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RL Adventures - Her Perspective

Giving me a little extra one night !
* Note : As per in my profile section, this is the beginning of my real life adventures entries. These are possible, have happened, or happen often type of stories. They may be past experiences or fantasies. I want to write showing both partners' perspectives, excitement, etc. ENJOY !***

Her Perspective.

The music had a fast beat, Spanish with heavy drums, screeching guitars, and a very deep voice with a German accent. The song was about feasting on the fleshy parts of a woman, but he couldn’t understand the Spanish. I could, however. He just enjoyed watching me sway and gyrate my hips in time with the music, singing along about running my tongue up the spine of a lemon.

Standing at the kitchen sink, my hands on the edge, leaning over slightly, he came up behind me putting his hands on my hips. Grinding against me, he started nibbling and kissing my neck, his erection becoming very prominent. Feeling him up against me only turned me on more; what started as a slow burn was already transforming into a hot, slick wetness. Leaning over the counter more, still singing low, he pushed his hips further into me, his hard cock trapped in his pants. He had previously pulled it up so his head peeked out of the waist band of his plaid lounge pants, his cock lined up with the crack of my ass. I moan, audibly, and he leads his hands up my body to my breasts.

I continue gyrating my hips , yet he’s stopped to kneed and squeeze my breasts through my thin tank top. My nipples erect, both very prominent and pierced, traveled through his fingers. He plays with my nipples through my shirt and bra, making me moan and squeeze m legs together, my lips behind his ear. I’m so ready, so willing, so wet. I want to feel him inside me. As I’m rubbing up against him, I’m thinking about last night where he bent me over this same kitchen sink. I’m thinking bout how wet and tight I was for him, and how his thick cock made me scream out his name so loud he gagged me with a dish towel.

Moaning more, he traces my figure with his left hand, his right still playing with a pierced nipple. He finds the waist of my tights, slipping his hand in first tracing the lacey edges of my g-string, then to squeeze and rub my ass. Kissing my neck one last time he brings both his hands to the waist of my tights, slowly bringing the black waxed tights to the floor. Leaving the g string where it is, he returns to full height, pulling my tank top up and over my head.

Still not allowing me to turn around, he guides my arms to the windowsill, to hold them straight up as he traces my body more with his hands and lips, from neck to calf. Trailing kisses, he explores, leaving just my bra and g string on. I feel him kissing my back, my sides, tracing my g string again with kisses and kneading my ass, then spreading my legs as he kisses down the inside of my thighs, my inner knees, then the back of my calves. I feel his tongue trace the symbolic tattoos on my legs, and shudder. By now, I know he’s on his knees. I try to turn around, but he giggles and tells me to stay.

On his knees, he picks the back of the g string to the side, opening me up. Still leaning forward, he has a perfect view and access to all of me. Using an index finger, he traces my lower lips, up and down to my inner entrance then back up to circle my clitoris. After, he takes another hand, inserts two fingers into me, wet and swollen. Moaning, he thrusts slowly, using the thumb of his other hand on my clitoris, turning little circles and tracing figure-eights. Kissing my cheeks and legs, I feel his tongue flick across my clitoris at times. I know he’s not all that big on taste, which makes me even more wet knowing he’s doing this for more of my benefit. He increases speed, pressure, making me whimper and squeeze the counter top, my legs weak. I can feel myself coming so close, I can feel myself dripping down my legs. I can feel his tongue traveling up, feel him change pace to calm me down and take more.

Crying out his name, almost finishing, he stops, puts his hands on my ass, tells me to turn around. As I turn around, he stands up and in one swift move lifts me onto the kitchen counter, wrapping my legs around his waist. Putting his fingers in my mouth, he pulls himself out of his pants, slipping himself inside, groaning aloud at the tightness he has encountered. Wet, slick, slippery, still very tight.

He whispers into my ear, groans. I can feel his thickness pulse. He thrusts into me for a few minutes, buries his face into my chest. Still keeping my g string to the side, he uses a thumb to strum my clitoris, making me explode with him still inside me, all over him. I know he’s close, but I can’t hold it. Squirting on him, I come, rasping, and shaking. He finishes a few minutes later, after hammering me so hard I scream out his name so loud our neighbors can probably hear. So hard, so fast.

He pulls out of me, dripping with our juices. Gasping, he grins, tells me that he’s still rock hard. A very sinister grin crosses my face as I drop off the kitchen counter onto my knees. Taking him with both my hands, I first lick our collective juices off him, then put him in my mouth. Using both my hands, alternating between sucking and pulling, licking and swirling, I can feel the skin around his balls tighten with excitement.

Knowing he’s close, I swirl my lips around his head once more, flick his head with my tongue and stud, then start to jack him off. I tell him to blow all over my chest. I tell him I want to feel it splash, want to lick it off my fingers. He tells me it wont be long , takes my boobs into his hands, and I jack him off into my chest.

Aiming, he tells me ‘Now, now, now.. NOW!’. He comes on me, streaming come across my small but ample chest. Sighing, he watches me pick it up with manicured fingers, smiling deviously as I lick it off.

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