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Road Trip with Allie - Part 1

Road Trip with Allie - Part 1

a road trip visit with my best Lush girl...
We had been texting and sexting since our last rendezvous. Allie was so much fun and so sexy, that I would get hard every time I thought of her - the timing of which wasn’t always convenient for such a reaction I might add.

Since her company had put her on an out of town assignment for the entire month, my brain was constantly churning to figure out how to get together again. She was working about three hours away, so the logistics pretty much required an overnight fling. That wouldn’t be an easy sell to my wife, Krista. But it was the middle of the second week of the assignment, and my horny meter was about to explode. The thought of spending an entire night with Allie had my head spinning. I had to make this happen.

In one of our mid-day text/teasing sessions, I decided that I’d make up a story for Krista, about needing to go to an out of town meeting for work. When I got home that evening, I faked being ticked off about needing to go to my fake meeting. I explained the faux situation to Krista, and as I expected she was understanding.

“Oh don’t get so bent of shape about it. It’s just one night,” she said, trying to lift my spirits.

I pouted off and on the rest of the evening just for effect. I also texted Allie, and told her I would be there the following Wednesday - just a week away. She was excited and sent me some provocative pics to tease me. I warned her payback would be severe.

The week dragged on, seemingly endlessly, but Wednesday finally came and I hit the road mid-afternoon. I wanted to arrive at Allie’s hotel about the time she would get off work. I had had several thoughts about how to take the evening, but they all ended up with us rolling around in bed fucking each other’s brains out. I decided on the drive down that a nice dinner would probably be the best start, as we probably wouldn’t stop once the fun started.

I was waiting in the lobby when Allie came in. Oh that smile and those lively, sexy eyes sent shivers through me. A certain part of me said “fuck dinner, let’s go straight to the room,” but my brain was still in control, as I tried to suppress the uprising in my pants.

We greeted each other with a hug and a peck. Allie said she wanted to change and freshen up. She offered for me to come to the room with her.

“That’s probably not a good idea right now.” I laughed. “I’ll wait here for you.” She giggled, as she strutted off with a little extra sway in her step.

It wasn’t too long and Allie was back. She was stunning too. A short skirt wrapped snugly around her wonderful ass, and a light v-neck top showed enough of her DD cleavage to make my mouth water. We decided to walk to dinner as there were several good restaurants in the area.

We ordered some drinks and an appetizer, and gazed at each other as our conversation rambled. We were sitting at a corner table and the lighting was dimmer than normal for the time of day, due to the cloud cover outside. I joked to Allie that I bet she was still wearing panties. She laughed and said she wasn’t.

“I think I’ll be the judge of that,” I said, as I removed my foot from my shoe and began to run my toes up her calf.

“You need to behave!” Allie whispered across the table.

I continued my foot tour of her legs and quickly reached her knee. Allie pushed her chair back a bit.

“Oh I see. Turned conservative on me did you? You’re not as bold as your talk I guess.” I said, in my best challenging tone.

“What if somebody sees you doing that?” Allie laughed.

“Well unless they have x-ray vision that would be tough since the table cloth goes nearly to the floor.”

My toes went back to work and were soon inching their way up Allie’s thighs. She had scooted her chair back even closer than before and now appeared up to the challenge.

“I bet I can make you cum right here.” I said.

“No you can’t!” she said, as if I wouldn’t really try.

Our waiter came by to check our drinks. As he stood by the table I pushed my toes onto Allie’s pussy.

“Oh! Well thank you!” she stuttered at the waiter, as he refilled our glasses.

My big toe found her soaked slit and I began rubbing her rapidly. Allie’s face was flushed. She was struggling to move or talk.

“Are you okay ma’am?” the waiter asked.

“Oh yes, yes. Thank you. I’m fine.” she uttered with a smile.

“If you don’t stop we’re going to get thrown out of here.” Allie looked at me and said with mock firmness.

“If I don’t stop, you’re going to float out of here on the orgasm you’re about to have.” I laughed.

My toes had been working on Allie’s soaked pussy for several minutes and I knew she was close. She scooted her chair as close as she could, and pushed herself into the object of her new-found pleasure.

“Too late now I guess.” Allie whispered, as she stared into my eyes. “You know I’m close so go for it baby…make me cum right here.”

I wanted to crawl under the table and devour her sweet nectar, but I had better plans than jail for this night. My toe found it’s way to her fuck hole and entered her just enough. Allie’s hand went under the table and I knew she was going for her clit, as we continued to stare oblivious to all around us.

“Mmmmmm…” Allie tried to muffle her moan. “That’s so good.” Her eyes closed briefly.

Allie’s whole body stiffened as her orgasm arrived. My toe kept working, as I glanced around to see if anybody was noticing. Thankfully there weren’t many people around, as Allie quickly put her napkin to her mouth and clenched her teeth. I felt her pussy tighten. She was cumming. And it was big.

It was over a minute before Allie relaxed again.

“You are fucking insane!” she laughed.

“Perhaps, but your sitting in cum and loving it.” I replied, just before our food arrived.

We ate and left as both of us knew this night was just beginning, and couldn’t wait to get back to the room. As we walked I took every opportunity to squeeze Allie’s great ass and pinch her nipples. Each time she’d slap my hand away and feign embarrassment. But each time her juices flowed even more too. And I knew it.

“When we get back, I’m going to suck you off and make you cum so hard for what you did in that restaurant, that your dick won’t get hard the rest of the night.” Allie professed.

“Really?” I laughed. “Tell you what…when we get back, I’m going to order some champagne from room service. If you can suck me completely off before it arrives, then you can call the shots the rest of the night. But if I don’t cum before, then you have to answer the door naked. Wanna take that bet?”

“Now I know you’re certifiable!” Allie laughed loudly.

“What? Afraid of a little adventure?”

“No, but I can’t open the door naked!”

“Guess you better make me cum then, huh?”

“Okay big boy, it’s a bet!”

Our walk quickened as we were both desperate to put our hands and more all over each other. We arrived at the room and I ordered the champagne.

“They said it would be about ten minutes. Clock is ticking.” I laughed toward Allie.

She grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me toward the lounge chair.

“Get naked. You won’t be needing clothes until morning.” Allie instructed, with a determined voice as she began undressing herself.

It took about 30 seconds and we were both in our birthday suits. Standing there wanting to jump on each other. But there was this little bet thing. Allie pushed me back and I fell into the chair. She went to her knees and reached for my raging hard cock.

Her lips went over the purple head and engulfed me in one quick dive.

“Oh my god….you might win this bet!” I moaned. Allie’s mouth was quickly gobbling my rod. The suction from her mouth was like nothing I’d ever felt. She took my cock all the way into her throat. I could hear her start to gag slightly and slide back to the head.

I grabbed her hair and tried to control her tempo but my feisty partner was intent on winning. Her hands were helping, as she stroked me while licking the underside. One hand squeezed my balls, almost sending me to a loss.

I could feel the juices boiling up inside me as Allie furiously attacked my manhood. Just as I was about to explode, the knock came.

“Room service.” the deep voice wailed from the other side of the door.

“Damn it! That wasn’t ten minutes! What the fuck?!” Allie protested, as she forgot about my cock.

I was laughing as she stood.

“Really? I’m really going to do this?” she asked, in hopes I would back off.

“A bet’s a bet.” I said nonchalantly. “If you don’t want to, we’ll just have to figure out some other payoff and who knows…it might be worse.”

“Oh fuck you! It’ll be the quickest delivery this guy’s ever made.” Allie stomped toward the door.

Thankfully my impending orgasm had been put on hold but the site of Allie’s ass and tits bouncing toward the door kept my cock hard as ever.

Allie took a deep breath and swung the door open.

“Uh, um, you ordered champagne ma’am?” the startled voice on the other side stuttered.

“No. Mr. Dick over there did.” Allie said in her best smartass way pointing toward me watching.

“But you look like a nice healthy guy…do you like my titties?”

“Uh, yes ma’am. They’re very nice. Please just sign here ma’am.”

“What about my pussy? Does this look like a nice pussy to you? Hey, why don’t you join us?”

“Um, I’m sorry ma’am, but I’m on duty now.”

“Well that’s too bad….maybe you can drop by when you get off and I’ll give you a much better tip.”

Allie had decided to tease me with the young stud. And it was working. My cock was jumping from my body as she closed the door and put the neck of the champagne bottle between her tits.

She walked - almost skipped - toward me.

“So how was that Mr. Dick?” she said, sarcastically.

“Very nice. Very nice.”

“Well if you want to pop this, you’ll have to pop me first.”

Allie sat the bottle on the table and grabbed my cock. Her hand was cold and the sensation in my rod was torchered.

She stepped up on the ottoman using my dick as a prop. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she leaned in. Our lips met and our tongues began to battle. Damn she was hotter now than I’d ever known her to be.

My hands gripped her ass and pulled her closer. A long, wet, fuck me kiss ensued.

As we broke briefly for air, she whispered pleadingly “Eat my pussy Mike. I need it now. Eat me right here.”

Still standing on the ottoman she spread her legs to the edges. Her hands pushed my head toward her wet mound. I could smell the erotic urgency as I drew closer. She balanced herself by guiding my head.

I took a long slow lick from the bottom of her slit to the hard nub at the top. Allie gasped.

“Oh my god, yes. That is so fucking good baby. Lick that pussy dry.”

My tongue was racing all over and around Allie’s exposed clit. I grabbed her ass and pulled her cunt to my face. She began to grind her hips on my tongue.

“Oh shit you do that so good! Harder baby…suck my pussy harder!”

My lips closed around her clit. I sucked her like a vacuum with my tongue beating at her swollen button. I ran my fingers under her and traced the crack of her ass to her slit. She let out a loud moan when I entered her with two fingers.

“Yesssssssssss! Damn it! Fuck me!” she wailed, as her knees trembled.

Allie was fucking my fingers harder from her perch on the ottoman. It was all I could do to keep my tongue and mouth on her clit.

When I pulled my fingers from her dripping pussy, Allie begged.

“No! Don’t stop! Put them back in!”

I quickly drove my thumb into her juicy cunt as far as it would go. My two cum soaked fingers went towards her ass. As she continued to fuck my thumb while I licked her furiously, my middle finger circle her rosebud. I didn’t know if she’d allow it or not but I was going to find out.

“Mmmmmmm yessss baby yesssss!” Allie sounded, as if she was going to cry from ecstasy.

My finger entered her butt quickly and deeply as she drove her pussy down on my thumb.

“Ahhhhh fuck! I’m going to cum!” Allie nearly yelled.

“More baby! Give me more! Fuck my ass! Suck my pussy!”

Just several more bounces later Allie’s body stiffened. Her pussy clenched my thumb and her ass strangled my finger.

“Oh damn, I’m cumming! Keep it in! Keep it in! Yes. Oh god yes!”

It was a good thirty seconds or more before Allie’s body relaxed. Watching her standing on the ottoman in full orgasm made me want to throw her on the bed and ravage her pussy even more. As she stepped down I wrapped my arms around her.

“Damn, you should lose bets more often,” I joked.

“And you should know, I never really lose. Now shut up and pour me some champagne. We have a long way to go tonight.”

With that Allie climbed onto the bed, propped herself against the pillows and announced, “Now I have a bet for you.”

Her smile was pure wickedness. And I couldn’t wait to hear what her devilish mind was thinking.

To be continued…….

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