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Remembering Tracey Part Three

story continues
“Sure, I’ll buy your lunch. After what just happened back there, I’ll buy you a restaurant.”

She smiled back at me and asked, “So what are you hungry for?”

“Do you really need to know the answer to that? You just gave me a taste of something I haven’t had in a while and now I’ve got a craving for it, “ I responded.

She stopped on the sidewalk and turned to me. Looking me straight in the eye, she asked, “If you’re serious about wanting that, I’ll let you have as much as you want.”

“Oh really?” I teased.

“No, I’m serious,” she told me, “but I have something I want you to do for me.”

She looked around and spotted a picnic table and headed in that direction. I couldn’t wait to hear this. I was still hard and anyone walking by would have noticed.

She sat down across from me, took a deep breath and began. “Look, I know we broke up and I’ve got a new boyfriend, but you and I both know we still love each other. You just don’t go through all that we did and then just never talk to each other anymore. I like to think that no matter what, we will still be friends, “ she said, all the while looking me in the eyes.

“Well, sure, “ I responded, “but wasn’t what just happened a little more than just between friends? Or are you teasing me to be mean?”

“It’s only teasing if I don’t end up giving you what you need, “she said, and paused before finishing with, “and I’m not going to tease you.”

“Okay, so what’s this all about?” I asked.

I wasn’t sure where this was going to go, but it seemed like one way or another I was going to see Tracey naked again and that was perfectly fine with me. I was willing to do just about anything at that point and I think she knew it.

“My boyfriend is going to another college, so he won’t be around very much,” she began, “and to be totally honest with you, I enjoy sex. It relaxes me and I’ve grown accustomed to it.”

She must have seen the look on my face, because she told me, “Don’t laugh. You are the cause of it. You were after me everyday and I got to where I actually looked forward to it. So, I have a proposal for you.”

“I’m listening, and I’m interested. Go on.” I told her.

“I want you to move in to the same apartment complex as I do. I want to have a friend to do things with. We can study, hang out, and share dinners together sometimes. We can ride back home and to school together and save gas money.”

“And…?” I questioned, leaving the question hanging.

“And,” she said softly, leaning over the table toward me, “you can have me anytime you want. I’ll do anything, anytime, anywhere. I need it, so I’ll give it. Plus, he can’t make me come the way you did. I always have to finish myself off when he’s done.”

“A wham, bam, thank you ma’am kind of guy, huh?” I asked, trying to hide the boost she’d given to my ego.

“If he’d only say thanks once or twice,” she sighed, “he’s always on top, never takes the time to get me ready, and then he just pounds into me until he’s done. He’s a really great guy, he just has a lot to learn. It’s always the same and never very satisfying in a sexual way.”

“So why don’t you teach him some things?” I asked her.

“Huh!” she responded, “I once tried to get him to go down on me and he actually got mad.”

“Well, he has no idea of what he’s missing,” I told her, “you should try that finger trick you just did with me. One taste and he’ll come back for more.”

“I know, I know, but it will take some time. Let’s set some ground rules, “ she said firmly. “First, this has nothing to do with him and me. I don’t want to hurt him or cause any problems between us. This has to be our little secret. Okay?” she asked.

“Sure,” I agreed, although at that point I would have agreed to just about anything.

“Second, you shouldn’t hang around all day waiting for me. Go out and meet girls." She told me this while looking at me to see my reaction. "Again, this should not interfere with our outside relationships. It has to be our secret.”

“Sounds okay with me,” I responded.

“Third, if you like these apartments, let’s go sign a lease right now and quit wasting time,” she stated.

I nodded my approval and she whispered, “Besides, if they give us a key today, we’re going to go christen each apartment, if you know what I mean. If you don’t know what I mean let me just say that I’m so wet I’m going to need a new pair of panties.”

“I do believe I get your point,” I whispered back, “and I’m so hard I’m practically in pain.”

So we got up from the table and went to the leasing office. Tracey got apartment 702 and I got 703 directly upstairs from hers. In fact, my floor is her ceiling.

The apartment manager led us on a tour of the rooms to make sure everything was fine. She gave each of us a set of keys, and with a knowing look in her eye, said, “You kids have fun now.”

As soon as she left, we each gave each other a key to the other’s apartment.

“We need a signal so that we don’t barge in on each other,” she said.

“Well,” I said, taking an observant look at the situation, “these are steel doors. Let’s buy some school mascot magnets. If the magnet is above the peephole that means to not come in or call. If it’s below the peephole, then come on in and take off your clothes.”

She laughed at that, and agreed that it sounded like a good idea.

“Now back to the original plan for all of this scheming,” she said looking at me hard, “do you want to fuck me now or later?”

“Both,” I growled, moving to her and taking her in my arms.

I smashed my lips against hers and pulled her body tightly to me. My hands fell to her ass and grabbed each cheek hard. I slid my hands upward under her shirt, feeling the bare skin of her back. I started to pull her shirt off and she broke our kiss and pushed me away.

“Wait. Wait a minute. I want to remember this, “ she said quickly.

She reached into her purse and pulled her digital camera out and set it on the bar of the kitchen. She set the timer for 30 seconds each.

“Stand right there, “she said as she looked through the back to make sure we would be framed, “now lie down on the floor.”

I did her bidding until she was satisfied that the pictures would record our actions and then she walked back to me.

“Now, where were we? I think you were about to rip off my clothes.”

She came back into my arms and hugged me tight. “It feels good to be held by you again,” she said softly.

I could feel my cock pushing against her stomach and I held her. Tracey turned her head up to face mine. Our lips met in a long, sweet kiss. My left hand moved to her back and my right moved to the back of her neck to hold her head as I kissed her hard. Her mouth opened and her tongue met mine in a little teasing flicker.

It wasn’t long before I was nibbling on her neck and breathing into her ear, “I want you so bad. You drove me absolutely crazy this morning and if I don’t get inside of you right now I’m going to burst.”

“Then take me. Take me hard and right now. Stick that dick inside of me,” she growled.

We pushed away from each other and ripped our clothes off. For the second time today, I’m seeing Tracey in all her naked glory.

“Well look at that. I think you’re ready for me,” she says with a lusty smile after seeing my hard cock, “ let me see my old friend.”

She drops to her knees and looks up at me with that pleading look that drives men wild. Her hands glide up my legs to lightly grab my balls and cock. She wraps her left hand around it and lightly kisses my dick. Then she wraps her lips around the head, looks up at me again and then slides it into her mouth.

There are few things in the world that compare with a beautiful woman taking your cock into her mouth and looking up at you at the same time. I’m torn between enjoying her sucking me and throwing her down on her back and fucking the hell out of her. My knees go weak as she licks, kisses, and sucks on me.

I finally pull her away and saying, “My turn,” I push her onto her back and dive between her legs. She’s so hot and wet that my tongue is almost scalded. I lick away at her juicy entrance, sliding my tongue between her lips and nibbling away at her clit until she begins a soft moaning.

I know from experience that if I go into her with me on top, I won’t last but a minute, so I slide over onto my back and pull her on top of me. She knows exactly where to go. She reaches down between us and positions my cock to her pussy. She rubs the head of my dick between her pussy lips, getting the tip slick with her wetness. Then, with a deep sigh, she slides down onto me until I’m completely encased inside of her.

“Ahhhhh,” we both moan at the same time. I reach up to cup her breasts in my hands. I softly squeeze her nipples between my fingers as she begins to move on me.

Tracey begins moving her hips on me in a rocking motion. The movement rubs her clitoris just right. I can tell that this is going to be a fast one, so I do my best to encourage her.

“That’s it, Trace. Fuck me. You’re going to come so hard,” I growl at her.

She begins to moan as she approaches her climax. I pinch her nipples lightly as she bucks faster and harder on my cock. She moves faster and faster until her body goes suddenly rigid and she slams into a series of convulsions, pushing her body onto mine.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah,” she moans, “that’s it. Unhhhhhhhh.”

She collapses on top of me as her body continues to shudder through her orgasm. I can feel her inner muscles flexing and squeezing my cock.

She finally calms down and looks up at me, resting her chin on my chest. “That was awesome. I haven’t come like that in a long while. Thank you.”

“My pleasure, ma’am,” I respond.

I slowly begin thrusting up against her, reminding her that there is still a stiff cock inside of her.

“Mmmmmm,” she softly whispers, “are you ready to take your pleasure of me?”

She slowly eases herself off of me and crawls a few feet away. She gets onto her hands and knees, bends her head down to the carpet and looks back at me.

“I believe you seem to like it this way,” she says, “so come over here and fuck me.”

In a second I’m on my knees behind her and easing my cock inside of her hot, moist pussy. I begin thrusting back and forth and I know this is going to be powerful.

“That’s it. Fuck me hard. Go ahead and slam it in, you won’t hurt me,” she growls at me, “and I’m on the pill, so come inside of me. I want to feel you shooting in me.”

That’s all I needed to hear. One, two, three and I’m coming hard.

I pound into her in several really hard thrusts. On the last one, I slowly fall onto her. She slides forward until she’s lying flat on the carpet with me on top of her and still inside of her.

After a second or two I roll off of her. She turns on her side to look at me.

“So, do you think this little arrangement of ours is going to work?"

The story continues…

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