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Reverse Cuckold: Part 2

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An unselfish wife
I was on my hands and knees when Jim grabbed my thighs and spread my legs wide. He put two pillows under my pelvis and lifted my hips. Lynn was still bouncing on her vibrator when she heard me moan from Jim's cock entering me. She looked up at me, her eyes focused on mine. She lifted her left tit and started sucking it. She had a slutty look in her eyes while looked and me and licked.The ball vibrator, also known as a "Magic Wand" was on the seat on her wheel chair. She was straddling it and her clit was on the ball. I've used these before, they're very powerful.

She watched as Jim grabbed my shoulders and began hammering away at me. I tried to focus on her, but I couldn't. Jim was getting rough, he was slapping my ass, pulling my hair, and calling me very dirty names. The brass headboard slammed against the wall, I was doing all that I could to handle the pounding that I was taking. Jim removed one of the pillows out from under me, and put my body flat on the bed. He spread my legs to that I was in a froggy position. I thought that he might break me in half. My upper body and my legs rose off of the bed every time my pelvis slammed into it.

"Oh..Oh..Oh." I said, with every thrust of his hard cock.

Lynn began getting vocal again, this time, with herself. She was moaning quite loudly. While Jim was trying to drive me right through the mattress, I turned my head to watch her. I was amazed at what I saw. Lynn had taken a dildo, with a suction bottom, and put it on her seat. She was bouncing up and down on that while pressing the vibrator against her clit with her left hand.She looked like she was about to explode,

By now, Jim was using me as his own little fuck doll. I was getting it hard and rough. He was fucking the shit out of me. My ass was high in the air , and his strong arms had a tight grip on my waist. Our skin slapped together loudly every time he pulled me toward him. Then it happened.

"OH GOD...BABY." Lynn screamed.

She lifted her body and shook as clear liquid poured out of her vagina on to the towel as a thunderous orgasm rocked her body. I had already had two orgasms by this time, but seeing that, combined with the brutal pounding I was taking, the third was seconds away. My body stiffened and I put my face in the pillow.

"I'M CUMMING." I screamed, in a muffled voice.

Jim kept fucking as my body convulsed beneath him, Jim went on for another minute or so then suddenly pulled out. My initial thought was that he came but I couldn't feel it because of the condom. He got off of the bed and took off the condom. His cock still hard and throbbing as he walked over to Lynn, gently picked her up and carried her over to the bed. While I was still recovering from my orgasm, he gently placed her on her stomach. That's when the gentleness ended. He propped a pillow under her, just like he did to me, he closed her legs together and entered her so hard that she let out a deep moan.

Lynn talked dirty as he plowed away at her with deep hard thrusts. I sat on the bed with my back against the headboard, and just watched. Jim was tearing her up. The bed was bouncing, Lynn was screaming, and I was sitting back watching her face. Because of the position that I was in, I couldn't see his cock, that's why I was so surprised at what happened next.

"YES..BABY, FUCK MY ASS!" Lynn screamed.

She was getting a very rough ass fuck and loving every second of it. She also loved the fact that I was watching. It appeared that she was trying to show me how slutty she could be. She was doing a good job of it too. After a few moments she had this monstrous orgasm. She grabbed the bed sheet and yanked it.

"FUUUCK." she screamed.

Jim was relentless on her ass. Lynn was damn near crying as he pounded away at it for what seemed like an eternity. Then he pulled out and turned her over in a gentle way. He got on his knees and placed two pillows under her ass. He grabbed her legs, pulled them straight up and put her knees over her shoulder. He grabbed her outer thighs and pulled her toward him as he rammed his cock into her. Right away, he began hammering away at her. Even with the weight of three people on it, the bed moved and headboard slammed against the wall.

Lynn's round tits were bouncing back and forth. She looked up at me and moved her tongue back and forth in her mouth. I leaned over and kissed her as Jim fucked her very hard. She was moaning loudly, and her body writhed under me. I began licking her tits just as Jim decided to ramp it up.

"OH..GOD." Lynn screamed.

I felt her body tense up, and she let out a shriek. She came extremely hard,squirting on her husbands cock. He fucked her for a few more minutes, then moaned loudly as he shot a huge load of cum deep inside of her. Lynn laid on the bed, shaking and panting. Jim then instructed me to go to his dresser and open the bottom drawer, when I did, my jaw dropped. I was looking at a large strap-on.

"Put it on." he said.

"Huh?" I replied, with a puzzled look on my face.

"Put it on!"he said, in a somewhat demanding voice.

After I did, he instructed my to get on the bed and lay on my back. While Lynn was still panting, he lifted her up and help her move her body in a position where she was straddling me. I looked down as she grabbed the strap-on with one hand, and slowly sat on it. She moaned loudly as it slowly filled her, stretching her labia. She fucked it slowly at first, then a bit faster.

"Ready baby?" Jim asked her.

"Yes." she moaned.

Jim got behind her, straddling my legs as well. She reached back and put both arms behind his neck, and he put both hands on her waist.

"Move your hips Sara, fuck her." Jim said.

I slowly began thrusting my hips upward.

"Hard."he said "You're not going to hurt her, fuck her hard."

I began moving my hips upward,thrusting deep into her. Jim would push her body down on the dildo every time I thrust upward.

"HARDER!" he said.

I sat up a bit and started thrusting really hard. He was just about lifting her up, then dropping her on it at the same speed that I was going. Her big tits were moving up and down rapidly, and the sound of our skin slapping together was deafening. Her head was down, and her eyes were closed. I had never done this before, Jim and I were fucking Lynn's brains out. He reached around and began rubbing her clit as I pounded away at her tight, young pussy. It didn't take long.

"I'm gonna.......I'm gonna fucking cum." she said.

About fifteen seconds later, he body shook above me. Jim lifted her while furiously rubbing her clit. Again, Lynn shrieked, and I watched as she squirted all over my stomach. I have seen many men cum on me, but never a woman. It as so fucking hot.

After she came, Jim put her gently back on the bed, she was just lying there, looking at me.

"She's done." Jim said.

I got up and took off the strap-on. I took a shower and when I came out of his bathroom, Lynn was under the covers, sound asleep. Jim thanked me and walked me to the door.

"Happy Birthday." I said to him.

"Thank you, it was." he said.

He told me that he'd see me at the shop soon for a massage. I walked to my car and drove home. A few days later, Lynn called to thank me, we talked more and since then, we've become friends. We went to lunch a few times and went shopping together. She has a specially made van just for her.

I learned a valuable lesson from Lynn, It would have been very easy for Lynn to have become a sad, bitter woman who feels sorry for herself. Instead, she still enjoys life. She loves her husband and wants to make him happy, and he loves her dearly. She told me that she's almost always horny, her and Jim have a lot of sex and she has always liked it rough, even before her accident.

She's funny, witty and always laughing. She loves sex, and won't let her handicap stop her from having it. She's earned my admiration and respect, and I hope that the three of us hook up again. I mentioned it to her, and she said she's interested, but we have yet to do it.

Stay warm all.

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