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Rest Stop

Tags: car, legs, teasing
How a boring car ride can turn into fun.
It's been a wonderful vacation so far. The sights we've seen and the people we've met have been so very wonderful. But one complaint -- though not stated -- has been the car rides: long and boring. Miles and miles of desolate country roads. Beautiful sights, but over long distances, they get to be a bit boring.

Well, we're on the road and, yup, miles and miles of deserted road in front of and behind us. You're bored, and .... and I'm trying not to fall asleep. So you get an idea of how to cure both problems. You place your feet on the dashboard. Simple enough. How could this solve both our problems?

You know I love your legs. The sight of your luscious legs. You keep your legs so smooth. As smooth as satin. I love your feet. Seeing them on display like that makes me want to suck your toes.

You notice that this simple little act has gotten my attention. You see me looking your legs up and down. You notice that it's a little hard for me to keep my eye on the road. You begin to caress your legs. Oh how I wish I could do that. I wish I could caress your legs and feel the smoothness of your legs -- the warmth of your legs as my fingers graze along the length of them. How I wish I could kiss your legs, taste them, bite them. I love feasting on your gorgeous legs.

Caressing your legs is pleasing you as well. It's making you feel good, and knowing that I am watching you -- wanting you -- is making you a little wet. You start rubbing your legs together trying to entice me. You look over at me, and you know it's working. As one hand starts to concentrate on your inner thighs (which are completely exposed by now as your dress has been pushed aside), you take your other hand and wipe up some of your wetness. You taste your now soaked fingers and then allow me to suck them clean. Afterwards, you begin to trace the growing bulge in my pants.

You tell me I better pull off the road before there's an accident. I try to find a nice secluded place where I can park. But by now, you've begun to rub your cunt. Sliding your finger along your sweet, wet cunt, you start massaging your clit. Your sighs and moans fill the van as your hand moves from my crotch to your top.

You undo a number of buttons on your top so I can see the side of your breast. The sight of you sitting with your feet on the dashboard, your dress lifted to your waste and your top open enough for me to see the entire side of your breast is so very sexy. I am so turned on by it. I want you so bad. It almost hurts to see you massage your breasts... pinch your nipples... twisting them, pulling them. I need relief. I need you.

You haven't noticed, but we've parked by now, and I am just enjoying the show. I am enjoying seeing you rub your cunt, massaging your breasts and playing with your clit. You are working yourself up into quite a wonderful sexual frenzy. You've managed to place your thumb on your clit and a finger or two in your cunt. Your moans are so loud now. Quite loud considering the confined space we're in. So loud in fact, that you've not noticed the sound of my pants being undone. You're so lost in your own ecstasy, you've not noticed that my cock is out.

My urges overwhelm me and all at once, I kiss you with my tongue penetrating your mouth and my hand on your thigh quickly moving for your cunt. As a result of your already heightened state plus the sudden feeling of my hand on you and your wetness on my lips, you nearly cum. We kiss so very passionately as my hand continues to move to and eventually reaches your cunt. And then when we stop. You look at me with a hunger I've never seen before. You bark at me to get in the back. I move to the back and lay down. It's a good thing that the van has plenty of room in the back. You mount your soaking cunt on my face, and I attack you with my mouth.

I am licking your wetness and your lips. I suck each of your lips, and then head for your clit. I can't see exactly what you're doing, but I can imagine that your licking your lips before you begin to lick my cock like it's the most delicious treat you've ever had. You alternate between licking the head of my cock to licking its length. And then you begin to suck me. Your warm, tight mouth is bringing me close already.

You feel me run a hard cock up and down your cunt, getting it nice and wet. At first, you're surprised and confused. You then quickly realize what is happening. By the time you realize that I am using your toy (since my own cock is so happily being licked and sucked by you), I am already fucking your cunt with your toy while I suck your clit.

With my attention to your cunt and clit plus all the time you've been teasing me, it is all too much for you, and you have a glorious release. Your muffled screams, the tightening of your mouth on my cock, your pulsating clit and the clenching of your cunt tells me you are having a massive cum. I leave your vibrating toy in place and begin to caress your back and butt.

As you let go of my cock for a moment, you enjoy the afterglow of the cum and the sensation of my hands caressing your back, ass, and legs. You let out a sweet sigh as you feel my fingers just grazing you - reminding you of how your hands were grazing your legs just a little bit ago.

You decide that it is time that I came. So you begin sucking my cock again. As you do, I take copious amounts of your wetness and coat my fingers, and then my fingers start to probe your anus. As I start to suck and bite your clit again and as one hand begins to work your vibrating toy in and out of you again, the fingers of my other hand continue to probe your anus and begin to penetrate you.

The feeling of my stiff cock in your mouth, that toy you enjoy in your cunt pounding you, my mouth and teeth sucking and biting your clit, and now my fingers in your ass are overwhelming. You know you're going to cum again -- soon. As you begin to feel my cock throb, pulsate and then shoot my cum in your mouth, your second cum washes over you as our bodies react in unison to the mutual pleasure we've given each other. As I cum, you cum. As your mouth tightens and milks my cock, it makes me cum even more.

After what seems like a blissful eternity, we release each. We then enjoy sweet kisses and caresses -- only to be interrupted as we remember where we are: the back seat of a van on a deserted road on our way to our next destination.

You look at me with that coy smile of yours and say, "So how was that for a rest stop?"

We just smile at each other, and cuddle a bit longer before continuing on.
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