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Roped Into It: Part 1 of 2

Be careful what you agree to, because things can take an unexpected turn.

She had a stick up her ass the size of a Giant Sequoia; that had been my first impression, at least, and now that I’d known her for several months there was nothing she’d said or done that had changed my opinion. It had been a quick and mutual dislike from the start, one of those personality clashes that happen sometimes. To use a Gumpian analogy, we were definitely not like peas and carrots.

Fortunately, she was not my girlfriend; unfortunately, she was my girlfriend’s roommate and best friend, so we inevitably saw entirely too much of each other and it was never pleasant. I’m going to be less than chivalrous and blame most of the animosity on her.

She was tiny and cute and buxom, and her ass (despite the stick) was as close to perfect as you’ll ever find; Tori was one of those golden-skinned, tight-bodied, blue-eyed blondes that draw male eyes like a magnet. Accordingly, being your typical horny male, I’d been prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt even though she seemed to have the personality of a Rottweiler with a bad tooth. I hate to admit it, but being cute, sexy, and having a perfect ass and big tits buys a lot of male tolerance for less desirable traits.

It proved futile, however, as she continued in beast mode despite my best efforts. After a while I grew tired of it, realizing that the honey of her exterior masked the strychnine inside, and had responded in kind; soon we’d settled into a deep and comfortable hostility characterized by cheap shots and general rancor. It may not have worked for everyone, but it worked for us, and that’s all that mattered.

It bothered Lynn at first that her BFF and I didn’t get along, but once she realized that snapping and snarling was how Tori and I best related to each other she relaxed and enjoyed our sparring. Thank God, though, that despite Tori’s prickliness and obviously high-maintenance requirements she had a boyfriend because it meant that she was often out with him and thus not around me as much as she might otherwise have been.

Mark was a good guy, too. I liked him, although I can’t say that I understood him; I could never figure out if he was just extraordinarily patient, a true masochist, or if maybe Tori was so great in the sack that he was willing to put up with almost anything. To me, it seemed that she abused him almost as much as she did me. Regardless, he took her out of my presence often enough that I really came to appreciate him, and while I questioned his sanity, I applauded his tolerance; for purely selfish reasons, of course.

We could always go to my place, but I had two roommates in a three-bedroom condo we rented. Doug traveled quite a bit, but Rob was often around, and last Friday they were both home. Lynn and I would have had the privacy of my room, but she can become quite vocal during sex and I didn’t need my roommates getting their rocks off listening to us making love. Fortunately, thanks to Mark’s high pain tolerance with Tori, we often had Lynn’s place all to ourselves and did again last Friday evening.

Good timing in this case, because Lynn was very horny. Not that that’s unusual, because she’s a very sexual girl and is generally easily aroused, but it seems like I’m always horny and so when she’s hot, eager and ready for anything, I hate to miss the opportunity.

Lynn, the antithesis of Tori, is warm, sweet, and affectionate. Physically they are also very different; Lynn, several inches taller than Tori, is lean and supple, longer-legged and smaller-breasted; she’s naturally olive-skinned and dark-haired versus Tori’s tanning-bed golden skin and blonde hair, and her eyes are a sparkling, playful, walnut-brown as opposed to Tori’s icy blue.

They’re both twenty-three, and beautiful, sexy, and desirable, but Lynn’s beauty is more than skin-deep; she’s the real deal, a warm, loving, playful partner, while her roomie is purely window-dressing. Just my opinion, of course, but Lynn pushes all my buttons: in a good way, not like Tori.

With their place to ourselves, we’d touched and teased each other all evening. We’d taken time out for dinner – Chinese food, delivery – but by then we were aroused to the point that even during dinner the touching and playful sexual innuendo continued.

I’d always considered myself to be very adventurous sexually, but Lynn was a revelation! There seemed to be nothing she wouldn’t try, even if only to satisfy her curiosity, and we’d had a lot of slippery, sexy fun sampling new things. I’d found that she could get a little kinky, a bit extreme sometimes, but it was always exciting to see what she’d come up with next. Lynn was never boring!

At the moment she was on a bit of a bondage kick; I blame ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, a book she’d read recently and found quite arousing. We watched the movie together and it didn’t do much for me, although she insisted the book was much better. It would almost have to be.

Accordingly, in the spirit of adventure, we’d played around with tying her up and teasing her and it had been fun. It had led to some pretty hot sex, Lynn tied face down on the bed, blindfolded, where I could take her from behind while pretending to be someone else. The actual sex had been great, but I was role-playing; it wasn’t my thing, really, but for something to dabble in it had been alright. As far as me acting as the “dominant” partner, I’d tried, but it didn’t come naturally; I’m more of a fifty-fifty kind of guy.

She was talking about doing it again that night, with Tori away, but when she sensed my lack of enthusiasm she had a different idea.

“You know, Tim, if that doesn’t sound like fun we could tie you up instead.”

Frankly, I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of that either. I was sort of looking forward to the end of the ropes and knots phase so that we could move on. “I don’t know, babe. I’m not too sure I like the idea of being trussed up and helpless.”

“I let you tie me up.”

I laughed. “It was your idea! You practically insisted on it, it wasn’t a matter of letting me. It’s that whole ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ kick you’re on.”

“’Fifty Shades of Grey’, silly, not ‘Grey’s Anatomy’; totally different thing.”

“Whatever; it all sounds positively horrifying to me.”

“Oh, come on! It’ll be fun, I promise.” We were sitting snuggled on the sofa, my arm around her. She reached down and started to fondle me through my pants, an effective tactic when trying to break down my resistance. “I’ll tease you and torment you and get you so hard you’ll be begging me to let you come.”

“If that’s your best sales pitch…”

She cut me off. “Just think about how amazing it will feel when I finally let you come. Maybe in my mouth, or maybe I’ll ride you like a bull…”

That sounded pretty enticing, and the idea was sending all the right signals to my cock, which aids me in this type of decision-making; as they say, two heads are better than one. “Okay, okay, I give. We can try it, but you’ve gotta promise to turn me loose if it’s not working.”

She pretended to pout. “You don’t trust me?”

“Of course I trust you.” I disentangled myself from her and rose to my feet, holding out my hands to her. She took them, and I pulled her up and into my arms. “Come on, gorgeous, and I’ll show you how much.”

I held her hand as I led her back to her room, closing the door behind us. Lynn adjusted her bedside light to the low setting and pulled down the bed, leaving only the bottom sheet and pillows, then turned and looked me up and down.

“You’re still dressed? You should have been getting naked while I was doing that. Now strip, slave!”

I laughed. “Listen to you; you sound like a natural at this. Try not to let the power go to your head.” I stripped my t-shirt over my head and started to unbuckle my belt.

“No talking, clothes off; now, Mister!”

I sat on the edge of the bed and slipped my socks and pants off, then stood up in just my boxer briefs and looked at her. “How about you? You’re gonna feel a little overdressed here in about a minute.” I hooked my thumbs in my waistband and waited.

“Mmm, I don’t think so, not yet, anyway. Maybe later.”

I shrugged and stripped off my shorts. “It would be more fun if you were naked too, you know.”

“Oh, I will be, just not right now.”

Lynn went to her closet and retrieved the ropes we’d used when we’d played this game before. I don’t really own any neckties that we could trash, just a couple I kept for funerals and special occasions, so, based on something she’d read online, we’d gone to a fabric store and picked up some fancy – but strong -decorative rope. It’s something used for home decorating, but it was soft to the touch and shiny, and they’d had it in a bunch of colors; we’d chosen a deep blood-red one, and had the clerk cut it in four pieces, six-foot lengths, and bind the ends.

We’d learned when we tied Lynn that it worked best to tie the ropes around wrists and ankles first, and bedposts second, allowing us to cinch the ropes tight as we pulled them around the posts and tied them off. That might have proven painful on flesh even with the soft and supple cord we’d chosen. She tied one around each of my wrists first and then told me to lie down so she could do my ankles.

“Do you want me face-up, or face-down?” I asked as I fluffed up a pillow for under my head.

She laughed. “Face-up, of course! What do you think I’m going to do to you – or maybe a better question is, what is it you want me to do to you?”

I chuckled. “I have no idea what you’re planning, so it’s your call; I just wanted to show you that I trust you, either way.” I walked around the side, rope trailing from each wrist and ankle and my cock flopping limply in front of me, and sat on the bed, lying back onto my back, spread-eagled.

She started with my ankles, pulling each foot to the corners of her queen-size bed and, lacking a footboard, tying them off tightly to the lower frame. She moved to my left arm and repeated the process, tying me to the corner post of her headboard, my arm pulled straight out angled slightly above my head.

Before she tied my right wrist, I stopped her. “You promise you’ll let me loose if I ask you to, right?”

“Of course! Should we use a safe word again this time?”

I shrugged. “I guess, although you never used it. I’d like to think that I’m at least as tough as you are, and I know you won’t be as merciless on me as I was on you.”

She grinned evilly. “Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure. You never know what I might do if I’m enjoying myself. Plus, I owe you for practically killing me; death by orgasm would have been tough for you to explain to the coroner!”

When I’d had her tied down I’d made her come over and over again, using my fingers, her toys, my tongue and my cock, until she was whimpering and exhausted, but she’d asked for no quarter; she’d taken everything I could give, even down to tonguing her to three more orgasms after I’d filled her with cum and her entire body was sensitized and drawn taut, like one giant nerve ending.

She’d cried out and strained against the ropes, her skin glistening with perspiration and her slender frame racked with uncontrollable shudders of ecstasy, nipples hard and clit erect and jutting, but she’d never asked for mercy. When I’d untied her she had curled up in the fetal position, still panting and shuddering with aftershocks, and I’d crawled into bed with her and held her until her body quieted and she fell asleep.

I’d loved that aspect of it, my ability to give her such pleasure, even if I hadn’t been crazy about the dom/sub aspects. She told me the next day that it was maybe the best sex she’d ever had… no wonder she never used her safe word! Lacking the ability to have endless orgasms, I didn’t figure she could put me through anything like I’d done to her; still, there might be other reasons I’d want to be set free.

“Okay, I’m going to use ‘Broncos’ as my safe word.”

She laughed. “Your favorite team, of course; that’s a weird one.”

“Yeah, but I won’t forget it and there’s no other reason I’d say it during sex… you know, unless I was trying to get you to hurry up because a game was coming on. Good thing it’s not football season, huh?”

“Pig!” She used her mock outrage at my comment as the impetus to pull the rope on my right arm extra tight, very effectively immobilizing me. I guess if I was a pig, she was making sure she had me hog-tied!

She stood and backed away a couple steps, admiring her handiwork. “Mmm, you look very nice, Tim, very hot! Your body all stretched out that way makes all of your muscles stand out, and, of course, your legs so far apart give me a great view and easy access to all the good stuff.”

She reached out and used her thumb and index finger to pinch my foreskin, using it to lift my flaccid cock, which had been hanging down over my balls, and lay it on my tummy. She then sat between my feet and proceeded to lightly trace lines up my legs, softly teasing my sensitive inner thighs but always jumping across to the opposite leg just before her fingers grazed my balls. I tried to arch my back and thrust my hips upward so that she’d touch my sack, but she just smiled and continued to tease, easily dodging my efforts.

As my cock began to swell and lengthen she added a new twist to her teasing, running her finger behind my balls to tickle my perineum and my ass. That did nothing to lessen the pleasure, and my cock continued to fill, stretching toward my navel, little slit-nose peeking out from its fleshy hood.

Lynn smiled broadly, basking in her success. “It looks like you’re enjoying this even though I’m not even touching your favorite parts. You’re a growing boy, Timmy!”

I groaned in pleasure, her touch sending electric tingles all through me. I’m not crazy about being called ‘Timmy’, but with my arousal meter spiking, she could have called me anything. “Uunnnhhh, yeah, that feels pretty good. You can stop teasing and get serious anytime you’re ready.”

She just laughed. “Oh, silly boy! I’ve barely begun to tease. Fortunately, we have all night, and I plan to leave you a dried-up, withered husk by sunrise; I’m like a cum vampire.”

“Mmm, my favorite kind of vampire!” Her tickling fingers paused below my balls, the tip of her pinky reaching out to toy with my asshole, just barely penetrating me. I groaned and clenched involuntarily, and she giggled.

“Feel good?”

“Can’t you tell?” My cock had responded, filling and throbbing. Close to full erection now, my length had lifted off my stomach and was suspended about an inch above, pointing at my chin and bobbing with each heartbeat; I could have taken my own pulse just by timing the rhythmic bobbing of my cock.

She watched my cock bounce up and down for several seconds and then dragged her fingernails lightly up and over my ballsack, an intense sensation which rushed another pulse of blood into my distended member. She did it again, scraping her nails across the firm, rounded bulge of each testicle, those tender orbs both feeling as though they were under immense pressure, and then circled my scrotum, touching feather-light or gently dragging her nails, her fingers supporting the weight of my balls as she tormented me.

By that point, I was no longer partially hard; I was in full, raging erection, my cock rigid and thick, standing proud. I was nowhere near climax, of course, but if I’d come I would have probably nailed myself right between the eyes, based on aim and known ballistics.

I groaned and strained against my restraints, desperate for her to really touch me, to begin to work me toward the goal line. “Fuck, babe, you’re driving me crazy!”

“You have no idea what crazy is, my love. Just so you don’t get your hopes up, I’ll tell you that I’m not allowing your first release for at least an hour.”

“An hour! Oh, come on, get real.”

“Well, I can’t make you come a hundred times like you did to me, so I have to wring the most fun out of each and every drop. I’m not untying you until you come at least three times for me, though.”

Three times? That could take awhile, not to mention leave me a little sore.”

“Okay then, four times.” She’d wrapped her fingers as far as they would reach around my cock and was slowly stroking me, her touch still light, incredibly arousing, but not really moving the process along.

“Four times? You just said three and now it’s four?”

“Keep bitching and I’ll make it five.”

“I wasn’t bitching, just sayin’. Three sounds fun – four too, for that matter, if it’s possible.”

She gripped my cock tighter, stroking and squeezing, placing the fingers of her other hand vertically over the head of my cock and using her thumb and fingertips to slide my foreskin up and down, covering and uncovering the swollen head of my penis, the tip mashing into her palm on each glans-revealing down stroke. Accordingly, she was the first to know when I started leaking precum, something I do quite copiously, the wet smear coating her palm.

“You’re leaking.”

“Really? I’m stunned.”

Lynn laughed. “Yeah, you are a leaker.” She gripped my cock firmly and milked upward, squeezing a generous, shimmering clear droplet out of me. She gathered it with a fingertip and reached up to paint my left nipple with it, then reached further to rub her wet, slippery finger on my lips. I licked off the last trace of my clear emission and she repeated the process, this time painting my right nipple before having me suck her finger clean.

She moved around to my side and leaned over me to suck and bite on my nipples, collecting her fingerpaint and swallowing it greedily. Her hand was still wrapped around my cock, stroking me, and it felt amazing. She was into it too, aroused, engrossed, and enjoying herself, and that may have been why the first cry didn’t register with us; we heard a sound, but neither of us reacted.

We heard the next one clearly though, a female voice crying out, “Lyyynnn!” and then moments later again, right outside the bedroom door, which burst open to admit a tear-streaked and disheveled Tori, still calling out, “Lyyynnn!” at the top of her lungs as she flew into the room.

I instinctively tried to curl up, tried to reach down and cover myself with my hands, but could do neither; my limbs tied tightly, my body spread-eagled before her, I was helpless. She came to a sudden, skidding stop just inside the door, staring at us until her eyes locked on my engorged, straining erection.

“Whoa! What are you guys doing?”

A rhetorical question, as it was pretty fucking obvious what we were doing! Lynn replied with one of her own.

“What does it look like we’re doing?”

Nobody made any effort to answer either pointless question. Instead, I took control and decided what needed to happen.

“Tori, get the fuck out!”

Lynn countered my order. “No, wait; what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Unbelievable! I jumped back in. “Who the fuck cares? Just get out, now!”

Tori, too, ignored me. “Mark dumped me! I’m so upset; I thought he loved me.” She was dressed to seduce, in fuck-me heels, a short little skirt, and a white crop-top that ended just below her boobs; she was blatantly bra-less, her big tits jiggling and her fat nipples readily apparent; I was impressed that Mark had found the intestinal fortitude to dump her, looking like that. Maybe he’d done it over the phone.

Still trying to drive her away, I took another shot. “Well it’s no wonder he dumped you; you act like a rabid wolverine most of the time, what did you expect? Now get out!” It wasn’t one of my finer moments, not a great display of sympathy or empathy, but I was laying there stark naked, tied to the bed, with a raging hard-on and my own cum smeared on my lips; I had other priorities and wasn’t in a particularly charitable mood.

Lynn jumped me, her hand squeezing my cock as she reprimanded me. “Stop it, Tim; be nice! Can’t you see that she’s upset? You could try, just this once, to be nice to her.”

“She’s upset? What do you think I am?” I sighed. “Tell you what, Tori; you get out, and maybe later I’ll try to be nice to you and let you cry on my shoulder – you know, if you’ll show me your tits first. No promises, though. Just get the fuck OUT!”

Lynn slapped my bare chest. “Stop it!”

Tori stepped to the foot of the bed, her eyes taking in the ropes at each of my wrists and ankles before settling on my crotch. She stood there, staring up between my spread legs, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it except tell her to get out, which I continued to do.

She grabbed my middle toe on my left foot and squeezed it, tugging on it until it popped. I winced and shut up, and when her eyes met mine she said, “Yeah, Tim, stop it! You’re in an awfully vulnerable position to be acting like such a douche bag.”

I didn’t say anything, recognizing the truth in her words. She regarded me silently for what seemed like forever but was probably only twenty or thirty seconds, her eyes mostly on my still-rigid cock. She bent forward and stared, then shook her head.

“Jeez, Tim, nice rack! You’re really hung!”

It was probably the nicest thing she had ever said to me, and it caught me off guard. “Umm, thanks, I guess. Now will you please get your ass out?”

“No, I don’t think I will.” She bent closer still, for a better examination of my junk. “Why are your balls so big?”

“What? Why? There’s no ‘why’, they just are. Why are your tits so big?”

She colored slightly but seemed better prepared for the question than I’d been. “My tits are big so I can catch dumb guys like you or Mark, of course. And some women like big balls too, but you can’t very well walk around with them swinging in the breeze, can you? So what’s the point?”

I heard Lynn laugh, and while there was a certain blonde logic in there somewhere, I was unable to decode it. “Tori, there’s no fucking point to it; I hit puberty and everything grew, it’s not something a guy has any control over, sort of like your tits.”

“No guy has control over my tits.”

“That’s not what I meant. I meant… oh, never mind, just get out, okay? I have some beers in the fridge, help yourself.” She ignored me again, her eyes locked on my dick.

She smiled. “You really do have a great cock. Think of all those times I called you ‘Tiny Tim’, boy, was I ever wrong. Guess I can’t call you that anymore.” She looked accusingly at Lynn. “How come you never told me he had such a huge dick?”

Lynn laughed. “It’s not really something that comes up in conversation, is it? I mean, I guess when you ordered a sausage biscuit at McDonald’s I could have said, ‘Oh, and speaking of sausages, my boyfriend’s got a really big one dangling between his legs’, but it didn’t occur to me at the time.”

Tori pretended to pout. “Hmmph! That’s one of those things you’re required to tell your BFF about, you know, just like if a guy has a really tiny cock or comes too fast. Those are things we girls have to share so that we’re not surprised. If I went out with Tim without being aware of the monster in his pants, it might have scared me half to death when he dropped his drawers! That would be awkward.”

“No worries, Tori, you won’t be going out with me, now or ever. Now, will you get the fuck out of here?”

She shook her head. “Nope, I’m staying unless Lynn tells me to leave.” She looked at Lynn expectantly, as did I, waiting for her to tell her roommate to get lost.

To my amazement, Lynn just shrugged and said, “I don’t mind if you stay.”

“Lynn, come on! Tell her to go away!” I pulled against the ropes in frustration, my efforts proving futile as Tori smiled triumphantly and walked around the bed, taking a seat near my left hip, opposite Lynn.

She put her hand on my bare chest and gave me an evil grin. “There, you see? You’re out-voted, in addition to being helpless.” She turned and gave my cock a thorough once-over from her new vantage point before leaning forward and looking into my eyes. “You know, one advantage to me walking in on you is that I used to think you had no redeeming qualities at all; now I know you do have one, at least!”

She smelled distractingly lovely; even her breath was fresh with the scent of rum, cinnamon, and vanilla, probably Captain Morgan, and it was a clever comment, one of the most creative and intelligently phrased things I’d ever heard her say. I couldn’t hide a smile.

“Thanks; good to know I’m not entirely worthless. You too, by the way; nice ass, but otherwise…” I was proud of myself for saying something nice in this circumstance – and for complimenting her ass without mentioning the ever-present Sequoia.

She wiggled her eyebrows at me. “Ah, so you’re an ass man, in addition to being an asshole. Most guys compliment my boobs.”

Lynn laughed, enjoying her roomie picking on me. “Good thing he’s an ass man since I don’t have your boobs. He does have a nice cock though, doesn’t he?”

Tori nodded. “He really does, so long and thick. He’s not circumcised either, is he?” My foreskin was almost fully retracted now with my cock fully distended, the fleshy edge of it barely over the rim of my crown, but she’d noticed it.

“Nope, he’s not.”

I cut in. “Gosh, this is nice, the two of you discussing me like I’m not even here. We should have done this a long time ago.”

They both laughed, and I went on, trying to attack Tori. “What happened to you being so upset about Mark dumping you? I thought that was why you busted in here, bawling like a baby.”

She shrugged. “Meh… he was kind of a jerk anyway, and he has a tiny dick.”

That made Lynn and me laugh, but I continued. “But you said you thought he loved you.”

“Well, yeah, but I didn’t love him. I was planning to dump him, but he beat me to it. That’s so unfair!”

“Yeah, life’s a bitch and so are you. So you’re not actually heartbroken, then, just humiliated; that brings us back to get the hell out!”

She ignored me, turning around and sitting cross-legged on the bed, what they used to call Indian-style before that became non-PC, and leaning forward to look at my junk more closely. Lynn did the same on my opposite side, giving me a pretty good sense of what an insect pinned to a specimen mount must feel like.

Tori turned her head to different angles, studying me, before saying, “I’ve seen them in videos and stuff, but I’ve never seen a real unclipped one live and in person before.” She started to reach out to touch my cock, and then paused, her hand inches away. “May I?”

Before I could say ‘Hell no!’ Lynn said, “Sure, why not?”

“Wait a second! What are you asking her for? It’s my cock, and I get to say who touches it.”

Tori laughed. “That’s ridiculous! Have you ever in your life told a woman she couldn’t touch your cock?”

I tried to remember such an unlikely scenario, but with no success; astonishingly, she had a point. “Well, no. But this is different.”

Lynn just laughed, but Tori said, “No it’s not, and anyhow, you’re tied up, so...”

She touched me, her thumb and fingers on the upper part of my erection, her touch soft and tentative as she gently slid my foreskin back and forth. As my cock responded, twitching and straining against her fingers, she became bolder, wrapping her fist around me and pulling the supple skin up over the swollen, purple head of my dick and then back down, exposing my engorged helmet. It felt too good and I was leaking copiously, the head of my cock and my foreskin glistening with slippery, viscous dew.

Tori sounded a little breathless as she said, “Wow that does feel nice; the skin is so soft and the rest is so hard… and so big. I’ve never held one that my fingers wouldn’t reach around before. Damn, Tim!”

I had my eyes closed, enjoying the delicate touch of her small hands. Lynn had begun to fondle my balls as Tori explored my cock, so I was in heaven, the threat of a wolverine like Tori so close to my tender bits not seeming to matter so much at the moment. Incredible, what you’ll accept to have your cock fondled!

She had settled into a soft, slow stroking motion, doing what came naturally, I suppose, and with Lynn playing with my balls and occasionally toying with the sensitive area just behind them, they had the pot boiling in a matter of minutes.

I hadn’t gone into this with any fantasies of enjoying two women – neither had Lynn, I’m sure – but that’s what it seemed to have turned into. Had I been fantasizing about myself with two women, I can assure you that Tori would not have been one of them, and while it would have been better if either or both of them were naked, for the moment it seemed they were satisfied with only me bare-assed. My hands tied, I had no choice in the matter.

Being the focus of the full attention of two beautiful women (for all her many faults, Tori is a knockout) made up for any discomfort I felt from being naked and helpless, and I’m in good enough shape that I’m not embarrassed about my body, but there was still a certain awareness that they were in complete control; I found that somewhat disquieting, a situation that was utterly foreign to me. I knew Lynn would honor my safe word, which helped, but I was far too horny and curious to consider using it!

Their continued tender mercies were pushing me ever closer to the edge, my pending orgasm a gathering storm in my belly and groin, and in my sex. I groaned with the intensity of the sensations they were creating and tried to move my hips, tried to thrust into their hands, tried to get over that last little barrier. It was building, tingling, the tension growing; I knew another ten to twenty seconds were all I had left, the pressure swelling.

It was imminent, my release bubbling, unavoidable, when Lynn, who had been watching my face and reading my body language, slapped Tori’s hands away. “Stop, stop! Don’t let him come, it’s too soon!”

It was exquisite torture, all of the sensations right there, right there, and nobody touching me, nobody to take me that last, tiny fraction of the way! I groaned in frustration, my cock straining and flexing in all of the contractions and spasms of an orgasm, but lacking the sensations, that last required touch. I gasped, “Fuck, don’t stop! Please, please don’t stop! I’m so fucking close…”

They both sat back and stared at my cock jerking and spasming and straining to come, and the bitches laughed! Laughed, while I’m dying a slow death by a thousand broken promises and bitterly disappointed nerve endings. I felt a swelling inside, a push of pressure up through my cock, and it rose and flexed as a tiny trickle of pearly white cum dribbled out onto my belly.

Tori thought that was hilarious. Laughing so hard she could barely speak, she said, “Is that it? That’s all he comes, with that cock and those big balls?”

Lynn, also laughing as my cock continued to throb and strain, said, “No, that’s not it. He didn’t come, that’s just a sign of how close we cut it. Another two seconds and he would have been a human cum geyser. Tim has big, huge loads; if we keep edging him he’ll positively explode. We got way too close that time; we’ll need to be more careful if we’re going to keep him up for an hour.” Tori watched as she leaned forward and licked the small pearls from my stomach, then swallowed conspicuously.

I groaned and shuddered, beads of sweat breaking out on my forehead and neck. “Fuck, that’s mean! I thought women were supposed to be the compassionate sex, and yet you do shit like that to a guy. Un-fucking-believable!”

Lynn leaned forward and kissed me with cum-slick lips before patting my cheek in mock sympathy. “Poor baby! Does Timmy want to get his little rocks off? Are we being mean and teasing you while you’re all helpless?”

I had to laugh, partly in frustration and partly because it was such a ridiculous situation. Fuck, that had been so close!

They both sat back and waited, giving me a couple of minutes for the sensations to lessen, the edge to wear off, and then Tori reached out and once again grabbed my cock, both hands this time, one above the other as she ran them up and down my shaft. Lynn took a new tack, sliding her hand under my balls and engaging in a bit of ass play.

She knows how susceptible I am to her touch in that region, and when she pulled her hand back and spit on her fingers I knew what was coming; me, I hoped! But no, she pushed her finger into me only as far as the first knuckle, an incredible tease but not nearly enough to tickle my prostate. It felt great, but, like their stroking, incomplete; she knew full well what would happen if she went deeper, and played me very carefully.

Still, in a couple of minutes she had to call another halt as she recognized the signs of my imminent climax. She yanked her hand back, her finger coming out of me so fast I’m surprised my asshole didn’t pop like an uncorked champagne bottle, and they both sat back and watched my abused cock strain and jerk in futility once again.

This time, despite my straining, an even tinier issue of semen crept out. All I could manage was a tiny pearl of glistening white which remained perched on the tip of my cock like a jewel. When Lynn once again leaned in and took it with her tongue, Tori put her hand behind Lynn’s neck and pulled her forward, their lips meeting.

Fuck, that was hot! Seeing them sharing that tiny bit of my cum, I was really wishing I’d ejaculated the way I’m capable of; actually, the way my dick felt watching them, I thought I still might. But no, and soon they were once again sitting back and waiting for my steel bar, hair-trigger penis to give them a sign that it was safe to proceed.

This went on and on, a third time, and a fourth, and I lost count. My cock felt like it had never been as huge and rigid, and I was certain my balls were like swollen, Smurf-blue baseballs before they were done. My entire body was so tense, so much time spent on the razor edge of orgasm, that I was starting to tremble, feeling the strain in every muscle. I’m pretty sure I begged them for relief at several points, but since nobody recorded me I have plausible deniability on that.

Finally, just when I thought they’d never get there, Lynn announced that it was okay for me to come if I wanted to. If I wanted to! I’d been trying for an hour, and it was pretty much the sole focus of my life at that point.

Lynn pulled Tori to her and whispered something in her ear, something that made Tori laugh, but they both went to work in earnest on my aching cock and that absorbed my full attention. It didn’t take long, not after all the teasing and edging. I felt it coming, building, finally, at last, passing the point of no return, and I gasped and moaned at the intensity of it… and then, just as the first enormous spray of cum burst out of me, they both pulled their hands away!

They quit touching me, quit stroking my cock, quit squeezing my aching balls. On a pre-arranged signal, they both pulled back and simply watched me come. And laughed. They fucking laughed as that first huge rope shot over my head, as I turned my face, trying to dodge it but still getting a streak across my jaw and cheek before the rest spattered onto the headboard.

Laughed as my cock leaped up in a second huge squirt, this one catching me across the chin, lips, and nose before most of it, too, spent itself on the headboard. I was begging them to touch me, my orgasm still intense and pleasurable but desperately in need of finality, of assistance and closure, but they cruelly ignored my pleas and my cock continued to squirt, the pressure behind it immense. The third spray was similar, my cock straining upward and shooting, hitting my cheek and mouth again, and the pillow, the fourth backing off slightly, reaching only my chin and neck, as did the fifth, pooling in the hollow of my throat.

My back was arched with the intensity of the sensation; the sense of frustration, mostly, hoping one of them would take pity and give me a few sympathy tugs before it was all over, but they didn’t. Instead they waited and watched, giggling about the dirty trick they’d played as they watched a few smaller, less powerful spurts land on my stomach, and then the last few contractions that pulsed out of me, the gentle flow of cum sliding down my sensitive, aching cock as it bobbed and bounced through dozens of dry spasms, disappointed but drained.

As the contractions of my orgasm gradually lessened and my cock drooped onto my stomach in a puddle of cum I collapsed, gasping and swearing at them for their unfathomable cruelty. They thought that was hilarious, and fresh paroxysms of laughter ensued.

Tori reached out and patted my balls – none too gently, I might add – before saying, “These should feel a lot better now, after getting that load off, even if it wasn’t everything you wanted it to be. That was fun, wasn’t it, Tim?”

Lynn laughed as I breathlessly responded, “Fuck! It was better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but it could have been so much better if you two weren’t such pervs.”

Tori giggled. “Says the naked guy tied to the bed with his own cum all over his face.” She looked at me, her cold, blue eyes taking in the damages; even I could smell the semen, and I’m not sensitive to the scent of my own cum. “Jeez, Tim, you come like a fire hose; Lynn was sure right about that! That’s two redeeming qualities that I never suspected.”

Still sitting cross-legged, she bent her body forward in one of those Yoga positions that tiny, flexible women like to show off and, to my amazement, licked a long stream of cum off my chest and throat. She sat up and swirled it on her tongue for a moment, as though sampling wine, and then swallowed.

Looking at me, she licked her lips. “Mmm, and tasty too. That’s three – but you’re still an asshole.”

I laughed. “Likewise, but you haven’t shown me any redeeming qualities yet; you could start with those tits.”

“Yeah, nice try!” Instead, she leaned back in and began to lick and suck at me, vacuuming up the streaks and globs of cum with which I’d painted my chest, neck, and face. It felt great, but I was shocked by her kinkiness; I was beginning to understand what Mark had seen in her.

Lynn, not to be outdone, started the same treatment on my stomach, and then on my balls and my semi-flaccid cock, which felt even better. It was as if neither of the two best friends would let the other best them in kink and I was the beneficiary, a role I could learn to enjoy!

Relaxing, enjoying being the center of that kind of attention, relishing Lynn’s sweet lips on my cock, I let my guard down. As Tori licked my semen from my face she suddenly locked her cum-slick lips onto my own cum-covered mouth in a passionate kiss that took me utterly off guard.

She then used her left hand to grab my jaw and hold me still while she pinched my nostrils closed with her right, and I realized what she was doing; she hadn’t been swallowing my cum at all. Instead, she’d been gathering it in her mouth, and now she planned to snowball me with my own load.

I tried to twist away, thrashing and wriggling within my limited range, but she rode me like a lamprey, and when I finally grew desperate for air and had to open my mouth she spit the whole mouthful of combined saliva and cum into my mouth. Laughing, she clapped her left hand over my mouth before I could spit; it was swallow, suffocate, or aspirate about three ounces of spit and cum into my lungs. I swallowed.

As soon as I did, she released me and I coughed and sputtered, trying to draw air into my oxygen-deprived lungs. Once I did, I started cussing a blue streak; I’d called Tori most of the bad things in the book on prior occasions, but I came up with a few new ones as spit and cum dribbled down my chin. They were both laughing until tears ran, enjoying my discomfiture far too much.

Winding down, I glared at Lynn. “You knew she was going to do that!”

Still giggling, she held up both hands, palms-out. “I didn’t, I swear! That was entirely her idea… pretty dang funny, though!”

“Yeah, absolutely hilarious,” I groused.

Tori stopped laughing and leaned forward until her nose was inches from mine. “What’s the big deal, stud? You don’t have any problem with shooting your load in women’s mouths and expecting them to swallow it, do you?”

Her breath still smelled of Captain Morgan, but now mixed with the earthy, musky scent of cum, and of sex. Come to think of it, mine probably did too.

I shook my head. “Actually, I don’t really care if they swallow it or not; once I come it’s theirs, not mine. I’m done with it at that point, so I don’t much care what they do with it.”

Tori turned and looked at Lynn. “Is that true? Do you spit it out?”

Lynn shrugged. “I usually swallow, but I like it; I think Tim is very tasty. You said you did too, remember?”

Tori conceded the point. “Yeah, much as I hate to admit it. Some guys aren’t, though, and they still act like it’s a priceless gift.”

Lynn laughed. “Tell me about it! Yup, I know the type, and yuck, if I may say so.” She looked at me and then back to Tori and continued, “Besides, he really isn’t that grossed out by you doing that. He goes down on me after he comes in me sometimes, so it’s not the first time he’s tasted himself.”

“Seriously? He does that?”

“Seriously, he does.”

Tori seemed awestruck. “Wow! I’ve never had anyone do that to me! That sounds so nasty.”

Lynn laughed again. “It is, and it’s awesome; you don’t know what you’re missing, believe me.”

I tugged at the ropes, trying to get enough slack to move a little, to get more comfortable; Lynn had tied me so tightly that I was starting to get stiff… and not in a good way. “I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being talked about like I’m not even here; really, it’s sweet of you, but I’m starting to knot up a bit. Why don’t you untie me while you chat?”

Tori looked at the ropes, at the knots on my wrists. “I don’t think so, not yet. Do you really go down on Lynn after you come in her?”

“She just got done telling you that I do.”

“Why do you do that? Do you like it?”

I did the best shrug I could, given my tight restraints. “Sure, it’s fine. I don’t mind it, but it’s really all about Lynn. I love pussy, and she comes like crazy when I do it. I love that I can do that for her.”

To my amazement, the ice in her blue eyes seemed to melt just a little. “That’s incredibly sweet. That’s four things in your plus column! If you’re not careful, I might start liking you.”

“As long as I’m naked and tied down, you mean?”

She laughed. “Well yeah, obviously! Standing up and fully dressed you’re always such an asshole.”

I nodded. “I can be an asshole sitting or lying down too; it’s probably the clothes. Tell you what, why don’t you strip and we’ll see if I start liking you more – even better, trade places with me and we’ll tie you down naked. I think maybe I’d like you a lot that way!”

She shook her head. “Again, nice try. You’re persistent, even if you’re not all that bright, but I like you better naked and roped even when your cock is totally useless.”

As if to emphasize her point, she lifted my limp dick and bounced it in her palm a couple of times before letting it fall with a wet plop onto my thigh. I couldn’t really argue her point after that… and besides, I was too relaxed to argue.

Lynn was watching our exchange, smiling, enjoying what had mostly been good-natured jabs between Tori and me. I think I’d gone easy on her, but, as she’d pointed out, I was in a very vulnerable position. She reached out and ran her fingers over my balls. “Tori’s right, you are pretty useless in that condition. Plus, you’re all sticky!”

“Untie me and I’ll go grab a shower.”

“Never mind! You still owe me three more of those, remember?”

Tori looked incredulous. “Three more? You expect him to come three more times?”

Lynn laughed. “Sure, why not? That was the deal, four times before I untie him.”

“There’s no way, especially not the way he just came. No guy has four of those in him!”

I had a hunch maybe Tori was right and Lynn was overly optimistic, but I didn’t say anything. It would depend mostly on how patient they were. I just laid there and let them discuss me like a piece of meat… again.

“But won’t we have fun finding out? You are going to stay and help me, right?”

“Oh, you couldn’t pry me out of here with a crowbar now! It will be our experiment.” She laughed. “The things I do in the name of science…”

I finally cut in. “If you’re not going to turn me loose, at least get me something to drink. You’re gonna have better luck if I’m not dehydrated… by number three or four I’ll be shooting out little puffs of dust.”

They both laughed at that mental image as Lynn said to Tori, “Good idea. Why don’t you go get us all something to drink while I get a washcloth and clean up Mr. Sticky here? Then we can think up a game we can play with him for round two.”

Tori slid off the bed and started to walk away, but then turned and said, “How about pitching horseshoes? You get him hard again while I run to my dad’s house and pick up his big, heavy iron horseshoes and we’ll take turns trying to get a cock-ringer.”

Lynn was laughing as I said, “A million comedians out of work and you’re trying to be funny. Keep your day job, girl.”

She came back and leaned over the bed to grab my cock. It’s weird being totally at the mercy of anyone else in the room, but there was nothing I could do to stop her.

“Hey, if you get as hard as you were a little while ago, it will work fine; leaners and ringers will be easy! Of course, since we’ll be pitching them up between your legs you may want to kiss your balls goodbye.”

“Yeah, I can’t really quite manage that; why don’t you kiss ‘em for me?”

She flipped me the bird - unfairly, I thought, as I was unable to reply in-kind - but she was grinning as she left to get drinks.






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