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Roommates daughter

What happens when your roommates 16 year old daughter moves in unannounced.
Seth wasn’t your average mid-twenties white male that spent his weekends going to clubs and juggling several women at the same time. He worked 60+ hours a week and then found time to go to college for a couple classes a semester. Seth had a game plan, a hope and desire to get his dream job of being a Cop.

He had moved from New Jersey to Florida to make that game plan come true, but some were along the line had failed to make many friends his age or friends that would drag him out to clubs and make him met women. Needless to say, it had been several long years since he had the feel of a woman under his hands. This was back before the internet was big and you could easily find a date for the night.

Seth had a decent little starter home, a car that got him from point A to point B without any problems. He was skinny as a rail, being 6’2” 160pds. He had the full head of hair that was big in the mid-1990s and lacked all confidence when it came to the ladies.

One day, his best friend asked him if he wanted a roommate to split the bills with, being he had a friend from work that was in need of a place to stay. Needless to say, Seth who had a hard time saying no to his friend agreed to it. Vince was a mid-40’s divorced truck mechanic that didn’t have two dimes to rub together and had one of those flipping attitudes of a New Yorker. Overnight Seth’s quite home was transformed into what could best be described as a trailer park trash trailer, only thing missing was the dog and trailer.

When Vince moved in, he told Seth that there was a slim chance that his 16 year old daughter named Gina might move back from NY, but if that did he move out within the week. No big deal Seth thought, slim chance, equals not going to happen.

Seth, who works nights, woke one Sunday afternoon to the sound of a young female talking on the phone. He quickly got dressed and walked into the living room. Sprawled out on the couch was a lovely little morsel of a young woman. It turned out that Vince must have been married to a hot wife, because the girl that jumped up and introduced herself to Seth as his daughter was steamy hot.

She stood all of 5’, had to be 95pds, deep dark tan, dark brown hair that reached to her middle of the back and a large set of C cup tits, yet she wore those big hoop earrings that were so popular back then. Gina poured out sex appeal, no matter what her age was. Seth could feel his cock getting hard in his shorts as he walked back into his bedroom. He thought to himself that it wouldn’t be all that bad to have that running around the house.

The week quickly went by, and neither Vince nor Gina said anything about her being there or them moving out. One afternoon, Seth woke to find the house empty, so being he slept in the buff didn’t bother putting on any clothes as he walked out to the kitchen to get some food and a drink. As he walked into the kitchen which over looked the back yard he found that Gina was sun bathing in the back yard.

Her petite little body was only clad in the tiniest black G- string he had ever seen, her top was lying next to her. She was lying on her chest with her head facing away from the window Seth was looking at. Her legs were slightly spread; from where he was standing he could just make out her tiny little pussy. He could see the beads of sweat that had formed on her back in the sun and watched as they slid down the roundest ass he had seen in a very long time.

It took about 5 second of watching her, before his semi hard cock was standing at attention. He really had nothing to compare to or the experience of women telling him he was hung or thick, but he wasn’t ashamed of his cock. It was 7” in length and rather thick. He had gotten into the habit of shaving his cock a few years before and he loved the feel it had when he was freshly shaved. He soon forgot what he came into the kitchen for as his hand was wrapped around his cock. He soon found himself rubbing and tugging on cock, as he continued to watch Gina. He could only imagine how tight that small little pussy was.

It took him about two minutes of stroking before he felt his balls start to get tight and his cock start to throb. He closed his eyes as he blew his load across the kitchen, after several seconds he opened his eyes and made sure that no one had seen him. Gina was still resting comfortable on her lawn chair with her sweet little pussy exposed to the world. Before Seth went back to get cleaned up, he cleaned his cum from the wood floor and wondered if any guy had been inside Gina. He smiled and thought roommates weren’t all that bad.

After a long hot shower and another masturbation session Seth came out of the bedroom and went back into the kitchen. Gina had come in from outside and was now dressed in a pair of modest shorts and a T-shirt, she was had a wash cloth in her hands and Seth asked her what she was doing. She complained that her dad must have spilled something on the cabinet and forgot to clean it up. When he looked at what she pointed at, he couldn’t help but smiled; since it was his cum she was talking about. She had this wicked little smile on her face as she started to clean it up, which made Seth wonder if she had seen what he had done or knew what she was cleaning up. From that day on, whenever Gina had the chance to sit next to Seth or brush up against him she did.

Soon another week had gone by and it was Seth’s day off. When he woke up he found that Gina had invited one of her friends over named Jess. Now Jess could have passed as a body double for Gina, only difference was Jess was a blonde. The two of them, were lying out in the front driveway in bikinis. At lease this two girls, had the brains to be wearing bikinis that covered themselves. Seth walked out with two cold Cokes and asked them to go to the backyard to do there sun bathing. They both took the Cokes and smiled at each other as they happily got there stuff together. Jess had to get on her tippy toes to whisper into Seth’s ear, but asked him to join the two of them in the back yard.

It seemed that even though both of the girls like to show themselves off, they felt uncomfortable being semi-nude in front of each other. Jess came right to the point and asked Seth if it was all right if they laid out topless in the back yard, and if he wouldn’t mind putting on baby oil on each other’s back. It seemed that they hadn’t explored each other just yet. What was a man to do in a time like this? He looked around and was glad that it was covered with a six foot high stockade fence. He smiled at them and told them it would be his pleasure to take care of their needs.

The girls smiled and started to giggle, as they slid down their bottom bikini’s to reveal that each one had on a pair of G-string panties. Jess’s was hot pink while Gina’s was white. They both did little spins to show themselves off to Seth and he couldn’t help but smile. They told him that bikinis left such large ugly tan lines. The two girls then laid down and flipped their hair up so it was off their back and asked Seth to do his part.

Seth couldn’t tell if it was because it was close to 95 degrees out or the fact that he had two young hot half naked girls in front of him, but he was sweating bullets at this time. He looked at his watch and saw that he had at least four hours before Vince would be home. One of the girls suggested that he take off his shirt, so it wouldn’t get any of the baby oil on it, so he pulled it off, which revealed his rather large bulge in his shorts. Seth was glad that both of the girls had their heads down.

Here he was hadn’t touched a women in several years and now he was going to be touching two rather hot girls. God, from the view he had of both of the girls laying on their chest with their legs slightly spread. He could clearly see how wet they were. He decided to do Jess first, so he went to her side and untied her top and slid it from underneath her. He was going to apply the oil from the side, but she suggested that to do her back he should straddle her.

He hesitated a few seconds from doing that, because he was worried that she would feel his hard cock, but he thought what the hell. She was petite enough that when he straddled her his cock was right on her ass. He took a bit of oil in his hands and warmed it up. Every time he would lean forward to rub it on her, his cock would push into her ass and he swore that she would push back on his cock. It took him a good 5 minutes to do her back, thinking he was done; he dismounted from that sweet little ass of hers.

She looked back and with an evil grin told him that she didn’t want her ass and legs to be uncovered in oil and would he be so kind to do those to. As she asked him this, he could tell that she was looking at his cock, and it wasn’t until he looked down that he noticed why. Right in the middle of his shorts he had a rather noticeable wet spot, from his pre-cum. He got down on his knees and started to work his way up her legs, gently massaging in the oil as he slowly spread her legs apart.

By the time he got to her upper thighs he had a wonderful view of her pussy. He could tell that she kept herself trimmed and had a little landing strip in the middle of her pussy. It was at this time, he noticed every time he touched her, she would start to moan. He started to rub oil at the top of her waist and slowly worked his way down her ass cheeks. They were so young and firm he thought as he massaged them with oil.

He started to get bold as he went along, and slowly worked he hands to her ass crack and then poured the oil right onto her crack. He slowly started to rub the oil into her crack and when he got no response but moans from her he slid the G-string to the side and slowly started to slide his fingers down to her sweet young pussy. All along Gina just laid there as if she knew what was happing and was happily waiting her turn.

He slowly slid his finger down her ass crack passed her rose bud. He soon found himself right at the edge of her pussy, at this time; she lifted herself up, which allowed him better access to her pussy. He slowly rubbed his hand the full length of her pussy and still she didn't stop him. He then started to part her pussy lips; one then two fingers slowly slid inside her. He was amazed out how wet she was. He slowly started to finger fuck this little morsel of a woman.

It only took about ½ minute, before he could feel her tighten around his fingers and her clinching on them. She started to moan and every time he pushed in with his finger she would push back, it wasn’t long, before her moans turned into one steady long groan as she had a powerful orgasm. Sitting there in disbelief, he adjusted her G-string and slowly licked his fingers clean of her juices. He could have sworn he heard her say thank you.

Sitting up and looking at Seth, with a shy little smile on her face, Gina asked if he was ready for her. As she did she untied her top, exposing two luscious little tan melons, with the sweetest little nipples. Not a tan line in sight was the only thing Seth was thinking as he shook his head. He slowly rubbed the oil into Gina’s back and made sure to slid his hands down her side of her chest and tweak nipples.

Each time he did this, he would hear a small moan escape her potty little lips. He worked his way down to her waist line, at which time he saw that her G-string in fact had ties on the side, being intoxicated with lust, he took the lead and untied her panties and pulled off of her. He could tell that Gina’s pussy must be soaked, because the panties were transparent with her juices. Even from sitting next to her, he could smell her sex aroma. He slowly started to slide his oiled hands on her tight, toned and tanned ass cheeks; she instinctively raised her ass and spread her legs for his hands.

He took a possession of sitting between her parted legs, were he could get closer to her and slowly worked his hand down her ass crack. As he was slowly passing her rose bud, her hand came back and stopped his on it. She pushed down on his hand, and he got the idea that she wanted to be fingered in her ass. He slowly started to push into her ass and he could feel it expand as he got further into it. He increased the tempo of his thrust as she increased the tempo of her thrust, and soon she was rocketing to an orgasm.

When she did cum, her ass clamped down on his finger and he had to slide it out, when he got out, her rose bud winked at him. He looked around and was glad that none of the neighbors were home, because of the noise that Gina had just made. He hadn’t come this far, not to taste that sweet pussy that he had been dreaming of for the past few weeks.

He pressed his face right up to her ass and slowly started to part her pussy with his tongue. He slowly licked up and down the slit, tasting her honey on his tongue and lips only increased his confidence. He then jammed a finger deep inside her, which she easily took. He soon found a comfortable tempo to go with hers, and would increase it based on the sweet moans that were coming from her.

He soon was joined by one of her hands grinding on her clit. It didn’t take long, between his tongue/finger and her clit action to start screaming as an orgasm over took her body. Her whole body just collapsed on the towel, as she looked back with her eyes rolled in the back of her head. He picked her ass up and slid the G-string back on to her.

Both girls smiled as they looked back at him, as he adjusted his cock in his shorts, and thanked him. He knew that there would be more fun to come in the coming weeks. He only hoped that they didn’t move out, before he had one or hopefully both in his bed….

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