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Right Next Door

Sometimes what you look for is closer than you think
“One of these days, I’ll have my chance to get back at you!” Natalie yelled towards Jesse. Her index finger shook immensely in his direction. She was trying to look mad but started to laugh, she couldn’t seem to keep a straight face with him no matter what he did.

Secretly, Natalie had a crush on him, she had for years! Growing up with Jesse had surely taken its toll on her heart, especially when he would date other girls. She couldn’t admit it to him, but there was a hint of jealousy that boiled within her.

Jesse grinned, his eyes focused on Natalie in the distance. She was so damn cute when she got mad at him. For some reason, there was something about her that day. Maybe it was the way the breeze blew, lifting her long strands of auburn hair. It may have even been the way the sun glistened within her baby blue eyes, or the glow of her rosy red cheeks.

He got into the truck, shut the door behind him, and sighed to himself.

“What is it with you two?” Julie asked, her eyes glared at him. Julie was the girl Jesse currently dated. Just as Natalie had known Jesse for a long time, so did Julie.

He looked over at his girlfriend, his eyebrow arched with subtle hint of curiosity, “What do you mean?”

Julie crossed her arms, her eyes gazed out the windshield. Her lips pressed together with a sense of resentment regarding Natalie. She couldn’t believe she was feeling this way.

All three of them grew up on the same block, even went to school together for years. So it was no surprise, to see them together all the time. It was only now though, that Natalie had begun starting to act on what she had been wanting.

Natalie got into her car, not thinking about anything at that moment, other than Jesse. Her fingers lingered at the door before she fully shut it. She leaned back against the seat, staring at Jesse in his car next to hers. For some reason it almost seemed as if he was actually, staring back. Her cheeks reddened even more than before. She rested the palm of her hands against the steering wheel, her fingers gripped tightly around the rim of it. When she shifted her eyes, she realized Julie was giving her an awful look. She looked away, cranked up the car, and drove off.

“That!” Julie looked back to Jesse, her eyes burned through him. “What the hell Jesse!?!” her fingers tightened, her nails dug into the palm of her hands. She couldn’t help but to notice there was something more between the two of them, more than they had ever let on.

Jesse kindly laughed at Julie’s assumption. “Are you serious?” His face became sterner as he looked into her concerned hazel eyes. “Jules, you know there is nothing going on between Natalie and me,” he assured her, looking deep into her eyes. He wrapped his arm around her, and pulled her closer, “I love you, Jules.”

He honestly couldn’t believe she would ever insist on something so ridiculous.

He cranked up the truck, and began to drive. Needless to say, Jesse and Julie’s houses were not so far apart. But since the tension seemed a little too intense between them, he dropped her off in front of her house and drove the rest of the way home.

After he got out of his truck, he sauntered inside the house to relax. He walked upstairs with Julie’s previous accusations still drifting through his mind. He couldn’t believe Jules had the guts to think such a thing!

The phone began to ring, Jesse wondered who it could possibly be. He hadn’t expected anyone to be calling. He knew it had to be Julie, she was so upset over nothing! He reached for the phone, glanced at the caller id and grinned. Dastin Groves displayed across the screen, it was Natalie calling from next door.

“Yes, Natalie?” he answered, his lips formed into a smile.

Natalie couldn’t stand it any longer. Something had to be done about the desire that was flustering within her.

When he answered the phone, she began to brightly smile. “I was wondering, if you weren’t busy or anything…” she looked out her window seeing him in the house adjacent to her own. She waved, through the window as their eyes caught glance of one another. “…Maybe you could come over here and help me out with this senior project I’m working on,” she lifted up some papers, leaned her head against the receiver and pointed towards the loose stack of composition within her hand.

Jesse laughed, “Natalie, you still haven’t finished that!?” He shook his head in an agreeing gesture while looking through the window at her. “I’ll be right over, give me a few minutes!” he hung up the phone, glanced in the mirror and rushed downstairs.

He crossed the freshly cut lawn, and approached her front door. He hesitated for a moment, still unable to get Julie’s words out of his head. Why was this bothering him so much!? He knew good and well that Natalie and himself had no chemistry, other than a great friendship.

He looked down the block at Julies house, wondering what she would think if she saw him. He shrugged, and rang the doorbell.

Natalie grinned, hearing the sound of the doorbell. She strolled down the hallway and opened the door. “Come in,” she spoke softly while she gave him a bright, welcoming smile.

She actually didn’t need any help with her senior project, she just wanted an excuse to have Jesse over while her parents were away. Better yet, while Julie wasn’t in his company.

Jesse pleasantly smiled back in return, watching her roam away from the door. He closed it behind him, turned back towards her, and watched her beautiful, curvaceous body walking up the staircase. Her hips shifting gracefully from side to side through the tight, light blue jeans she was wearing.

He looked down at the floor while he followed her. He was almost ashamed to admit it, but for some odd reason, he started to see Natalie in a different way. It had to be the craziness that Julie had put in his head.

The door opened to her bedroom, the same bedroom that he had looked through his windows at. He imagined her undressing, changing clothes, or getting ready to go to bed, there in that same bedroom. Just the thought of it was arousing him. What was happening to him?

He wandered over to the edge of the bed, and sat down. The palms of his hand rested at the soft cotton fabric. This was normal, he had been in her room so many times before, it was Julie’s fault for making him think this stuff! He smiled, not wanting her to see the troublesome look that had been trying to form on his face.

Natalie grinned at what she was about to do. “See, I have a problem with this here,” her grin became more mischievous as she lifted the paper.

“What‘s that? Show me.” Jesse moved back a little more against the comforter, secretly more interested in Natalie than her problem. His rambling eyes followed the very contours of her body with a downward glance.

“I will show you, don‘t be so impatient,” she said teasingly. She walked closer to the bed, her eyes glanced over his body. He was so attractive! His muscular torso revealed through his almost skin-tight, white t-shirt. Her eyes focused back to his deeply.

Jesse slyly smiled, “I‘m being patient, Natalie.” His eyes got lost briefly within her cloudy blue eyes. His sight shifted down to the assignment in her hand, trying not to reveal his sudden interest in her.

“Well you see…” she pointed at some instructions that the teacher had given about the project. She stood right in front of him, leaning into him so he could see exactly what she was talking about. “…I just don’t understand the point in this!” Her gaze locked with his, it had become quite apparent that neither of them were really fully concerned about the task at hand. However, neither one wanted to confess it to the other.

He leaned up to her, unable to take his eyes from hers, she had him entranced. He lifted his hand from the comforter and went to grab her arm, instead, his fingers brushed against the papers. He looked down and laughed, trying to conceal his true actions.

His fingers pulled the paper, bending it back towards him. “Yeah Natalie, I don’t really quite understand this myself,” he tried to look sincere when he glanced back up to her. Emotions running through him all of a sudden, feelings he had never felt towards her. His eyes scanned her face, she was almost angelic standing there, hovering over him. How had he ever overlooked her!?!

He playfully moved his foot up against the lower part of her leg and grinned. He took the assignment from her hands and placed it on the side of the bed. “I’ve got an idea!” he grinned devilishly towards her. Indeed, he had the perfect solution for this situation.

Natalie gave him a cunning smile when she felt his foot drifting up, and down the lower portion of her leg, bumping against her ankle.

She leaned in a little more, her eyebrow arched with a perceived amount of wonder. “You do?” her smile deepened, she had begun to get excited over the ordeal. Maybe he knew what to do after all.

“I sure do!” Jesse moved a little closer to her, grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. He began tickling her. He laughed, watching her expressions change.

She squealed out with surprise, not expecting him to do anything like that to her. She began trying to tickle him back in the process, her body curled up, trying to hide any spots that he could get to. “Mercy…mercy!” she screamed out, laughing almost to tears.

All he could do was stay fixated over her. His palms rested at the sides of her shoulders holding him up, keeping his weight off of her. He let out a deep breath, his gaze focused on her mesmerizing blue eyes. He felt like he was falling, profoundly vehement. He could feel himself slipping away, getting lost in her eyes.

A revelation hit him like a ton of bricks. He was seeing her again for the first time. He recognized the look within her eyes and felt the longing deep inside her.

“Natalie,” Jesse spoke her name in a low, soft tone. His eyes shifted towards her lips, and back to her eyes.

The obvious gesture he had made with his eyes, lured Natalie. She glowingly smiled, her eyes ogle with his. “Jesse…” she whispered. She wanted to tell him, wanted him to know the truth about what she had been feeling. But, from the look he had, she had begun to think, he already knew.

Containment was something Jesse was not used to. He surely was not going to keep away from this diamond that had been placed among gems.

The edges of his lips curled into a profound smile. He bent down a little more to her, his lips grazed against hers. He delicately kissed her, feeling himself become sexually stimulated by her. The feel of her lips pressed against his sent a tingling sensation through him, somehow awakening something he never knew existed.

With this one simple act, he had spoken everything that he could not say.

Her arms swiftly moved up, ran through his arms, and grabbed at his back. She pulled him down to her. Their kiss became more intense, butterflies whelmed up within her.

Their hips grinded against one another, their bodies rubbed through their clothes. Her firmly perked breasts pressed into his chest. He grabbed her sides, and rolled, placing her on top of him, his back against the bed.

He remained kissing her, holding her next to him in a welcoming embrace. The bright sun streamed through the blinds, beaming on both of them, making the warmth more extreme.

Natalie began to release from their kiss, she sucked his bottom lip softly, leaving her lips to linger against his. Her eyes wander over his face innocently.

She pressed her hands against his arms as she pushed herself up, making him comply to her actions. She looked down to him and smiled, radiating her beauty.

Jesse’s hands moved up the sides of her waist, the delicate pink fabric of her shirt began to lift up. He could feel the warmth of her bare skin against the palm of his hands.

Their eyes locked in a beautiful, alluring stare. Both of them lost in the moment, something they had never expected.

Natalie lifted her arms, his hands unraveling her shirt right off her stunningly fit body.

When she tossed the shirt aside, she caught him adorning her body. The way he scanned his eyes over her body was unlike any other way he had done before. She knew this was going somewhere, further than it had ever gone before between them.

Her black laced bra was the only thing covering her breasts. She drifted her hands to the front of it, resting her fingertips at the hooks in almost a reluctant manner. She wanted him, but the thought of Julie wavered within her mind. She knew Jesse’s girlfriend wouldn’t find out. So she began unhooking the bra slowly, and teasingly. The bra opened up and glided down her arms, revealing her beautiful bare breasts. Natalie kept her eyes fixated to his while she sucked in on her bottom lip.

The look on Jesse’s face was enough to keep her encouraged. His eyes blazed with lust for her, just as hers sparked flames of desires towards him.

Her hands caressingly moved down her stomach to her waist. Her fingers interlocked with his, she pulled his hands up. A mischievous grin played at her lips. She rested his hands on her perky breasts, forcefully squeezing on top of his hands. She closed her eyes, and bit her lip once more. Her hips swayed gently over his, feeling the rising hump form within his jeans.

Uncontrollable urges began coursing through Jesse’s body. He squeezed her breasts, applying added pressure with her compressions.

Lifting up, he placed his body upright with hers. The sensation of her perked nipples pressed firmly into his chest was an instant turn-on, and his erect pole pulsed even more. Her actions were enough to let him know that she was wanting more of this. In fact, he was wanting her so much, it was about to drive him crazy.

In a frenzied rush, he forced his hands from her grip, grabbed her at the waist, and rolled her within the sheets. His body was over hers, exactly where he wanted to be. He bent down, softly osculated against her sweet, succulent lips.

Contemplating his motives, Jesse slowly began to move downward. He suckled her breast while fondling the other within his grasp. His fingers clasped around her hard erect nipple. His tongue twirled around the other before fully engulfing it within his warm mouth.

Natalie arched her back, feeling his mouth and hand tease at her titties. She ran her hand through his short blonde hair, lightly tugging it within her fingers. She was wanting him, her pussy was burning with desire.

His eyes met with hers for a brief second before he continued his path down, drawing her deliciously sweet flesh into his mouth. When his lips reached Natalie’s navel, he gently placed his tongue in the hole and locked his lips around its edge. He then began sucking and tonguing her belly button. He slid his hands up her body and gently cupped her breasts.

Natalie had never felt a sensation like this before, but it turned her on greatly, she swooned with increased pleasure. She lifted her head forward, took one of his hands and started to seductively suck each one of his fingers while keeping eye contact with him.

The arousing sensation of Jesse’s hot, wet tongue probing her navel was too intense for her to stand, and she released his fingers. Her head fell back to the comforter, and she began to moan.

Jesse could feel Natalie’s abdominal muscles contract, as she started rhythmically moving her pelvis, illustrating she was extremely horny.

Confident that the time was right, he kissed his way down to the edge of Natalie’s jeans. His teeth pried open the button on her pants, along with the zipper slowly rolling down with the force. He looked back up to her, placed pressure on the bed while pulling away, only to stand up over the bedside.

“Natalie, I’ve got something I’ve been meaning to do,” he spoke softly and began to smile.

It was one thing to feel abandoned and unwanted, but it was another for someone to lead you and leave you. Natalie couldn’t understand why he’d be so happy to get away from her all of a sudden, wasn’t this good enough for him? What more did she have to do to prove herself worthy.

Trying to stay complacent, she returned the smile.

“What’s that Jesse?” she glided her hand delicately down his arm.

The thought of Natalie’s naked body lying on the bed in front of him was almost enough to make him cum. His whole body felt like it was trembling. He knew, that if Julie ever found out about this she would never forgive him. Julie’s words cut through his thoughts, leaving him hesitant. The only thing, pushing his girlfriend out of his mind, was the fact that he knew he was finally where he was supposed to be, with Natalie.

His smile deepened. He gripped the top of her jeans, folding his fingers around her silk thongs and whispered, “This…” He pulled, compelling them down her long, beautiful tanned legs.

Standing there, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was almost stunned, held only by her grace.

“I think it’s time that I show you something…” he grinned.

He was shocked at what he was doing, what was finally taking place after years of denying the truth of his own feelings. He had never craved another person so bad in all his life.

He lifted his white t-shirt and slipped out of his shoes. He began to teasingly undo his pants. He pushed them down, releasing his awakened member from it’s clenches.

He moved closer to the bed, lifting her leg up within his hand. He slowly began kissing her leg, moving inward, lowering his head, her leg moving up his shoulder.

It was all finally coming together, like sweet nectar alluring a honey bee.

Jesse grabbed her ass, and pulled her cunt closer to his face. His warm, hot tongue slowly moved up her hot slit, savoring the taste of her sweetness. His lips locked at her clitoris, his tongue rolled around her bead, his hand squeezed her ass cheek. His lips released, and he softly kissed, sucking her clit back within his mouth. He gently flicked and licked her stiff clit protruding from its hood. His tongue then grazed down her slit, playing at her moist canal. His tongue slipped in, he pressed his face in further, pricking his tongue deeper into her darkness. He could feel Natalie’s legs spread wider, hear her light gasps of ecstasy.

Natalie’s body began to quiver with a delightful sensation running through her. His hot breath against her skin was making her ache, his tongue enticing her for more.

Her fingers gripped within his hair, pulling him, her whole body longed for him. She tossed her head to the side and moaned softly.

Her moans made him lust for her ever-so-deeply. It was more than he could bear. His thick, hard dick was in dire need of what she had to offer.

He slipped his left hand down and began to stroke his enlarged shaft, continuing to suck and move his tongue in and out of her tunnel. The heat of her pussy radiated into his face.

Complying with both of their needs, Jesse pulled away from her, climbed up on the bed, his hand still gripping at his dick. He ran his cock over her slit, letting the warmth of her juices wet the head of his shaft. He bit the inside portion of his lip, and pressed down, forcing his steel rod into her warm, inviting pussy.

A high pitch gasp escaped from Natalie’s lips. The feel of his ample cock sliding effortlessly into her hot, wet, aching pussy was pure delightful, her long time dream had finally ripped into her reality.

“Oh God, Jesse. I want you to take me,” she shouted.

Her fingertips glided over his back, resting within the center. The palms of her hands pulled against his skin, his hard-rock cock penetrated deeper into her cave. She moaned loudly, her fingers dug within his flesh, her back arched up from the bed.

Jesse rammed his hard, thick meat into her dripping wet vagina. Her screams allured him to pound her harder, and even faster than before. He could feel her tight inner walls flexing against his rigid shaft. He let out a low moan, feeling waves of sensual sensations brewing.

Natalie pumped her hips upward, making his thrusts more elongated. Her hands drifted, moving to his upper shoulder blades. Her mouth opened, she tossed her head to the side.

“Oh…Oh…” she lowly moaned, his pricks becoming deeper than ever before.

She could feel her back tighten. Her pussy squeezed tight and she screamed. Her fingernails raked at his skin, her orgasm burned through her like a wildfire.

The feel of her muff tightening and loosening in contraction against his hard rod was overbearing for Jesse. He pushed down, probing his thick dick further within her soaking hole, her juices gushing up against his rod.

“Natalie, I’m going to cum…” he yelled, gritting his teeth.

It was rising within him, his cock throbbed, a spray of hot white liquid filled within her warm slot. Both their juices flowed outward together around his shaft.

Natalie’s back fell against the bed, feeling the pulsation of his cock within her. She pulled him down to her, and kissed him, her eager tongue danced with his.

He released from their kiss and looked into her eyes, their lips lingered on one another.

“We should have done this a long time ago,” he whispered.

“I wish we had,” her eyes glistened, her heart soared.

Jesse felt somewhat relieved, giving in to what he, unconsciously, had wanted all this time. But for some reason Jesse shifted his eyes, maybe it was the sun burning through him, or maybe it was a strong feeling that pulled at him. But Jesse looked through the window of Natalie’s bedroom and his heart dropped at what he saw.

“Oh shit…” his eyes met with Julie’s, the indignation sparked from her eyes as she stood in Jesse‘s own bedroom in the house next door.

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