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Riding With Honey

Chance encounters are always surprising, but this one more than most...

All that I really cared about was that the sun was out and the long winter finally appeared to have lifted. The day I met Honey, women were the last thing on my mind—for a change.

I’d looked forward to getting out on the bike for weeks, and I’d set the whole of Saturday aside to head off to my favorite ride. There was a work emergency overnight, so I was about an hour later leaving than I planned and after traffic delays I got to the trailhead much later than I wanted. Looking back, fate was being kind.

The forest preserve was quiet when I arrived. There were very few cars in the lot and I looked forward to a long tranquil ride as I unloaded my bike and pulled on my cycling shoes. When I’d ensured that my water carrier was full and I had a couple of energy bars in my backpack, I made a final check on the bike, locked the car and started off towards the trail.

It was months since I’d ridden, but straight away it felt comfortable and good to be back on the bike. The fresh air was awesome after the Midwest winter and, although still damp, the trail was in good shape. The trees and brush passed quickly and I had to keep reminding myself to slow down and pace the ride as I wouldn’t be in peak condition. The sunlight warmed my back and there seemed no better place to be in the world.

I think I loved cycling so much because it was so different form my office-bound job as a computer network tech. I’d take a route through the woods over configuring a router any day. As always, I was wearing cycling shorts and a t-shirt, which I preferred to more traditional cycling tops. My day was going just fine, and about to get much better, even if that’s not what I thought when I nearly mowed her down.

I saw her bike just as I rounded a slightly downhill, blind corner. An instant later I saw her, kneeling at her front wheel with the rear wheel half-way across the narrow trail. Even with the sunshine the trail was damp in the shade and I pulled my brakes hard, slid slightly sideways but somehow managed to avoid hitting anything as I made an ungainly stop. Now off the seat and with my feet on the ground, I turned to see what was going on.

“I’m so sorry,” she blurted. “I wasn’t expecting anyone to…”

“It’s okay,” I reassured with a smile. “Looks like you have a problem.”

She showed me that she had a puncture in her front tire, but I was looking at her stunning shoulder-length blonde hair, clear complexion and indigo blue eyes. Leaving her bike on 0074he trail might’ve been a dumb thing, but it was her looks that struck me dumb.

“We can fix this.” I picked up her bike and propped it against a tree, off the trail. “I’ve got some tools and a kit.”

“Thank you so much,” she gushed. “I guess I’m under-prepared, but I so love it out here. I’m Honey by the way.” She offered me her hand.

I shook her delicate hand and enjoyed the smile she flashed at me. “I’m Paul, nice to meet you.” Much as I wanted to hold on and look into her face, I though it was better, and less psychopathic, that I got the tools and got started on repairing her bike.

Honey was pretty, that was for sure. Her figure was lean and, while not buxom, very ladylike with a firm tummy and nicely rounded hips. Her blue shorts and green top were figure-hugging and very pleasing to my eye. She was a few inches shorter than my six feet and looked to be in her late twenties, around the same age as me. I set about fixing her puncture, wondering if my act of goodwill might pay dividends if I asked for her number. Yeah, I thought, I should be so lucky.

“I haven’t ridden up here in years. I really should’ve been better prepared, but it’s such nice day I just came on the spur of the moment. I didn’t even check my bike before I came out.” Honey’s voice sounded slightly nervous and as I worked I had a fleeting thought that she was one of those girls who just talked, even if there was nothing to say. “Do you ride up here a lot? That’s a nice bike you have. Can I help you there?”

“No sweat.” I had found the hole in the tube and was applying adhesive from my emergency kit. “Shouldn’t take long, this stuff sets quickly.”

I put the tube aside and sat back against a tree while it set for a few minutes. Honey sat next to me, her shapely legs stretching out. It was impossible not to glance at her creamy calves, up to her muscled thighs and the gorgeous cleft created by her tight shorts. Helping Honey was no hardship, even if it had interrupted my much anticipated ride.

She asked a little about me and I told her of my boring working life, currently uneventful social life and my love of the outdoors. She told me that she’d grown up close to here but had moved away for several years. Now she was back, having broken up with a long-term boyfriend and she was taking this ride down memory lane, “The first of many she intend to take,” she laughingly told me. “I must be getting old, thinking of the good old days already.”

“You don’t look old enough for that,” I mumbled the compliment as I got up to see how her repair was coming along.

I refit the tube and tire, then inflated them and fixed the wheel back to her bike. If not quite as good as new, she was at least back on the road. “There you go.” I handed the bike back to her.

“Thank you so much.” She patted my upper arm with her hand. “I’m so lucky that you came by.” She was probably right, not a single person had come by since I stopped.

I shook off her gratitude and returned to my practical nature. “I’ll ride the rest of the trail behind you if you want. I think the repair will hold, but if you do have another problem, at least I’ll be there.”

“Would you?” Her face lit up, and my heart skipped. “That would be awesome.”

“Let’s go…”

Honey rode slower that I would’ve, but the view of her delectable bottom moving on the seat was well worth the extra time. She didn’t ride badly though and looked out of practice if anything. She slowed when we hit inclines and her bottom came out of the seat and gave me an even nicer show of her ass as her legs pumped, but she never faltered and ploughed upwards relentlessly. Her hair wasn’t long enough to flow wildly in the draft our speed created, but as I watched the back of her head I enjoyed the sight of her blonde locks dancing and my imagination switched easily to running my fingers through her hair. At one point I was watching her too closely, didn’t see an upcoming pothole and crashed into it hard, only just staying on my bike.

We’d ridden about six miles and were still a few more from the end of the trail when she waved back at me to slow down and called to pull over. My first thought was that she needed a break, but I was wrong.

“Sorry to stop.” Her face, reddened from the ride, didn’t convey regret. “But I wanted to take a look down there. Do you mind? You can come with me if you like.”

I looked over the edge of the trail where she pointed, but I had no idea what she was talking about. I knew it was a valley and probably had a river at the bottom, but I’d never been down there. It seemed like I had nothing to lose though. “Sure.” I got off, loosened the shoulder straps of my backpack and stashed my bike off the trail, behind a few bushes.

Honey hid her bike too, gave me a playful grin and led the way between the trees.

The way down to the river was steep and the path was overgrown. It would’ve been impossible to negotiate safely without hanging on to trees but I followed the positive steps of Honey downwards. When we’d descended about thirty feet I could hear the rushing water and soon after that we hit a path that ran along the river’s edge.

“Okay?” Honey asked.

“Sure.” I was still perplexed at why would be here—an overgrown path with a none-too-picturesque river next to us.

Honey obviously sensed this and said, “We just have to go about a hundred yards up here. Don’t worry, it’ll be worth it. I promise.”

As we ploughed through the dense path, pushing back branches and sliding between bushes I wondered what could be worth this, but one look at Honey and I was committed to following. My only clue to where we were headed was the increasing rush of water noise. “Nearly there,” she shouted back, with me still wondering if the undergrowth would ever clear.

It did. We walked up a small incline and, as though emerging through a curtain, we were confronted by the wonderful vista of a thirty-foot waterfall. Seemingly from the sky, the river came over the top of a ledge, plunged ten feet to a second ledge and then split into two twenty-foot streams that cascaded into a large pool. In the spring sunshine the scene was spectacular.

“Wow.” I took in my second glorious sight of the day. “I’d never have guessed this was here. I’ve never seen it on any maps of the trail. I wish I had my camera.”

“We can come back sometime, with your camera.” Honey smiled, enjoying my reaction. “It’s not on trail maps, because we’re not on forest preserve land anymore. This is private land, but no one ever comes here because it’s such a hike from the road. When we were kids snuck down here from the trail. It was a secret place.”

The area around the pool was negotiable, but was hardly a path. I took a few steps around, moving from the grass bank to the rocky river ’s edge as required to progress. Honey was sure-footed as she followed.

“Later in the summer the water gets warm enough to swim… just about,” she called over the waterfall’s roar. “It was the most fun. Too cold for that today though.”

I looked at the water and easily imagined it was too cold to swim in, but the refreshing spray was nice in the sunshine. I noticed the rainbow the spray created as I looked up to the edge of the waterfall and smiled. What is it about rainbows that always make us smile? “This is beautiful,” I told her.

Honey joined me on a large rock at the edge of the pool. “It hasn’t changed much,” she said wistfully. “Looks like no one comes here much anymore. I guess parents these days want to know where their kids are every second of the day, and don’t want them hanging out near water, so far from a hospital… or a minivan.” She laughed, and I knew what she meant.

As I continued to survey the scene, she was standing behind me and the sound of her voice was as sweet as her name as she continued her reverie. “We’d bring food and stay up here for hours. One time someone stole our bikes and we had to walk home. We found out the next day that it was one of our friends playing a trick on us. Next day we had to walk all the way back here, to where he hid them.”

I could hear the smile in her voice. “I fell in the water one day, when we didn’t have towels or swimwear. I jumped in from the ledge… but only once. Over there is where…”

Her voice trailed and I turned to see her face, slightly redder than before. “What?” I asked.

“Oh… nothing.” She coyly turned away.

I grinned. “You have to tell me now. You can’t leave me wondering.”

Honey looked back and took a deeper breath. “This was where I… lost my virginity. Up there, in the clearing.” She pointed into the trees behind us.

I gave a small laugh, enjoying the change of topic and her slight discomfort. “You have to show me,” I said playfully.

Honey rolled her eyes and started up the bank. We scrambled through a few branches and up about six feet to a clearing. It was no more than ten feet square, flat ground that was open to the sunshine and had a wonderful view through the branches to the water. The ground was covered with wild grass and the roar of the waterfall was dulled by the elevation and shrouding foliage.

I stood and looked at the area, nodding knowingly. Honey screwed her face, seeing I was playing with her. It was a beautiful spot though, that was for sure. I swung my backpack off my shoulder and pulled out my water carrier. I offered it to Honey. “You want some lunch?” I asked, dropping to the ground.

She took a drink and looked at me quizzically.

“Have one of these.” I offered an energy bar. It’s not much, but this is as good a place as any for a break.”

Honey took the bar, sat next to me and tore open the wrapping with her teeth. We ate in silence, enjoying the surroundings. We shared the water and I was glad that she accepted my small gesture readily. It felt good that she was comfortable with me. When she’d finished eating she told me she was an elementary school teacher. She’d moved away after college to work in Texas and started a relationship with a fellow teacher but when that failed she’d got homesick and recently transferred back.

“This is quite the place to… loose your virginity.” I looked around me rather than at Honey. “Must’ve been memorable.”

“Aren’t all such occasions?” she answered with a practiced air of non-committal. “Anyway, it was memorable, that’s for sure. And definitely not horrible. I guess I was lucky like that. Where did you lose yours?”

Her open question surprised me, but I was enjoying the conversation. “At my girlfriend’s house. Her parents were stuck in Houston or somewhere—bad weather. We were unexpectedly alone and made the best of it. It wasn’t planned, and was probably the better for that.”

“It was good then?” She giggled.

“It was about as good as it could’ve been I guess, with two novices.” I laughed. “You’re right though, it’s always memorable.”

“What do you remember most?”

I paused before answering, wondering how far to take my answer. As much as I was enjoying this, I didn’t want to ruin the moment. Honey was smiling though, seemingly encouraging me. “Well, I mostly remember just how exciting the night was. It seemed like my whole body was wired and every moment was just zinging with excitement. I remember how we just kind of learned things together, did what was natural and tried to enjoy it. I think for the most part, we did. What about you?”

Honey considered for a moment before speaking. “It was slightly different, as we’d planned it for a few days, but it was so exciting… the anticipation. It went pretty well, considering how inexperienced we were. It was in the evening, so we weren’t worried about anyone else coming.” She glanced at me, obviously weighing how far to go. “I guess I was surprised at how good it felt. I’d heard horror stories, but it felt good. He felt… just nice, you know?”

I nodded. I was feeling different now—talking like this with Honey and knowing this was where she lost her virginity was arousing me. I squirmed, leaned over to my backpack so I could hide my hand as it pulled my erection up the front of my shorts, where it could reside more comfortably.

“Did anything surprise you?” she asked.

I was only slightly reluctant now and answered honestly. “I was surprised… at how… wet she was. It was a wonderful discovery though, something I’ve never forgotten. I don’t know why that was such a surprise, but it was just different to how I’d imagined.”

“I had the same thing.” Honey almost laughed and sat up with renewed engagement. “Well, kind of… I couldn’t get over how hard he felt.” She giggled now. “I was so surprised. I could barely stop touching him.”

The vision of Honey’s hand on her lover’s erection was incredible and I became very conscious of the throbbing in my shorts, and the obvious bulge it was creating.

“I was pretty much the same.” I cleared my throat and looked at Honey’s face, making sure she wanted to continue with this. Her wide eyes encouraged me. “I touched her, just looking to run my finger along the outside… and she was so wet I slipped right in.”

Honey laughed heartily. “Nice image. Tell me… do you mind if I ask… did you make her… climax?”

I nodded tentatively. “Well, she said I did at least. Not sure I knew for myself at the time.”

“Good boy.” She laughed again. “I like to hear about a man who knows how to share with a woman. Too many of us get short-changed there.”

I couldn’t imagine anyone ever short-changing Honey, but I also knew some idiotic men. “Did you come here a lot after that?”

She looked around us and a slight sad hue took over her eyes. “No. It never worked out that we came here again, not for that anyway. Shame really.”

“It sure is,” I agreed. “You should come back sometime.”

“I have…” she said dreamily, “today.”

She turned to face me, her face now less assured but infinitely more sensual. “Thanks for sharing this with me.”

“My pleasure,” I almost gasped.

“Yes,” she glanced downwards, “I can see.”

As much as I’d enjoyed the visions our discussion created, I was embarrassed that she’d noticed my reaction. “I… er… sorry about that.”

“No, don’t be,” Honey reassured. “It’s cool.” Her eyes went back down. “May I…”

She didn’t wait for my answer, leaned forward and reached out to rest her hand on my shorts. No longer needing to hide the bulge, I relaxed and opened my legs, allowing her hand to feel all of me. Running her hand up and down the outside of my shorts, she smiled as I sighed and enjoyed the firm touch. “This brings back memories,” she murmured as she brought her other hand around so that both worked on me. “You feel very hard. That’s nice.”

The reality exploded in my mind. Honey was massaging my cock and showing every sign that memories of her youth had stirred something in her that would benefit both of us in this beautiful setting. I lifted a hand and ran it down her side, feeling the curve of her breast and the material of her sports bra through her shirt.

She showed no signs of moving quickly. Her hands repeatedly ran the length of my cock and down to my balls. She occasionally gripped me firmly through the material, pulling upwards when her fingers closed as far as they could. I opened my legs more and she immediately ran a hand down to the base of my balls. Honey was now looking down at her handiwork, leaning over me with her back to my face. I reached down and tried to rub her ass cheeks but couldn’t reach. When she felt what I was trying to do she slipped closer and I eagerly started to knead her delectable rear.

It wasn’t long before my fingers reached far enough between her ass cheeks to run over her super-heated pussy. Her hands stopped moving on me for a few seconds as I found her and pressed through her shorts into her soft flesh.

I felt her cup my balls and run her fingers up me one last time, then she eased her thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and started to ease them down. My cock slapped down against my belly as she pulled the shorts away. The fresh air felt good, but the flesh of her fingers felt better as she started to stroke me.

“Ever since that day…” Honey didn’t turn around, “I’ve love the feel of an erection in my hands. It never gets old.”

“That sounds, and feels, just fine for me,” I gasped, loving her touch.

“You can see if I measure up to your memories of your first time if you like,” she offered, thrusting her bottom closer.

I couldn’t get my hand down the back of her shorts, but they were short enough for me to pull the crotch aside and push my fingers inside. She was hot and soaking, definitely as wet as my first time. My fingers played in her folds and reveled in the slick velvet of her pussy. I slipped a finger inside her easily and pushed it in and out of her a few times.

With her hand holding my cock upright from the base, Honey dropped her head and kissed the end of it. I felt her lips surround my tip and suck gently. Then her tongue darted out and licked all around the head. I slipped a second finger inside her moist hole as she closed her lips around me and slowly drew her mouth off me. I stretched my arm and pushed my fingers further into her, feeling her heat and allowing a light aroma of sex out into the springtime air. Honey felt hot and sweet as I pushed in and out of her, gliding between her shorts and pussy lips. I heard her moan and pushed deep again.

Honey was being selective about how she sucked and licked on me. It felt like she was aiming to build up my excitement rather than just simply make me come. Her ministries were thoughtful and lovingly applied. She varied between sucking on the head of my cock while her hand slipped up and down my shaft and taking more of me into her mouth and drawing her lips along me while she sucked. Everything was done slowly as she elevated my anticipation of more.

I wanted to taste her. As much as I was enjoying our position, I wanted to feel her on my tongue, so I applied some pressure to her hip with my hand. Honey got the message, swung her leg over me and offered herself to my mouth. I pulled the crotch of her shorts out of the way again and got my first sight of Honey’s glorious pussy. She was soaking wet and although there wasn’t much pubic hair, the small strip I could see told me she was a natural blonde. I eased her pussy lips apart with my hand and started to lick slowly.

She started to squirm immediately and I pulled on her shorts to keep her close. Honey tasted sweet, with a wonderful, bitter, citrus taste when I probed deeper with my tongue. The smooth pink skin inside her was slick with her juices and felt incredible as my tongue glided along it. I was so enjoying licking her and gently biting her pussy lips that I almost forgot what she was doing with my cock. The rising tingling in my balls reminded me.

This was when Honey proved that she really knew what she was doing, cupping my balls to gauge my excitement and easing off on her stroking and sucking to slow me down. I felt her hold me at the base and slap the head of my cock against her tongue a few times. It was an incredibly sexy move and eased away the imminence of my climax.

“Time to get these off.” Honey tugged at my shorts and pulled them further down my legs. I kicked off my cycling shoes and eased up so she could pull the shorts all the way off. “No socks,” she gigged, pulling them off too.

After a few more strokes of my cock Honey stood up and turned to face me. She was all smiles now, a little flushed form our activity but obviously eager for more. She wasted no time in pulling down her shorts and stepping out of them. I didn’t know when she’d done it, but she had already got rid of her shoes. She stood above me for a few seconds, letting me gaze up to her open pussy, mostly bare but with a sexy strip of pubes from her panty line to the top of her slit. She may have been the sexiest vision I’d ever seen.

“I didn’t do this last time I was here.” She smiled wickedly, eased herself down and picked up my cock. She was looking at me the whole time, watching my reaction as she slid her pussy lips over me, coated the head of my cock with her juices and sat down. It felt like someone was pouring a thick, warm liquid over me… something like honey. I broke our gaze as she settled, my head arching back with pleasure as she let me take her weight.

Again Honey showed that she knew what she was doing, sitting on me without moving for a few seconds and then leaning forward to kiss me. Her mouth was as hungry on mine as it was around my cock.

I eased my hand inside her shirt and up to her bra. I could feel the outline of her nipples through the thick material and I pushed at them. Her tongue flicked inside my mouth, appreciating this new move. I fought the tight sports bra for a few seconds, finally pushing it up and releasing her breasts. As I’d guessed, they weren’t huge, but without the restraint of the bra they were a nice handful, soft and smooth in my hands.

She liked her nipples played with and each time I squeezed on her erect little buds she gasped and stopped her tongue moving. Each time she restarted her movements she ground down on my cock, repaying the sensual move. There was little doubt we were in tune and singing from the same sheet now.

Honey made all the moves, sitting up and making the first few strokes on me. She was smiling but obviously getting as much as she was giving as she pushed her pubic mound hard into me every time we descended.

“Is this okay?” she giggled and squirmed her wet clit into me.

“Okay…” I answered, delighting in the sensations her pussy was inducing and knowing that with her dictating the rhythm the climax was out of my control and would be all the better for that. “Yes, okay… at the very least.”

I reached up and tweaked on honey’s nipples as she slid up and down, building a steady rhythm. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, the combination of riding my cock and my nipple manipulation was obviously working well enough. Honey eased up from her knees and started pushing up with her feet, allowing her to extend further and make longer strokes over me. Every delicious stroke was bliss and looking up at Honey, who was now glistening with perspiration, was so incredibly erotic that I felt the stirring start in my balls again.

I brought a hand down from her breast and felt at the top of her pussy for her clit. It was easy to find, swollen and begging for attention as it slipped gown my shaft to grind into my pubes. I closed my fingers over it and allowed the natural movement of our bodies create a rubbing motion. Honey let out a moan of pleasure and clamped her hand over mine.

She managed to make three more strokes on me before coming. On the final stroke she almost slumped on me, her pussy contracting wildly as she pushed harder on my hand to make the most of her moment. Still climaxing, Honey tried to lift herself and continue to ride me but I urged her to stop and enjoy. When she finished she looked down at me with glassy eyes and said. “Wow.” She was smiling widely and starting to move on me again. “First time was never like that. I’m glad you came back with me.”

“This is a cool place.” I laughed, but already her movements were having an effect.

I thrust upwards once or twice but Honey slowed and stopped my movements. “Let me,” she whispered.

I let her, and it didn’t take her long to reach her goal. I looked down and watched my vertical shaft disappear inside her and knew that I couldn’t take much more. Honey slowed to an excruciatingly good pace, pulling off till she was almost hovering over me and then slipping her warm, moist sheath down over me. My body teetered on the brink or orgasm for several seconds before the relief of coming washed over me in hot waves of pleasure that bounced around every fiber of my body.

I grunted as the orgasm started, then looked up to see Honey’s face watching me intensely, feeling my pleasure and doing everything she could to make it better.

She did so well. The heat stayed with me for seconds before my balls started to pump unstoppably. I felt six or seven spurts shoot into her. Honey felt them too and gently caressed my balls after they’d done their best work. I think I heard her say, “there baby” but I couldn’t be sure, I was still swimming in the moment.

Eventually she slipped off me and slid into my arms, kissing me gently before rolling next to me, my arm around her neck. Over her legs I could see the waterfall and the sunlight still glinted through the branches and leaves.

“I think my memory of this place just got a little better.” Her voice was light and exhilarated.

“I think I just got a new special memory. That was spectacular.” I leaned over and kissed her. “I hope I’m not being presumptuous, but I hope it’s the first of many.”

Honey smiled at me. “I hope so too.”

“What a wonderful lunch.” I laughed, noting that my breathing was still heavy. “The food wasn’t great, but the setting was incredible and the company… just the best.”

“I agree. You think we can ride together another day?”

“Definitely.” I pulled her warm body closer. “We’ve still got a couple of miles to go today.”

“Then maybe we can get something to eat afterwards… or something.” Honey laughed, we both knew we wanted to spend more time together but weren’t sure how to complete the bond of our spectacular coupling.

“I thought we just had lunch.”

“We can get desert then,” she said playfully.

“Desert sounds nice. What were you thinking of?”

“What would you like?”

I smiled, liking this woman more every moment. “What about something with Honey in it?”

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