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Round Two

Hot afternoon sex with hubby for the second time today!
After squirting off bigger than ever in the morning we had a nice breakfast then the hubby spent the morning working on one of his hobbies while I wrote the story of our morning sex romp and surfed the Lush web site. After publishing my story and fixing lunch the hubby went to the hardware store while I watched some news and played on the net. After he came home while in the middle of chatting with one of my Lush friends the hubby comes up to me with a great big boner wearing a cock ring!

With a grin on his face he says “Time to suck some cock!”

“Hell yes” I say just let me end this chat and you got it.

I tell my friend duty is calling, sign off and head to the bedroom. God I love a hard cock they look so delicious! I enter the bedroom and his dick is standing at attention waiting for my lips inviting me over to it. I sit beside him grabbing his tight balls. I love the way the cock ring makes them stand out all bulging so very sexy. I squeeze his balls then without warning give them a smack which elicits a little yell from his lips. I totally get off on hearing him moan and scream.

Leaning over I take the head into my smoldering mouth and tease the tip with my tongue. I pull the head from my mouth as I pump the shaft with my hand. Flicking my tongue over the tip of the round soft head I fuck his little hole with my tongue tip. His head is so sensitive every time I flick my tongue across it, it twitchs and jumps which amuses me and makes me flick faster and faster.

“Oh god ease up on the head hon it’s so sensitive now” he moans between breaths so I swallow his cock whole and grab his balls.

Deep throating so my noise is buried in his belly I suck and swirl my tongue all over his hard cock. Pulling it in and out of my sucking mouth, feeling it hit the back of my throat and it just makes me want it even more. I grasp the shaft wrapping my fingers around it and stroking it gently but deliberately. Running my tongue down the back of his shaft onto his balls I suck one fat testicle into my mouth and suck it hard making him moan louder. Pumping his shaft with my hand I switch to the other testicle and suck it all the way into my hungry mouth and roll it around with my tongue. Running my tongue all over his wet balls I rise up and swallow his cock down my throat again and again while massaging his heavy balls.

After sucking my man until my hearts delight I look up at him and say “Are you ready for some pussy now?”

Of course his reply was yes so I climb up in bed and lay on my side facing away from him. He spoons up behind me as I pull my knees up to my chest. Lifting my ass cheek with one hand and using his other to guide his cock he enters my waiting dripping pussy from behind. All at once he slams his tool of pleasure into my tight pussy. It immediately grips its intruder wanting to eat it whole. My he must be extra horny today as he begins thrusting without abandon. I feel his fat balls slapping against my hot lips with each contact. Skin to skin all the wet sloshing sounds of slamming hot sex filled my ears. The more he pounded me the more I came the more my hot cunt became a vice grip on his tool. The more my pussy squeezed him the louder he moaned.

Then he wrapped his one leg all the way around me pulling me into him as close as possible and started really wailing on me. My body was vibrating from the repercussions of his body aggressively taking what it wanted. Pressing down on my lower back he pushed me down on his cock with every thrust he made into me going as deep as possible. I was cumming continuously now and with every grunt I made my pussy clenched his cock even harder making him moan in turn. The faster I started cumming the more I could feel his cock getting even harder and starting to throb.

“Oh I’m going to cum!” he exclaimed as I felt him drive it home and bury his pulsing cock into me as deep as it would go.

I flexed the walls of my tight pussy while slowly rocking my hips back and forth making myself cum again and milk every drop of man cum out of his hot cock.

“Thanks for the great fuck baby!” I told my hubby as we headed to the bathroom once again today to clean up. Got to love weekends!
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