed her inside. She stopped at the refrigerator to get a drink. As she stood there wearing only her bikini bottoms, with the light of the open fridge door behind her, she had never looked sexier, and I think she knew it. She closed the door of the refrigerator and put her glass into the sink.

Tracey looked out of the kitchen window, checking the neighborhood, then turned around to look at me and said, “Do you want to take me right here, or should we go upstairs? Cause wherever it is, I need you naked and on top of me and I want you right now.”

I walked over to her and pushed my fingers through her hair, turning her face up to mine. I kissed her softly and then growled in her ear, “I want you right here. I want you on the stairs, and I want you upstairs after that.”

It was a very nice afternoon.

We pulled into the little college town and began our search for the right apartment.

To be continued…

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