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romantic night

I was getting a romantic evening ready for you. You   had been at work teaching the little ones to dance. I had a nice dinner almost done when you got home.

  you walk into the kitchen following the wonderful smells. Wrapping you arms around me and laying your head on my shoulder you say “I’m so hungry baby, is it ready?” I turn my head to her and give her a nice long kiss and a wink.


  While they were eating she told him about class and how her girls were progressing. He listened and watched her face, and got lost in how amazing she is. As they finished He started clearing the dishes. They both reached for a plate and he grabbed her hand, pulling her into his arms. Gazing into her beautiful eyes he said “baby you go upstairs and get ready for a nice hot bath. I will take care of this and join in a second.” She kissed him giving him a sexy smile and made sure he noticed her sexy ass as she walked away.

  He hopped up the stairs and walked into their room. She was sitting on the bed in her undies and he stopped in his tracks. “mmmm” he said and walked into the bathroom starting the bath water. She came into the bathroom and started pulling his clothes off. Untucking his shirt and kissing him and she undid the buttons and threw it on the floor. He picked her up and sat her on the counter as they kissed passionately their hands roaming each others bodies. She wrapped her legs around him as he pulled her against his chest. His kisses trailed off to her cheek and down her neck. He gently bit her neck as she played with his hair. He looked behind her into the mirror at her curvy hot body and noticed the tub was getting full. They managed to stop kissing and get into the hot water.   She sat between his legs and leaned back on her man. Her head laid back on his broad shoulder and rested against his cheek. He rubbed her shoulders letting her body relax and unwind after work. His hands worked down her body massaging her sides and her lower back, down to her thighs. She was moaning softly as he rubbed her tired muscles under the hot water. “I love you bear” she said, making his face flush with joy at the sound of her pet name for him. He nuzzled into her soft neck and kissed it. She pulled her legs up so he could reach under them and rub the undersides of her thighs, down to the bottom of her firm ass, and back up to her calves. She reached back behind his thick neck and pulled her body up onto his more. She said “I need you baby, your making me hot.” His finger tips trialed down her left thigh. Making her leg shudder, she pushed back on him arching her back. Her breathing was getting heavy and he knew he could drive her crazy tonight. As he got closer to her pussy his finger traced around her lips, far enough away not to touch her, but close enough to make her want him terribly bad. She moved her hips trying to feel his touch on her aching pussy. She wanted him inside her now. She knew it would be a while before he would be though, because he loved to tease her, and this just made her want him even more. He knew she would be expecting him to take a while so instead he put his middle finger down below her little entrance and slid it up between her lips to her clit. Her body jerked from the touch and she moaned loud. He said “I’m going to take you, slow and soft until you can’t take it anymore.” His other hand had found her breasts and was rolling a nipple as he whispered in her ear. She could feel his cock growing big and hard against her back, as his fingers played with her clit and nipples. She pushed her ass back on him grinding on him, making his cock throb. He pushed a finger into her tight hole letting the water rush in and fill her along with his finger. He pumped it in and out of her slow and deep making circles in her and pushing on her g-spot. Her pussy was clenching around his finger and her hips were bucking in pleasure. “oh god baaaaby!...please I need you!” they got out of the tub and dried off a little before going to their big bed. She pushed him onto the bed and jumped on him, kissing deep and hard letting their lust take over. She reached down and stoked him back to his full hardness. He flipped her over and pinned her down teasing her by asking if she wanted to get licked. “ERIC PLEASE!!” she screamed, he slid down between her legs and grabbed them so she couldn’t move. He buried his tongue inside her wet hole and started licking her fast and hard. She threw her head back and screamed as he sucked on her clit and flicked his tongue over it. He sucks her tender clit into his mouth and shakes his head fast and hard making her cum. She pulls his hair as he keeps sucking on her and licking her “Ooooohhhhh God yeeees!!! Uuuuggghhhh” her orgasm makes her juices squirt out on her mans face and chest. Her body shakes and trembles as she calms down and he moves back up and kisses her softly. He massages her pussy and slips two fingers into her. She moans into his mouth between their wet kisses. He raises up and gets on his knees beside her leaving his fingers inside her. He starts pushing down and pulling up inside her hitting her g-spot shaking her pussy hard and fast. She grabs his arm and squeezes as her orgasm builds. He puts him thumb on her clit as he keeps shaking her “ Eric… Eric.. Eric!!! Baby ohhh god ERIC!!!!” she screams and squirts again, and her body jerks and bucks harder as her orgasm explodes through her. She collapses gasping for air and moaning, her dripping pussy still clenching as her orgasm subsides. He gets between her legs and rubs the head of his big hard cock between her wet lips. She pushes herself down wanting him inside her so bad. He presses into her pussy slow feeling her squeeze him tight inch by inch, gently stretching her around his thick cock. He slides into her deep and holds it there. Letting her clench hard around it. Then he starts pumping in and out slow going as far in as he can and pushing hard. She holds onto his strong shoulders as he starts going faster, her nails digging into his skin. She begs for him to pound her hard. “ “you want it harder baby”

“YES! baby please”

“you want to be fucked?”

“Oh yes baby hard and fast!”

He gives in, he can never resist her when she does that. He grabs her legs and puts them on his shoulders and bangs his hips into her legs. He thrusts hard and deep into her tender walls over and over. Her juices are running down his cock and dripping off his balls as he pounds her. She says “ baby… I’m gonna cum oooohh god” her tight pussy squeezes him and soaks him again with her love juices. His cock swells and he pushes into her deep and lets his cum shoot out. She can feel his hot sticky cum inside her and his cock throbbing with each squirt. He lays down on her and they kiss breathlessly. They look into each others glazed eyes and say “I love you baby.” They cuddle up and fall asleep in each others arms sweaty and exhausted…morning comes along and she wakes up and can smell bacon cooking and the baby talking and laughing loud with daddy… J



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