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Return From Christmas Break

Didi had waited five years for this night.
I pulled into the parking lot of my dorm, wishing Christmas Break wasn’t ending. I unloaded my luggage and carried it up to my room.

Our dorms were apartment style with four bedrooms, a bath, kitchen and living room. There were four apartments per floor with two on each end.

As I went into my room I noticed my neighbors door cracked open and heard voices inside talking. Once in my room I found a note that my roommate left saying he and two of our neighbors were at their place playing Trivial Pursuit.

After unpacking I walked next door and found my roommate, two of my neighbors, and a girl playing Trivial Pursuit. Trivial Pursuit in this case is played the normal way except when you miss a question you drink a shot of beer.

They asked me to join them and we started a new game. After a short time we were all getting pretty buzzed and having a great time. It was my turn and I answered the question correctly earning a piece to win the category. As I put the piece in my holder, I did so upside down. It was about this time that we realized my answer was actually incorrect.

My roommate Tim was next and he started his turn. I meanwhile, was trying to get the game piece out of the holder. Much my disdain, it was not coming out.

Finally, one of my neighbors said they had to use the restroom and we took a break.

I said, “I am going to our room and get a toothpick to get the stuck puzzle piece out.”

I walked straight into our kitchen, opened the cabinet, and grabbed a toothpick from the box. As I turned around there was the girl from our game standing right in front of me. 

Startled, I said, “Didi, what are you doing”

She put her hands on my hips and asked, “Do you remember me?”

Immediately, my mind raced trying to think of where we may have met. I answered, “I have had a bit to drink, give me a hint.”

She said, “Mr. Bivens.”

I thought quickly and the only Mr. Bivens I could remember was my Freshman English teacher in high school. I replied, “Mr. Bivens from CHS.” 

Didi, answered, “Yes. We had Freshman English class together.” 

I am not sure how my face looked, but I could not remember her to save my life. 

Didi said, “It was the only class we ever had together and I always had the biggest crush on you during high school.” She continued, “You were always one of the most popular people in school and I never felt comfortable approaching you.”

A bit relieved, that I hadn’t been an asshole to this girl over something, I told her, she shouldn’t have been nervous, I got along with everyone. 

She looked at me and gave me this shy little smile and leaned in gently touching her lips to mine. 

“Are you okay that I kissed you,” she asked.

“Flattered,” I said. 

“Are you seeing anyone,” she questioned.

“No,” I responded.

She leaned in and I met her as our mouths embraced a second time. This time she opened up and let her tongue meet mine as we kissed deeply and passionately. 

As we parted from each other, I commented, “ Do you think they are wondering where we are?” 

She answered, “I think they are all drinking and haven’t even missed us.” 

“Good, come with me,” I said.

We walked into my bedroom, closed the door, and locked it. (Remember 18-19 year old college guys can be obnoxious, like walking in unannounced.)

I flipped the light on and she turned to me reaching out with her arms. We embraced, kissing deeply, letting our tongues explore every inch of each other’s mouth. My cock was now at full attention and my imagination running wild.

Didi pulled back and lifted my shirt as to raise it over my head. I helped her remove it and returned the favor by helping with hers. 

She reached back and unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor. Her exposed breasts were pale with beautiful nipples extended straight out.

We were such a contrast. I had Native American heritage and am naturally tan all year round. Her skin was creamy, like you would see in paintings of women during the Victorian age. 

I held her, our bare chests touching, her nipples yearning for more attention. I began to kiss her neck and slowly worked my lips and tongue lower until finally reaching her breasts. I kissed and licked her nipples causing her to moan and twist ever so slightly. As she started getting a little louder she pushed away, as too hold off what was coming.

She reached over to my waist and unbuttoned my Levi’s. She unzipped them and slid them down to the floor. “I love boxers,” she whispered. “I think they are sexy on guys,” she mentioned as she lowered them off of me. 

By now my cock was almost hurting it was so hard. She looked at it, then at me, and took it in her hand almost balancing herself as she dropped down to her knees. 

She began by licking the underside of my rigid cock, letting her tongue explore every inch of it. I was about to lose my mind with pleasure. She then cocked her head to taste the top and side of my raging member. After a short bit she glanced up at me and could tell by my eyes I was begging for her mouth to swallow my cock. She put her lips on the head of my cock and then without pause swallowed it all the way to my stomach. 

I thought I was going to explode. She slowly moved me in and out of her mouth just a few times and I had to stop her. If I didn't I would cum right now. 

I guided her head away saying, “Let’s move over to the bed.” 

I backed her up and carefully laid her on my bed. She was stretched out and I knelt next to the bed. I pulled one leg of the bed to the ground and positioned my head between her soft, creamy thighs. Her scent was spell binding. I couldn’t wait any longer, I put my mouth over her dripping wet pussy and began to suck every ounce their into my mouth. Her juices were like having a delicacy. 

I continued sucking, licking, and probing every inch of loins as she started thrusting her hips harder and harder into my mouth. Her breathing became louder. Her hands reached to my head and pushed down as she moaned and I fell my mouth filling with the spectacular juices coming from her orgasm. She moaned again and finally in a whispered voice said, “Please stop. I need a break, just a moment.” 

I pulled my head away, climbing on the bed, and knelt between her legs, holding her in between my arms. 

“That was amazing," she said. “I couldn’t take anymore just then, I had to stop for a second, is that okay”, she asked. 

“Of course,” I answered. “ I loved it, the taste of you is out of this world," I stated.

“I want you inside me,” she said softly. 

I positioned myself over her and slowly started to rub my cock against her lips moistening with ecstasy seeping from her wet, wet pussy. As it got wet, I entered her. She was so hot and moist inside I couldn’t believe it. I thought I could go slowly, but the warm, moist, tightness of me inside her was too much.

I started pumping, harder and harder, pushing my pelvis to hers. I moved her legs up towards her head. She was grabbing my sheets holding on and trying her thrust into me as much as she could. 

I was beginning to tense up, when she asked for me not to cum inside her. She could tell by my body that I was near. 

“Sure," I said. 

“I’m getting ready to cum,” I blurted out. 

“Hurry, I want you in my mouth,” she burst out.

I pulled out and hurriedly made my way to her face. I was holding on for dear life, as I did not want to spray her with cum. She opened her mouth inviting my cock in as she would a lollipop. I plunged my cock into her mouth letting go with my hand. Once, I let go my cock exploded cum to the back of her throat filling her mouth, it seemed like more cum than I have ever released in my life. She struggled just a bit, but swallowed every drop and then sucked on me just for a second or two. 

I rolled over and we both tried to catch our breath. 

After a few minutes, I told Didi that I was glad she followed me over to my room. 

She said, “I didn’t want to waste another chance to know you, so I took a risk.” 

“I hope you are happy with the results,” I stammered. 

“Absolutely!” she replied, while reaching between my legs and beginning to stroke me back to an erection. “The night is still young,” she said. “We have lost time to make up”. 

Didi and I had sex all-night and even in the shower the next morning.

Didi only saw each other once more after that night other than to say hi, but always with a cheeky grin knowing the night we had.

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