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Room Service

Internet lovers break their own rules and consumate their relationship
You stand outside his hotel room door, looking at the room number, hand poised to knock, and pause. Is this really happening? You've known him forever, each sharing their inner thoughts, from the romantic to lustful fantasy, yet thanks to the internet you have never met. Sure you know what he sounds like, and what he looks like. You smile at the memory of some rather steamy web sessions and sigh softly. But should you meet in person? You trust him, but can you trust yourself? You knock loudly.

The door swings open quickly and there he is in the flesh smiling at you. Too late to run now. You smile back nervously. He looks just like you pictured: tall, broad shoulders, short dark hair, and smiling eyes.

"Come in," he says nervously.

You had thought of meeting when he said he had an upcoming business trip to your area, and he eagerly agreed to your plans when you suggested them. One thing to be said for business travel is that the company usually pays for a nice hotel. This room was lovely. A suite with a sitting area, kitchenette and a king bed in the room beyond. As you look about you notice the roses and bottle of wine on the coffee table. You smile.

Your eyes return to him as he says, "You are as beautiful in person as online." Smiling, he motions you to the sitting area. He watches you saunter to the couch, lingering on the curve of your bottom, before following and pouring you a glass of wine.

You smile again. "I can't believe we are doing this," you say. He nods. You continue, "So as we agreed, no kissing, no touching right? We are just to watch right? Just like online."

He nods again smiling thinking of past pleasures with you. Your heart races.

You take a long sip of wine and then blurts, "Ok, you first."

He smiles at you and slowly stands while unbuttoning, eyes locked with yours. You see his chest, slightly hairy, then his abdomen as he pulls the shirt from his jeans. Your eyes wander lower seeing the bulge in his jeans. He waits. You look up as you realize you've been licking your lips.

"Now you," he says with a grin.

You blush. Ok, ok, now or never. You stand feeling his eyes take all of you in. You slowly unbutton your blouse. Eyes locked with his until he looks down at your firm breasts restrained by your black lace bra. You reach back and unclasp, freeing your breasts, exposing the hardening pink nipples to his gaze. The air must be cool, but why are you so warm then?

You motion him to continue and watch him slowly unbuckle and then unzip his jeans. You can see his dark blue boxers pushed out by his hardening cock, before he turns and slides his jeans over his hips and down. You watch his ass as he bends stepping out of his jeans. You can clearly see his erection as he looks back at you before pulling off his boxers. Now standing before you, in all his glory, cock rigid, you stare, lips parted, as you sigh deeply. You want to reach out and touch. You want to surround the head of his cock with your lips. Then you realize, he is waiting, watching, as you are cupping your breasts, gently squeezing your nipples without thinking.

You blush. His eyes follow your hands as you lower them to your squirt toying with the belt before slowly turning from him, bending, and sliding it over your hips. You know he is looking right at your bum, at the see through black lace panties, as you wiggle for him. You smile looking back over your shoulder at him. You step out of your skirt, heels still on, and turn to him. He is looking right between your legs, seeing the trimmed patch of hair through your lace panties.

You wonder if he can see the trickles of wetness between your lips, or if he knows exactly how turned on you are. You look at his cock again. Circumsized, the head stands proudly on his veined shaft, maybe 6 inches from his pubic hair and balls. It is thin, but how you want it deep inside you. You can see his balls hanging below, one slightly raised, as you contemplate the seed within, flowing up the shaft, emerging from the hole under the tip, spurting all over your body. Then you notice the bit of lubricant dripping from that same hole, dripping slowly down the underside of his shaft.

"Stroke it for me," you whisper.

He complies obediently placing his fingers under the shaft, and thumb on top, closing them around it, sliding them toward the head. You watch the skin of his cock first slide along the rigid shaft, then move back as his fingers slide over the head. On the backstroke you hear the squish of the precum against his skin, and a soft moan escape his lips.

His strokes look as if they are milking the precum from his cock. He stops, his cock coated and shiny, not wanting to cum. He looks at your body, then your eyes. You part your legs so that he can see your full lips when a drip of your own excitement rolls down your inner thigh. Embarrassed for a second, you blush, before realizing how erotic it must be. You touch the tip of your middle finger on your panties right between your lips and press.

You groan as they part and you drag your finger upward over your hardening bud of a clit. You must have more as you rub back and forth. You stop as your knees weaken, slide your wet panties down and off and hand them to him. He holds them up inhaling your scent as his cock jumps in excitement. He watches your naked body as you slowly walk past into the bedroom, beckoning him to follow. You watch his cock bob as he does.

You sit on the side of the bed on the clean white sheets before turning your back to the headboard and spreading your thighs, showing him all of you. He watches as you slide your middle finger down along one wet pouting lip then up the other. Then reaching down to where they meet at the base and pressing between, your lips parting to the pressure as you drag your finger between, so slowly, upward, sliding easily in the wetness, to the top, up and over your clit, where you linger, circling. Your other hand cups your breast as you pinch your very hard nipple between thumb and forefinger. You look at him as you moan.

You watch as he takes a tube of Vaseline and squirts a bead along the top of his cock and then slowly rubs it in with each stroke, twisting to get the entire shaft lubed. You watch in amazement as his cock emerges from between his fingers on each stroke down, only to disappear on each stroke up. The sound of the strokes, so erotic, is driving you mad.

Inching down, drawn toward him, you place the palm of your hand, fingers down, against your hot, wet lips and bend the middle two fingers, pressing them between your lips, and into you. They slide upward as you pull your hand upward, plunging into you, pressing on all sides. You lift your hand as you slide it downward, dragging your curled fingers along the top of you. It feels wonderful. You repeat, each plunge in deeper, and harder. you cry out feeling the waves of your orgasm gather.

Holding his cock in his hand, he climbs onto the end of the bed, and kneels between your thighs, and resumes his long slow strokes, watching your every move. You inch closer, your pace quickening with his. You look down over your heaving breasts, over your palm pressed against your engorged clit, fingers pressed deep inside, watching him stroking his cock, only inches from your pussy. You spread your thighs wide listening to the sound of his strokes, lifting your hips in response to your own synchronized thrusts.

Your legs tremble as the waves build. There is no stopping it now. Your body is thrust over the edge. As you lift to meet the crashing waves of your body, the back of your hand touches his as he strokes. You feel his cock, so hot against your skin. You turn your hand and wrap your fingers around him as your body convulses in pleasure, totally out of control. As it subsides, you realize what you've done and smile. You slide your fingers up and down the shaft, now slippery with a mixture of lube an his juices. Omg. You are stroking his cock. It is so hard.

He inches up as you inch down, and leans down to kiss your lips. You kiss him back, turning your head to kiss him deeper, urging him on. You guide his cock to you and press it against your wet pussy lips. You both moan as you touch. You feel the hard head of his cock press against your wet lips parting them, and then the underside of his shaft as he slides it along you, rather than in. The head presses against your clit pushing it aside as the shaft slides over it. Then reverse. He is rubbing against you with each thrust.

You wrap your arms around him, spread your thighs wide, and lift feeling him against you. You groan in each others mouths as you rub against each other. He slides easily along you, drenched in your wetness. You hold your breath as you feel another wave build, then gasp, and hold it again. You can feel his balls against the soft skin on your bum, now covered in wetness. You feel him harden even more knowing he is close. You can not wait any longer, as you cry out, lurching against his hard cock pressed against your clit.

You feel him before you hear his groan, knowing his pleasure, as you feel the shaft of his cock contract against your pussy, and the stream of cum spew from the head resting on your clit. One, two, three hot gobs of cum spurt onto your tummy, trailing sticky strings of cum through your now wet patch of hair. He kisses you deeply, your bodies still shuddering in their embrace.

Your lips part as he lifts his head, holding your cheek in his hand, and smiles down at you. He whispers, I love you. You hug him tight, pulling him close as he rests his face against your neck and shoulder. You smile as you think of how many rules your just broke, and how many more you are sure to break before the night is out.
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