Roxy's Caravan Part 1

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This is my first post, so constructive criticism is welcome. This is based on the true story of one of my first sexual experiences.

When I was 17 in my summer holidays, a big group of us decided to go camping. There were five guys and four girls, but I was the youngest of the bunch, with the rest being around 20. The nine of us piled into two cars with a load of camping gear, and set off on our road trip. When we pulled up to the campsite about 2’oclock, Fred and I left the others to set up the tents, and headed off to explore. We wanted to cool down the beers, so we grabbed a couple of buckets, and went looking for a tap so we could dunk the bottles in some cold water. When we eventually found one there was a small queue, and Fred struck up a conversation with the couple of girls in front of us; Roxy and Charlotte.

From the second my eyes rested on Roxy, I was immediately attracted to her. At 5’2” she was a lot shorter than me, but she still struck an amazing figure. She wore a tight fitting, pale blue summer dress, which barely covered her ass cheeks, and showed a great amount of cleavage. I could tell from the way the fabric clung to her body that she must work out regularly to keep in that kind of shape. She was very slim and toned, but still had great curves, with 32C boobs and one of the best asses I’ve ever seen. Her wavy, brunette hair fell well below her shoulders, and framed her gorgeous face perfectly. Her deep green eyes checked me up and down, as Fred chatted away to Charlotte. It turned out the girls were in a group similar to ours, so we agreed to all meet later for a few drinks, and maybe head out and try and find a club.

By the time Fred and I got back with the water, the tents were all set up and everyone was chilling out in deck chairs. We told them what we were doing tonight, and everyone seemed up for it, so we cracked open the beers. Later when we met with the Roxy’s group, who like us were a mix of guys and girls, we were all pretty drunk, so we ordered some taxis to take us into the nearby town. Roxy was wearing a black skirt, (not as short as her dress earlier, but it fit so tightly around her bum that it didn’t leave anything to the imagination,) and a low cut top that somehow managed to look classy and slutty at the same time. Eventually we found a place that looked pretty smart on the outside, and I was a bit worried about getting in without ID, but it turned out to not be a problem. It must have been due to a mixture of being with an older crowd, and the lack of people actually in the club, that the bouncers weren’t particularly bothered about who they let in.

As soon as we were in, Roxy grabbed me by the hand, leant in and whispered in my ear,

‘I think you need to buy us both some shots!’

She was 21, and incredibly hot, so I knew she wasn’t really interested and was probably just trying to sponge some drinks, but she was a good laugh so I went along with the casual flirting. After the shots, we headed to the dance floor to find everyone else. She led the way, so I had the perfect view of her ass jiggling as she walked in front of me. I swear she was amplifying her movements deliberately just to tease me, but I couldn’t be sure. We spent the rest of the night dancing in a big group, with the girls grinding away on the guys, and Roxy giving me a fair amount of attention. Again, I just thought this was down to having a laugh, as opposed to being genuinely interested in me.

The club shut fairly early, so we made the trek back in bunch of taxis to carry on the party back at the campsite. Everyone came back to our tents and we sat around on the deck chairs, with Roxy and Charlotte on one side of me, and two of their guy mates on the other side. I was having a drunken conversation about girls with the two guys, whilst also eavesdropping on Roxy and Charlotte’s conversation, who were talking about the best ways to make them cum.

After about an hour Roxy got up and stated loudly that she was tired, and going to head back to her caravan. All of her mates decided they were happy to keep drinking, so I tried to catch her eye to see if she wanted me to go back with her, but nothing. So without so much as a goodbye or a smile to me, she headed off into the darkness.

Charlotte leaned over to me and whispered,

‘I think she wants you to follow her.’

‘Did she tell you that?’ I replied.

‘No, but I know Roxy, and I can tell she is into you.’

I thought about it briefly, and getting it wrong here could make me look pretty stupid, as we had already arranged to go out with the same group again the next night. But then I thought ‘Fuck it, you only live once.’ With that, I got up without saying a word, and went after Roxy. In my drunken state I wasn’t sure I’d be able to remember where her caravan was, so I took a chance and headed off in the general direction she had gone in.

I was in luck. I managed to catch up with her just as she reached her caravan,

‘Will,’ she startled, ‘what are you doing here?’

In answer I took a step closer to her, our bodies touching gently. Her deep green eyes looked up at mine, questioning, but still full of lust.


I pushed her up against her caravan and locked lips with her. Our tongues entwined as she threw her arms over my shoulders and wrapped her legs around my waist. My hands began to explore her body, eventually settling on her sweet ass. With that she dropped her legs from around me, and with surprising force from her small frame, she span me round so I was the one pressed up against the caravan. As she kissed my neck, and gently nibbled on my ear, her hands loosened my belt buckle. She slipped her hand inside my jeans, and began rubbing my shaft firmly over the top of my boxers. I moaned into her mouth as she kissed me, which she took as a sign to carry on. Her hand moved into my boxers and began tugging away on my manhood. I could tell just from this, she knew exactly what she was doing, and in a few minutes carrying on like this way and I would soon be cumming all over her hand and the inside of my boxers.

I dropped my own hand to her thigh, and slowed mover it higher, feeling her smooth, toned leg and pushing her skirt up with it. As I reached the outline of her pants her breathing became quicker and shallower, and I could feel her wetness already begin to soak through. At that moment a nearby caravan door opened and a couple of guys got out and walked past us wolf whistling,

‘I think we should take this inside, before we get a bit too carried away in public,’ giggled Roxy.

to be continued...