Rooms to Rent Part 1

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Rooms for Rent Part I

I am thirty years old, single, college history professor and live in a large Victorian home in a small college town in Ohio. The previous owners added a detached two-car garage and later enclosed the area between the house and the garage. The enclosed area was partitioned off as two rooms and a full bath. I use one of the rooms as an office. The rest of the first floor is your typical living room, dining room and kitchen. The second floor has three bedrooms and bath. The attic area is finished and could be used as an additional bedroom.

Since it was hard to live on a professor’s salary, and I saw the opportunity to make money when I bought the house. I placed an ad in the college paper to rent out the second floor bedrooms. Two could bunk in the master bedroom and one in each of the other bedrooms. Since there was only one bathroom, I had to choose between all male or all female. That was a no brainer.

I was flooded with applications. Seems off campus housing is limited. I scaled the list down to juniors and seniors. The interview process was about to begin. WOW, what a task. Since two had to share the one room I choose Becky and Sue, who have been friends since high school. Becky was a tall, slim girl with long brown hair and a great body. Sue was a lot shorter, more muscular with larger breasts. They were both members of the college soccer team.

The second room went to Amy. She was average in height, kind of plain looking and very reserved. The last room went to Erica. She was awesome. Very out going, about 5’8”, blonde hair and a very nice rack. My guess about a 36C.

One girl I turned away was Samantha. She was in a car accident a few years ago and was confined to a wheel chair. She was definitely a looker but could not handle a second floor room. My conscious was eating away at me. All night I kept thinking how her condition limited her ability for housing. In the morning I decided to let her room in my bedroom and I would sleep in the attic room. When I called her and told her of my plans she wept over the phone. I knew then that I made the right decision.

Moving in day was finally here. All the girls arrived early and it went fairly well. Classes were due to start in two days. Everyone went out that night except Samantha. I knocked on her door and she said to come in. What I saw was amazing. There she sat on her bed in just a red teddy. Instantly the blood started moving within me. Quickly I sat down in the chair to hide my erection. She looked at me with those blue eyes and asked if I could help her hook up her computer since she could not get down to do it. Laying on my back under the desk I connected all the wires and was slowing sliding back out when I looked up any saw Samantha staring at my still hard bulge in my pants. She was unaware that her legs were spread open and I could make out the lips of her pussy through the thin tight panties. I was busted for sure.

I stood up in front of her but could not talk. She reached out and gave me a hug thanking me and again started to cry. I asked her what was wrong. She said nothing was wrong, she was just so happy I let her stay here and helped her out. I brushed her hair from the front of her face and wiped her tears away. I kissed her forehead and told her I was here for her and would help with anything she needed. “Anything” she said and then she brought her lips to mine. I was stunned at first but slowly responded to here kissing. Her tongue reached mine and soon we were kissing hot and heavy. Slowly I lowered her down on the bed and moved beside her. My hands caressed her and moved to touch her breasts. My fingers tweaked her nipple and she moaned “Oh yes”. I kissed her neck and raised her arms and slowly lifted the teddy over her head. She was heaven. I lowered my head and took her nipple. Nibbling, biting, teasing. Her tits were magnificent. She cuddled my head forcing me to take more of her tits into my mouth.

I had to have more. I trailed my kisses down her stomach and lowered her panties as I went. Her bush was wet and shiny. I rubbed her mound and licked her lips. “Oh God, Oh Yes” she panted. My fingers spread her lips and I slid one than two fingers inside her. In and out, back and forth. I flicked her clit with my tongue and she moaned louder. My fingers reached up inside her and found her G spot. “LICK ME, MAKE ME CUM”. My face was wet with her juice, I was starving for her pussy. Licking her clit and driving my fingers deeper. “OH SHIT, I’M THERE, YES, CUMMMING, LICK ME, SUCK MY CUNT” Her orgasm had to last a good minute. I could feel her pussy grabbing my fingers and pulling them deeper. Her clit was quivering.

When she recovered she pulled me up and kissed me, running her tongue over my face and tasting her own wetness. She reached down and rubbed my cock “Get those pants off and let me have a taste of you. I quickly stripped and sat on her stomach. My cock was oozing love juice. I slipped my cock between her tits. She cupped her tits around it and flicked her tongue on the tip. Slowly, I rocked my cock between her tits and she captured me with every stroke. She was so beautiful. My lube was dangling from her tongue. She wanted more.

“I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE, FUCK ME, STICK IT IN ME” I positioned myself over her and put her legs on my shoulders. Reaching down Samantha took hold of my dick and began rubbing it against her clit. Her second orgasm hit, almost as strong as the first. I was boiling, I needed to cum. I moved her hand away and aligned myself. In one quick motion I buried myself inside her. FUCK ME. That’s exactly what I did. Long hard strokes, deep I went. I kept pounding her pussy. Reaching up I took her nipple between my fingers, pulling and twisting. “ YES, YOU FEEL SO GOOD INSIDE ME” she kept moaning. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. One more thrust and I let loose. My warm cum triggered her third orgasm. Our juices blended together and slowly trickled out. I felt complete.

I lowered my lips to hers and we kissed softly. Caressing her hair, I looked into those blue eyes and saw those tears again. But now I knew why. She held me tight.

We soon heard the front door open heard giggling. Oh, this was truly going to be a year that I will never forget.