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My first erotic story! Just a fantasy of mine.
Kara answered the door and saw Allie eagerly waiting. "You look great Kara!" Allie beamed.

"Are you sure? I don't want to show up to this party underdressed."

"I promise. You look hott!" Allie was right. Kara's wavy strawberry blonde hair looked beautiful against a sheer blue blouse. Her legs looked slim and tanned under her white short shorts. But most of all, Kara had no idea how beautiful she really was, which was the most attractive part about her.

When Kara and Allie walked into the party, everyone turned their heads. Kara assumed they all were looking at Allie's exotic beauty, but she had no idea that she was the centre of most people's attraction. She smiled, and quickly walked around the room, saying hello and catching up with friends from the past.

Eventually, Eric walked into the room, and they locked eyes almost immediately. She was incredibly excited to see her friend from college that she hadn't seen in two years! He looked mostly the same, tall, sandy blonde hair, a little scruff and a beautiful long and lean body. She ran over to him and gave him a huge hug.

The two friends caught up for a long portion of the evening. The chemistry between the two of them was amazing. Conversation flowed, and Kara felt like there was even some flirting going on. She shook her head and chalked it up to the alcohol. After a few games of beer pong, Kara said her goodbyes. Eric was genuinely disappointed she was leaving. He told her he was in town for the rest of the weekend, and hoped he would see her at least once more.

After Allie dropped her at home, Kara started to get ready for bed. As she took off her blouse, she heard a knock at the door. Assuming Allie had left something at her place, she quickly ran to the door, "What did you forget Al… "

She opened the door to see Eric standing there. He seemed breathless and nervous.

"Oh! Eric. Hi... is everything okay?" As she asked the question, she realized she hadn't put her shirt back on, so she was just wearing her white shorts and a white lace bra.

Before she had the chance to be embarrassed, Eric grabbed her and met her lips with his. Normally, Kara would fight off a drunk friend making a move on her, but this kiss felt different. It felt right.

She put her arms around his waist and backed up. Eric continued to kiss her, nibbling on her lower lip, sending tingles down to her sex. She closed the door before finally breaking the kiss.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, Kara... well not that sorry..." he said as he hungrily stared at her beautiful body. "I just couldn't stop thinking about you when you left. I got a friend to drop me here. I needed to see you. To taste you."

With that, he grabbed her again. This time the kiss seemed more rushed, and urgent. He wanted her, and he wanted her now.

As his tongue ravished her mouth, he backed her against the wall and grabbed her wrists. He pinned them above her head and he explored her neck, earlobes and shoulders with his lips and tongue. She let out a quiet purr and then said, "Follow me."

Kara led Eric into her bedroom, and felt her animal instincts kick in. She ripped off her shorts and bra, so she was left only wearing a white lace thong. She laid on the bed and started to rub the outside of her pussy through the material. Eric watched in awe. This beautiful woman knew exactly how to turn him on. As he watched her close her eyes and rub her clit, his cock stiffened. He needed to see that pussy. He needed to be inside of her. He quickly ripped off his clothing and got on top of her, taking control. He used his hand on her clit and she moaned, asking for more. He took her 34C titties into his mouth, teasing and nibbling her nipples. He kissed all the way down her stomach and slid her panties off.

It was a gorgeous pussy. Cleanly shaven. Pink, and wet with excitement. He kissed, licked and nibbled all around it. "Ooh, Eric. Please. Don't tease me." With that request, he couldn't say no. He took her clit between his lips and sucked on it lightly. "More baby!" His tongue started to flick up and down and he sucked harder on her. He then thrust two fingers into her, feeling how ready she was to be fucked. She screamed for more and he was so pleased to feel how tight her beautiful little pussy was. He pumped his fingers in and out of her and he licked and sucked on her clit. She bucked her hips and grabbed his hair, screaming for more and more.

Just as he could feel her orgasm building, he suddenly stopped and flashed her a flirty smile. He wiped his face, and kissed her stomach. He saw the lust and anger building in her eyes. She flipped him over, taking control. Instead of sitting on top of his long hard cock right away she teased him. "Two can play this game, Eric."

Kara knelt between Eric's legs and stroked his dick with one finger, lightly. He was hard as a rock, and so ready for her to sit on him. Instead, she slowly licked his cock from base to tip while staring him in the eyes. Her ass was sticking up high, and she looked so fucking sexy as her tongue teased him. Kara crawled forward so they were nose to nose. Her slit hovered just above his boner, "Do you want this now, baby?"

She had him begging. "Please Kara, I need to be in you. I wanna fuck you so bad." Instead, she rubbed her slit back and forth against the tip of his penis. "Oh fuck Kara. Please." She held his cock with one hand and made tiny circles around her clit with his tip.

"Mmmm. Your cock feels so good Eric." She stared into his eyes, "I can't wait for you to fill me up." With that she dropped onto him. "Oooh fuck yes!"

Kara grabbed her tits and started to bounce up and down on Eric's thick cock. He enjoyed watching her explore her body and moan with pleasure. He matched her pace and their bodies slapped against each other in a steady rhythm. As she rode him quicker and quicker, she bit her lip and pinched her nipples.

She suddenly got off of his dick and the bed and stood up facing the wall. She arched her back, sticking out her round ass, "Fuck me!" He stood and did as she said, entering her from behind. "Ooohh!" He slapped against her over and over. He took his right hand and played with her sex from the front.

"You like that baby?" As he said this, he was at his brink. He was so ready to fill her up with his cum.

"Just… a… little… more…. oooh. Yes, Eric! YES!"

They came together. Eric filled her up with his juices as she screamed his name.

They made their way back to the bed, and flopped down beside each other.

"I didn't know you had that in you Kara."

"Oh, just you wait."

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