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Road Trip Tease

Road Trip Tease

I knew what I wanted, and went for it.
The drive to our little cabin in the middle of nowhere always seemed to take so long, but for some reason it feels exceptionally long this time. We've been driving for three hours, and have about two hours to go. My boyfriend and I have been coming to the cabin twice a summer for years. Our number one rule was, he drove us up, and I drove us back.

Today I can’t seem to get the thought of what we always did whenever we got to the cabin out of my mind. We had passionate sex the moment the door was unlocked. This of course stirs a greedy need for him into me, which makes me ache. I then without warning move a little closer to him. My hand slides along his leg, as it works up his inner thigh close as possible without touching his cock…

I see a grin work his face easily…

“What are you doing, Kitten?”

“Me? Nothing… What could I possibly be doing? In the car of all places.”

I lean into him, kissing his neck trying not to block his view of the road. I slip my fingers under his shorts, and tease his already semi hard cock.

“Mmm are you happy to see me?” I purr into his ear.

“My dear sweet Kitten, I’m always happy to see you.”

His voice is low. I know he is trying to control himself. He could easily pull over to the side of road, and ravish me right then, but doesn't. This of course allows me to keep teasing him. I move down lower, grateful the car is big enough for me to fit easily between him and the wheel. I unzip his shorts. He wears nothing underneath, exposing me, now face to face with his cock. He stands tall and hard for me. I lick lightly against the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue. I hear him moan out; he grips the wheel tighter.

“Oh Kitten; we've not done this in years. Are you trying to kill me?”

“Not entirely,” I say with a slight giggle.

I wrap my mouth around his cock, as I twirl my tongue around the head of him. I can taste his flesh against my tongue. I slowly work him into my mouth; I feel his body tense slightly, he is trying so hard to watch the road. To tease him more, I push every last inch of his cock into my mouth before allowing my mouth to pull off lightly, letting my teeth graze him.

“Ooh, Kitten. Please, please you know what that does to me.”

He speaks low, shifting in his seat; he is rock solid in my mouth. I begin a quick pace on him, I'm not giving in. I want to tease him as badly as I feel right now. The hot lust for this man lingers deep inside me, it nearly hurts. Every so often I allow my teeth to run along him, to send him nearly over the edge. My heart is racing in my chest, I moan softly against his cock. He begins to slowly raise his hips up slightly to meet my pace. I suck him deeper into the back of my throat, the head of him pushing deeply into my throat.

I slip my hand along his thigh, running my nails along his flesh, until I make way to his balls. I grip them in my soft hand, caressing them lightly as I suck him. I can feel how soft they are at first, but I let out a long deep moan on him, this makes them tense up so hard he whimpers out. I can’t help but smile.

“You keep that up, and you’re going to have a mouthful, Kitten.”

I lifted my head up for a moment. “ Isn't that the point, baby?” I whisper to him before I wrap my lips tightly around him.

I suck him into the back of my throat; I let out another low growl sucking on him quicker. How he is able to drive, and keep pace is unknown to me, but I don’t care. I suck him harder, I feel him tense in my mouth. His cock throbs hard against my tongue, I hear him groan. It is a dead giveaway he is about to fill my mouth. Before the thought even leaves my mind, he was filling me with his seed. I swallow him deeply into my mouth, tasting him all, as I suck him dry.

His breathing is thick and hard as he tries to catch his breath. I’m still sucking lightly on him; he slowly begins to soften for me. Once he is soft I let him slip from my mouth, I sit back up, nuzzling into his arm.

“What was that for?” he asks softly, a smile on his lips.

I grin lightly. “I felt the need to suck on your cock, is that a crime?”

“No, not at all. I love when you surprise me with things like that, Kitten.”

“I know this much, it’s been far too long. I felt the need, so I took what I wanted.”

“That’s my good, sweet Kitten.”

I hear his words before I drift off to sleep, knowing we still have about an hour to go. I wake to him sliding me into his arms; he carries me to the door of our cabin. I hear the sound of the lock clicking open, we step through. The smell of nature and woods filled the air as I take a deep breath in. He is the one to speak first.

“Now, I think it’s my turn to have what I want.”

A deep blushing hue works over my neck and face, knowing that I was about to get pay back.

“It’s all yours. You own it all,” I answer easily, as my voice grows with thick lust.

“Don’t I know it?! Strip for me.”

He isn't asking, he is telling me. I love when he takes control over even the simplest of things.

“Yes Sir.”

I answer as I begin to remove my button up top. I slowly remove each button, before slipping out of it easily. I wore my bikini instead of bra and panties up to the cabin today. It was new, and the look on his face lets me know he approves so far. It is a pure white, with lace trim. It barely covers the goods. It just covers enough to call it a top. I suppose.

I reach for my jean shorts, I begin to unbutton them, and I slip them off, kicking them to the side. The bottoms of the bikini are just barely there. It is nearly a string. It is nothing I would wear in front of anyone but him. I reach up behind me; I sway my hips lightly, untying the top, as my breasts fall completely free. I bite my bottom lip; I keep my gaze on him. I love seeing his reactions to me as I undress. I slip my thumbs to the sides of my bottoms; I slowly wiggled out of them. I work them down to my ankle, as I kicked them up and towards him. He grabs them; he puts them against his nose and inhales deeply. He smiles, and drops them before coming up to me, I undress him.

His mouth covers my neck as he sucks, and kisses me. We stand in the living room right in the entrance of our little cabin. I feel the breeze blowing slightly in, he holds me close. He to now is naked, we kiss, and I feel his hands move to my ass gripping me hard, tight to him as he lifts me up.

“My sweet girl.”

It is all he says as he holds me up to him. His right hand holds me up; I keep my legs wrapped around him. His left hand moves between my legs, he starts to play with my wet slick lips. I let out a low moan as he teases me. I feel the urge to buck my hips, but keep still. He moves his fingers in, finding my clit as he begins to caress it lightly, walking us towards the bedroom. He lies me down softly; my legs fall from around him, keeping the open for him. I’m inviting him into me; I feel a tremble of ecstasy run through me.

He pulls me to the edge of the bed; my ass lay barely on it. He gets to his knees, moving his face between my legs. Giving me no warning or mercy, he shoves his face into my wanting pussy. He dives his tongue right to my clit, circling it fast before sucking it hard into his mouth. I arch my back as I lean my hips forward. He is like a savage beast attacking my pussy, as I lay trembling in desire and lust for him. I slip my fingers in his hair; I grind my hips towards him. He moves to slide his middle finger into me, hooking it upwards as finds my g-spot. It is sending me to the near edge of all I can handle. He is sucking and licking me in such a pace I can’t keep up. My breath is erratic and harsh, I moaned out for him. I almost have to beg him to stop, the pleasure is so overwhelming. My clit begins to swell to full max, I cry out to him…

“I’m going to come, baby!”

My whining moan only makes him move faster, though I'm not sure how it's possible. I feel myself begin to come hard for him. My entire body tenses up; I feel the surge of orgasm flow through my like waves from an ocean tide. It ripples out like it is going to last forever. He doesn't slow down, not giving me a chance to catch my breath, I keep orgasming. My body goes limp, after what feels like the longest orgasm I had ever had.

He comes up kissing me deeply, I kiss him back. I can taste my sweet juices on his lips and tongue. The stubble from his chin tickled me as he kisses me. I begin to suck lightly on his tongue, almost like I did in the car only hours before, he lets out a groan.

He pulls me on top of him, I straddle him, and I look down blushing. He reaches up and caresses my breasts lightly in his hands. He slowly pinches and twists my nipples, making them even harder than they were. I lift myself just enough to allow his cock to linger at my entrance. I bite my lower lip, and I thrust downwards onto him, filling my tight slick pussy with his thick cock. I release my lip, and let out a moan. His fingers dig into my breasts, he groans out for me.

I slowly start a pace on him; I grind my hips on his shaft. I can feel him lift to meet my pace, causing my ass to slowly slap against his thighs. I start going a little faster the sound of my ass slapping grows louder. His hands move from my breasts to my hips, he moves to quicken the pace, I whine out loving the way he feels deep inside me.

It isn't long before he growls out; he rolls us to where he is on top of me. His cock never leaving my pussy, he begins thrusting inside me. He loves being in control of the pace, and wants me hard. My legs wide, but my pussy clings to him tightly, I suck him deeply into me. My fingers find their way to his back, clawing lightly into his skin. I pull him forward, allowing our lips to meet, he kisses me deeply. I feel his shaft run fast along my clit as he fucks me. I whimper out through our kiss, breaking it for a moment…

“I’m going to come, Baby!!!”

“Mmm isn't that the point?”

He teases me back; he leans in to kiss me again. He thrusts into me with such a power it makes my entire body jolt hard. I know my orgasm is going to explode within moments, I feel my heart race picking up, my pulse drumming hard in my ears. He breaks our kiss, looking deep into my eyes.

He reaches down between us, he begins to tease and pull at my clit. It’s all I need, I feel myself begin to explode around him. I feel the waves of orgasm coat him thickly, as he groans out. He thickens inside me, he too begins to come. He fills me with every ounce he has, deep inside my womb. He keeps his pace still, wanting to push it as far back as possible inside me. I met his pace the best my worn body can, I feel drained.

As he finishes he slows down, leaving himself inside me, he grows soft inside of me. I can feel how thick he was, to how easily he is able to slide out of me when he grows soft. My pussy keeps clinging to him until he is fully out. He pulls me into his arms once more, kissing me deeply…

“Mmm fucking bloody hell… I love you, Kitten…”

“And I love you, my dearest man.”

I purr out, relaxing in his arms. I feel the warmth covering us, still with the breeze still blowing in. I fall into a deep sleep, once more in his embrace.

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