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Role Play

A couple uses each other to fuck their friends.
The customary click of the lamp, the sudden darkness of the room, and the slow adjusting of eyes to be able to see by the faint glow of the bathroom's nightlight changed the conversation from ‘light' to more dark and serious.

"Can you believe that Ken went to see Brokeback Mountain?" Carl spoke softly as if not wanting to disturb the house, empty except for him and his wife.

"Sure," Janice answered with a tone of surprise that her husband would think it strange, "you went with me and I'm sure that he wouldn't give a second thought to going if Sandy wanted him to."

"I guess so," Carl thought a moment before finishing with words that he hadn't really intended to use, "I'd go wherever Sandy wanted me to as well."

"You would, would you?" Janice punched Carl, playfully, in the ribs. "So," she spoke in a different tone of voice now, "want to fuck little Sandy?"

Carl loved it when he heard his wife's voice change this way. He smiled remembering the first time she'd done it. They'd been married a couple of years and had been to a Juice Newton concert in an amphitheater at night. Carl had been admiring the singer and had gotten an erection that Janice discovered when she leaned back against him in the crowd. She knew, and Carl knew she knew, that the erection was actually inspired by Juice Newton and not Carl's sexy little wife.

Nothing was said about the erection but on the way home Janice did mention certain songs and things about the concert as she was stroking Carl's cock while he drove.

When they finally got home Janice led Carl straight to bed, leaving a trail of discarded clothing through the living room and down the hallway.

Carl remembered thinking of Juice Newton as he took one of his wife's hard nipples into his mouth. He remembered wondering if Juice Newton's nipples would be as nice.

Carl remembered licking his way down Janice's firm stomach and wondering if Juice Newton had as nice of a body as Janice.

Carl remembered finding his wife's firm little clitoris and wondered if Juice Newton had one so large and hard.

And, as Carl turned around in the bed and began tonguing Janice's vagina and anus, he wondered if Juice Newton could possibly taste as wonderful as his beautiful little wife.

Then, as Janice took Carl's large, hard cock into her own mouth, Carl wondered if Juice Newton could possibly take his seven-plus inch cock completely down her throat the way Janice could.

Carl then remembered how, when the couple had turned back around in their carnal need and Janice had guided Carl's cock into her wet sex, Janice had managed to totally change her voice and began softly singing one of Juice Newton's songs.

“Ride ‘em Cowboy…”

That had been years ago and many other similar incidents. But never had it been someone they actually were friends with.

"So, big guy," Janice was doing a pretty good imitation of Sandy now, "are you as good as Janice says you are?"

Carl knew he didn't need to respond and he sure didn't want to break the spell. Carl had thought about fucking Sandy many times and he was ready to do just that. He quickly turned over and got up on top of the woman in bed beside him.

"Fuck me," Janice imitated her friend's voice and way of speaking, "I've wanted you so long," she pulled Carl down on to her body and reached down and took his hard, throbbing cock, and slid it into her opening,"fuck me hard."

Carl did fuck her hard and it didn't take long for them both to climax.

"Was Sandy as good as you've been thinking she'd be?"

"Is that a no-win question?" Carl wasn't sure how to answer.

"No," Janice turned to her side and looked into Carl's eyes, "I wanted her to be good for you." Janice decided to not wait for Carl to answer and added, "I was being Sandy and," she hesitated with uncertainty, "I was with Ken."

"Ken?" Carl sounded surprised and remembered the few men that he'd impersonated in the past for Janice. "Ken is a little effeminate for your taste, isn't he?"

"Well," Janice smiled at her husband's confusion, "he does have pretty eyes," she paused for effect before continuing, "and Sandy has said he's good in bed."

"Yea," Carl spoke before thinking, "he is kinda pretty."

"Speaking of Brokeback Mountain." Janice laughed and punched her husband on the upper arm.

"No way," Carl laughed too as he replied, "as homophobic as he is," he paused and added, "and I don't go that way."

"Come on big guy," Janice was now speaking in a low voice and, obviously, trying to imitate Ken, "I'll suck yours if you'll suck mine."

"You first," Carl pushed his wife's head in a motion down towards his cock, "suck it good, Buddy," he thought and then added, "it's still got Janice on it and you've said how you'd like to have her."

"Well," Janice continued to mock Ken, "I've been wanting this cock a long time too." She finished and then took Carl's cock into her mouth and was surprised at how fast it had gotten hard again.

Janice wondered how Ken might suck a cock and tried to be as different from her usual technique as she could. She was surprised to feel Carl repositioning into a sixty-nine position and, even more, surprised when she felt him take her clitoris into his mouth and begin sucking it in the same manner she was sucking his cock.

‘Is this what a blowjob feels like?' Janice concentrated more on the feeling of her clitoris being sucked than what she was doing in return.

‘Is this what sucking a cock is like?" Carl was wishing the hard clitoris were larger.

Janice began humping her husband's mouth and became so involved in the new feelings that she let the cock slip from her mouth.

Carl sensed the needs of his new sex partner and began sucking the way he knew he'd want to be sucked. He focused so totally on the small cock that he hadn't noticed that his own large cock was no longer being serviced.

Suddenly Janice felt the familiar threshold, with the completely new and unfamiliar feelings, and, with one final thrust of her hips, went over the edge.

Carl felt her juices increase and licked up and swallowed what he could, pretending it was semen from this hard little cock. As he swallowed he became aware of his own cock and the semen from his own testicles racing through the tubes and spewing out onto his partner's chest.

"So," Janice was the first to speak after the couple had caught their breath, "who's better?" she lay looking straight up at the ceiling as she spoke.

Carl again considered if this might be a no-win question but quickly replied, "You!"

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