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Road Warriors

It was just another hotel, another lonely night or was it ?
By: Hardtimes69

I was alone in another hotel restaurant eating another tasteless meal. Tired of being a road warrior; sales call after sales call meeting after meeting has taken its toll on me. Every week a different city, different faces, but the result is the same, my being alone. My sex life was reduced to a vibrator and a bottle of Astroglide lubricant. I was, ready, past ready for the touch of another human being.

I took a mental inventory of my assets as I finished my meal. I was still a good looking woman for being 35 years old. I had flaming red hair which cascaded onto my full breasts. My breasts were firm and luscious, 36 Cs with big round areolas complemented by very pointed nipples. Nipples which had not been touched by anyone but me in the past… I had lost track of the last time they were touched. I ached for the touch of a man, or a woman for that matter. Anyone but me!

My body still had it youthful curves and gravity had not seized control of my flesh, yet. My ass was still firm and had an apple bottom shape which were hugged by my briefs. My pussy was covered with a close cropped, manicured flame red rug which highlighted the bright pink, full pussy lips that guarded the entrance of my vagina. My pussy was still tight for a woman of my years; that may be attributed to lack of use the past few years. It would get wet when stimulated but the stimulus was plastic, visual and at times my fingers. It required the touch from another warm breathing body.

My legs were still shapely and attracted their share of looks and an occasional comment. My inventory was in good shape as far as I was concerned. The only thing that was wrong was my equipment was not being used and that needed to change.

I entered the hotel bar. It was empty save for one man. That man was about to become very lucky tonight, he just did not know it. I approached him and took a casual look. He had silver hair, in his mid-fifties and very good looking. I asked if he would mind if I sat next to him and we talked for a while. He replied it would be his pleasure and he introduced himself.

I slid my butt onto the barstool and ordered Bailey’s on the rocks; he had J&B neat.

Drinks in hand we talked, the two of us, waiting for a flight to the nameless city, both of us alone. He was a widower and more than a year had past since he felt the touch of another and for me it was the same. Travel, career, relationships and somehow sex became the focus of our discussion. It was not so much about sex, but the lack of the physical intimacy that we craved, and yet it was elusive.

It was time to go. I rose from the stool as did he. We looked into each other’s eyes. I kissed his cheek; he smiled and looked into my green eyes. I smiled and gave a slight nod and took the arm he offered. We walked towards the lobby and the elevators not sharing a word. Close but not too close; we just strolled and enjoyed each other’s company. A short ride that took forever; we exited on our floor. At a door we paused.

I looked at him and he had his key card in his hand. It was over or was it? He kissed me, not on the cheek but on the lips. It was the kiss of a lover not a friend; a lover that did not want to say farewell, but halloo. A response in kind slipped from my lips to his. He smiled as I did. He opened the door to his room. I paused, my body was ready but was I? Was he? Questions I had no answer for.

My body was warm, alive, and alive like it had not been for months. There was warmth in my loins, and an ache in my breasts. It was a strange feeling and yet very familiar one; one that I longed for and one that I needed. Common sense said no but was overruled by a lustful need. I took the step and entered the chamber of the handsome man with the silver hair. I turned and looked as he followed my cue. A mutual smile followed by a mutual slow passionate kiss in which our tongues danced and fingers roamed our locks.

Skin tingled, grew warm from the touch of our fingers, fingers that had not touched for many a month. The pace was elevated by our beating hearts and surging hormones. Like two teenagers we explored each other bodies, touching this and rubbing that, pure lust that was anew.

Stroking his broad chest I unbuttoned his shirt and caressed his breast. He deftly, with a practiced touch, laid my breast bare. My nipples exposed, hard, erect, were in the hands of another; the touch they were yearning for, and the pleasure they felt. Gentle kisses rained upon the supple skin of my breasts; causing them to swell and be so full. His mouth covered the areola in succession and his tongue did pirouettes on the tip of each nipple. It was a titillating perception that coursed through my body providing a euphoric sensation. I turned my attention to freeing his hard member constrained by his trousers.

My nimble fingers released his trousers and let them fall to his ankles and were quickly accompanied by his boxers. I felt his engorged cock press against my thigh as we embraced. It was not large nor was it small but had girth and moderate length. And it was so hard so very hard. I grasped this piece of hot flesh and slowly stroked it and felt it move in my hand.

It did not vibrate as did my plastic one but it did pulsate and it did have a drop of dew upon its head. These eight inches or so of hard cock were nestled in a bush of silver hair that matched his head. It was a strong hard cock and was primed and ready, ready to love. Now naked, he smiled and kissed me again. I pressed hard against his body and was ready to his fingers to remove my remaining clothing. I smiled as did he.

With quickness, his fingers released my dress and he watched, as it traveled down my body to rest at my feet. Now all that remained was a wisp of damp silky fabric that concealed my most intimate charms. Damp from excitement he rolled the moist material down till it fell free and joined my dress on the floor. The odor of my sex wafted in the air and mingled with his. I felt his fingers touch me in a most sensual manner. I shivered and he trembled. We moved to the bed, a bed that we would share, and an experience that we previously had not shared with any one for the past year. He smiled and I smiled and sealed it with a kiss.

I laid there and took his cock in my hand kissed the bulbous head, stealing the drop of cum that rested there. I pumped his thick cock and caressed his balls. I kissed the shaft and followed the vein and touched his silver pubes. I took his balls one at a time and sucked on them; rolling them in my mouth, as I stroked his rock hard cock. Then, I engulfed the head of his dick with my warm mouth, saw him smile, and took him deep into my throat. My tongue twisted around his shaft while he grew hard and his balls filled with cum. He showed great restraint and would not come. I released him from my warm mouth and smiled and then I kissed him.

I rolled to the side, my pussy, wet, so very wet, so wet that it was seeping. Felt his hand upon my sex and rubbing on my clit making my little shecock very hard and ever so sensitive. My legs spread to give him full access to my treasure and I moaned lowly. Then his finger, not mine, but his, penetrated my puss. A loud moan and I flexed my hips to greet his digit. A stranger in my puss, it felt glorious and a long overdue emotion that I embraced with joy.

His fingers made music in my hot wet pussy as he strummed on my clit, fingered my vagina and he increased his tempo and my passion. It was a feeling that I had forgotten how good it made me feel. His erection pressed hard against my thigh and I longed for him to slide his thick cock between the lips of my tight hungry pussy. To feel a cock in my pussy again…the contact of a real man fucking me to an orgasm; I could not delay my pleasure any longer. My eyes pleaded with his, almost begging for him to take me now.

He kissed me, looked deep into my eyes and poised the bulbous head of his hard thick cock at the gateway to my musky smelling pussy. He entered me, just the head penetrated and my puss clamped tight around his thick cock. My pussy, with a mind of its own, pulled on his cock trying to suck it into my hot, moist cavity and then he impaled my cunt with his hot spear of throbbing flesh.

I lost all control and raked his back with my nails as he fucked me, his hips in a piston motion, just pounded against my pubic mound. My hips met his violent thrusts and his rigid cock striking my cervix. He filled me with his dick and then his cum. I felt it. The swelling of his dick, his driving deep into me, the spewing of his hot sticky cum coating the walls of my pussy.

Seeping from the opening of my cunt as he rocked in me; I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulled him in deep and close to fuse with his body. I wanted more, needed more to fill that void. My entire body was alive as we screwed. First hard and fast, then slow and romantic…we were both hungry and fed our sexual appetites with each other body. If felt good to have him in me, so fulfilling physically and emotionally, I did not realize how much I was missing. We kissed, we were spent, we were covered with love sweat and cum, but most of all we were satisfied. We separated and cuddled.

Just holding onto each other, gazing into each other’s eyes and slowly we stroked each other’s bodies with our fingers. We kissed and played and then we assumed the mutual satisfaction position of 69. A final tryst as time was brief and our passion was transitory as the minutes ticked by ever so swiftly.

His tongue waltzed on the lips of my pussy as I licked his firm pole. My tongue caressing the head of his thick dick and his tongue pierced my slit to massage my hot pink clit. I took him deep into my mouth and he drove deep into my cunt with his tongue exploring the recesses of my pussy. Teasing and licking we played with each other to the point of climax. I coated his tongue with my girly cum and he filled my mouth with his creamy love juice which I swallowed with delight. A salty flavor, that was rich and creamy and slid down to my tummy with ease. We drained each other of our love juices and went back for more as we were enraptured in each other’s sex.

Finally getting our fill we cuddled again and we kissed as a blissful sleep washed over our tired bodies and renewed our spirits. Soon, all too soon, we awoke to the sound of the alarm. It was a raucous noise, one that jarred us from our dream world and jolted us back to the real world of the road warrior. We quickly arose, I slipped my dress on and he his boxers. I looked into his rich brown eyes and gave him a deep passionate lingering kiss which he returned. We both knew our repast was over and without a word I turned and left the room of the handsome silver haired man. It was a wonderful night of silent love which renewed my spirit.

Now when I am in a hotel bar I look for the handsome man with silver hair, in hopes to reconnect with my silent lover, my fellow road warrior.

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