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Revenge Play - Part 1

Cathy is an awesome friend. Such fun, so natural, that you never actually notice that she's drop dead gorgeous, or if you do, it's in an academic way because she doesn't use it as a weapon. Well, correction, I'd never known her use it as a weapon.

“Mark wants me to go away for the weekend with his soccer club,” she was telling me. “I don't want to go. I hate the women there. They're mean and bitchy and it's a continual game of one-upmanship. It's always about who's legs are the prettiest, who can flirt the hardest with another man to score points off of someone else, and who can show the most cleavage.”

These comments from Cathy came as a bit of a surprise to me. As an internationally competitive skier and a nudist, I was surprised that these things would bother her. She had an absolutely awesome body, pretty blue eyes and long blonde hair, with a darkish skin that is unusual in a blonde. Really, in retrospect, I should have killed her off long ago. In fact, I'm pretty sure I would've if she wasn't such an amazing friend.

“Anyway, I refused to go but he's begging and I feel bad. Won't you please come too, Carrie?”

“Great sales pitch,” I mocked her, “First tell me that's it's the worst place to be on earth in a competition I have no hope of competing in, and then you invite me along. I don't think so.”

“There is no competition. You're much more beautiful than any of them. You have lovely curves and more femininity in your smile than they can manage in a lifetime. Come on Carrie, please?” Cathy wheedled.

I have to defend myself here, I wasn't a walkover, but I did eventually give in. Truth is I felt sorry for her. She clearly didn't have the armour that came with her looks and she needed my support. Her parting words gave me pause though. Maybe I'd underestimated her?

“Umm, maybe I should just warn you about something. But you can't go back on your word now that you've given it to me. I told Mark that if I do go, I'm going to be impossible. I'm going to wear my sluttiest clothes I can find and be so over the top they'll give up on this stupid competition.”

I laughed, delighted at her words, and completely unphased by them. I had never seen Cathy look anything close to slutty and knew it was an impossible feat. She just wasn't. I hardly even thought of her as sexy because she was so without airs.

Well, was I in for a surprise! They picked me up at my house on Friday after work. Mark greeted me with an odd, sheepish look I couldn't fathom, and helped me into the back seat. We chatted for the hour and a half of the trip, and when we arrived it was already dark. Mark parked in the lit area in front of the hotel so that we could all we got out of the car. This was when I got my first sight of Cathy where there wasn’t a seat between us and I literally lost the power of speech.

She loved my reaction and threw her head back and laughed. I have never seen a more beautiful, vibrant sight in my life. Cathy was wearing the sheerest of gold brown knee-length dresses. Her gold underwear underneath was clearly visible, as were her dusky nipples through the sheer bra. What she couldn't know was how the lights of the hotel bathed her in their warmth, making her literally glow like a supernatural being. She looked warm, powerful and alluring, but her laughter transformed her into truly incandescent.

Mark in the meantime had already met up with four or five other couples, but all of them were completely frozen, staring at Cathy as if no-one else existed. I was so mesmerised by Cathy that I caught the flash in her eyes of something I’d never seen there before, a consciousness of herself and her effect on others. I must admit a whole new respect dawned in me for my gorgeous friend in that moment. It's not that she didn't have the pretty-girl tools, she just actively chose not to use them. She was now though. I could clearly see that this moment was carefully orchestrated for maximum effect.

Cath stayed there, allowing the attention to wash over her. Eventually, partially breaking the spell, she walked over to me and took my hand.

“Hey guys, this is our girlfriend, Carrie. We've told you about her,” she stated to the world at large. I nearly gaped out loud. Cathy never held my hand in quite this way, and the inflection she put on the word girlfriend was, well, awkward. “We'll just get settle in our room and then we'll join you in the bar.” Still holding my hand, she grabbed Mark's as well and the three of us trailed to the lifts, linked together.

“Um, 'girlfriend?', 'our room?' ” I queried as the doors of the lifts closed. Cathy's eyes were brimming with laughter.

“I did warn you I was going to be impossible this weekend,” she twinkled at me. “I told Mark I was introducing you as our lover.”

“What, but...?” Actually hearing the words spoken shocked me more than the suspicions had.

“Relax Carrie. It's just a game. But don't drop me even if I do outrageous things, okay. This is my one chance to slap back and I'm going to properly change the balance of power in this little group.”

“But Cath, just think how Mark will feel having me introduced as his lover,” I tried to reason with her.

“He thinks it's awesome. You know how sexy he thinks you are and he's always up for a peek at your beautiful cleavage. It's giving him a huge rush to play along,” she reassured me.

Oh well, I thought, how bad could it be. I agreed a bit tentatively and we entered our suite. The porter delivered our bags so I quickly unpacked in my room as they did in theirs and freshened up a bit before going to the bar to join the others again. I had no hope of matching Cathy's less-than-dress, but I did put on a nice pair of ass-hugging jeans and a sexy top that did marvels for my lush cleavage. I might as well make it easy on Mark to look at me if I'd agreed to this strange game. I had an uneasy feeling that I was a bit out of my depth, but I'd agreed, and how bad could it get?

Back down in the foyer Mark smiled naughtily at us, and p­ut an arm around each of us to lead us into the bar. He'd put his arm around me a hundred times before in passing, but this time it felt significantly sexy and I was embarrassed as I felt my nipples tighten under my tight top. There was no way that it wouldn't show either.

Just outside the door, clearly visible to most of the people in the bar, Mark pulled us both in together into a sort-of circle to talk and I felt the heat washing onto me from both of them, the textures of the rough cotton of Mark's top and even the odd gust of his breath as he spoke.

“This weekend’s different, Carrie. We’re not out as pals, you’re here as my other lover and you’re going to let me spoil you like one. So no arguments, I’ll handle the drinks and all the other bills tonight too. I know you have issues with it, but you’ll spoil the effect it I treat you differently to Cathy.” The look in his eye when he said the word ‘lover’ was wicked and rolled over my spine like a dare. I was so caught up in the sensations that I just nodded. We normally had an agreement when we went out that we took it in turns to buy drinks so that I didn't feel uncomfortable tagging along with them.

Pleased with my unusual acquiescence, he leaned in and kissed me on my lips, only lingering slightly too long, but with so much sensuality poured into those seconds that my knees nearly buckled. Then he did the same to Cath, pulling us together even closer in the process. Cath in the meantime had slipped her arm around my waist as well. She gave me a gentle squeeze before releasing me, but even that wasn’t quite innocent.

Dramatically, that’s how Mark lead us in to the bar, with Cath on his one arm, glowing radiantly, sparkling with her mischief, and me on the other, dark and smoky, looking completely aroused thanks only in part to my nipples that were reacting to all the innuendos in the air.

The evening was fun but intense. We were part of a much larger crowd and we mingled and chatted with everyone. It didn’t take me ten minutes to get what Cath had meant about the other women there. The first snide comment was so blatantly nasty that it shocked me, but a meaningful look from Cath reminded me who I was dealing with and not to take it personally.

“So why are you hanging with Cath and Mark? Don’t you have your own boyfriend?” The question said ‘don’t’ but the tone said ‘can’t you get one?’. Cath rescued me that time.

“Oh, Carrie doesn’t just have boyfriends, she has all sorts of friends,” was Cath’s cryptic reply, but the loving stroke of my arm and her intense gaze into my eyes wasn’t cryptic at all. It was a blatant claim of my person. I was starting to get into the game though, and the glass of wine I’d tossed rather quickly was warming me nicely, so I took Cath’s hand from my arm and raised it, palm up for a flirty, suggestive kiss.

“Oh yes, I’ve got all types of ‘friends’, “ I purred, suddenly starting to enjoy myself.

The next bitchy remark was a lot less subtle.

“Carrie, it must be tough dealing with those breasts. Have you considered surgery?” This of my 34C cup which is my pride and joy.

“Oh yes, I did, but the plastic surgeon said that he’ never seen a more beautifully natural shape before so he refused to enlarge them,” I answered without even really thinking about it. “Besides which, Mark adores them.” Hearing his name Mark looked over our way.

“Mark, honey,” I used my newly discovered purry voice again. “I was just telling Barbie here how you love my breasts.” Mark was walking towards us already. My voice must have travelled a bit more than I’d realised because suddenly there was almost complete silence in the bar as everyone waited for Mark’s answer.

“Honey,” he echoed my endearment, “Cath and I both love your breasts. They’re a feast and absolutely impossible to resist.” With that he bent his head and kissed the tip of my cleavage, a wet, personal kiss that I would not normally have allowed anyone to plant anywhere on me in public. Then he lowered his voice, pretending to speak intimately to me but pitching it just loud enough that it carried to those closest to us, which guaranteed it would be around the room in a minute. “And the way your nipples are so hard now begging for me to bite you again really turns me on.” I don’t know if it was possible, but they got even harder at that blatant lie, tempting him to make it a truth.

The other conversations slowly resumed when it became clear the floor show was over. Cath had joined us again, and the three of us returned to our little circle of before to talk, arms loosely circling one another’s waists. Cath was bubbling with laughter and Mark was clearly enjoying the moment almost as much as she was.

“Carrie! I didn’t know you had it in you. That was hilarious! I don’t know if it’s funnier that you called her Barbie or said you were contemplating an enlargement. But your plastic surgeon was right, she twinkled at me. “Your gorgeous breasts are way too beautiful to mess with. And did you see the reactions? I swear every woman went green and every man got an instant erection when Mark kissed your cleavage.”

“God knows, I did,” Mark affirmed. “If it wasn’t so very public I’d let you both feel. I need something cold after that. I’ll get us all another drink.”

The rest of the evening passed relatively normally. Cath and Mark and I toned down to flirting a little, and all other talons remained advisedly sheathed. It’s seems Barbie’s lesson had had an impact.

That doesn’t mean that my reactions settled down though. The sexual tension in the room had definitely ramped up. I had thought Cath was teasing about the men’s responses, but she wasn’t. Clearly they saw me as Mark’s woman, so no-one went so far as to touch me, but the looks, and for some, the completely open speculation and desire in their eyes fuelled my sexual flame. It wasn’t the alcohol either. Cath, Mark and I had a habit of drinking a water between every alcoholic drink, so we might get a buzz, but very seldom more than that.

The eye opener for me was how the women responded. Most now avoided me completely, but a couple of them made an effort to chat and – flirt? They were, they were flirting with me! My world shifted slightly as these new possibilities filtered in. I was straight, there was no doubt, but I had definitely been turned on by Cath before. If I was honest, this wasn’t even the first time. Would I really consider sex with another woman? God knows, flirting with them now was a definite turn on.

My body was so aroused now that I felt everything. The heat of the room on my cheeks, the breath of speech on my face, my bra rubbing my engorged nipples so that they actually hurt, the fabric of my top as it hugged me tight, but most of all I felt the seeping honey between my legs, the burning emptiness there that was getting more and more desperate to be filled. I might be flirting with women, but part of my need was definitely for a man.

Eventually we left. Our goodbyes were much more familiar than the hellos had been, and some openly envious comments were exchanged.

“Hey Carrie, Mark’s got Cath already. Rather come with me,” an only semi-joking Phillip offered.

“Take me, take me,” Garth chimed in. “Otherwise take both of us. You’re woman enough for both of us.” Phillip was single so that was okay, but Garth was Barbie’s partner. Her cutting look didn’t improve when I burst out laughing.

Mark didn’t say anything. He just smiled a cat-got-the-cream smile, put an arm around each of us and left as he’d arrived, with both of us on his arm. Ten out of ten for cool.

The buzz of our game, of being the centre of the sexual vibrations in the bar followed us, and it was only once we were in our suite that reality started setting in. Cath was rubbing against Mark, feeling him up as she often did in front of me when she was a bit tipsy. Teasing him, and, now I realised, me? Mark looked up from their very hot kiss, straight into my eyes.

“Come here Carrie, your turn,” he quipped. He could have been teasing, just including me in the moment, but deep down I knew he wasn’t. Cath turned to me too and held out her hand as well. Without a word I joined them. It wasn’t Mark who kissed me first, it was Cath. Her skin was softer than any I’d kissed before, but her kiss was as hot and hungry as any man’s. Then it was Mark’s tongue in my mouth. His textures were rougher, his kiss a bit wetter, but as exciting. Within seconds the two of them were working on my buttons and zips until they had me completely naked and laid out on the knee high coffee table.

“I’ve always wanted to taste you,” Cath breathed against my nipple before she sucked it in. She blew and breathed and sucked on one nipple then the other until my whole body was shuddering in arousal. All I could hear was the sound of her sucking punctuated by my odd whimper. All I could feel was the cold table under me contrasting with the warmth of her mouth alternating on my nipples, the slight roughness of her tongue, and then the rasp of her breath blowing on my saliva-wet breasts. My hands were travelling all over myself in desperation, but they kept returning to her head, pulling her closer to try and bring myself some relief.

In the meantime Mark had disappeared for a few minutes. He returned with some things in his hand which he laid down, then dribbled cold oil all over my burning skin. He started rubbing it everywhere, my legs, stomach, arms and neck. He skirted around my breasts, and under my arms, stimulating nerves I didn’t know I had. In between, whenever he could reach, he’d drink in my moans in kisses that simulated the erotic rhythm I prayed was still to come.

Eventually he left my mouth and his hands travelled down my body again. My pussy was still achingly empty, but as the shockingly cold oil dripped onto it, I knew that it wouldn’t be for long. When Mark’s hand touched me, teasing my clitoris before sinking deep inside me, I convulsed in relieved ecstasy.

Mark played me there, so flooded by my flowing juices that he didn’t bother to add more oil. Cath was still sucking my breasts, but now she was being firmer, biting them slightly in between hard, pulling sucks. My whole body was on fire. I could hardly differentiate between the different parts of myself anymore, I just knew that the whole of me was ablaze and something was about to explode.

Within seconds I did. But instead of stopping, Mark covered me with his mouth and drank from me thirstily, sending me into orbit again in a huge and shuddering orgasm that came even faster than the first. Cath was kissing me through my orgasms, staring deep into my eyes, licking my lips and fucking my mouth with her tongue.

After my second orgasm she broke our amazingly intimate eye contact and looked at Mark, giving him a little nod and a smile. It was clearly a pre-arranged signal saying “She’s ready now” because he immediately drove himself into me, hot and hard and deep. What followed was animalistic it was so primitive. Mark had clearly kept himself balancing on the edge and couldn’t anymore. He ground and bumped into me with an increasingly desperate rhythm. I was still flying like a kite from my first orgasms, so it didn’t take much to shoot me over the edge for a third one. My whole body convulsed uncontrollably, and as it did, Mark plunged even deeper and harder. He too had clearly come with a shattering intensity.

No-one spoke for an age as Mark and I struggled for breath. Cath rubbed us and bathed us in little kisses as we slowly re-entered reality. I realised now that I’d somehow moved from the table to the carpet and had no idea how. Eventually Mark reached up and kissed me in a deep, drugging kiss, before kissing Cath too, and that changed the mood of the moment, slowing it from hungrily sexual to romantic and intimate.

We were all still connected, our hands touching each other, our bodies sinuously moving over each other, lazily mingling juices and kisses as we shared the intimacy between the three of us that is such a wonderful part of really great sex. We swopped nips and kisses, and, eventually, longer sucks and wetter, more targeted licks as our sexual tension started rising again. It was Cath’s turn now, and I was about to experience a woman as I never ever thought I would.

Part 2 to follow

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