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Reversing Practice

I thought you wanted to see my tits. She grinned.

I am a professional driving instructor and in the course of my work, meet many young and attractive women. The Driving Standards Agency, which governs my profession, lay down very strict rules regarding inappropriate behaviour and I have to be careful not to do or say anything that could be misconstrued and cost me my licence to give instruction.

In September last year I met a new pupil; a divorcee in her early thirties. A mature woman, not a teenage girl like most of my pupils, we soon established a rapport that allowed us both to enjoy an adult sense of humour. Ever vigilant, not wanting to cause myself trouble, I explained to her that I have to respect her space and ensure that I do not make physical contact with her, no matter how innocent my intentions might be.

She replied that she was a 'grown-up', and assured me that if I innocently touched her she would not cry rape. As I was digesting that information she added that she liked older men. What did she mean by that, I wondered. Was it a come-on, a green light, an invitation to move our relationship beyond pupil and instructor. I wasn't sure.

"Not as old me!" I joked in reply.

"You're not old," she said, encouraging me to continue speculating on her possible meanings.

I do not consider myself old but, however, I am nearly twice her age and changed the subject, asking her to pull into the side of the road as I wanted her to do some reversing.

I briefed her on the subject, telling her that, when going backwards, we should look out of the rear window. She should turn her body to the left, her shoulder pressed into the back of the seat and look over her left shoulder. "Is that so I can see out of the back window?" she asked.

"No," I replied, "It's so I can see your tits more clearly!"

To my complete astonishment she raised her t-shirt, exposing her breasts, covered by a tiny black, lace bra.

"Like this," she said.

"Cover yourself," I said in blind panic,"Do you want to get me struck off!"

"I thought you wanted to see my tits," she grinned.

"I do, but not here, for God's sake!"

Her cheeky smile, lighting up her face, stirred dormant sensations in my loins. Giving me a hard, a stiffy, the horn or whatever you want to call it. A fucking erection, to be precise!

A true professional, I conducted myself with the utmost propriety after that and we finished the lesson with Lucy giggling all the way home, and reminding me of the shocked expression on my face when she flashed her tits.

The days until her next lesson seemed to drag interminably and I eagerly looked forward to our next lesson with more than a little trepidation and, I freely admit, I masturbated several times whilst developing what she had done into an elaborate, erotic fantasy.

It had been a long week with me focusing, surreptitiously, on the breasts of every young woman I had in the car, and comparing them to Lucy. When Thursday evening finally came around, I drove to Lucy's apartment with all the nervous anticipation of a schoolboy on his first date. I was wondering if what had happened the previous week was just a prick-tease or whether she intended to take it further. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when she skipped down the path wearing a flouncy short skirt instead of her usual tight jeans.

"Hi Allen," she greeted me, "What are we going to get up to this evening...more reversing..."

“Yes, if you like,” I gulped, and feeling my geriatric old dick responding to her smile.

We drove to the area where we practice manoeuvres with my eyes constantly straying to her smooth, firm thighs and the hem of her skirt, lifted further than necessary, and just about covering her underwear. It took all my will-power not to touch either her or my dick and, eager to see what she was wearing,I turned on the air-con, turning the fan onto full, hoping that the force of air would lift her skirt sufficiently to allow me a glimpse of her crotch.

Turning in her seat, preparing to reverse she asked, "Are you looking at my tits, Allen?"

"No," I replied, "I'm looking at your knickers!"

Lifting the clutch, getting the car moving, she also lifted her skirt, allowing me a full view of her white panties, the gusset shear and translucent, I could see the dark patch of pubic hair betraying her phoney blonde curls.

The manoeuvre finished, she sat facing me with her legs apart, her knee resting against the hand-brake and presenting her enticing crotch to me. "That was very good." I praised and, placing my hand tentatively on her thigh, gauged her reaction. "Thank you, Allen." She said in response to the praise but remained impassive, encouraging me to go further until my middle finger traced the cleft of her cunt. We leaned towards one and other, our lips meeting as I, slipping my fingers under her elastic, felt the course, damp hairs surrounding her wet opening whilst she fumbled with my belt.

"Not here." I said, aware that we were in the middle of a residential area.

“Where?” She replied, and I could tell by her breathlessness that she was as eager as I to continue.

"Swap over," I told her, "I'll drive, I know somewhere quiet."

It took all of my driving skill to concentrate on the road with Lucy's head buried in my lap, sucking me off as I made my way to the parking area of the Country Park several miles away. When we arrived I was on the verge of coming, having had to stop Lucy several times on our journey, or I would have shot my bolt before we arrived.

Switching off the headlights, immediately plunging us into darkness, I ordered her out of the car. Making my way quickly round to her side, I grabbed her hand, leaned her against the warm bonnet covering the engine and, pulling her knickers unceremoniously to her ankles, buried my tongue as deeply as I could inside her cunt.

Lucy was good. Very good. Making appreciative moaning noises, she crossed her legs around my back, holding my head firmly against her stomach and enjoying my attentions to her pussy lips and clit until, unable to restrain myself, I pulled away. Pushing Lucy further across the bonnet, I shoved my dick deep inside her, feeling the exquisitely sublime sensations that only a woman's cunt can provide. What followed then was probably the best fuck I have ever had in my entire life. Wet and slippery, tight and firm, she alternated her technique, holding me tight, then relaxing, allowing me to thrust into her with all the energy of which my old body was capable. Her finger nails raking my back, we brought one and other to a near mutual climax. I say near, as I came first, but, encouraged by Lucy to 'keep going', I soon felt her pelvis contract, her body go into spasm and her mouth, stifling a choking scream, pressing hard against mine.

Thus, we established a routine that continued even after Lucy passed her driving test until, sadly, she met and married Peter, a thoroughly nice guy who, I hope, is making her very happy.

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