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Roommates daughter #2

Going all the way with the Roommates Daughter.
A few days had passed since Seth had finally been able to taste the sweetness of both Gina’s and Jess’s young pussies. Seth worked nights and got home between either 1 am or 6 am, depending on how fast he worked thru the night. One night, when he got home around 2am, he saw a strange car in his driveway and that the living room lights were on. He shut his headlights off, and coasted into his parking spot. He was hoping that Gina might have someone over and that he would be able to watch them if they were in the living room.

As he walked to the front door he looked into the window and there was Gina on all fours getting it doggy style from some young boy that was only going to last a minute or two. But still Seth stood there in the dark and enjoyed the show. He thought to himself that this girl has guts, being her dad’s bedroom was only down the hall 10' away. He watched as the boy pulled out and shot his load on her back. He quickly walked back to his car, and backed up the street. He made sure that when he pulled into the driveway, his high beams would shine through the window and Gina would know to get dressed and have her late night friend go home. The boy almost stumbled into him as he walked out of the house. By the time Seth made it into the house, Gina had gotten into the shower. This answered Seth question if she was giving it out. Now all he had to do was wait for the right moment.

The next night was a rather long night for Seth, being he got home at 5am, again the living room light was on and so was the TV, but no car in the driveway. He also noticed that Vince’s car wasn’t in the driveway and he must have gone to work. Seth slid into the house and saw that Gina was curled up asleep on the couch, wearing only a sheer baby blue teddy and thong panties. Seth slipped past her and quickly took a shower and then slid on a pair of silk boxers. He grabbed himself a cold one from the fridge and lifted Gina’s legs up and took a position with her laying on her belly and her legs draped across him. He slowly started to take the cold bottle and trace in up her legs and watched as she got goose bumps up and down her legs. He then slid her teddy up and exposed her ass crack and pussy. He started to rub the cold bottle along her silk clad pussy.

With a moan, her eyes opened and she looked back and saw who it was. She smiled and asked him why he was so late and told him that she had been waiting for him since her daddy had left for work. She then sat up and straddled him; she slowly brought her lips to his and kissed him, slowly parting his lips with her tongue. He could feel his hard cock pressing against the silk boxers, which she could feel against her silk covered pussy. As the kissing got more intense, so did her grinding on his now hard cock. Being she was 16, it didn’t take her long before her finger nails were digging into the back of Seth’s head as she kissed him harder. He could feel her body tense up and hear the faint escape of air from her lips as she had an orgasm. After about a minute of cumming, she asked him what he would like her to do. He smiled as he looked down at his cum stained boxers; she got the hint, as she slipped of his lap and got onto her knees in front of him.

As she tugged on his boxers, he lifted his body so they would slide off easier for her. She had him slid closer to the edge of the couch as she took in his full hard package. She could see the large amount of pre-cum that was on his rather large cock head. Looking up at him like a child at Christmas, she smiled and told him that she never had such a large cock before. Smiling, Seth told her he knew she wasn’t lying, because he had seen what she had the night before. Like the eager young apprentice, Gina slowly took her tongue and swirled it around his cock head. She smiled as she licked off his pre-cum and showed it to him on her tongue. Seth told her that a good girl would always swallow a man’s seed and a bad girl would spit it out. He asked her what she wanted to be. Her response was to swallow it with a smile.

He smiled at her as his fingers slid into her hair and he lowered her mouth to his cock. This young cock sucker got the point and soon was running her tongue up and down his cock; she licked it like it was an ice cream cone. When she got to head she would pop the head into her mouth and slowly slid her mouth down it, stretching her lips around it. After several minutes of this, his cock was firmly hard; she started to jerk him off while she extended her mouth down his cock. Like a Pro cock sucker, she would spit on his cock to keep it lubricated as her hand went up and down it. She soon got into a good rhythm of sucking and jerking him off.
He loved the view of her sucking him off. He couldn’t figure if he liked it so much, because he thought he was in charge or because he knew that she was in charge at that moment. He told her to look up at him while she was sucking him off, so he could see her lust in her eyes. She slowly raised her eyes to him and he could see that she was truly enjoying having this dick in her mouth.
By now she was able to get 5” of him inside her mouth and he was in heaven for it. At this time, he noticed that her other hand was buried in her panties as she fingered her wet pussy. Seeing this he asked for a taste; she pulled her two fingers out of her little twat and he bent down to lick them off. The harder he sucked on her tiny little fingers the harder she sucked on his hard cock. All though it seemed like hours that she had been going down on him, it was only a few minutes. He could sense his orgasm was at hand and he told her to be ready. She continued to suck and stroke his hard cock; she soon felt his balls tighten and felt a vain on his shaft get hard. Her mouth soon felt the sweat salty taste of his cum as it shot to the back of her throat. She started to gag a little on it, but was soon able to swallow his first shot and then took all that he had. She drained his balls of his cum, all the time looking up with her sexy brown lust filled eyes. She let him slid out of her mouth, as she licked her lips clean of his cum. He reached down and whipped some that she had missed. She went to lick it off his finger, but before she could he swallowed it down.

She placed her hands on his knees and started to kiss him on the lips. He could taste his dick and seed on her lips and tongue as they kissed. He pulled her in close and whispered into her eye how fucking amazing her cock sucking was. She smiled and asked if he would give her, her first big cock. He smiled as he picked her up and carried her into his bedroom, laying her on the bed.

As Seth straddled her, he bent down and started to kiss her. He was inexperienced in sex, but knew that this little tan morsel of sex was going to need a lot of arousing if she was going to be able to take his cock inside her tiny pussy. He slowly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto his lap and slid her teddy up and off of her. Her cool skin felt like electricity as the two touched. Her hands soon slid up around his head as she pulled him closer to her. The two kissed for several minutes, but soon it was time for Seth to explore the top, middle and lower parts of his young friend. He laid her back down and whispered in her ear that she was going to be in for the time of her life.

He slowly started to kiss his way down her neck while rubbing his hands down her side. Soon he was at her tits, and as he kissed his way around them; he was amazed out how such a tiny framed girl would have such a large C cup. Her nipples were hard as his mouth slowly sucked one in. He heard her moan as he did this. While sucking on one, he stared to pinch the other one, which only increased her moaning. Her back slowly started to arch as his pinching sucking got harder. Her breathing got more and more labored and her body began to tense up. At that time, Gina learned that she loved her nipples to be played with hard and she could cum from it. Seth held on to her nipples as her body was racked by an orgasm. He slowly kissed around her breast as her breathing went back to normal and her body went limp.

He traced his way down her flat tummy and paid some attention to the belly ring that she had. It amazed him that in the 8 years since he was 16 that girls had progressed so far sexually. Half way between her belly button and her panty line he could smell her sexual aroma, which only turned him on more, he could feel his cock getting harder as he got closer. He kissed his was along the waist band of her panties and was amazed at how the baby blue material was all most transparent with her juices. She was moaning all along while he was kissing her. He then slowly started to kiss his way along the area were the leg and torso meets, right at the very edge of her panties. He would kiss her a few times and then run his mouth across her panties kissing her on top of her pussy. When he was at the edge of the panties, he would slide his tongue under them and taste and lick her juices from her. Every time he did this she would squirm on the bed.

After several minutes of teasing her like this, he slowly started to slide her panties down her legs, kissing her as he went. He could tell that she was freshly shaven as he kissed her. He wondered to himself how long she had been planning this out. It was killing Gina that Seth was taking so long to get her panties off of her, she so much wanted to spread her legs and show him herself, but her panties wouldn’t allow this to happen. He stopped his downward movement right around were he thought her clit would be and asked her if she wanted to go all the way, because there would be no turning back if the panties came off. Her response was to push him off, while lifting her legs up and at the same time pulling her panties off in one movement. She looked at her soaked panties and started to beg to be fucked like the bad little girl she was.

What was a man to do, when he was being begged to fuck someone, but to fuck that person?

Seth started to lick that pussy like it was an ice cream cone on a hot Florida day. After several minutes of this, he could tell that she was ready to be fucked. So, he slowly slid one finger into her pussy and he was surprised that she was pushing hard back on it when he was putting it into her. He slid it in a few times and then slipped in the second finger. She eagerly accepted both. He curled up both and started to stroke her G-spot. He then started to run his tongue along her clit and soon was fingering her and sucking on the little man. Gina slipped her legs around his shoulders and was able to pull him in close to her. As her body was tensing up, she pushed his head closer into her pussy. At 16, she felt like she had died and gone to heaven, being she had never been made to feel this way. Her body exploded from the dual stimulation of her clit being licked and her G-spot being stroked. Her body soon showed its pleasure by giving the two young lovers a squirting orgasm. Her juices covered Seth’s chest as he leaned up to kiss her. Both of them had evil little smirk on their faces.

Seth picked her up and moved her to a dry part of the bed and then slowly spread her legs. He gently took the head of his engorged cock and slowly slid just the tip into her. As he was doing this, it caught his attention that this little morsel had no tan lines. He would make it a point to watch her sunbath from now on. He slowly slipped the tip past her lips and slowly worked his way into her. He could feel her pussy slowly start to yield to his advance and the grimace of pain on her face slowly faded to a smile of enjoyment. He was surprised that such a tiny pussy could take all his cock, but soon he was “Balls Deep” into her.

He bent down and slowly leaned on her, not wanting to put all his weight on her, but still enough to have skin on skin. He placed his lips on hers and she eagerly parted hers. Their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths, as Seth slowly started to fuck his new toy. After a few slow minutes he picked up the pace and started to fuck her harder and harder. Her body responded to more and more wetness. She whispered into his ear that she was about to cum and she wanted it harder. Seth got up on his arms and started to fuck her like she had never been before. For a second he thought he was going to break her in half. The primal scream she let out when she finally did was enough to push him over the edge to. He felt his balls get hard and he knew it was time to cum. He pulled out just as he shot his load. They both watched as his hot white cum landed across her firm tan belly and along her tits.

She smiled at him and reminded him that she wanted to be a good girl, so she started to lick the cum off her tits and take the cum on her belly off with her fingers. She licked them clean. He bent down and licked some that she messed. She smiled at him and told him how much that turned her on. The cool air from the A/C felt good on their hot sweaty skin as they laid in each other’s arms. Soon, Gina’s hands started to work their way down to his semi hard cock. She whispered in to his ears “Daddy can we fuck more?” The answer she got was to be picked up and placed on to his hard cock.

She started to grind on him until her pussy was wet. She looked down at his hard cock and loved how it was shining with her juices. She slowly took his cock and started to rub it along her lips and then slowly sunk down on it, taking his full shaft into her. She slowly rode him, getting use to his size, she had fucked a few boys here and there, but Seth was the largest she had yet to have. Soon her tempo increased and again she felt the wave of an orgasm over take her body. When she lost the ability to continue the fucking, Seth hands wrapped around her waist and he easily started to lift her up and down fucking that pussy of hers. One “O” soon turned into several “O”. She collapsed onto his chest out of breath and beat red from the new sexual experience she just had.

After letting her rest for a while on top of him, Seth slid out from underneath her. He turned on the hot water in the shower and let the bathroom fill with hot steam. He then went and awoke her and carried her into the bathroom. There he slowly washed her body taking extra care of all the dirty places. He soon found that not only was she recharge but he had a full raging hard on.

Seeing this Gina asked her daddy what she could do for him. He positioned her against the shower wall away from the shower and spread her legs. He then slowly spread her ass and slid his cock into her waiting pussy. She looked back at him and told him to fuck her brains out, because she wanted to feel his cum inside her. He slowly started to fuck her; he could see that every time he fucked her she would push back on him. He pulled her further away from the shower and bent her to a 90 degree angle to the floor and started to nail her as hard as he could. He knew that from this angle and view of her hot little ass that he wouldn’t last long, about two minutes into it, he felt his cum shot out of his cock and into this young little pussy, he kept the pace and soon his balls were empty. He watched as her pussy slowly dripped out his cum onto the shower floor. He reached in and kissed her on the neck thanking her for being such a good little girl. She giggled and said “That’s what good girls do for their daddies”. He pulled his cock from her and washed his cock in the water and then finished washing her. He carried her to bed and put her to sleep. He curled up next to her and went to sleep, hearing her say “Thank You”. .

One down and one to go, Seth thought as he drifted off to sleep

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