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A second date with Rose (fictional dammit)
When I asked Rose for a second date she was enthusiastic and it was beginning to become apparent that our age difference didn’t faze her a bit. To be honest, she was so much more than any woman her age I’ve ever encountered. It seemed like there was no subject that was difficult to talk about. I liked not having to worry about conversational ‘land mines’ as there were in my failed marriage and in many of the women I dated. There was so much baggage there that moving forward was nearly impossible. Not so with Rose, she was open, honest and a joy to be with.

Our second date was dinner and to the Valley Forge Music Fair, a theater in the round some 30 minutes from the city. Regrettably the property is a supermarket today but in its day there were some terrific stage plays held there. We had good seats and the play was wonderful. Just sitting next to Rose was thrilling, as if she gave off some kind of an aurora from her sexy body and fresh spirit.

A best-selling book at that time was, “Fully Human Fully Alive” by John Powell, and I have to think that Rose was the epitome of that title for she was indeed, completely, wonderfully, fully human and for damned sure alive and lively! After the play, we went for a drive and rode through Valley Forge State Park, the site of Washington’s winter encampment back when our country fought off British regulars and won our independence. We parked and went for a walk near the Washington Memorial Chapel, a stone Gothic revival structure and I turned and kissed Rose in the moonlight. She clung to me and we kissed for a very long time before continuing our walk.

Eventually, we returned to the car and went to her place. In the car, Rose said to me, “Oh, you haven’t noticed but I am not wearing panties."

My sudden-onset erection nearly struck the steering wheel! Well, no need to invite me a second time and so during the drive, I stroked her inner thigh and outer lips. I was afraid if I began inserting fingers I’d likely lose control of the car on the often dangerous Schuylkill Expressway! Besides, keeping Rose on simmer for the ride home felt like it would pay huge dividends when we got there.

At her apartment, Rose poured wine while I found music on the stereo. Never in my life had I danced in a woman’s apartment but dance we did for three or four numbers, I lost count. She wore a perfume called ‘Taboo’ and it’s heady scent drove me half crazed as I held her close and we danced, or more correctly, we stood embracing on one spot and swayed with the music. Moving to the sofa, it was only seconds before we were kissing. For reasons I’ve never quite understood the taste of a woman’s lipstick is a huge turn-on for me and turned on is exactly where I was. Sensory loading was in high gear between the scent of her, the taste of her and the feel of Rose’s soft body so close to mine.

Without even undressing Rose, I was soon going to town with my mouth on her sweet, wet pussy. With her short skirt pushed up out of the way, I tongued this woman with the relish and enthusiasm of a kid devouring an ice cream cone at Greenwood Dairies. Rose had kicked off her shoes and her squirming legs and heels massaged my back as I tongued her, serviced her, and worshiped her like the earthy goddess that she is.

Her first cum came suddenly and her stream struck my face like a salty windshield washer! Eyes blinded for a second or two, I dove back in and tongued her some more. Rose was bucking and begging me to stop but I couldn’t. Finally, she let out something between a moan and a scream. Her hips came right up off the sofa in a second, more powerful orgasm, and then settled back down to it. If someone told me her body had levitated, I’d have believed them.

We took a few minutes to catch our breath and Rose said, “Time for me to return the favor.”

Her fingers fumbled with my belt and zipper and found my turgid cock. Quite quickly and unceremoniously it was in her mouth and Rose sucked and stroked me like the wanton, randy woman she was. Against all desire I stopped her because I didn’t want to stain her pretty blouse.

“We’ll get back to this as soon as you’re naked, I said, tugging at her clothing.

Her hands moved quickly and she was nude on the couch and clothes were thrown everywhere, hers and mine mixed together in a heap as our bodies soon would be.

Rose returned to blowing me and the effect was dramatic. Whatever she was doing it felt like intense tickling to me and my entire body was twitching uncontrollably.

I tried to speak and my voice came out in quavering broken syllables, "Oo-oo, oh, Ro-se, yo-ou ar-ar-are driv-vv-ve-ing me c-c-cra-zy!"

Within minutes, my legs and hips were operating under command of some force other than my consciousness and they bucked and thrashed like those of a mental patient until I felt that familiar chill running up my legs and back and everything stiffened in the throes of my orgasm. Rose kept slurping it in and the intense post-orgasmic sensitivity in my cock almost made me pass out from her ministrations.

For a long time I simply lay there panting and gasping for breath. Rose lay across my underbelly tracing love notes on my stomach with her perfectly polished fingernail. “Oh dear God…” were my first properly spoken words.

“And also with you,” Rose said, suppressing a smart ass grin. We lay there in the comfort of each others bodies for a good twenty minutes exchanging pillow talk and listening to the music. I love a good coincidence and the oldies station I had on her stereo played an old Andy Williams song, “Roses Roses” and I heard the lyric:

“Roses, roses, roses, I thank you for saying what I couldn't say,
Oh, what a wonderful way to tell her 'I love you' each day,
with roses and roses and roses of love”

Right then and there, naked on Rose’s couch, I vowed to myself never greet this beautiful flower of a woman without a gift of roses, sometimes red ones, sometimes yellow or white or pink but always there would be roses for her.

Rose broke my train of thought saying, “OK lazy bones, get your old man ass off my couch and into my bed and fuck me properly!”

“Yes, MISS! ” I replied with some emphasis at her ‘old man’ dig, and we padded off to her bedroom, where to my surprise the bed already had been turned down. Rose turned and smiled when she saw that I realized that she’d planned for us to be in her bed tonight.

I tend to be controlling but clearly Rose was running this show because she placed me standing next to her bed and kissed me hard on the mouth, her tongue swirling around mine. When the kiss broke, she shoved me, knocking me off balance and I fell onto her bed. Rose climbed atop me and began stroking my cock to fullness and then she placed it at her entrance and lowered her body onto me. “I see this isn’t your first rodeo” I said with a sarcastic smile.

“Rodeo is a good word, but don’t count on me riding you for only 8 seconds,” Rose said as she picked up her pace. For the next hour, we were all over that bed as the pressure to cum already had been satisfied in the living room. Now we had to work for it and work we did!

First she was on top, then, I was. Then it was doggie until I felt my balls tightening almost like some force was inside them commanding, “Ready, Aim…” When the unseen commander got to ‘Fire,” there was nothing to do but enjoy the ride as the sweet, salty stickiness coursed out of me and filled Rose’s hundred-degree Heaven! She hadn’t cum yet and so I began using my hand inside her and on her swollen clitoris until her hips fell slave to an un-choreographed dance and her eyes rolled back in her head.

As I held Rose, I began kissing her over and over. A voice in my head took me back to being 17 and my best friend’s father telling us, ‘After you fuck a woman, make sure that you kiss her to pieces. Show her that you really appreciate that fuck.”

As always, his sage advice served me well. Rose and I snuggled in her bed as our bodies sought a more placid metabolism and we drifted into a sound sleep with her head in the crook of my arm and one of her amazing breasts atop my chest. I awoke to the smell of coffee and of pancakes cooking. After a quick stop in the bathroom I pulled on my slacks and headed off to the kitchen.

God help me! Rose was at the stove wearing only an apron! Her gorgeous ass was facing me and I walked up behind her to hug her good morning a little sorry that I’d put pants on. My arms went around her and my hands fell into her apron to cup those magnificent breasts. Rose leaned into me for a few seconds but then it was time to flip a pancake and she said, “Make yourself useful and set the table!” Breakfast with Rose was enjoyable. After breakfast was amazing…

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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